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Btrex Vitamin
Is Btrex a complex of B1, B6, and B12 vitamins? My doctor has prescribed me this vitamin, and I consider that a 30 day supply is expensive when comparing prices with a B-Complex bottle. Your advise is appreciated. ## I was unable to locate sufficient information on this supplement, possibly due to the spelling or if it's only manufactured overseas. Do you know if the spelling is correct? Also, does this supplement have a label on the back with all the ingredients? I only ask because I can tell you based on the ingredients and price if this is really worth what you are paying and whether or not you can find something with a better nutrition profile for a cheaper or equal cost. If this is in fact a B Vitamin Complex and only that, then there are certainly many other brand alternatives... ...
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metanx generic
metanx generic ## Is there a generic Metanx. If so where can I buy it ## Metanx contains the active ingredients: L-methylfolate (Metafolin): 2.8 mg Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate: 25 mg Methylcobalamin: 2 mg These are all vitamin supplements, so there are others available, however, it can be difficult to locate this precise mix, with the right amounts. As to where you may find it in your area, that depends. Where are you located? Have you tried asking your pharmacist? ...
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morphine pops what are they
what are morphine pops and what drs use them to treat pain in nj tri state area ## That's actually a misunderstanding, they don't contain Morphine. The brand name is Actiq and they actually contain Fentanyl, which is over 80 times stronger than Morphine. Learn more Fentanyl details here. And any doctor that is qualified to treat pain and write such prescriptions can prescribe them, but there is no databases of doctors that prescribe them. You'll need to see a doctor and discuss your treatment options. What pain medications do you currently take? ...
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oxymorphone 15mg moons
I am on oxymorphone er 15mg 3x a day, along with 30mg oxycodone break through 4x a day.....I live in nashville, I have no insurance, but with anyone with my problem with finding a pharmacy who carries the 15mg "moons" and not expensive. I got the place for u, I was paying $412 for 90 oxymorphone 15mg and $125 for 120 30mg oxycodone. I now pay $177 for 90 15mg oxymorphone and $55 for 120 30mg oxycodone and like I said, I have no insurance. And they carry the moons. But what I do to keep from WD is, I insufflate half a moon in the morning and it last me bout 5 hours, then I'll insufflate a 30mg roxi or take about 2 orally, then around 5pm I'll insufflate the other half of the moon and that keeps me going, every now and then, I'll take more, but I dont take as directed,... ...
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Rivaroxaban 15mg
My mum had blood clots in her leg under her knee. For past 2 weeks she has been taking 15mg Rivaroxaban and since she cannot sleep at night, she has lost SO much weight - she looks like a skeleton, her skin is pale, she has no appetite at all and all her muscles ache. Is that normal? Or is this because they only started testing these medication? Or maybe because it is a DRUG? She is supposed to take those for next 6 months, what if she gets addicted? Please answer this for me if you can or know anything useful about this medication/drug because i just cannot look at my mums condition. It breakes my heart. :( ## I am very sorry about your mother's condition and I understand your concern. But I think you are misunderstanding something about medications, to try to explain it…. Al... ...
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Suffering in Fort Myers
y husband has a severe curvature of the spine along w/ other conditions relating to that. He has been going to the same pain management dr for almost 20 years and has been on oxycodone or a similar medication for the same period of time. He has had all sorts of MRI's, in office proceedures, etc. He has been to a specialist in Boston who told him he would need to be the full length of his torso in the back and would require a long incision in the front as well, and then the outcome would be doubtful. My husband is close to 70 years old, actively working and in pain most of the time. The surgeon told us that the recovery from the surgery he would need would be challenging even for a young person. He would perform it and told him he didn't know of any doctor that would. We have had... ...
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Tooth abcess
Can the antibotic cefadroxil be used to treat a tooth abcess. ## Cefadroxil can in fact be used for dental infections; although amoxicillin and metronidazole are generally used as first line of treatment. Learn More: Cefadroxil Details If you're experiencing a lot of pain, I would also try dabbing the area with Vanilla Extract and/or clove essential oil. Both options tend to have a numbing effecting to where you can't feel the pain while it kills the infection. I hope this helps! ...
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Coming off Lyrica
I am a 40 yr old who has been on lyrica for 4 years now. I was in a car accident and due to nerve damage along my spine was put on Lyrica after surgery. I have tried to come off of it before but after day 5 i felt like i was in hell I could not stand anything touching me not even clothes i felt like I was on fire so i caved in and starting taking it again I could not stand the pain any longer. I have memory loss, live in a fog, gained alot of weight, sleep walk. I can't think clear there are times I have speech issues like I can't say what I'm trying to and have to stop slow down and try again. Due to new health issues I have chose to come off lyrica because I can't tell where I am hurting and by all rights should be able to because of physical symptoms. My Dr. has told ... ...
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Trouble from Accutane?
My son (Age 17) took Accutane for about 17 weeks when he started going downhill mentally. Dermatologist would not continue treatment until we brought in a note from a psychiatrist saying he was okay. I chose not to continue with treatment. Son seemed to be okay. Anyway, he now has odd behavior going around the house saying schnit, schnit, schnit and no, no, no. He also sticks his chin out, makes and odd movement with his lips, and you can see the cords in his neck. He sometimes stops when he walks. This seemed to start after stopping the Accutane which was around 6 weeks ago. He has lost weight, isn't interested in eating anymore, and feels that he has something wrong with his stomach. He looked at me one time and it was so sad because he looked haunted. Has anyone had any experienc... ...
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Amox Clav Pot Tabs 500mg
Is this medication for yeast infection and can i still take it if the experation date is 03/11/10? ## No and no. Amoxicillin is an antibiotic and, as such, it can actually cause a yeast infection, it will not clear one up. It is only effective for bacterial infections and a yeast infection is caused by fungal growth. Learn more Augmentin information here. And once expired, it begins to lose effectiveness and should not be used, because it increases the risk of developing antibiotic resistant bacteria. If you have a yeast infection, you should see your doctor for confirmation and/or look into a medication that's formulated to eradicate them, such as Monistat. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Btn Ultra Tablet
Please advise use of the mentioned tablets with its side effects. ## what are the uses of BTN ultra tabletsn and how to use it. ## Based on my research, BTN ultra contains vitamin supplements that may be helpful in supporting stronger hair and nails. I haven't come across any dosing information or a list of the actual ingredients, but when it comes to vitamins you generally do not have to worry about side effects unless you're taking a lot more than your body needs at any given moment. Multivitamin supplements are usually only recommended when there is a deficiency or lack of certain nutrients in one's own diet. However, if taken in excess, some vitamins can be toxic and exhibit side effects. A great way to avoid this is to get most of your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, ... ...
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Gluconorm G1
I have been taking Gluconorm G1 (Metformin + Glimepride 1mg) for the last 5 Years. My Fasting Blood Glucose is under Control. I had purchased my Stock of Gluconorn G1 in India, but am presently Residing in Malaysia. My Sock of Medicine is getting over, and I want to know the Brand Name of this Medicine in Malaysia. Will I need a Prescription to Purchase it? Or, can I buy it openly from any Pharmacy in Melaka, Malaysia? Thanks, pl Help. ## want to know economic substitute of Gluconorm G1 ## Hello, @Toots- Based on my research, Gluconorm G1 contains Metformin + Glimepride as the active ingredients. This medication does require a prescription... I'm not sure if there is a different brand name for this medication in Malaysia, so I would just look for a medication that contains the same ... ...
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My son was taking prilosec and Allegra prescribed by the same dr. He was overdosed. It caused him to seize and they had to run test on him afterwards . his regular dr said they were giving him too much. This was about3 years ago. Now I was prescribed it by my dr. When I take it regularly my feet and ankles hurt like crazy. But the back pain is so much worse. After being off of it for awhile my back and ankles completely stop hurting at all. Now I remember my son always complained about his back and ankles killing him all the time. It was the medicine. He was only 13 at the time. And the drs are like he is fine. Its probably growing pains. But I know it wasn't its doing the same thing to me. And it also made my acid sooo much worse now. I actually throw up stomach acid now. I am so m... ...
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Prostate biopsy
Four (4) days ago I had my 2nd protate biopsy. The 1st one was four (4) years ago. This one has been more problematic. While still on the table after the 14 samples were taken, I became nauseated, dizzy and broke out in s cold sweat. Low sugar was blamed. Was given a tootsie pop to eat and within ten (10) minutes, I was feeling much better. Yesterday (3 days post-biopsy) I mowed my grass, on the lawn tractor for two hours. I came in to shower. When I urinated, there was much higher concentration of bright red blood in it. I'm think the bouncing on the lawn tractor aggravated the recently-invaded prostate tissue. Anyone have any thoughts? Am waiting, now, for biopsy results. If positive, this will end my every 3-months TESTOPEL implantation. ...
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Mon, Jun 09 '14, 3:42 PM   0 
Saffron capsules
As anyone heard that Saffron capsules are used for weight loss? What natural vitamins are the best for energy and weight loss? I can't seem to lose 1 pound, no matter what and I'm always tired! ## HI, Toni! Sorry about the problem that you're having. Have you had any blood tests done recently? If you're always tired and can't lose weight, it can be caused by several health conditions and the one I am most suspicious of is a thyroid issue. However, only your doctor can give you a proper diagnosis, which would require blood tests to check your thyroid hormone levels. ...
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terrasil cream
i have balanitis i think i dont know redness on the head and under the foreskin.. can i find terrasil in uae or something equivalent.. many thx ## Terrasil is listed as being a natural herbal product, they claim it contains Colloidial Silver, which can be very dangerous, if used improperly and can cause permanent skin discoloration.. Also, if your condition is caused by an infection, this will not do anything. You will need an antibiotic to properly treat that. Have you seen a doctor, yet? ## There is no colloidal silver in Terrasil. That is an entirely different compound. ## I wanted to add that I work for Aidance Skincare, makers of Terrasil, and we don't use colloidal silver. Our products use a variety of our patented Activated Minerals, essentials oils and other all-natural ingr... ...
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Thu, Apr 28 '11, 12:18 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 210851
I CAN'T FIND A PHARMACY TO FILL A RX FOR ATABRINE. IS IT NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE? IT WAS SO EFFECTIVE BEFORE WHEN I HAD A LUPUS FLARE. ## Atabrine contains the active ingredient Quinacrine and has several different medical uses, including systemic Lupus. Where are you located? Is this a recent prescription? As far as I can tell, it is listed as still being available in the U.S. There's more informaton on it here: If it's not commonly used, some pharmacies may not carry it routinely and may have to order it in. Have they said it was discontinued or that they just don't carry it? ## You can get atabrine (quinacrine) at a compounding Pharmacy. I get it from Panorama Compounding Pharmacy in Lake Balboa, CA ## Yes, all I can find is Panorama Pharmacy and that's where I'... ...
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Augmentin 875mg-125mg for cat bite
I took one dose of this drug for a cat bite. I took it with food as prescribed. During the night I had extreme stomach pain so bad I thought I was going to have to go the er. Then I had diarrhea with blood. I was so scared. I called my physician in the am to tell her what happened but by that time it had cleared up. She had one other patient this happened to after one dose. Has anyone else had this happen?pxhxu ## Not with that particular antibiotic, but I did have very strange reactions to a different one and it is possible with most, if you are sensitive to them. Learn more Augmentin details here. Such issues can progress, so it's usually advised that you not try that antibiotic again in the future to avoid worse dangers. Mine has actually be listed under allergies with an alert t... ...
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this is a drug to stop opiate use. It blocks the cravings ## There was a report on the news about using a combination of Meltrexone and Topomax to stop alcohol cravings. Can you give me any information regarding FDA approval, and side effects. I am currently prescribed oxycodone for lower back pain. I read that the Topomax is an opiate blocker. That would not be a good thing!! Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. Sincerely, Kelly ## Meltrexone is a med. I heard about on CNN, April 2009 it was said it helps relieve addictions such as alcohol. Any one know of this & where can one find it? Thanks, ## I haven't heard back from you. Any info regarding meltrexone & it's effect on alcohol cravings? ## The correct drug na... ...
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Multiple anti biotics
Six months ago I had the staph infection MERSA. Three lesions were surgically treated and I was on bactrim for three weeks.The results were successful. One week ago I indicated to my internist,who was completely aware of the prior condition and treatment, that I had a supect growth on my rear. Upon examination he doubted that the infection was a repeat , did not suggest surgery but did prescribe ciprofloxacin 500 mg for a period of 10 days. In another city four days latter I beleived that that the growth had increased. Went to a large city hospital's emergency room were the senior specialist recommended lancing.That was done and I left with a perscription for sulfameth/trimethoprim 800/600 to be taken over ten days. All seems to be going well, however, I have asthma. Nomally it is c... ...
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