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Oxycontin 40mg

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Oc 40mg Oxycontin
I would like to know if and when the oxycontin 40mg oc r gonna b put back in market for ppl like me that need them cause of the big difference with the oxyneos ## As of their last statement on the subject, the manufacturer Purdue Pharma has no intention of rereleasing the original formulation. Learn more Oxycontin details here. Have you looked into trying alternative medications? ## Hi the 40MG is available I take it so ask the pharmacy to order it, it is time release so it is 1 every 12 HRS ## Where would my pharmacy place the order for my oxycontin40 mg . Wat company has them on the market and is it much trouble for them to order my prescription of oxy contin 40 mg . So plz if ya could ley me no the name of the company cause purdue has no intention of makin anymore original oxycontin ... ...
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Sat, Mar 23 '13, 12:02 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 241574
Oxycontin CR 40mg
I have PD with alot of broken bones. I have been taking Oxycontin for over 13 yrs. I am now taking Oxycontin CR 40 mg 4 X a day. I just had a refill and got the new type. With the old type I have had no problems. I started the new type this Thursday nite. I had a bad taste in my mouth shortly after I took it. On Friday I took my first dose with food still had bad taste and my vision got bured for about and hour or more. When I took my next dose I took it with water and the bad taste came and my eyes when bury again. I don't know what they changed but but something is right. Did they change all of the Oxycontin to this pill form? ## Yes, all the time released tablets have been changed to this pill form. The only difference between it and the original Oxycontin is that the new OP has ... ...
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Mon, Oct 25 '10, 8:24 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 207976
Oxycontin 40mg, g162
Round pill, peach in color, kind of thick ## Watson Oxycodone 20 mg helped me- these pills that are thicker and labeeled one side only G162- suck! I am not sure if they are 20mg or 40mg but to be honest it feels like NO Milligrams whatsoever! We all have to go back to PERDUE Oxycontin anyhow they are not making generics of this anymore! ## G 162 IS NOT 40mgs! This is a 20mg Oxycodone tablet. By the way, yes, they still are making generics of it. If you want the name brand then ask your doctor to write brand medically necessary on your prescription. There IS a different between name brands and generics, so sometimes they just don't work as well. ## Wow man, It's sad to see how many people are addicted to pain meds. Listening to how your talking about it. Was watching the news 3 d... ...
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Thu, Mar 20 '08, 1:09 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 176312
purple pill with G163 ## WHAT MG IS IT ## 40mg ## This is a generic for Oxycontin, so it is the controlled release 40mgs. ## What does a 30 mg look like. Is there an M on one side? ## Yes on some its just the manufacture. Who made the pill. ...
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Tue, Apr 02 '13, 10:46 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 166039
## I found a pill in my husbands pocket. It is a round pill that has 40 on one side and E705 on the other. If anyone can tell me what it is I would be really greatful. Thanks so much! ## Michelle it is not an oxycotin if it says 40 on one side and then says OC on the other then it is a oxycotin at this time I am not sure but i am almost positive that it is a painkiller need to chat e-mail me ## Found plain round white pills my son says are 80 oxys from india. I thought oxys all had numbers on them. Anyone ever seen or heard of oxys from india that look like this? Wondering what they really are. Thanks ## oxycondone is the drug ## The pill with the e705 n 40 is oxycodone er 40mg. It is a pain killer. Its an extended release oxycodone ## i was perscribed oxycontin in 1998 by a doctor for ... ...
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Sun, Aug 12 '12, 7:53 AM   8  Subscribe to thread 157181
generic 40mgs oxycontin?
Round, Thick, Blue pill with capital 'S' on both sides. ## Sounds like a 25 mg Sominex, which is a light blue with a large S on each side of it. ...
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Wed, Nov 23 '11, 3:24 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 181352
opana 40mg vs oxycontin op 80mg
my Dr prescribed Opana 40mg as alternative to Oxy 80 mg 2 twice a day which I would sniff I didn't tell him this of course. he claimed them to be just as good if not stronger can any one share about opana 40mg ## Snorting medications that are not intended for that method of usage is very dangerous. You run the risk of overdose and creating blockages in your lungs, which can lead to breathing problems, embolisms and stroke. Opana contains the active ingredient Oxymorphone, this is a potent narcotic pain reliever. Side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. THis dosage is about the same as what you were taking of the Oxycontin. Do you have any other questions? ## i was taking three oc 40's a day, when the new op 40's came out they seemed to make m... ...
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Wed, Mar 05 '14, 8:41 AM   331  Subscribe to thread 208221
Oxycontin 40mgs Ontario Canada
@BBB,,why do some posts require being held & others dont? Anyways yes they are new Generic Oxycontins not neo's. If you go to Apotex Canada & look at document posted 22 hrs ago you will see all the new drugs now out by Apotex..all of the old ones are being produced. They still aren't covered as yet but cant see that sticking either... ## I already knew that. I thought you were saying that you had gotten CDN's lol but the site will sometimes need reviewing by a moderator to make sure that you're not posting something stupid. ## That is correct, there are a few things that may flag a post, so it doesn't get immediately posted. No one is saying that you intentionally posted anything untoward, but the site is family friendly, so sometimes even a typo can cause a ... ...
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Mon, Mar 25 '13, 1:47 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 244631
oxycontin 93/32
pink, oval pill with 93 imprinted on one side and 32 inprinted on the other side ## Yes, this is Oxycodone CR 40mgs, a generic for Oxycontin. ## It is a generic oxycodone 20mg. not a 40mg, the 40mg are yellow. ## Looking to identify a pill found. It is a hot/dark pink football/oval shaped pill scored in the middle, small in.size ...
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Sun, Apr 29 '12, 8:19 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 175629
oxycontin 40mg versus opana 30mg
oxycontin 40mg versus opana 30mg, which one helps most? ## It really depends on the person and which one works better for them. The 30mgs of Opana, in this case, is the more potent of the two, if that's what you're asking. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Mon, Feb 17 '14, 4:07 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 260218
oxycontin 40 one side 40mg other ex
oxycotin 40 on one side ex on the other side round yellow pill ## Yes, this is an Oxycontin tablet, containing 40mgs of Controlled Release Oxycodone, this is a very potent narcotic pain reliever. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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Fri, Jan 29 '10, 5:44 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 200638
Substitute For oxycontin 40mg daily
I am facing major surgery in four weeks time and I am fearful that the same will happen as in a similar operation last year. Cold turkey during recovery and no one would listen. I want to die. If they give me more morphine. Would that work. ## Yes, it could work, but only if they give you an equivalent dosage. Oxycodone is stronger than Morphine, so you would require a higher amount of the Morphine to equal what you currently take. Thus, if you are on 40mgs of Oxycodone, to prevent withdrawals and handle your pain accordingly, you'd need 60mgs of the Morphine. Is there anything else I can help with? ## It helps a lot as I dreaded that the same experience might again. I will ask for a plan that must include the correct dosage of morphine e.g. 60mg. Are you speaking from personal expe... ...
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Fri, May 06 '11, 6:46 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 217229
need a substitute for 40mg oxycontin
Ive been taking the oxycontin for 10 yrs. best drug I ever had till the ops just came out. I only swallow them as directed. It used to take 30 min for me to feel them. Now its 3 hrs. and then it just slowly releases. A lortab is even better now. used to take a 40mg at 5 am-11am-and 5 pm. they worked great. some people I know couldnt take them for i made them drowsy or sick at their stomach. not for Me, it kept Me motivated and was perfect for my arthritis. [which is 24/7] my wrists are the size of baseballs. I need to find a substitute medication that will motivate me and not make Me sleepy. Can anyone help? Thanks, Steve. 63yrs. old ## i am curently on oxycontin 60 mg tab 3 times a day i go to pain management this wednesday the 16th of jan. 2013 my concern is my dr. has discused puttin... ...
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Sat, Jan 12 '13, 5:22 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 211921
gold oxycontin 40
Bought some gold metallic oxyckntin 40mg has anyone seen these??? R they real or fake bc I know the ones I seen r a yellowish color and not a metallic gold.... ...
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Sun, Apr 13 '14, 12:30 PM   0 
oxycontin op 40 mg
need information ## This is a new product from Purdue Pharma and is replacing the original Oxycontin. It has been specially formulated to help prevent abuse, by retaining its time released properties, even if someone tries to alter it. Side effects are supposed to be the same: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Read more: Does anyone have any questions or comments? ## I have not been able to get my doctor to perscribe me these. I want them cause the pain meds she gives me don't work, Then mess up my stomache. The throbbing continues day after day. I need a fusion in my left ankle / heel. Any one know where I can come up with releif let me know Kind Regards.>>Ron ## how long does it take a 40mg op to work ...
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Fri, Aug 19 '11, 10:36 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 209243
Oxycontin OP Duration 40mg Cut in Half
Given the protective qualities of the new Oxy OP, if you cut, say a 40mg tab in half, does it still release the drug slowly? I noticed there is no warning label on the bottle saying do not chew. In other words, given the new formulation, if cut in half does it still retain its slow release quality? ## Retaining their time release properties, even if someone tries to cut them in half, crush or chew them is exactly how they are supposed to work. However, it is still not recommended that you alter your dosage, without your doctor's approval. Oxycontin contains the very powerful narcotic Oxycodone. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments? ## I have taken one 80mg oxycontin and 1/2 of an 80mg (I cut an ... ...
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OxyContin Doctors
I am trying to find a pain doc in Central, NJ. I am taking 40mg of oxycontin three x a day and 15mg oxycodone 4 x a day for breakthrough pain and my doc dropped me for running out early after hurricane sandy bc my meds ended up floating in the shark river inlet so i got methadone so i wouoldnt be sick from the er doc. They said this was a violation so they gave me one last script and said get out. \ Anyone got a doc that would help me with my current dose? Not some addict have legit problems! MRI and EMG results as well as some others. Anyone? Please email me! Need someone fast. I'll be out by monday! ## I am very sorry that you are going through such a rough time of it. However, if you agreed to their treatment terms, when you became a patient there, then they had every right to di... ...
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Tue, Dec 18 '12, 12:26 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 239969
ENDO Brand Oxycontin 40mg vs. Non-generic
Has anyone had experience with the Endo Brand Oxy? I usually take the Barnd Name only but they were out. It doesn't seem to be as strong, but of course the pharmacist says, They're all the same! ## Found Tablet with light green and oval 99 on top and 33 other side. ## The generic is a weaker form than the brand name. I'm not sure if maybe the time release is different or the pain mix is different but they are different I know a couple of people who take them and they all have the same thing to say. ...
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op + 40 oxycontin pill
a yellowish, round (cylindrical) pill with rounded (convex) top and bottom...waxy coated with white interor, but interior has texture consistency similar to a hard gummy-bear candy. Chewing it is difficult, as tough dried-jelly-like interior is very cohesive and tends to work its way into tooth's biting surface irregularities, and is compacted into spaces between teeth, where it can take 30 or more minutes to disolve. Taste is just like oxycodone but more subtle than Oxycontin. Not scored, smaller than a raisin, one side says OP and other side says 40. Is this the new tamper proof oxycontin?? ## That's exactly right, this is the new Oxycontin OP 40mg. Unlike the regular Oxycontin, if you try to crush or chew this one, it doesn't make a difference, it is specially... ...
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opana vs oxycontin 40 mg
been on oxycontin for 4 years and is not working as well since they switched formula ## We have had a lot of people posting similar complaints. Opana contains the active ingredient Oxymorphone and it is actually stronger than Oxycodone. If you were taking 40mgs of Oxycontin, you would only need 20mgs of the Opana. The side effect profile is similar: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## can u smoke opana ## Really???? It's people like YOU that make chronic pain sufferers denied the meds we need to function with some quality of life! Pisses me off. Get a life. ## Hey Ali u are so. 100 percent. Rite. Iam been disabled. For many years and. Been on. Oxycotin for. Very. Long. And. It was the only thing. That got my like some wh... ...
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