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Ingredients In Cortisone
Husband had a cortisone shot in both knees yesterday. Last night his heart rate was over 100 and today also. Never has an elevatated heart rate could this be coming from the cortisone shots? Thank you! ## This contains the active ingredient Hydrocortisone, better known as Cortisol and it is a steroid hormone and yes, it can cause elevated blood pressure and heart rate as side effects. Learn more Cortisol details here. Is the elevated heart rate still continuing? If so, has he contacted his doctor? ...
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Jalara 50
Sir, I have been using Jalara 50 after lunch, when I checked the blood sugar it shows 202 after 11/2 hour and again i checked after 4 hours it shows 175. Can you suggest me whether the medicin is working or not? ## Hello, Viswanath! How are you/ What are you taking it after eating? For the best efficacy, these oral antidiabetic medications should be taken just before a meal, that way they have time to start working, by the time you are digesting your meal. And those numbers are rather high, what has your doctor advised? What types of foods do you eat? That can also play a role, if you eat a lot of sweet foods and/or foods that are high in fat. Do you get regular exercise? ...
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meditation for menstrual irregularities
Since I started seeing M̶̲̥̅̊y̶̲̥̅̊ period at the age of 13 it as never being costant,at a time it was difference of 5 month n later 7month,now a year at times.n have done high virginal text, hormonal text n pelvis text .all came out normal.n M̶̲̥̅̊y̶̲̥̅̊ doctor says it M̶̲̥̅̊y̶̲̥̅̊ nature,is it possible ## If they've done all the tests and haven't found anything, then yes, it may just be normal for you. This does happen sometimes. However, you coul... ...
Updated 1 year ago.
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Need Pain Mngt in Milwaukee WI or Surrounding
I have had nerve pain for 7 years,it goes away and randomly comes back worse. I'm a Compueter Engineering Student. I have no insurance. I can't hold a job due to the pain... The free clinic I have been to deals with a lot of people who are trying to ge pain killers to abuse or sell. I smoke cannabis to help with the pain. It doesn;t kill the pain, but makes it easier to focus on a video game and forget about the pain. Anyhow, I failed a u.a for cannabis and the doctor won't give me anything but Naproxen bcuz of that. Since I have stopped smoking cannabis, because I won't be able to live like this much longer. Please help me!! This could be a matter of life and death if I don't get help. ## Hello, Mathew! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain. With t... ...
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post acute withdrawal symptoms from fenteynal
Aloha from Hawaii- this is my 6th week off fen patch 100mg and breakthrough oxy 40mg day for several years. Also was on Valium. So, I went through a medical detox, but still have the following symptoms and I hope they arent permanent: hand tremors T.M.J. ( tension in jaws) stoned feeling electricity - tension running through my body, twitching, spasms insomnia Any body know if I am doomed? Maui Girl ## I am trying to handle going off 25mg fentanyl patches on my own. My doctor wants me to continue using them. My quality of life was going down hill. She had me change patches every 48 hrs and it seemed my body was sucking most of it out in 24 and I was sleeping alll the time. It has been a week since I had a patch on and the withdrawal is hell. Cold, hot, nervous, body jerks and shakes and... ...
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reactions and side effects
Makes me feel bad at times. Cannot get a deep breath, have bad headaches about an hour after my treatments, I have to do 9 puffs 4 times per day. The headaches can last for hours. I take many types of medication before and after but have discovered that one Alka Seltzer tab in 2 oz of water takes it away. I don't like this med. I do have more energy though. I have stopped taking it, can't deal with the side effects. I had an echo cardio 2 weeks ago and tomorrow go to my pulmonary doctor for all the results. I am sure he won't be happy because I stopped. I have discussed it all with him before to no avail. Anyone the same? Talk to me. Only serious no jokes please. ## Hello, Kathleen! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the problems that you were experiencing with this medi... ...
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Risperdal: should i change medicine?
I'm at risperidone 1 mg, due to an acute psychosis. I'm taking drugs since 3 years or so... More or less 1 year ago i was taking risperidone but then i changed drug and after i stopped taking risperidone i had dyskinesia. Now i'm taking again risperidone and i don't have dyskinesia but i think is because dyskinesia goes out when you re-take risperidone indeed some people after they realize they have dyskinesia they restart taking risperidone to get rid of it. My doctor said it's time to go down with drugs because i'm okay. The problems are two: 1) If i decrease the risperidone dose i'm sure i will have dyskinesia because when i stopped the first time with risperidone i had dyskinesia. 2) The dyskinesia will worsen because i can't change drug but just decr... ...
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Vitamin Propan with iron
Is it safe to take profan with iron if you have gastroentiritis? ## Is it safe to take profan with iron if u have gastroentiritis ## Since Propan with Iron is a nutritional supplement, it has not actually been tested for possible adverse effects on medical conditions. However, depending on the specific formulation, it may cause irritation, plus some of the nutrients it contains may do so. Learn more dietary supplement details here. The best suggestion I can make would be to check with your doctor, to see if it may make your condition worse, or not. Are you on any other medications? ...
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What Can You Take With Opana To Feel A Little Euphoric
will opana produce euphoria when mixed with something? ## WHY ## I'm sorry, but we really can't provide you with such information. Since our site is based in the U.S. we have to follow the relevant drug laws and therefore are not allowed to assist someone with abusing any medication, or with finding a way to get a high/euphoric feeling from it. Mixing medications can be very dangerous, anyway, so I can only advise you to take it in accordance with your doctor's instructions. Are there any comments or questions? ## Maybe they WANT to !! It is called self-medication . Maybe you are SOOOOOOOOOO blissfully happy you are high on life. JUST LIKE THE OLD ADAGE STUPID AND HAPPY OR IGNORANCE IS BLISS ! I really hate being smart sometimes ! Would take numb anyday ! ...
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When Vi Bact Use
how long vibact shoud be continued for I.B.S.? What are the side effects? ## ViBact is actually a supplement that contains a combination of ProBiotics, to help keep or restore the natural balance of the body and, by doing such, it may help with some of the symptoms and diarrhea associated with IBS. However, since it is not an actual medication, the side effects for it have not been studied and there is no detailed information on dosing criteria or duration of use, therefore, you should follow your doctors instructions. What has your doctor advised? ## how long vibect should be taken for i.b.s? Can it be taken every day? ...
Updated 3 years ago.
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The only safe anti-allergic during lactation.Looking for this antiallergi as my daughter is nursing a baby ## What country are you in? Terfenadine, formerly sold under the trade name Seldane was discontinued on the U.S. market in 1997, due to the dangers of serious heart complications it could cause as a side effect. Canada pulled the drug in 1999 for the same reasons and it has also been removed from the U.K. market. That said, because of the dangers it causes, I definitely do not think any doctor would recommend its use for a nursing mother. You can read the details here: Has she spoken to her doctor about needing something to use? ...
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Amox Tr K Clav 875 125 Mg
Having terrible coughing and coughing and won't let up. takes my breath away and then hard to get air/breath. Would this antibiotic, AmoxiclavK125 help with this infection? ## This is a generic for Augmentin, so that stands for Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid and it will only help if the problem is being caused by an infection. Learn more Augmentin details here. It is not a cough suppressant, so it will not help if the coughing is just due to a cold, or allergy. Have you talked to your doctor? ...
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Can I Cut The New Op 15 In Half
I only want to take half ofy op 15 can I cut it in half to swallow ## No, this is not considered safe, even though they are supposed to be formulated to prevent the release of all of the medication at once, they are supposed to be time released and there is always the possibility that cutting them could release too much at once, resulting in overdose, especially if you aren't used to taking narcotics. If you don't want to take the full dosage, at once, you should consult your doctor, because there is also a 10mg tablet available. This medication may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, constipation and dry mouth. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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I am taking baclofen for trigeinal nueralgia. When I started on the doxycycl, my med for the tn has quit working as well. Is there an interaction? ## Hi barbb, Based on my research there are no drug interactions found between Baclofen and Doxycycline. This does not necessarily mean no interactions exist, but my sources state that every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate. My thoughts are that you should consider contacting your doctor about this, concerning that there may be some sort of interaction that makes Baclofen less effective. One possibility that just crossed my mind, is that the inactive ingredients found in the Doxycycline tablet are effecting the bioavailability or absorption rate of Baclofen. I would bring this to your doctor's atten... ...
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fioricet side effects
Is it safe to take phentermine for weight loss while taking fioricet for migranes?k ## HELLO??? IS ANYONE OUT THERE??? ## It's actually not advisable, because they some of the ingredients can basically counteract each other. For instance, the Butalbital in the Fioricet increase sedation, while the Phentermine is a stimulant, plus you'd also be adding in the Caffeine that's in the Fioricet and this type of combination just isn't good for your body and should only be used if your doctor has specifically told you that it's safe for you to take them together. Learn more Fioricet details here. Learn more Phentermine details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you! i have not taken them together and had not taken the phentermine in over a month but have ... ...
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How When Do I Take Ciprofloxacn 250mg
Do I take Cipro Before or After eating and is there any food I shouldn't eat when I do take it? ## The tablet and suspension are usually taken twice a day, in the morning and evening, with or without food. The extended-release tablets are usually taken once a day. Cipro XR brand extended-release tablets may also be taken with or without food. Take ciprofloxacin at around the same time(s) every day. The length of your treatment depends on the type of infection you have. Your doctor will tell you how long to take ciprofloxacin. The link below offers more information on how to take this medication as well as many other important details: Hope this helps! Please post back if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this drug. ...
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Looking for similar ingredient in vitacirc b
I was taken matanx an it became to expensive so my doc prescribed me vitacirc b an that's only a few dollars different, so I'm in a search for something new since vitacirc b is not available anymore. I have the ingredient which are L- methylfolte calcium ( asMetafolina) 3 mg Pyridoxal 5-phosphate 35mg Methyl cobalamin 2mg If anyone can help please send me info ## Hello, Joyce! How are you? Many of these ones with the higher amounts of B vitamins in them require a doctor's prescription, so you can't just grab them off the shelf. Have you tried asking your pharmacist? They should know what else is available. I'll also do some research and post back, when I have information for you. ...
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nervmax capsules
in trigemina neuralgia. i m prescribig this drug but i can't got any good wat i can prescribe wid this drug ## Nerv Max contains Methylcobalamin and Pregabalin. The Pregabalin is an anticonvulsant that has also been proven to help with certain types of nerve pain, but it doesn't work for everyone. this site is not medical professionals, so we cannot possibly suggest a treatment. However, you may do better with regular pain medication, such as a narcotic. Have you spoken to your doctor about this? ...
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pain & spasm in back of the L leg
When trying to get out of bed in the morning and try to stretch the L leg I feel transient painful spasm involving the back of that leg.It lasts for few seconds till I stop stretching? What is Your advice? ## this site does not have any medical professionals on this site to provide you with advice or a diagnosis. There are many things that could be causing this and without a proper diagnosis and knowledge or your medical history, we could only guess. Have you tried speaking to your doctor about this? ## sounds like sciatica, can be caused, by the back, or even you hip, so if it bothers you too much you need to see a dr as someone stated before ...
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Pain Relief For Wisdom Tooth Infection
I have a wisdom tooth infection, and I am scheduled to have it pulled out in two days, since my dentist say that the infection has to be healed first. But the pain is excruciating! What can I use, to ease the pain, for the time being. ## this site is not medical professionals to suggest a treatment and since you did not say what antibiotic you are taking I cannot check for interactions. Most people generally just use Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen, if it is said to be okay by your doctor or pharmacist. Have you tried calling your dentist to ask what you can use? ## When I had my wisdom teeth removed I was prescribed Vicodin. Worked really well for me. If you talk to your dentist I'm sure they will prescribe you a proper medication. Good luck and let me know how it goes! ...
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