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oxymorphone 10 mg extended release
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I take oxymorphone 10mg ER and after 8 hours or so I feel them wearing off. Can I take them every 8 hours, or do I have to wait the full 12 hours? I know the prescription says every 12 hours, but I didn't know if it was possible to take another one after 8 hours or if that was risk of overdosing. ## Yes, that could create the risk of overdose. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Have you consulted your physician? They may be able to prescribe something else to help. ...
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Thu, Feb 23 '17, 7:46 PM
oxymorphone G74 40 mg
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The orange oxymorphine has G74 stamped on it, Extended Release, which is 40mg. I would like to know the size (in diameter) of that pill...I hope to hear from you soon... ...
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Mon, Jan 18 '16, 11:55 PM
new oxymorphone er 40mg
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I was on opana 40ers switched to generic, new pills have half moon on one side and 230 on the other, tan is this pill same as other , two hours after taking need breakthrough meds. ## Hello, Chad! How are you? Yes, they contain the same medication in a 40mg extended release formulation. There can sometimes be slight fluctuations from one generic to another, but they are very slight and it usually only takes a week or so for your body to adjust. This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Wed, Sep 24 '14, 4:15 PM
view oxymorphone or opana
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i would like to find out how i could see a picture of this pill. ## the name of the pill is oxymorphone. opana. it suppose to be shaped like a stop sign and yellow ## I would like to find out what an opana looks like. I found a pill and not sure if thats what it is or not ## There are a number of different appearances of Opana. The extended release ones are shaped like a stop sign with a number inscribed on them indicating the dosage in milligrams. For example, a yellow Opana with the number 40 on it is the 40 mg dose, green with 20 on it is the 20 mg dose, etc. There are also normal release doses in 5 or 10 mg. The 5 mg dose is a blue round pill with E612 over 5, and the 10 mg dose is a reddish-pink round pill with E613 over 10. I hope this helps. If you can post back with the specific... ...
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Tue, Apr 21 '15, 1:25 PM
does oxymorphone contain morphine
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What can be taken with hydromorphone 8 besides oxycodone 30mg and it has to be extended release cannot have two instant release giving up oxy 30mg need replacement that is sulphate free allergic ## Hello, Tazz! How are you? Have you ever tried the extended release Morphine? The FDA classifies it as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Does anyone else have any suggestions? ## Are you allergic to sulfates, or sulpha drugs? ## Allergic to sulphas' major swelling ## But what type have you reacted to? For instance, I am allergic to sulfa antibiotics, but don't have a problem with any of the others. It is possible to be allergic to one, but not all. It varies fr... ...
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Thu, Aug 06 '15, 1:43 PM
oxymorphone 10 mg (HCL ER and without the ER)
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I am probably just being paranoid, but I'm prescribed "Oxymorphone HCL ER 10 Mg tablets", (and that's the exact label law on my bottles) take 1 every 12 hrs. Today, instead of my normal small orange pill with G72 printed on it, and manufactured by Global pharm...I received a larger, white pill, imprinted with 54 814, manufactured by Roxane/West-War. But the question lies in the label...it's labeled as "Oxymorphone HCL 10 mg tablet". My question is....are these scripts the exact same, just maybe they left out the ER on the new one..but is it still extended release?? Any knowledgeable answers are appreciated! Thanks in advance. ## Hello, Jami! How are you? Good catch, you do need to report this to your pharmacy. Roxane lists this tablet as being a regular relea... ...
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Sun, Sep 04 '16, 6:04 PM
oxymorphone 20 mg er 229 on front half moon on back
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has anyone heard of opana 20 half moons cuz they cum str8 from pharm but they aint no where to be found on here ## Hello, Tina! How are you? Yes, the tablets with that logo and the number 229 on them contain 20mgs of Oxymorphone in an extended release formulation, it's a generic for Opana ER. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Learn more Opana ER details here. Is there anything else I can help with? Are there any other questions or concerns? ## The ACTIVIS 20MG Opana's are the BEST N STRONGEST OUT THERE THEY BLOW AWAY THE G73 20MG ones!!! That's what I just got n they suck compared to the A'S ## So I just read on a thread that Activis is... ...
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Wed, Feb 15 '17, 3:45 PM
white round pill g76 on one side what is it
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I HAVE A ROUND WHITE PILL WITH G76 ON ONE SIDE, WHAT IS IT ? ## White round pill with G76 is Oxymorphone Extended Release 15 mg. Brand name is Opana. ...
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Sun, Feb 16 '14, 10:43 AM
eight-sided yellow pill
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40 on one side and nothing on the other, eight-sided, yellow ## 40 on one side and nothing on the other, eight-sided, yellow. What is this, so i know please. ## It si Opana Extended Release 40 mg. Also known as Oxymorphone. 10 times more potent than Morphine. Opana ER is used for: Treating pain in adults with constant (around-the-clock), moderate to severe pain that is expected to last for an extended period of time. This medicine is not for use right after surgery if you have not already been using narcotic pain relievers ## Who is the manufacturer??? Its not Endo? ## That is correct, this is a 40mg Opana ER tablet and yes, it is also manufactured by Endo Pharmaceuticals. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it does carry the risk of being habit forming and it may cause side effects, such ... ...
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Fri, Mar 15 '13, 4:25 PM
pill half moon and 263
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pinkish in color and round with 263 on one side and a crescent moon on the other side ## Help, Sherry! How are you? According to the prescription drug identification databases, this is listed as containing 30mgs of Oxymorphone in an extended release formulation. The FDA lists this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Sat, Dec 27 '14, 2:51 PM
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WHAT IS THE NARMAL DOSEAGE FOR OPANA 40 MG ## What is the normal dose of Opana ER 30 mg? ## What dosage and dosing frequency has your doctor instructed you to use? Opana contains the active ingredient Oxymorphone, which is a potent narcotic analgesic and the extended release formulation is usually prescribed to be taken every 12 hours. The regular release version can be prescribed to be taken at intervals ranging from 4 to 8 hours apart, depending on the tolerance of the patient and how well it is handling their pain. Learn more: It may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Tue, Sep 27 '11, 12:53 PM
Opana 40mg Vs Oxymorphine Er15mg
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what is then dosage for oxymorphine er15 vs opana 40mg? ## Oxymorphone is the active ingredient in Opana, so the base dosage would be the same. The only difference in war you've listed is that the ER designates that one as being a time released formulation, rather than a regular release like the other one. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I don't understand your question. Opana 40mg is extended release and oxymorphone 15mg ER is the generic version of Opana 15mg ER. So the only difference is the strength as there is no such thing as instant release Opana 40mg. The only IR version of Opana is 10mg, which is available as the generic oxymorphone 10mg. I hope this answers your question, if not, please repost your question and make sure your last post was what you meant ... ...
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Mon, Feb 11 '13, 5:02 PM
round pill 269 on oneside and halfmoon otherside
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Round pill 269 on one side and half moon on otherside ## Hello, Neicy! How are you? Are the numbers on it possibly 263? Can you please double check and let me know? If so, it is manufactured by Actavis Elizabeth and they list it as containing 30ms of Oxymorphone in an extended release formulation. The FDA lists this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ...
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Thu, Feb 19 '15, 2:13 PM
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i wanted to know when this will be available to the public? ## It was approved to treat moderate to severe pain by the FDA on or before June 23rd of this year. So it is simply at matter now of getting docs to prescribe it, and pharmacies to get it stocked on their shelves. It contains Oxymorphone Hydrochloride and there will be two forms available, an Extended Release for long-term pain control, and an instant release version. Here's the article announcing its approval from WebMd: FDA OKs the Pain Drug Opana This is an opiod drug, so it will be strictly controlled and regulated just like other narcotics, no refills, and you will have to see your doctor every month to get a new scrip to use it. And here is the drug website with prescribing information: Opana.com ...
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Fri, Aug 04 '06, 12:01 PM
white pill with moon one side
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All of you out there investigating the half moon pills. Actavis makes a white round pill with a moon on one side and the #262 on the other. Be careful, these are oxymorphone 15mg. Used for pain. ## Hi June, Thank you for taking the time to share this information. For anyone else needing a second opinion, I can also confirm that these are identified as 15mg Oxymorphone hydrochloride tablets made by Actavis. However it should also be noted that they are in "extended release" form as well. For verification, the National Drug Code on these tablets are 00228-3262. You can learn more about this medication on the page for Oxymorphone Details Does anyone out there have personal experience or feedback from using this particular brand? ...
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Tue, Dec 31 '13, 2:50 PM
I Am Curious If Anybody Has Been On The Generic Opana Long Enough To Give It A Review Either Positive Or Negative Currently 60mg Of Opanaer Tw
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Has anyone been on the generic OpanaER that is being made by Global/Impax Pharmaceuticals long enough to give an honest opinion as to how much more effective they are then Opana? My pharmacist just ordered the oxymorphoneER's for me today. I haven't gotten any relief from Opana. I take 60mg of the ER's twice a day with 3, 10mg. oxymorphone pills for breakthrough pain. I'm getting more relief from the 10mg generics then I am with the 60mgER's. Will I be able to just take the 40mgER's without the added 20mgER's? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!! ## Hi Bleegs, Based on my research, The Opana ER is an extended release; which means that the medication is being distributed in the body for up to 24 hrs. That is supposed to... ...
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crescent moon 232
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this pill is white with a crescent looking half moon on one side and 232 on the other ## Hi yusef, I've been trying to match this one up with a known pill. I assume you're talking about a pill within the United States? If not can you tell me what country? The only clue which I have so far is that the crescent looking half moon is the Actavis logo. For example, if you go to the Actavis web site, you can see that shape in their company logo. Is that what's on your pill? As to the specific numbers on it "232", is there any way that it might be "282" or something similar? I'm just asking because I could not figure out if they have a specific white pill with 232 on it. Their Oxymorphone extended release 15 mg matches your description, only it has "262"... ...
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Tue, Oct 02 '12, 11:33 PM
LIGHT Orange Round Pill 672 Imprint ON ONE SIDE BLANK ON THE OTHER
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I FOUND THESE PILLS IN MY SON'S ROOM UNDER HIS MATRESS AND I WANNA KNOW WHAT THEY ARE ## Hi Tim, The closest match I can find based on the description is Spironolactone (50 mg). It is a white oval pill with the imprint R672. Spironolactone is used primarily to treat heart failure, ascites in patients with liver disease, low-renin hypertension, hypokalemia and Conn's syndrome. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Spironolactone Details I hope this helps! ## Thanks jenna i appreciate your help. ## The pill you found is not 672, it is G72, and it is oxymorphone - the generic brand. I hope you were able to find out that your son is taking narcotics. ## No it is 672 and yes they are oxymorphone 10 mg extended release it is used to treat pain and classified as a narcotic... ...
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Wed, Jan 25 '17, 2:06 PM
White Pill M 15 On One Side And Blank Other
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White pill octagon with 15 on one side and blank on other is an Opana 15mg. It is oxymorphone ER which means extended release. Pain pill for moderate to severe pain. Know this because took them.. be careful with any pills and dispose of properly.. told do not flush things anymore since ends up in our water system. ## Was this intended as a response to another post? If so, then for that person to receive it, you need to use the reply to post that is located directly under their post. Oxymorphone is a very potent narcotic that should never be used without a doctor's supervision. It can cause side effects, such as nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Learn more: And you are correct, flushing is not the proper way to dispose of old medications. If you are in doubt, you can alway... ...
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Oxymorphone 15mg
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The round white pil you are talking about with 262 on 1 side & what appears to be a crescent moon is a 15mg extended release oxymorphone "opana" which are definantly made everywhere in the united states! So it is a very common opiate. They are strong depending on your tolerence but would strongly suggest doing less if it's your first time trying them! They make several different ones such as round 5's, 10's & the round 15's with the moon. They also make 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 30mg & 40mg opana ER which looks like a stop sign & different color for each different mg. Now in some states they have reformulated the stop sign shaped opanas into a gel so that abusers cant crush to snort but even now people have figured out ways to do that! They are very addict... ...
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