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oxycotin teva
I was involved in a car accient last year and am now working with a Pain Manage clinic. I have had injections upon injections, epiderals, blah blah and now they belive it is a tear in my disc between L4 and L5. Needless to say VERY painful. The most recent visit has placed me on Oxy AGAIN. I acutally took myself off them a few months ago because the pain was not getting ANY less... actually the same if not worse regardless of how many or mg increase. At 20 mg 2 X day I said I am done and started to only take 1 them none. That was miserable... Switched Doctors.. told him all of this and what does he do .. BACK ON THE OXY.. I have found that Percocet 7.5/325 2 pills 3 X day work the best AND it I don't have bad pain I don't HAVE to take it. I am so frustrated and I have called the... ...
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is watson 795 a valium
I have a blue pill that is small round and has watson 795 on one side and nothing on the other ## donno what it is... its not valium ## if at all could someone find out what a blue round pill that has watson 795 on one side and nothing on the other side ## besides that do any girls know where to get any ovualtion pills or anything? ## it's either percocet or vicoden ## i think it is a viagra pill ## watson 795 is really valium ,i just got my wisdom teeth out and thats wat i got ## i thought if it as a sleeping pill made me more tired then anything but i guess it would effect people differently ## it is a pill for IBS, but it is mainly valium, i asked my step mom shes a doctor ## Hi everyone, After some research, I found that WATSON 795 is in fact 20 mg Dicyclomine HCI, generic for B... ...
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Sat, Jan 19 '13, 5:30 PM   11  Subscribe to thread 163523
Which Is Stronger 4839 V Or 5 500 Vicodin
Which Is Stronger 4839 V Or 5 500 Vicodin? I would like my dr to give me something stronger but not as toxic on my liver ## Well, the 5/500 Vicodin will actually be completely disappearing soon. The FDA has requested that all such combination narcotic medications be changed to only contain a maximum of 325mgs of the Acetaminophen, due to the danger of liver toxicity and overdose toxicity. Some manufacturers have already begun to implement the change and they are all expected to have it completely by January of 2014. Thus, starting one of them now is likely not a good idea, anyway. So, going by the strength of the narcotics and 325mgs of Acetaminophen, the Percocet tablet (4839 V) is stronger than the Vicodin. Learn more Percocet details here. Though they both have the potential to be ha... ...
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Wed, Mar 20 '13, 9:51 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 243827
Ohio Pain Doctor
My doctor can't prescribe schedule 2meds anymore to anyone. do u know of a good pain doc near Cleveland or Akron area who will prescribe oxycodone 10 mg like I was taking for past 5 years? ## I don't have any information on what they will or will not prescribe, nor what insurances they accept, but there are a lot of pain specialists listed in that area. Here are the contact details for some of them: Cleveland Back & Pain Management 440-887-7246 Fairview Hospital Pain Management Center 216-476-7331 Comprehensive Pain Management 330-208-2720 Dr. Delphi M. Toth 330-867-5500 Learn more pain management details here. Can you post back and let me know if you have any luck? ## Cleveland back and pain doesn't prescribe percs ## Dr Blankenhorn in Massillon. ## Did anybody ever fin... ...
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Oxycodone 30mg Shortage In Florida
This is a nightmare!! I suffer from multiple auto-immune diseases such as Connective Tissue Disease, R.A, Livedo, Raynauds, & traces of Lupus. All of which cause EXCRUTIATING PAIN!! On top of all of those, my body attacks itself 24/7!! Over the years the doctors have tried a ridiculous amount of different pain medications. I called it the 'medication game', & it was anything but fun!! Either there was minimal to no relief with them, or they made me feel awful! They tried everything from Percocet 10mgs, Endocet, Methadone 45mgs per day, oxycontin, Hydromorphine 4mgs tablets & 8 mg tablets, & all medicatons are/were accompanied by Ibproufen 800 mgs capsules. During one hospital visit they even had me on a conjunction of Dilauded 8mgs PLUS oxycontin 20 mgs, every 3 ... ...
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Mon, Jun 10 '13, 3:11 AM   38  Subscribe to thread 225667
Drug test with Percocet
I have a prescribtion for Percocet 10/650's four a day and i might have a new job drug test coming up in the next week or so and was wondering if i will fail the test even though I have a script for the Percocet? If I list it as medications currently taking will that cover me or hurt me? Would the cranberry juice + lots of water help at all? ## You should simply inform them that you are taking it, when you go I'm for testing. Though, they can request verification from your doctor, if they so choose. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Hi there I... Have something to ask as well. I had a Lumbar Fusion on my L4 and L5 Vert in 2010. I have been on a Pain management regiment of Ocxcontin 20 mg 3 times a day and 7.5 Perc 4 times a day. I am fit as afiddle and Im almost at 1... ...
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lisinop/hctz 20-25
LL on side BO3 on other side Round pill ## Yes, your ID is correct on the drug and dosage. This is used to help lower blood pressure. ## After several months on Norvasc, I developed swelling of legs and feet. Also noticed shortness of breath if active(dancing). Dr. switched me to Lisinop/HCTZ 20-25. Swelling gone after a few days and blood pressure better, but some dry cough when prone and shortness of breath still present.. ## is there any possible way to fail a drug test for employment while taking this medicine ## his percription is myhusbands{LISINOP/HTCZ/20/25 TAB}; it makes his stool very soft and runny. Also he takes it early in the am bout 5:30ish & by 10ish he feel slightly dissy and there are times he says his ears are/feel like there pluged up.I'm concerened bucause l... ...
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Oxycontin 20mg Op
My doctor recently began prescribing me OxyContin 20 mg tablets for my EDS and arthritis pain. He also is prescribing me 20 mg of Pepcid for a stomach ulcer I have. From what my pharmacist told me the OxyContin is a time released medication broken down by stomach acid. The problem I'm having is with the Pepcid I'm taking I do not have enough acid to properly break down the OxyContin. I can literally see the pills come out in my bowel movements. I'm also having trouble urinating since starting this medication. My question is what type of medication can I ask my doctor to percribe me that will be able to break down with being on the Pepcid? From all of the research I have done as well as blogs I have read the most common medication prescribed is a 30 milligram Percocet. But is... ...
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Tue, Dec 22 '09, 6:47 PM   0 
has anyone had good results on suboxone ## if you are bad on oxy or dope i would recommend suboxone, if you are just on percs or vics or some other less powerful opiate i would tough out the wd's as they are alot shorter then the wd's from subs. I am still trying to kick the subs. they keep you coming back for me however they do give you your life back if you are in the gutter. ## yes. i was heavily addicted to oxy's, shooting up between 120-160 milligrams once or twice daily. i''ve been on suboxone for four days with no withdrawals at all and absolutely no cravings. of course will power plays a huge role but if you truly want to quit this medication is the way to go. ## i was using percocets at first , as many as 20 a day, then to oxys, as many as 10 (80's) a da... ...
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White Tablet 77 Over 155
I found this pill on the ground outside my apt. It looks like a possible percocet but i have never seen ones with those numbers on it. one side is blank the other has a 54 over a 411 ## The pill marked 77 155 doesn't come up in drug databases, so I am unable to find any information on it. I was however able to find the pill imprint 54 411; which is identified as 8mg of Buprenorphine hydrochloride (sublingual). It is a semi-synthetic opioid that is used to treat opioid (often heroin) addiction in higher dosages (>2Âmg) and to control moderate pain in non-opioid tolerant individuals in lower dosages (~200Âg). To view more information about this drug, please click on the link below... Please post back if you have any other questions or comments to add. ## Good find... ## ... ...
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my friend's pill
my friend has a round white pill that says westward290 on it.He says someone told him that it was a percocette. I pulled it up online to be methocarbanol-a muscle relaxer. Can someone please tell me what kind of pill this is. Thank-you ## The identification that you found is correct! This is 500mgs of Methocarbamol, the name brand for it is Robaxin. This is a muscle relaxant and not a narcotic of any kind, nor is it related to them. ## yes i take these pills and they are for pain and they will not hurt you and they make you sleepy.they are a muscle relaxer for back pain. ## I TAKE ALOT OF MEDS I TAKE METHADONE 10 MG 4 TABS 4 TIMES A DAY PLAVIX 75 MG TRENTAL 400 MG PROMETHZINE 25 MG FUROSEMIDE 20 MG XANAX 1MG 4 TIMES A DAY I TOOK A URINE TEST AND RIGHT THERE THE SAID I WAS POS FOR THC TH... ...
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Street Value Of 75mg Dilaudid Patchesje
How much does a 75 mg dilaudid patch cost out on the street? ) ## I've never heard of a 75mg dilaudid patch. Are you talking about a Fentanyl patch? ## Recently I had bilatural breast removal,reconstuctive surgery and bilatural ovaries removal. During procedure they cut my urethea on half and relocated it to someplace else. Now I'm on the fentanyl 50MCG patch, percocet, vicodon, adderall 30mg 3xpday, plus adderall 30Xl daily. Not to include other medication totaling some 20 per day. But recently my home was broken into and they only took medications I don't have a clue about street value of any of the drugs. Now I'm afraid to leave home or want someone here at all times. Can someone give me an idea of what danger I'm putting my family in jeopardy by having so many co... ...
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Has any long term fentanyl patch user tested negative on a urine test
The man I give care to has had a fentanyl patch on consistently for 2+ years. For the last 3 months he has tested NO fentanyl in his urine! These specimens were taken WHILE he was wearing his patch. What is going on? Any ideas? ## I am caregiver for a 74 year old male with multiple health problems. He has been in severe pain stemming from an accident about 8 years ago. He takes Percocet and has been using the 75mcg Fentanyl patch for the pain for the past few years. Starting in Sept. 2013 he has tested 3 times negative for Fentanyl in his system using a urine test. I personally apply the patch, and personally remove the patches and can attest that he has consistently worn the patch for at least 2 years. The pain Doctor has accused him/me/us of not using his patches and either "shari... ...
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dilautid 4mg injectable 4 severe nerve pain
i was shot multiple times in 1989, thru the bicep, lung, thriat, carotid artery, spinal cord and mouth. since then i've had eye surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, both lungs have collapsed, 3 xhest tubes, jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks, a titanium implant put in my jaw, back surgery, heel cord surgery, 4 morphene pump surgeries, perotonitis, a ruptured appendix, 2 heart stoppages, 2 deadly cases of rabdomylosis, 2 toxic blood infections, 2 seizures, and multiple kidney and urinary tract infections. currently all i'm on is 20mg valium by mouth every 4 hours as needed. i've tried it all oxycontin, long and short acting morphene, demerol, toridol, stadol, lyrica, cymbalta, norco, vicodine, extra strength vicodine, percocet, darvocet, nortryptylene, meutontin, ketamine, the duralge... ...
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percocet half life
HOW LONG DOES PERCOSET LAST IN YOUR SYSTEM AS FAR AS DRUG TESTING GOES ## i took a percocet 30 mg saturday and i have to take a drug test tuesday will i be clean ## Anyway, the half-life of Oxycodone (Percocet) is 3 - 4.5 hours. Now a lot of factors can increase this value (eg. if you suffer from renal failure, liver issues etc.) But assuming the worst, and let's say you have taken 20mg of Oxycodone. This means: 4.5 hours later - 10mg remaining 9 hrs later - 5mg remaining 13.5 hrs later - 2.5mg 18 hrs - 1.25mg 22.5 hrs - 0.625mg 27 hrs - 0.3125mg left 31.5 hours - 0.16mg left ----> by this point, you don't have to worry. So all in all, to be on the safe side, keep this value at 36 hours but allow a buffer of upto 48 hours to be on the safe side since there are other factors ... ...
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i took a 30 mg percocet
At like 2 on sunday october 20 i took a percocet 30 and on thursday i have to take a drug test i just need to know if i will be clean by then? I weigh 180 pounds and im 5'9. ...
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Tue, Oct 22 '13, 10:48 AM   0 
How To Clean Percocet Out Of Your System for urine lab test
I took 20mgs of percocet last night at about 8pm. i received an email from my work at 930 informing me that i have to take a UA today by 7pm. i immediately started.drinking a 1gallon jug of water with 4 packets of "emergen C" since i first found out about.the ua i have sat in the steem room for 20 minutes and worked out for 20 minutes and consumed 2gallons of water 2cups of coffee and a 12oz red bull. its now 1pm, 6 hours til deadline, i plans on consuming another 1/2 gallon of orange juice between now and then, and a few cups of coffee. i am 6ft 210lbs and workout daily with fast metabolism and BMI of 9%. and i have had no other drugs in my system other than aderall 25mgs and an rx sleep aid (non narcotic) both i have rx for. think ill make it? ## DRINK ALOT OF WATER!!!!!!! ...
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I Took 1 Percet On Tuesday Only A Half Wed And Was Drug Tested Thurs Evening Will It Show
took 1 and half percet on tuesday a half on wednesday and was drug tested on thrusday evening around 4pm. will it show? i weigh about 230 and 6'2" ## Percocet contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone and since the Oxycodone is a narcotic, yes there is a good chance it will be detected. Most narcotics are usually detectable for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. There is no way to give a precise time frame, because individuating factors are always going to play a role, such as your own metabolism, overall health, activity levels and etc. Are there any other comments or questions? ## I took percosets for 4-5 days, one a day for muscle spasm. I have hair follicle June 20. They were 5/325 dosage. This is first time I've ever taken drugs like this. ...
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How To Break Down New Opana 20 Snort
EVEN BREAKING THE PILL DOWN WITH {edited for safety reasons} its all dissolved and instant release and it also hold some of the time release too even dissolving it and works all day... as far as snorting, forget it cause these junkies that try to do it using microwave, etc are wasting the product by heating it for one and with a 20mg pill, you would spend more time trying to perfect the method to a point where it just isnt worth me i love to intranasal too but cant with these new op formula...these new op are good but just not for iv or snorting. good luck ## this is 2 weeks in now. after being on 4 10mg percacet daily for pain. now getting 2 20mg oxycontin and 2 10mg percocet breakthru. so, overall i am feeling so much better than the past 3 months. all the doctors are afrai... ...
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