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Levothyroxine Dosage, M.E.- Adrenals
Hi there- I have suffered from M.E. for 11 years- which, I know, has very similar symptoms to hypothyroid- Anyway, I had to have blood tests done for a private clinic in 2010- My GP did these tests, but I was never called in to discuss the results... Luckily, my nutritionist picked up on the low level of serum ferritin(7) and started me on a gentle Iron preparation- But my TSH levels were 5.13 and T4 14- My M.E. seemed to be worsening, especially 'brainfog'- and I have been through the Menopause now- so I asked for more tests and my thyroid levels are now TSH 5.30 and T4 12- I have had no help from my Doctors in 11 years so it was no surprise when, instead of calling in(I'mhousebound) A GP who I have never seen, rang me- Said it was 'my call' if I wanted to start med... ...
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light yellow oblong Pill With A circle with Line Through It
large yeloow oblong or oval pill with a 0 with a line through iy loke the do not signs. ## Hi Tara, Unfortunately, based on the description provided, this pill isn't listed in the prescription drug databases, so I can't find any information on it. Did you possibly find this pill somewhere or obtain it from a friend? I don't think this pill was manufactured in the U.S., as it has no letter or number imprints along with the circle. In all the U.S. drug databases, you can only search by letters and/or numbers, and not by the type of symbol it has. U.S. law requires that all prescription drugs have unique letters or numbers (sometimes in addition to a logo of some kind) imprinted on the tablets or capsules so the medication can be identified by manufacturer, substance and dosage... ...
Updated 2 years ago.
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Source Cf Multi vitamin backorder
Cant find these chewable tables anywhere, pharmacy says was discontinued. Pharmacist ordered me akedamin tablets as alternate, and was $10 less per bottle. 60 ct bottle by macoven upc# 4418320060 ## According to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, cystic fibrosis (CF) Multivitamins are not listed as being discontinued. The only related pills I can find on there that have been discontinued are ADEKs Chewable Multivitamin Tablets. Ref: In any case if it's saving you money and working just as well, then I suppose you can only look at this as being a good thing. Have you tried asking around at any other pharmacies? ## tried a few, some say back order some say disc. website store says backorder for source cf ## My CF... ...
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is consuing T.SHELCAL(500 mg) cause any side effect??? ## I am diabetic taking insulin daily. I have been asked to take shellcal 500 mg daily for leg pain relief. As a diabetic patient, can I take Shellcal 500 mg. ## I would recommend that you go to a good homeopath and get the right medicine for leg pain. Homeopathic medicines have not side effects and are 100% effective. I'm not so sure about the toxic effect of Shell Cal. I think it can cause Parkinsons if taken for more that 1-2 years. ## Am a diabetic patient, my friend advise me to take Shelcal-500 vitamin ablet, is it there any side effect..or advise me any other betters vitamin tablets.?? ## If Shelcal 500 can cause swelling in body parts if taken in diabetes ## my dr.suggest me to take daily one shelcal-hd tab.conta... ...
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Feliz S PLUS
Hi, A few years I had to deal with the sudden demise of my son.My grief was huge and i went through weeks of sleeplessness.At that time our family physician prescribed FELIZ S PLUS which I have been having for the last two and a half years.For a Along time i mistook it for a sleeping pill and periodically keep tryingto get off the drug.Lately I discovered that it is largely an anti-depressant and also find a peculiar tremble in my hands...If I stop the drug I find myself prone to unexplainable bouts of anger ,tears and virtually no sleep and ...Please advise I want to try and get off the drug..please help. ## Feliz-S Plus contains the active ingredients Clonazepam and Escitalopram, it is used to treat anxiety and depression. Even if you don't abuse a medication and only take it as p... ...
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Florida Pharmaceys Not Filling C2 Presciptions
I live in north flight and have a sever pain problem and anxiety. My doctor is a family doctor and internal medicine for over 21 years. Since this last year my pharmacy of 7 years will not always fill my prescription the one I have the hardest time with is the 60 OXYCODONE HCL 30 MG. I have emailed the governor and told them about the problem. I recommended everyone to do the same. Because I can be public record and put pressure on the to make changes. But he responded by having his head man over all the pharmacys .he said it is up to the pharmacys if they won't to fill the prescription. But what he will not tell you they have put So much pressure on the they are scared to fill to many. The pharmacist is lying when they say we don't have them, are they are on backorder. It's... ...
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Gluconorm G1
I have been taking Gluconorm G1 (Metformin + Glimepride 1mg) for the last 5 Years. My Fasting Blood Glucose is under Control. I had purchased my Stock of Gluconorn G1 in India, but am presently Residing in Malaysia. My Sock of Medicine is getting over, and I want to know the Brand Name of this Medicine in Malaysia. Will I need a Prescription to Purchase it? Or, can I buy it openly from any Pharmacy in Melaka, Malaysia? Thanks, pl Help. ## want to know economic substitute of Gluconorm G1 ## Hello, @Toots- Based on my research, Gluconorm G1 contains Metformin + Glimepride as the active ingredients. This medication does require a prescription... I'm not sure if there is a different brand name for this medication in Malaysia, so I would just look for a medication that contains the same ... ...
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Height Increase Tablet in local medical plz suggest
hi sir my name is ganesh i m 20 years old but facing lot problems from small height(5.05),please suggest me which Tablet is the Best for me. ## There isn't anything that will help you to grow taller at this point, when your natural body growth cycle is done ## I am simply amazed by all the post I have scene in the last week about a pill for height, maybe at 20 you have a few inched left in you...I actually growed a in or so when I was about 20...if not they have these insoles that you can put in your shoes that will increase your height about in and half on top of whatever lift you get from your shoes, nobody will know...I have been using them for years...I'm about 5'91/2 but with them Im close to 5'11 to 6...Good Luck... ...
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I can't find any conclusive information on this pill.
I have a pill here that says "AV" on one side, and on the opposite there is only "V15." The 'AV' looks almost like one letter at first glance, but it is indeed an 'A' and a 'V' conjoined. They are light blue, and an oblong shape.. I have found a couple sources that say tylenol pm, and some others that say Vicodin 10 mg... I have no idea and would like to know what it Is I have found. ## I can't find anything with this marking, or something similar in the U.S. prescription drug databases. The Tylenol PM that you mentioned only has the V15 on it and the other side of the tablet is blank, there is no logo or any other marking. This also doesn't meet the description of any Vicodin tablets on the market. Was it found in the U.S. or elsewhere? W... ...
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Is Pan D Safe During Pregnancy
i am near to my due date, i have acidity problem, so kindly let me know if i can take pan d capsules and stibs powder during this time ## This tablet contains Pantoprazole and Domperidone, it used to treat or prevent conditions such as ulcers, gastritis, GERD and heartburn. Have you consulted your doctor? This medication hasn't been tested in pregnant women, so it is very important that you consult your doctor, regarding the safety of using it. ...
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oblong tan no imprint
mottled tan oblong pill with no imprints. 3/4 inch long, by 1/4 inch wide. Not in a clear capsule. It is solid ## I found a brown, mottled, large capsule with no markings. Does anyone know what it is? ## Does it have yellow dots/lines i have been told this pill is a muscle building pill idk i'll find out soon though ## Does anyone know what this tan cylinder pill is? It has no markings and easily pulls apart. The pill feels like plastic and not something you would digest. The inside of the pill is full of a tannish powder that pours right out of it ## does anybody no what a tanish oval pill with tiny black spots everywhere and no markings is? please help if you can. ## If there are no markings, it is always rather difficult to narrow down what something actually may be. We can rule ... ...
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Pain Management Doctors In Philadelphia Area
I am new to the Philly area... Actually live in Delaware County but less than 5 miles from SW Philly... I am trying to find a doctor who is liberal because I am only 23 years old... I had a doctor where I used to live but since I moved here I cannot get in touch with him... I met a lot of people out here with scripts and they say their doctors are very liberal... But they are hesitant to give their names up... I got the name of one doctor but I can't find anything out about him yet because its Saturday and his office is closed... Anybody who can point me in the right direction? I am willing to take care of you if you can do right by me... ## Hi JoeyMotz, I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as l... ...
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Pill Markings On Pharex
the first time I bought pharex it was a small white round pill. After i consumed them I bought another 20 pills. But this time the pill is white with pink discoloration on it. I brought it back to the drug store and they opened another tablet from their box and it too has a pink discoloration. The expiration on the the wrapper says 01 14. I would like to know the real appearance of the pill. ## I'm sorry, but I really can't provide you with any information from the details you've provided. From what I have found, Pharex is a manufacturer of medications from the Philippines, it is not the actual name of a medication. They make quite a few different generic medications. Can you provide any other details, such as what the actual name of the medication is or what it contains? Pe... ...
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problems with accutane
hi my name is Michael an i took ACCUTANE about 8 years ago n never realized that it could have possibly effected my life in any way. however, I've been extremely on edge and verbally and physically abusive throughout this time. i never could understand why i was so angry an i really still don't know why but after reading up on this medication it really seems too apply to me. I've also had bowel problems that Ive continued too make excuses for an still have never talked too anyone about it. I'm scared cause i love my family an friends but sometimes my aggression seems too take over me an it scares the living hell out of me! i love my family and i want answers. PLEASE GIVE ME ADVISE CAUSE I'm STARTING TO THINK IVE JUST BEEN A LUNATIC ALL THESE YEARS! ## I just ran acro... ...
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Spireva side effects
Since taking this med, I am experiencing (at least 4-5 times a week) sudden pressure to my head accompanied by light dizzyness, then temporary blindness where a bright white light diminishes my vision for several seconds. I asked my doctor about this but she said she never heard of that reaction. What scares me most is that happened when I was driving and luckily was able to pull the car to the side of the road safely until the symptoms subsided. Has anyone else experienced this with Spreva ## This isn't listed as a known side effect of Spiriva. Did your doctor run any tests or suggest any solutions? That could be the sing of a serious health problem, which may be unrelated to the medication and testing should be done. ...
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Tablet Dronis 30 Is This Medicine Losses Our Hair
Is This(tablet dronis 30 ) Medicine Losses Our Hair ? & for how much time ? i took the medicine for 3 months ( march , april, may 2012 for menses irregular ) pls give me solution .. i m waiting .. ( myself 25 year old , unmarried ) ## No, it's a hormonal contraceptive, but it really shouldn't cause hair loss. Learn more oral contraceptive details here. How severe is the hair loss? Are you taking any other medications? ## OxyContin is used in the treatment of chronic pain; pain and belongs to the drug class narcotic analgesics. ...
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Welchol powder made my throat close could not breath Made my throat really itchy and then could not breath What a scary dat that was Still not
Re action Welchol powder. Throat came itchy and closed. Could not breath, what a scary day that was. What a awaking. I don't know what made me breath again. ## Did you seek medical attention? Did you make sure to mix it according to the instructions? Learn more WelChol details here. If you took it properly, then that could have been an allergic reaction and your doctor should be informed. ## I mixed it with a lot of water and lemonade(16oz), because it was so sweet the 1st 3 times I tried. Should have known then something was wrong. My throat was so itchy and kept coughing most of the day. Thought it was from the VOG in Hawaii. I had trouble taking the pills also, wanted to vomit and started to lose feeling in my right foot. Just didn't connect. ...
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what is sronger tylex cd or norco are they the same
Im taking Norco and I wanted to know if Tylex cd is the same ## Hello, Carrie! How are you doing? No, they aren't the same. Tylex-CD contains the active ingredients Acetaminophen and Codeine. Learn more Acetaminophen details here. Learn more Codeine details here. And Norco contains the active ingredients Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. Learn more Norco details here. Both are narcotic analgesics, which have the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. However, Hydrocodone is much stronger than Codeine, to give you an idea of the difference, for each 5mgs of Hydrocodone you take, you'd have to take 33.33mgs of Codeine to be equivalent in pain relief. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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what should i take with tylenol 3 codiene to get the same effects as a lortab5 500
I have been taking lortab5/500 for several years due to chronic pain from severe injuries,that are permanent.due to fda,my doctor had to change medicine.i am now taking Tylenol 3 with many of the Tylenol can I take at one time or what can I take with it to measure up to the same as the lortab,that would give the same effects?thanks. ## Hello, Miranda! How are you? Actually, given the potency difference, these are almost equivalent and you shouldn't notice a big difference in efficacy. No, there is nothing you can add to make them stronger and you can't take multiples, due to the Acetaminophen, since taking too much of it in a day can be fatally toxic. If they really aren't handling your pain, you'll need to see your doctor for assistance. Is there anything el... ...
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abilify 10mg
depression ## Abilify (10 mg), also known as Aripiprazole is an atypical antipsychotic and antidepressant used in the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and clinical depression. To view a detailed description about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## I am always thinking deeper and deeper into unecessary things.These are not obsessive thoughts as per my knowledge. I keep being engrossed in finding solutions for everyday problems that we see around us. And please believe me, they are good solutions. My wife has clearly noticed this. But Problem is, I don't or can't stick to one thing. I am undeceive. And overcautious of many things. I have a lurking feeling of bein... ...
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