Oxycodone False Positive Urine Test

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oxycodone false positive urine test
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I'm prescribed 4 30mg roxicodone, bupap and xanax. On a 10 panel urine test, my Dr says I've tested positive for a hydrocodone..oxycontin or vicodin. None of which I've taken. How can I clear my name? ## Lmao u take roxys thats oxycontin that would be why it was positive for oxy. ...
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Mon, Nov 07 '16, 9:57 AM
False Positive For Oxycodone On Urine Test
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I am on 110 mg of methadone and have been off of street drugs for almost a yr now. i have been taking the methadone for about a yr as well. i had a drug test this morning and it showed up positive for methadone and oxy as well. can methadone show a flase positive for oxy? i need to know ## poppy seeds can cause a false positive on a drug test ...
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Wed, Aug 19 '15, 8:36 PM
Oxycodone False Positive Test
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Ok my drug test I bought from walmart came out negative and then I went right to probation to pee and it was dirty. How can that be possible? Is there any such thing as false positives? ## Yes, false positives are known to occur on standard urine tests anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time they are used. The main problem stems from the fact that most places are not required to use certified drug tests. Therefore, they usually use cheaper ones that are not as accurate and can easily give false positives. The test your purchased at Wal-Mart would also not have been a certified test. The reason you got different results has to do with the sensitivity of the tests, their accuracy and quality control. In addition, some over the counter products can also cause false positives for some substances... ...
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Tue, Feb 14 '17, 9:39 AM
false positive for oxycodonein urine drug test.
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I take hydrocodone 500 Mg x3 a day, gabapentin300mg, bid; carb /levo25-100mg at bedtime for restless leg; Synthroid 0.15 once a day Metformin Hcl ER 500mg once a day cymbalta.,30mg, 1 capsule, once a day( I take in evening) I have degenerative disc disease in spine and neck. And diagnosed also with stenosis, and hearniated disc without cord compression -I have no idea what that means- but I have pain most every min. I had a total R knee replacement. June 2009. I worked up till then and therapy after surgery brought out the DDD and other stuff. I just went through a appt. to get hydrocodone renewed and willingly gave a drug urine screen. Over one week later, I get a registered letter stating I showed positive for hydrocodone and oxycodone. Ive never taken an oxcodone. But, I have been su... ...
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Wed, Oct 19 '16, 4:05 PM
Oxycodone Urine Test-False positive urine screens
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My boyfriend has been ina pain clinic for years with severe back problems.He is on 60mg of oxycontin, and 15mg oxycodone topped with morphine. He tool a urine test and was told dilata was found inhis system.He SWEARS he did not take anything he should not because the pain clinic is a godsend to him and would niot jepordize his standing.Can a false-positive reading be the problem here??? Please help!!! ## Yes, if the clinic is using one of the less expensive, non-certified tests, then the narcotics he is taking could be causing a false positive. It's been known to happen on those types of test anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Learn more Morphine details here. Did they try doing any further testing, such as sending samples out to an actual lab? ##... ...
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Sat, Aug 25 '12, 7:15 AM
Oxycodone False Positive
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Will lomotial show up as a opiate in a drug screen? ## Hi Seth, Yes, Lomotil (atropine + diphenoxylate) is an opiate and will show up as one in a drug test. The average amount of time it takes for it to be completely out of your system varies on the type of test. For a urine test it can take 8-24hrs; for a saliva test it can take 1-2 days; and up to 90 days for a hair follicle test. These times are only estimates since many other factors play a role in how quickly it gets out of your system (i.e.; weight, age, metabolic rate, etc). You can view a detailed description of the drug by clicking on the link below... I hope this helps! ...
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Sat, Dec 24 '11, 7:01 PM
what would cause false positive for oxycodone on urine test
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hi, im on methadone , valium , lyrica and avanza , daily... i had a urine test today and it came up as a positive for oxycodone.. now theyr saying theyr going to take away my take away doses of methadone... what can cause this?? it was one of the tests that they dip in the urine and has the red stripes for pos/neg , benzos on one side and opiates on the other side of the tab thing that they dip in.... its really going to f*** me over if they take away my take home doses of methadone.. ## Can valium give u positive for opiates ## No, it would have been his methadone, Valium is a benzo I'm pretty sure ...
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Mon, Feb 23 '15, 2:27 AM
oxycodone heroin false positive
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I have not taken heroin in a year and a half but had a hair follicle test and it came back positive. I swear on my brother's grave I have not had any since then. Also I do mouth swabs now for my drug test and it came back positive for morphine. I am highly allergic to morphine and will go into anaphylactic shock. I am on oxycodone HCl. Would this have come back positive for the morphine or for the heroin? ## Wow, I was reading & I'm in lots of pain so I came across your topic & thought it was good to see someone asking a very important question. I have worked for very large labs & a company outta California that specifically make all the current drug test, rather urine, blood, to hair, it's just not a boundary. You see Oxycodone is made Synthetically by evil men,... ...
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Mon, Dec 12 '16, 3:05 AM
False Negative On Oxycodone Urine Test
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im wondering if drinking large amounts of coffee is causing me to have false positives on my pain management urine test?have you ever heard of this being possible?im prescribed 10 mg oxycodone and 10 mg oxycotin 4 each a day i take them as prescribed. im also on blood pressure meds amlodipine besylate 10 mg and triamtrene hctz375-25mg cymbalta 60mg all 1 a day and tramadol hcl 50mg 8 a day would any of these affect results? please help my doc says if it happens again he will have to terminate me from pain management. ty ## I'm taking Oxycodone HCL. I get the 15 mg tabs and cut them in half. I take 3 halves a day. Well, I came up NEG for opiates on my drug test for opiates. They did another test and I came up NEG on that one too. I dont understand how I am coming up NEG? I need the d... ...
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false positive hydrocodone urine test
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i fractured my ankle and was norco 7.5 when i returned to work i was tested and i tested positive for oxycodone. is it the same. ## I am on oxycodone 30 mg daily. My dr did a screening and oxycodone came up but so did hydrocodone. I need to explain why to dr but i have no idea why. I cant lose my regimen because of my chronic pain. Please help me. ## I take 10mg vicodin, 2-3 times a day. I took a percocet 10mg like 10 days ago, not realizing it because the pills look the same. Had a 12 panel pee test today at work. They DO send it out to the lab also. Will it really show up I took ONE 10mg percocet 10 days ago? I'm freaking out!!! ...
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Would Terbutaline (brethine) cause a false positive for oxycodone on urine test
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I work for a court ordered supervision program. I have a participant who is pregnant and recently had to receive 3 injections of Terbutaline (brethine). Since then, she has twice tested positive for oxy. Is there any way brethine could create a false positive for oxy? ...
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Fri, Oct 10 '14, 7:07 PM
False Positive Of Oxicodone In Urine Test
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I take soboxone and tested positive for opiates, specifically oxicodone. ## Hi Crys, Suboxone testing false positive for Oxycodone is actually one of the most frequently reported mishaps here. If the doctor or lab isn't using an actual certified test, false positives can occur anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. Which is pretty high, considering the outcome of these tests can effect people's lives so significantly. I would definitely attempt to fight back and get a certified test or just prove to them that their mistake is their mistake. You can find a reference stating that Suboxone causes false positives for Oxycodone via the link below: askdocweb.com/falsepositives.html I hope this helps! ## This post I'm replying to is pretty old but still...thank goodness - someone else... ...
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Fri, Nov 30 '12, 12:39 AM
can oxycodone give a false positive for heroin on drug test
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I have been at the same pain clinic for two years and been on fentanyl 100mcg patch and oxycodone 30mgs and also Dilaudid 4mg the entire time. At my last urine test they sent me a letter stating I tested positive for heroin :( I am livid! I have never used nor been around heroin in my life. Trying to see if anyone knows what could possibly make me test positive for this drug? ...
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Mon, Oct 17 '16, 10:01 AM
propranolol false positive for oxycodone
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My sister took a urine test & she is prescribed propranolol. Marijuana & benzos showed up, which was figured..... but oxycodone showed up which she has not taken. What could have caused this? Any over the counter drugs? ...
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Mon, Dec 12 '16, 2:41 PM
Urine test coming back with false positive
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My friend is prescribed morphine sulfate only and has been urine tested twice with the same results of oxycodone and opiates, how can this be? ## Well, Morphine is an opiate and the false positive for Oxycodone is probably due to the test itself. The less expensive non-certified tests are known to give false positives anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. What has his doctor said about it? ...
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Sun, Apr 22 '12, 8:56 AM
morphine and oxycodone an tramadol false positive drug test
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I been on morphine self er100 mg an oxycodone 10 mg an tramadol 50 mg for 12 yrs. I was taking sudafed pe for sinus. Went to pain Dr it showed that I had 6 momacelymorphine in my urine and it was know as Heroine.. 55 yrs old never taken street drugs..was dismiss from clinic...could you please tell me what could have call this... I have 2 hip surgeries an other problem... trying to fight this case... I was told by lab..I had to take some before I went to my dr. Please help... ## Ive been on dilaudid for about 4 years now. I have had back surgery that really didnt help to much with the pain. I went to a Clínic not my reg Dr. Last week because they were booked. At the Clínic i explained to them why i take what i take and showed them my prescription. The doctor there treated me li... ...
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False Positive For Oxymorphone On Urine Test
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i'am prescribed morphinesulfate 30mg ER and oxycodne 15 mg,aprazolam 1mg.my counselor requires 5 week urine lab work.oxymorphone shows up positive,i think the morphine-n-oxycodone are why the oxymorphone is showing positive,as well as my primary care physician,who is looking into it ,yet i need too prove this too my counselor.if this is whats going on please help ## Oxycodone breaks down or metabolizes into 3 chemicals about 1/3 stays as oxycodone but around 1/3 turns into oxymorphone naturally in the body. If u weren't testing positive for it it would be strange. Explain 2 ur dr that ur body metabolizes oxycodone partially into oxymorphone & it isn't a false positive it's simply positive due 2 how it breaks down in the human body. Ur dr really should have allready k... ...
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False Positive On Drug Test
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I take hydromorph contin and hydromorphone for pain and my doctor did a urine test on me I'm also taking adderal, cloazapam,risperidal,divalproex and on my urine test results I tested postive both times for oxycodone how is this possible when I've not takin it at all. ## Do you know what type of test your doctor is using? If they have really gone with the test from the lab that was the cheapest bidder for business, then it's likely that it's not a certified test and if that's the case, false positives are known to occur on the cheaper non-certified ones anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. The Hydromorphone is a semi-synthetic opiate and this class of narcotics is well known to cause false positives for other semi-synthetic opiates, like the Oxycodone. What has your d... ...
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tested postive for oxycodone false
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I take hydromorph contin and hydromorphone for pain and my doctor did a urine test on me I'm also taking adderal, cloazapam,risperidal,divalproex and on my urine test results I tested postive both times for oxycodone how is this possible when I've not takin it at all. ## If your doctor is using a non-certified test, then false positives can occur anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. It is also well known the synthetic and semi-synthetic opiates, such as the Hydromorphone, can cause false positives on them for others in the same class, such as Oxycodone. What has your doctor said about it? ...
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Cocaine vs oxycodone in a urine test
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Does cocaine and oxycodone show up the same in a urinalysis? ## Two completely different chemical make up for these two drugs if you are not being tested for cocaine it will not show up as an opiated based drug such as oxycodone However there are so many different opiated drug bases and synthetic opiates certain opiate base drugs can cause a false positive for others in that same class ## Why should cocaine matter. You are prescribed oxycodone right? ## Well can it show up as cocaine? ## Not even close. Completely different drugs and each drug will test positive in its own category. ## What narcotic drug will show up positive for cocaine such as morphine, Tylenol3, and percocet? ## No opiod drug will show up positive for coke. They are two separate drug classes. OPIODS & AMPHETAMINE... ...
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Sun, Aug 21 '16, 1:04 AM

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