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Plavix and Leukemia
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Is there a connection? My husband received 2 stents, one in October 2008 and a medicated one in November 2008. He was then placed on Plavix. In November 2009 he was diagnosed with AML leukemia, he passed away 6/2010 at the age of 56. There was no obvious reason for him to get leukemia, it is rare for someone that young to have AML. We know that his heart disease was genetic. He was very health conscious, always ate healthy, exercised and was in great physical condition. I have read little tidbits about Plavix causing bone marrow damage and am wondering if there are other Plavix patients that have or had Leukemia. Thanks, Chris ## There have been very rare cases of Leukemia reported in people using Plavix, however, the percent of occurrence has been less than 1%, so there has never been ... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Plavix.
Tue, Oct 21 '14, 3:59 PM
Citalopram Hbr Weith Gain
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I want to know what percent of people gain weight while on Citalopram ## Citalopram, the active ingredient in Celexa is an SSRI antidepressant. The amount of people that gained weight, while using it, is measure at right around 1%. Other side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness and dry mouth. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments? ## are all citaloppram tablets different as i canot find mine which are white with du on one side and a groove on the back i also have them white with no numbers on with a groove on the back and front i have checked them on the internet and the are all pink and oval with numbers on or are mine just a cheap form ## I have read that the number is closer to 25%-but I believe it is even higher. I gained 60 pounds while on 20mg of Citalopram for 1 yea... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Citalopram.
Fri, Apr 04 '14, 12:51 PM
Pill Bible List All Medications For Pain
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looking for a full list of pain medications ## I'm not sure how complete this list may be, but posted below are quite a few prescription pain medications I came across (as of 2012). Some of these drugs could've been discontinued or repackaged under different brand names since then: 1. Codeine: Tylenol 3, Fioricet with codeine, hundreds of codeine-containing cough syrups 2. Hydrocodone: Vicodin, Vicoprofen, Lortab, Lorcet, Norco, Polytussin, Tussionex, TussiCaps, Hycodan, Endal HD (FDA recently pulled many of the HC-containing cough syrups off the market) 3. Oxycodone: Percocet, Percodan, Oxycontin, Tylox, Endocet, Roxicodone 4. Hydromorphone: Dilaudid, Dilaudid-HP (high potency), Palladone, Hydromorph-contin, Dilaudid Cough Syrup 5. Morphine sulfate: MS Contin, Kadian, Avinza, O... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Codeine.
Mon, May 27 '13, 10:12 PM
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bipolor med ## Pls help with info onthis med--I have suffered and wreaked havoc in my life for more than 40 yrs. Four suicide attempts and am growing weary with myself--Lithium and various meds have been tried since 9/1988 but the highs and lows cont--Lithium aseems to be toxic or no showing up in blood tests--Please help me, please. 916-205-2355 with this request. I am only taking Symbrax times 2 weeks and no other meds at present. Thank you very much.... ## IM BIPOLAR AND IHAVE BEEN PERCRIPED SYMBRAX AND XANAX XR IVE BEEN ON IT FOR SOME TIME I HAVE LOST MY JOB AND IN REAL BAD FINACIAL SHAPE ALSO LOST MY WIFE AND DARN NEAR EVERYTHING. THE DOCTOR VISIT IS ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS THE XANAX IS 90.00 THE SYMBRAX IS 289.00. I HAVE BEEN OUT FOR WEEKS. IM STARTING A NEW JOB . THEIR IS NO SALARY O... ...
Updated 11 days ago in Lithium.
Thu, Dec 11 '14, 1:57 PM
my doctor said no to pain medicine, is that allowed?
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In 1994 I was in a car wreck that put me in a full body cast, broken femur, fx skull, on top of a history of abdominal surgeries from Hirschprungs. In 2000, a hernia repair surgery. in 2008, tumor removal. 2009, car wreck that resulted in no broken bones, but made my back and hip pain worse. Jan 2012, tumor removal. Nov 2012, c Section that resulted in torn bladder from exessive scar tissue in the abdomen. During most of these things I was on a pain medicine ranging from Ibuprofen to Lortabs. After my bladder repair from the c section I was on a combination of Morophone injections and Percocets. Pain medication was stopped in January 2013. To this day, I have chronic pain. My back, my hips, my hand, my feet. My insides! Everything is in pain. I have done PT, electrotherapy, chiropractic... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Ibuprofen.
Mon, Aug 05 '13, 6:05 PM
Nine years of parkinsons disease maybe?
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I am a 51 old male i was diagnosed with pd 9 years ago .I HAD 2 DISC FUSED IN my neck 2 years ago,it was so bad the doctor said i should be paralyzed after looking at the x ray an and mirapex fo these 9 years what shall i do concerned persons.2 Doctors told me ihave pd symptoms but i dont have pd .The disc have created the same effect as pd. In the 9 yeaars i have progressed about 20 percett.Ive been takinging sinemet ## Hi kevin, Sorry to hear about your situation. I can certainly understand your concern since there's not a whole lot one can do to escape the side effects of a fused disc. However, you may want to consider approaching a physical therapist about various types of stretching and/or yoga exercises that you can do at home in order to help keep things in proper alignment w... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Mirapex.
Fri, Aug 09 '13, 1:10 PM
White Round Pill Np 14
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what is this pill? it is white/gray ish round with 14 on one side and N P on the other side - the NP side is scored.... ## Hi Beatrice, The closest match I can find is a mild narcotic by the name of Neo-Percodan. Based on my research, it contains (65 mg) Propoxyphene and (500 mg) Acetaminophen. It is a white round pill with a score and the imprint NP on the back. It is not marketed in the U.S. and is commonly sold in Mexico. Learn More: Acetaminophen + Propoxyphene Details Has anyone else located a pill like the one Beatrice described? ## the pill is small. not like what you're talking about. it is a 20 mg oxycodone hydrochloride ## Yes this is a 20mg Oxycodone-HCL. I believe it is a new manufacturer and I think they are trying to make these harder for people to abuse. ## Yes I jus... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Percodan.
Tue, Apr 15 '14, 4:14 PM
what is this medication used for
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i have been given this medication and am unsure what it is used for ## what is prednisolone na 5mg/5ml sol it was percribed to my 6month old niece thank you crystal ## it is used for breathing problens when my friends children get sick the doctor gives it to the it has alot of side effecte my mother cant take it she see.s things that arent there also hastrouble breathing im surorised they give it to a baby ## my son use this his doctor gave it to him ## i have recently had a heart attack and have been given a number of medication some i no what for but these i dont no about plavix 75mg and inspra 25mg are the two im not sure about i am 62 and my heart attack was in february 2012 the wall of the artery collapsted and i have a stent. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Prednisolone.
Thu, Apr 12 '12, 2:34 AM
Website's I can order Oxycodone 10mg or Hydrocodone 10mg for my chronic back pain
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Hello, I can't afford insurance or have time to see a Dr face to face making appointment's every month due to working 2 job's who prescribe's Percoset/oxycodone 10 mg or Hydrocodone 10mg that I was being prescribed for my chronic back pain, was wondering if there is any websites I can order this medication from and have it delievered to my home paying cash on hand (cod) also called paying with a Money order, I don't have a credit card or anyway to pre-pay before medicene is delievered to my home. I used to do this back in 2006 and it worked great for me until website was shutdown, since then I've searched & only able to find websites I can order this medication from by paying with credit card & I tried that once but Never receieved my medication & was... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Oxycodone.
Mon, Oct 13 '14, 5:08 PM
Opiate dependence
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I am wondering about the subs. So that being said, here is my story and i want any advice or facts you can give on my situation, with a very big PLEASE at the end. Please try to follow this, its confusing in parts but in the end, i am addicted to opiates....plain truth with a little explination. My oldests sons father and i used to take 5 mg percs and do crazy cute stuff like feed ducks and go play at toys r us cause we would feel all lovey dovey and cute and all that towards each other. That was back in like 2005-2007. That was not a problem. It was only if we got some from an actual injury or something, every once in a while over that span, never anything else. But that introduced me to taking them without needing to. Then in 2008 i had acl replacement, i was given percs before surger... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Methadone.
Fri, Aug 16 '13, 12:22 PM
small white pill 48 10 on one side v the other
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My doctor prescribed this pill to me on friday (2 days ago). I am on a comp program for my meds and have been prescribed oxycodone 5mg before like this but different brand. This time I am experiencing some sort of reaction (small red circular splotches) have shown up on my skin around my neck and chest areas. Any ideas? Could it be the hydrochloride? ## Call your doctor or pharmacy right away generics can be 20 percent different ## No, the Hydrochloride just designates the specific chemical salt that the medication is derived from, so the other that you took was also Oxycodone Hydrochloride. However, Mark, it sounds like you could be having an allergic reaction to something in this one. Have you consulted your doctor, yet? You do need to have this checked out, as soon as possible. This ... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Oxycodone.
Tue, Sep 09 '14, 2:08 PM
nerve damage, nerve medication, oxycodo-apap 10-325 tab pain medication
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After very careful consideration and research, I made the decision with my dentist to have a total dental extraction on June 5 2013 and have 4 surgical steel implants inserted in the top into my mandible and 4 inserted into my jaw and temporary dentures screwed into until the healing was done and then go through 5 session of having the temporary dentures removed, molds of the "perfect" dentures made and finally permanent dentures inserted. On June 9th, 2013 I got the sinus infection from hell. I called the dentist and he prescribed an antibiotic. At the time of the extraction he prescribed oxycodo-apap 10-325 tab (mallinckro) a generic for Percocet 10-325 tab. I actually have had very little pain in the area of the extraction (the gums) and from the implants or dentures. The pai... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Percocet.
Mon, May 12 '14, 9:11 PM
tramadol after August 18??
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Hearing lots of places that the people who order tramadol via internet will no longer be able to. I live in a town with uptight doctors who charge outrageous prices plus insist on doing constant testing before writing a prescription. If true what are my option after Aug 18 ## i wish i had an answer for you, i have been using it for 3 years, more as a anti-depressant. I take 200 mg a day and feel good, certainly not intoxicated. This decision by FDA is ridiculous. Tramadol is not in the same class as Percs and Roxys etc. Unbelievable. I can go to Dr but i will be spending mad $ on their BS. Prices in the international market will now be inflated as well. The market is risky unless you know credible sources. ## Tramadol will become a Controlled Substancde Schedule IV in Aug. But, Schedule... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Tramadol.
Mon, Nov 10 '14, 5:33 PM
anyone know which generic is best, mylan or endocet for oxycodone 10-325?
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I also took the Watson. Last prescription I received amneal which were awful. Aleve worked better! I threw them away! I did take the Mylan before and they was not too bad. Don't know if any generic now can get close to the Watson.Now I found two different pharmacies that carry mylan and endocet. Seems from reading, Endo does not make the generic endocet only the brand percocet, its qualitest which is now part of Endo since 2010 per Endo website. Confusing to me. Can anyone explain this to me? Since the company Endo really does not make endocet, are they still the best generic or should I stick with the Mylan? ## Hi Lulu, How's it going? Sorry to hear about your experience with Amneal Pharmaceuticals. It looks like they haven't been receiving much positive feedback from what ... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Endocet.
Sun, Aug 31 '14, 6:25 PM
substitute morphine sulfate for oxycontin
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Hello: So I just got something from my insurance company telling me they no longer will pay for oxy 20 or the generic..which is off the market anyway. The substitute is morphine sulfate I believe..that's what they are covering. How much of this do I need to equal one 20mg? I take 3 20's per day.. Thanks for any help I can get.. ## Oxycodone is 1.5 times stronger than Morphine, so your daily dose would need to be 90mgs of Morphine to be equivalent, so on the same dosing schedule, you would take 30mgs of the Morphine, 3 times a day. Are there any questions or comments? ## Hi Ms. Verwon, I learn something new from you all of the time. I was under the impression that Morphine was much stronger than Oxycodone. No wonder that when my doctor changed my meds from 5m percocet to 25m morp... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Morphine.
Sat, Sep 07 '13, 11:11 PM
detriot doctors who prescribe roxycodone
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Ive been on Roxicodone 30 mg for 4 years and I take four of them a day plus I also take 30mg oxycontin twice a day. I just moved to Detroit and went to a knew pain dr and he put me on Percocet and Opana which does nothing considering how long I have been on my other pain meds.. Is there a DR out here in Detroit that will keep me on my old meds?!! ## Im in alot of pain. I was givin soma and percocets for it. Now im not. At times i cant turn my neck due to alot of pain and stiffness. Anyone kno of any doctors in detroit or metro detroit that will give these to me?? ## soma forget about it..dea has posted on the web site all about how bad Soma is and dangerious... so for me taking soma as of 2005 and after going to 4 dr's last one pain management..sorry to say forget about soma.... the... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Roxicodone.
Wed, Aug 06 '14, 4:52 AM
white round pill, 512 on one side,score line on back
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white pill,512 on one side,single score line on reverse ## i found this in my medicene cabinet ## To avoid confusion, I have removed the incorrect response!! This pill is NOT just Oxycodone. This is a generic for Percocet, which means it contains 325mgs of Acetaminophen and 5mgs of Oxycodone. So there is a big difference between this and just taking something that only contains Oxycodone. This is a very potent narcotic pain reliever, with the Acetaminophen as a buffer that can also help with fever and inflammation. This drug is also highly addictive and should never be used without a doctor's approval and supervision. ## round white tablet with IP and 203 written underneath the IP. Otherside is just a score line ...
Updated 4 years ago in Oxycodone.
Thu, May 13 '10, 3:40 PM
White Pill With California On One Side And Blank The Other
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Can any one tell me what this pill is it is white and blank on one sid and has California on the other ppl says it is a percocet 15 but idk what it is ## Never ever saw a Percocet or Oxycodone pill with the word California on it. I would not take it if I was you. I have been taking Oxycodone for 4 years, I know what I am talking about. ## That is correct, there are no U.S. prescription medications, narcotic or otherwise, that have the word California on them, or even an imprint of the state. Where was it found/obtained? ## did you ever find out what it was? I just found one like this in the bottom of a bag and I have no idea what it is ..Very curious ... White oblong pill with california on one side.. ## I found out what it is 30 mg codeine and 200 mg ibuprofen..manufactured outs... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Percocet.
Tue, Aug 05 '14, 1:30 PM
opana vs oxycontin 40 mg
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been on oxycontin for 4 years and is not working as well since they switched formula ## We have had a lot of people posting similar complaints. Opana contains the active ingredient Oxymorphone and it is actually stronger than Oxycodone. If you were taking 40mgs of Oxycontin, you would only need 20mgs of the Opana. The side effect profile is similar: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## can u smoke opana ## Really???? It's people like YOU that make chronic pain sufferers denied the meds we need to function with some quality of life! Pisses me off. Get a life. ## Hey Ali u are so. 100 percent. Rite. Iam been disabled. For many years and. Been on. Oxycotin for. Very. Long. And. It was the only thing. That got my like some wh... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Opana.
Sat, Mar 22 '14, 4:14 PM
white pill 100 and 155
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A small white round pill one side is blank and the other has a split down the middle with the numbers 100 and 155 on either side of the split. I was told this is a 30mg percocet?? ## I cannot find a listing for this tablet, however, I can tell you that there is no such thing as a 30mg Percocet. Percocet contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone and is available in a max dosage of 10mgs on the Oxycodone. Does anyone else have information on this tablet? ## if its 30 mg is not perccet. Percocet means oxycodone mixed with acetominophen or tylenol. percs are made in 5 and 10 mg. 30 mg is pure instant release oxycodone with no tylenol. these are called roxycodone brand named, also made in 15 mg. then there is oxycontin which the only difference is controlled release oxycodone made in 10, 20, 40 ,... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Percocet.
Wed, Mar 20 '13, 1:33 AM

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