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I Been On 8mg Of Saboxen 2 X A Day For About Month
Have Super Constipated Haven Taking Alot Vitamins And Colon Cleanser Also Taking non perscription adderal tablets 5, 10, 20,30s which ever all of a sudden I was feeling great this morning I took vitamins 1/2 saboxen about 2 hrs later 60 mg of adderal. an hr later I had cramps so bad I went and sat on the toliet I was sweating so bad pouring water from evry part of my body. i could barley breathe when i coughed my back and chest hurts so bad its been 7 hrs now and i cant take deep breaths when i cough my upper body is in extreme pain help please ## Did you seek medical attention? It's hard to say from just your description online, but it sounds like you either had a bad reaction to something, or suffered an overdose. Even if you are feeling better now, it is still possible that you d... ...
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Wed, May 30 '12, 4:19 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 231273
Cumorit oral tablet
Can cumorit oral tablet cure amenorrhoea?? ## Actually am yet to see my period since january this year and I am not pregnant so I called my doctor and he says I should go get cumorit oral and take and that's all but I google it and didn't think it has a solution to my problem....... ## This medication is supposedly used for the treatment of menstrual disorders, however it does not seem to specify any type of disorder it treats. There also appears to be very little information about it online, which I do find odd since your doctor recommended it. If if could recommend anything at all that may be of help, it would to supplement daily with clary sage essential oil. It's a natural compound that does help regulate and control periods, along with the pain and cramping associated w... ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Wed, May 30 '12, 1:37 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 229461
opana online
Does anyone know a safe place to get opana er 40 mgs online? My Dr. cut me off and I am in pain (not from withdrawl), but agonizing pain in back and knee. Please someone help me find a legit source. ## I think in your situation, your best bet is change to a new doctor that will prescribe it to you. If you 'truly' need the medication for pain and your doctor cut you off without valid reason, you shouldn't be going to him anyways. It may be worth while complaining to the office about your situation in order to get what you need! Online sources for drugs are not always reliable and most are illegally selling prescription drugs without a prescription and trying to be discrete about it. The odds of you not getting what you paid for are very high if you go that route. Do you have ... ...
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how can i buy pain pills off line
i would like to buy some percet 10/325 of line ## How can I buy the Alcachofa pills? Rocio ## I WOULD LIKE TO BUY SOME PERCOCET 10/325 ONLINE HOW DO I DO THAT???? ...
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Fri, Mar 23 '12, 1:09 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 195405
Online Opiates
I am a baseball catcher for corona high school and got injured during a play at the plate about 1 1/2 months ago and my doctor just gave me tramadol 50mg for a 10 day supply, he wont give me anything stronger for God knows what reason. I am hoping to aquire something stronger, my friends mentioned oxycontin. 30mg. Can you please send me a bottle if I pay. Thank you ## Either this is a joke, an addict, or a "sting"... Sorry son don't think you will get anything here. Try an Urgent Care WITH A PARENT OR GUARDIAN!! If the pain is soooo severe- U.C. Or an E.R. Is a must!! You r too young be asking for pain meds in a forum! I live in Chino Hills & I know there is plenty of access to surrounding Emercency facilities in the Corona area. Please try to get a referral to have accu... ...
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Is there a way to get Narcotics for pain ONLINE?
Embarrassed, I have compounded physical conditions that immobilize me in pain so that I can't even make it to appointments! I have gone organic, done ANYTHING! But my pain is too much at times, especially when I must be strong to handle what can be overkill for my body, thus well-BEing. I'm really looking to just find a legit way to get generic Vicodin, to use as a bandaid for the unmanageable pain, of which mind over matter can handle with that help! I found the 10 to help, mu metabolism is crazy but I'm sick so.. At most, I took 0-2 a day. I am fighting for my life and just want to fight better! I am in a negative environment that, due to disability, I can't leave. But it is verbal abuse everyday with threat of otherwise and the stress makes it worse! My county support... ...
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Wed, Apr 11 '12, 9:59 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 229450
By Valuim Online
Im needin to buy Valuim from outside the (U.K) my grandmother is very very unwell and she isnt gettin enough pain releif can you please DIRECT ME to Some SITES were i can buy them with my card,I Live in Scotland so they would have to be posted how long does the postage ususaly take?.Many Thanxs for yer help....David ## I'm sorry, but no we can't post any websites for this. And Valium is not a pain reliever, it contains the active ingredient Diazepam, which is a Benzodiazepine, that is used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Learn more: Therefore, it is not going to help with her pain. What have her doctors advised? ...
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Wed, Nov 09 '11, 11:53 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 220193
Free Online Doctor
For the last two days I have been having some pains in the lymph nodes in my neck on the right side coupled with mild but persistent headaches, post-nasal drip and tonsil balls (yuck). Today the nodes are a bit swollen (about the size of a pea maybe) and soft but now only painful to the touch. Does this sound like a sinus infection? Thank you :) Also I had a CBC done last week and my WBC was 10.7, but my eosinophils (sp?) were low (0), what does this mean? ...
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Sat, May 05 '12, 6:09 PM   0 
Buy Fentanyl Patch Online
looking to purchase some fentanyl patches online and don't know where to go can anyone help me ## Hi my names Andrew garrison I'm 20 years old an I suffer from chronic jaw an collar bone pain from braking my jaw braking my collar bones 4 times I hurt every day an the only thing that I found that helps is fentanyl ## Express Scripts is a good mail order for prescriptions. I had no problems receiving all but my scheduled II prescriptions. When I called them to find out why I haven't received these prescriptions they claimed they never receive my scheduled II prescriptions. It was their word verses mine, so I started sending the scheduled II prescriptions certified with signature required. Once Express Scripts signed for the prescription the green card they signed was mailed ba... ...
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Sun, Oct 20 '13, 7:52 AM   8  Subscribe to thread 240537
Online Doctors Santa Rosa Ca
Looking for a online doctor who can refill my prescription of pain medication oxycodone ## Hi mildred, There are a good number of legitimate online pharmacies that may be able to fill your prescription... Legitimate online pharmacies that carry the VIPPS seal are listed at: Another webpage I would also recommend checking with is PharmacyChecker, as they only list certified (reputable) online pharmacies. I hope this info helps! It seems like a lot of people are resorting to ordering their meds in this fashion. ...
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Sun, Sep 23 '12, 5:01 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 235684
reliable online pharmacies
have you found some reliable online pharmacies? ## I'd like to know if anyone can recommend a good pharmacy online that sells Norco 10/325. It helps my back pain and sinus pain but I don't want to get ripped off by a fake pharmacy. If anyone can help and respond, I would appreciate it. ## Try uspharmacystores, I've had good luck with them ## I recommend checking with a third party service such as PharmacyChecker, as they work to validate reliable online pharmacies. Basically other sites have to apply to be approved in their program, and they enforce a number of requirements. Hope this helps! ...
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Wed, Feb 09 '11, 1:02 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 186580
How Can i buy oxy codone 30mg online
i need to buy oxy codone online im a retired 80 year old man who lives bt himself in severe pain ## 3 knee sugys right 1 on left lower back nenk years i suffer in paine its the only way i can funtion walk and do all my tasks life is very hard on me this is the only way i can live up and down staes ar so hard for me i mean i can go on its a horry but the oxy 30 helps me go on whith my life doctors ar a pane in the but i live in pane ever day of my life can u help me ## I'm sorry, but this site does not manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications, this is an information only website. Have you consulted a doctor? Purdue does sometimes offer a prescription assistance program, if you have been prescribed the name brand time released product Oxycontin, for low-income people who do no... ...
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Tue, Sep 27 '11, 9:54 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 218386
fill oxycodone prescription online
120qty 15 mg. roxicodone from sarasota dr.Fernando Valle M>D> ## I'm sorry, this site does not manufacture nor sell any medications, this is an information only website. As to filling this online, it is going to be very difficult to do so. Because of the extreme amount of diversion and abuse of Oxycodone, most places will no longer provide it through the mail. They try to stay away from controlled substances. Is there a problem obtaining it from a local pharmacy? ## Hi, I've been trying to find a pharmacy to fill my father's prescription for 168 30mg oxycodone for almost a week now he's got slipped disc in his back and has been in immense pain without them, is there any way to fill his prescription online or is there a pharmacy that has them? I've tried going... ...
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Tue, Mar 18 '14, 4:45 AM   103  Subscribe to thread 207897
Finding Legitimate Tramadol Online
So I am trying to sift through Google results to find a legitimate place to get Tramadol over the internet. My situation is somewhat different from most, as I have valid insurance and a valid Rx for Tramadol. Right now I have a herniated disc and sciatica that is destroying my left leg. However, I am active duty military, and the Army is not giving me enough..EVER. They fill me for 30 tabs of 50mg, which if taken per instructions (1-2 every 4-6 hrs as needed, no more than 8 per day), lasts only a couple of days, and they don't give me refills. So I have to go BACK to the ER to get more. It's ridiculous, especially around the holidays, trying to get medical care. I have a surgery CONSULT (not actually surgery) but not for 3 more weeks. The pain is almost unbearable. All that bein... ...
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Fri, Mar 07 '14, 6:06 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 257500
online pharmacy easy doctors seattle
Aside from my intro-I am experieced and willing 2 trade all for better lfe ## Help please I really need the prescriptio Methadone 10mg 350 a month they work foe pain is there anyway I can get them mailed to me. I have been on them for a long time and they work without making yoi sock stupid or high. ## Why are doctors so reluctant to prescribe testosone to men? I dont mean for sports or anything, just middle age and lacking. ## You have mispelled so many words in every message you have posted. Maybe you dont need methadone afterall. Looks to me like you have had too many of them as it is. Lol ...
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online pharmacy where can legally get methadone
methadone ## Methadone is a narcotic, a controlled substance, so it is ONLY obtainable, legally in the US by prescription and in this case, even with a prescription, many online pharmacies aren't going to carry it or ship it. Methadone is used to treat severe pain and drug addiction. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Did you have any other questions? ## I need methadone ship to canada.I am hooked to pain killers and need meathadone to get rid of it please advice ## I take 10mgs of methadone 350 a month I heard you can get consults with drs on line if so how because I can not get out and around withou it I have cronic sever pain in my body I was on oxycotb 80h then p could not afford it anymore so the de out me on methadonr a lot cheaper... ...
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Pain watson brand only
Looking for local pharmacy that has hydrocodone 10/650 other generic bother stomach ## Hi bernie, Listed below is a pharmacy-locator site, that uses your zip code to find nearby pharmacies within a given mile range: Phone numbers and addresses are included in the list, so I would suggest calling or visiting a number of them to see if anyone can fill your prescription. You may also have to consider looking at online pharmacies as a last resort if this doesn't work out. Please post back if you need information on finding legitimate online pharmacies here in the U.S. I hope this helps! ...
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How To Legitimately Buy Opiates Online Percoset only
I'm not sure that I want to buy online, but in light of my chronic condition (brain and spinal neoplasms), with moving to a new state, am having difficulties with insurance, pain management or even a regular physician for that matter. Just checking out options if things don't become more clear. In that my condition is also painful, networking to help myself is key. Be well ## Anxiety, fatigue, I have 3 kids that are stressful and driving my nerves into the ground. ...
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Sun, Jul 21 '13, 9:09 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 245144
Does Anyone Know What Happened To The Online Pharmacies
I have been taking Fioricet for many years and when my longtime Dr. moved away, I was left trying to find another dr. who would keep my fioricet Rx intact and ordered for me. Did not happen for me. Docs just ushered me to door with nothing, like I did not matter. So I found fioricet online and began ordering on a regular basis to keep symptoms of fibromyalgia, migraines and overall pain. I have been so productive and able to work and have a life because for once I had control over these symptoms of pain. Now I have been going thru horrible withdrawals and hurt worse than ever. I missed all the holiday events w/family/grandkids because I was hurting and withdrawing from fioricet, so I could not participate. Does anyone know if the online pharmacies are going to be back in business?? Does... ...
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Where to buy Oxycodone online or in California without rx?
I'm looking for 40 or 80mg. I need it for my back pain. If you know a place please let me know. I need it ASAP. Thank ## Need 30 mg oxycodone. Been ripped off online before. Need them for migraines due to an eye nystagmus ## I want to purchase oxycodone 30mg. online. I am a 34 yr. old vet from Afghanistan and got hit by iud and suffer from RSD after surgery. I was boiling water and my sister asked me what I was going to cook and I told her I was going to put my foot in the water. That's how crazy RSD is. She saved me, another saving grace! ## I am looking for oxycodone 10 or 15 I have been ripped off I hope this is legit site. I need these for a torn rotator cuff. I don't have insurance ## I am looking to purchase oxycodone. Please let me know if you can help? ## prove it ta... ...
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