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What is normal dosage for Smz Tmp Ds
What is the normal dosage for a person weighing 114 pounds? I was given a prescription for 960 twice daily for 10 days. ## Hi Lee, Unfortunately there aren't any dosing instructions for this medication that are based on someone's weight. Usually, your doctor or pharmacist is the one who provides you with dosing instructions upon writing/receiving your prescription. He/she prescribed you a certain dosage based on their evaluation of you, your medical records, and other individual factors. So if something doesn't seem right about it, then you really need to go discuss this with your doctor before moving forward with treatment. What type of infection are you taking it for? ## Actually it was for my dog,David.. The way I worded the question was misleading. I was upset at the tim... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Diet / Weight Loss.
Wed, Aug 21 '13, 10:37 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 251091
what to expect with nuvigil
Hello, I am on my second day of nuvigil. I am wondering what I should expect from this med. I have extremely bad day time sleepiness. I recently did a sleep study that showed that I slept for a full 8hrs. I feel as if I never get enough sleep. I could take a 3 hr nap and sleep 10hrs at night if aloud to and still be fatigued the next day. Driving for longer than 30-45min is nearly impossible. I cant stay awake for movies and the list goes on. The sleep doctor I met with wants me to give this a try. I was prescribed 250mg. I was told to only take half at first to be sure it doesn't trigger my migraines (I get them on a reg. basis and don't need extra help getting them). Yesterday was my first day I took half nothing happened. I was just as tired as any other day. Today I took hal... ...
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Wed, Mar 23 '11, 11:03 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 215457
Where Can This Drug Obtained In Soth Shore Area 02191or in central boston surrounding areas
need to refill my perscription told it is now not available is this true can not take the pink generic brand have side effects with this particular one any suggesstions to another type ## I'm having problems in the Boston Area finding a Pain Dr! I had one & this last appt he cut EVERYONE off of oxycodone / OxyContin ...
Updated 1 year ago in Oxycodone.
Sun, Jun 09 '13, 4:30 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 213514
white round tablet DU printed one side and a score on the other
This came along with 10mg oxazepam but I am afraid to take them as they are the same size but very different shape and markings. It's bi-convex and has a slight 'waxy' outer layer, eg. Not crumbly. Would be very helpful to know if I can use these... ## A white round pill marked with "DU" on one side and blank on the other is identified as Citalopram (20mg). This is an antidepressant drug of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Citalopram Details Were you already able to determine that the other pill was in fact oxazepam? I hope this helps! ## Yes, thank you David! It was mistaken for the Seresta 10mgs as they were a similar size I imagine. Sadly I have now run out.. no sleep for the wicked! Thanks... ...
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Thu, Aug 01 '13, 3:06 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 249078
Xanax Vicodin Valium Help
Ok, I live in Las Vegas Nevada here is the question Why is so hard to get my Medication now a days? Since I came back from Michigan 2 years ago I've been living nothing but a hell life month by month getting my prescriptions refilled. I am a person who has always went the alternative medicine route until one day someone introduced me to a doctor who prescribed me Valium for adhd and sleeping. I've been on it almost 8 years and it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to get off. Also a drunk driver hit me and my knee's are shot and I need surgery on my back so the Doctor put me on Hydrocodone aka Vicodin. (The reason I put Xanax in the title is because I found out they are almost they same exact drug). Let me clear I don't want to be on these medications but now I HAVE TO BE thanks to... ...
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Tue, Sep 23 '14, 1:57 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 273588
Ambien Oblong Wite With He Word Safe Written On One Side
i recived a whit oblong pill with the word safe written on it is it ambien? ## There have been several reports from people who have received these as Ambien/Zolpidem from a foreign source, however, since they are not from the U.S. this site does not have any records of this imprint and can't confirm what they contain. If it is Zolpidem, it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, short-term memory loss and hallucinations. Do you know where they were manufactured? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Ambien.
Sat, Aug 20 '11, 10:06 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 221508
Axcion (Phentermine) pills
Where can I find the medication Axcion at? Is it available by prescription only? And how much is it? ## Hello, Caren! How are you? Yes, in the U.S. Phentermine is only available by prescription, due to the risks it can case of possibly dangerous side effects, such as elevated heart rate, blood pressure and anorexia. This is an information only website, no medications are sold here, so I don't have a price to quote you. Have you checked with your local pharmacy? ...
Updated 7 months ago in Phentermine.
Tue, Feb 25 '14, 7:38 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 256308
Been looking for ever for this pill ID. Help please
This pill is egg white and oblong with a 25 on the front and a score in center. On the back is what looks like a beaker inside a large U and a score mark in center. ## It's not Neurontin? Generic Gabapentin ## @dmath, From what you're describing it sounds like the large U may be similar to the Advance Pharmaceutical logo. However, I did find that their logo is actually a small p inside of a larger A (it just happens to look like a V also since there is no line connecting that part of the "A"). Perhaps if you were to contact the manufacturer directly, they'd be able to determine if it's one of their own... I also wanted to add Gabapentin as a fair candidate since different versions of this medication have pills that share the same white oblong description, have a ... ...
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Sat, Jun 27 '09, 3:16 AM   0 
Defcort 6 Mg-Side Effects
I had muscle pain and I was getting this pain frequently. Is this prescription right?Are there any side effects..? ## I actually found an article on the side effects of Defcort (Deflazacort), which may be helpful to answering your question about pain: From what I could gather, patients who use this medication excessively or for a prolonged period of time may develop a condition called Cushing's syndrome. Symptoms associated with this condition include severe fatigue, increased blood sugar, bruising, back or body aches, weakness, elevated blood pressure or upper body weight gain, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Patients who exhibit symptoms of Cushing's syndrome during deflazacort ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Blood Pressure.
Mon, Mar 26 '12, 12:45 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 228894
dicloxacilina 500 mg
staphylococcus infection ## From what I was able to gather Dicloxacillin (INN) is a narrow spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic of the penicillin class. It is used to treat infections caused by susceptible Gram-positive bacteria. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## can i use this medication for a tooth infection? ## I used a dirty instrument to clean out my ear, that evening I realized I had an infection. I believe it's an inner ear infection because my jaw hurts terribly when I chew (eat). What is the best antibiotic I can use for this problem? I have some Dicloxacilin 500 Mg, is it safe? Thanks ## can it b use for UTI ...
Updated 9 months ago in Dicloxacillin.
Tue, Jan 07 '14, 11:35 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 175571
hydrocodone apap 75500
I USE HYDROCODONE APAP7.5-500 FOR CHRONIC 4 LUMBAR DISCS DUE TO A CAR ACCIDENT ( NOT AT FAULT) i WAS A PASSENGER. NEEDLESS TO SAY i HAVE BEEN SUFFERINGFOR 24 YRS. RIGHT NOW i HAVE SOME NHOW LOST MY MEDS AND I CANT REFILL BECUSE I JUST PICKED THEM UP O 5/29 I DONT'T KNOW WHAT TO DO , IT'S THE WEEKEND AND i AM IN SEVERE PAIN. IT DOSN'T TAKE THA PAIN OFF ALL THE WAY BUT AAI CAN MANAGE TO WALK AND SLEEP SOME OF THE PAIN. ## Unfortunately, there isn't much to be done. Due to the strict FDA crack down on doctors over-prescribing narcotics and trying to prevent their abuse, doctors usually will not refill any narcotic medications until they are actually due for a refill. If your pain gets too bad, you can try going to the emergency room and explaining what happened and why you ... ...
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Thu, Mar 12 '09, 5:22 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 182344
need paregoric liquid for diarhhea cause severly by cemo---after three weeks in the hospital that was the only thing that works I live n Posen, Ill. 60469 ## is there any one making paregoric liquid any more---Posen, Ill---just outside of Chicago, IllY ## Paregoric contains a tincture of Opium, it is still available, but it now requires a doctor's prescription to purchase it. Have you consulted with your doctor on what you can use? With the Opium in it, it isn't advisable to use with some medications and medical conditions. More details: ## were can I purchase paregoric liquid if it is still available---I have a Doctors Script for it---anywere in Chicago land area if possible if not were?????? ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Sat, Apr 16 '11, 5:15 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 216176
percocet withdrawal?
I've been taking percocets for 16 months for cancer related pain, then for peripheral neuropathy pain in my arms and legs, hands and feet, caused from the chemotherapy treatments. At this time I'm usually taking no more than 4-6 a day (5/325). My trouble now is I'm concerned that the pain I'm experiencing (in my legs mostly) could be withdrawal symptoms. I don't know how to tell the difference. All I know is that I feel like I'm going crazy with leg pain and restless legs untill I take my first 2 pills then I'm good untill bedtime. Is this an unwarranted worry or could it be time I try to get off of them? ## Hello, Curly! How are you? It's actually hard to say, but withdrawal shouldn't occur that fast. Have you consulted your doctor? This is a narcoti... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Percocet.
Thu, Apr 24 '14, 3:10 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 261639
Pristiq Night Sweats
Hi all, I have been on Pristiq for 5+ years. Soon after I began, I started dealing with night sweats. Not just mild sweat - I'm talking my PJs and sheets are drenched. It is awful! The night sweats have come and go over the years but are currently very bad. I can't seem to get much information on the internet about this side effect being an issue for many people. Has anyone else experienced night sweats from taking Pristiq? ## Hi Erin, According to the manufacturer, sweating is actually one of the most common side effects people experience from taking Pristiq (Desvenlafaxine). However, happens to list "sweating" as both a 'general' and 'serious' side effect here: Have you already made your doctor ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Pristiq.
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Rephresh Pro B Is It Bad If Im Still Breastfeeding My 34 Month Old Child
My daughter doesn't wantt to stop breastfeeding but lately ive been getting sick and have been prescribed penicilin , prednisone, and sulfameth/tmp ds tabs im a bit worried what side effects she may get i want to know but no one can explain she uselly just takes it at night twice will it hurt her if i take my meds before 9 am ## The packaging warning label for Rephresh Pro-B states the following: "CONTAINS MILK. Do not use if pregnant or nursing unless directed to do so by your doctor. Keep out of reach of children." As far as the other medications go: Penicillin is excreted into human milk in small amounts. Risk to the nursing infant is "unlikely". The manufacturer recommends that caution be used when administering penicillin to nursing women. Prednisone and its act... ...
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Suboxone withdrawal after taper question.
I've been on suboxone 7 years. Started at 24 mgs and recently tapered down to .25 mgs. I planned on skipping one day, then two, then three and so on. HOWEVER....I am on day four and what do you know? Hardly any symptoms. And no terrible symptoms at all. I've been restless a little, pupils a little big. WTH is going on? I've read all these terrible stories about kicking sub, I've been terrified to even try...and here I sit just fine on day four?! Is the worst to come? Should I keep holding my breath? Please any advice is appreciated ## Hi, The first time I tapered off subs I was pleasantly surprised. I tapered slowly from 12mg to .5mg. The sub dr. I had at time was behind me on this. Started getting high about year later and started subs on my own and tapered kind of fast... ...
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what is a little yellow round pill w/ H on one side 123 on the other.
what is a little yellow round pill w/ H on one side 123 on the other? looks time released. I need to know what this is as I found this in a relatives backpack ## Hello, Treila! How are you? This tablet contains 1mg of Ropinirole, but not in a time released formulation, it is commonly used to treat RLS and Parkinson's Symptoms. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, orthostatic hypotension and hallucinations. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 4 months ago in Ropinirole.
Thu, May 29 '14, 7:44 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 265298
white pill bp 648 one side 5 on the other
WEAK ASS PAIN KILLER! should be over counter, its A generic Vicodin i only use for mild headache not good for real man back pain need least 80mg of Oxycodone for that to ease the pain a bit i only get 240 of 10mg oxys for my back but i use them up in 1 week then stay in bed the other 3 weeks doc cnt give out any stringer oh well DEA are losers with no life that need a real job and not f*** with chronic pain suffers. ## Amen Brother couldn't have stated it better ## Sorry bro but codone is VERY addictive and you are VERY addicted to them. Trust me man, I spent years blowing through all my pill in the first week or two. There's nothing worse than spending 2-3 weeks in agony and withdrawals. I don't know how in god's name you can go through that every month.... I'd be i... ...
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Tue, Sep 23 '14, 3:50 PM   6  Subscribe to thread 258226
Xanax or other....??
Its a white rectangular scored bar with a 2 on one side & blank on the other...any idea ?? ## Hi Domian, I'm finding it difficult to believe that what you have is real, as I can tell you that the legitimate xanax bars that are rectangular with a "2" on one side are also supposed to have the word "X|ANA|X" inscribed on the other as well (with a partial score line above and below the "N"). It's reported to be manufactured by Pfizer in the US, and also carries a National Drug Code of 00009-0094, if you want to look it up for verification. Is this something you got from off the street or overseas by chance? ...
Updated 23 days ago in Xanax.
Sat, Sep 27 '14, 12:10 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 274098

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