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Liver cancer
I should not be taking NEXIUM if I have a serious liver problem. I can looked it up on the internet! ## Have you discussed it with your doctor? Did they suggest you use Nexium? Nexium contains the active ingredient Esomeprazole, it is used to reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach to treat or prevent conditions such as heartburn and ulcers. And, while it can affect how certain other medications may be processed by the liver, it doesn't actually list that it shouldn't be taken by those with liver problems. It just says that their daily dosage needs to be carefully adjusted. Learn more: ...
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mag ox
does magnesium effect the affects of percocet 10mg? ## Magnesium Oxide is simply a magnesium supplement. It is often used to treat magnesium deficiency or is used to prevent magnesium deficiency is people who take drugs that deplete magnesium- the most common being diuretic medications or water pills. Some people with heart problems are given Slo Mag to make sure that their magnesium level stays in the normal range. Really the only Magnesium Side Effect that you have to be concerned about is loose stools. Magnesium should NOT affect the functioning of Percocet and could actually improve pain in some cases and also can help with the constipation that Percocet may induce. Just don't use magnesium without your doctor's permission if you have any kidney problems. ...
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Mallk Chem- what is this?
skinny white oblong pill with m 367 on one side and a score in the middle on the other side ## The pill in description is Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone bitartrate (325 mg - 10 mg). Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone is a combination of two types of pain medicine to treat moderate to severe pain. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## It's an abbreviation for Mallinckrodt Chemical, formally known as Mallinckrodt Inc., a pharmaceutical company founded in 1867 and which today is a division of Covidien, a large Massachusetts-based (registered in Ireland) pharmaceutical and medical products conglomerate (which itself was formerly part of Tyco Int'l and now is an in... ...
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methadone side affects
I am om methadone and I have gained 30 pounds since I started it why is it doing this to me. I eat healthy everyday. is there anything that can counter act the weight gain ## Methadone is a narcotic opiate, so in essence you need to think of it as a downer and that applies to every area of your body, including your metabolism. Thus, the same healthy foods and the same amount of calories that you used to eat may be too much for your body while you're on it. So, you may need to lower your daily calorie and fat intake, as well as increase your amount of exercise. Learn more Methadone details here. How much do you eat in a day? ...
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Oxycod/APAP Tab 5-325 MG
Can you take ibupropion while taking oxycod/APAP 5-325 MG? I had a lung removed last month, and I feel that maybe if I had an inflamatory med, I wouldn't be in so much pain all the time. They also or "someone" nicked my bowel, and now I am with colostomy. Any answers, please??? ## The medication you mentioned contains Oxycodone and Acetaminophen, and while the Acetaminophen isn't considered an NSAID, it's generally not a good idea to mix them, without consulting your doctor, first. Combining it with the Ibuprofen could lead to increased risk of stomach ulceration and bleeding. Have you contacted your doctor about what is safe for you to use? ...
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Pain Doctor in Los Angeles
My name is Jim and I recently moved (January) from Detroit here to Los Angeles. For the past 7 years I have been taking 30 mg oxycodone (not contin) for my debilitating headaches. I do have a doctors verification and my medical records to back me up Up to now I have been using the ERs for medical treatment. Because I have to go so often and I don't want to risk being labeled a drug addict, I find myself using different names sometimes to avoid this. I HATE that I have to do this. These headaches are keeping me from holding down a job. They are truly debilitating. Please know that I do not get a "high" from this medication. It only helps me function in this world. If you can offer any suggestions, I would be greatly appreciative. ## Hi Jim, I may not have a doctor I can refer... ...
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Pain Med Doctors In Boston Ma
Looking for a methadone Dr. in S.W. Virginia, After being a chronic pain pt. for 20 years and haveing tried just about every medication out there i was put on methadone about 5 years ago and it has been a life & marriage saver but i was just informed my PM Dr. will be taking me off as they are no longer comfortable writing for it which to me the reasoning was BS after all these years i'm not going to die from it. i'm on 120mg daily with 32mg of dilaudid for b.t. they already started me on delayed release dilaudid. but i really want to stay on the methadone. does any one know of a Dr. in the area that prescribes methadone? Thanks ## Which area are you actually looking for a doctor in? You mentioned 2 different ones and will get more responses if you're specific. As to the... ...
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periods pain problem
hi... i m 18yrs old. I get my periods regularlly. But i hv a problem of abdomne pain.I feel we loose hv headache and got pain from my back abdomen to leg. That portion is not helpful to move also.I hv normal bleeding for 3-4 days only and periods for 1 or 2 days late or before everytime.I take cyclopam mf for the pain.It stops my pain also but it is ok to take everytime cyclopam mf tab....??? it is good or not...???it is normal or any serious problem...??? Can it will be harmfull in my future or in my pregnency.....???? Plz answer me soon.....!!!! ## Hello, Payal! How are you doing? Have you consulted your doctor? It's very important that you do so, in order to discover what's causing your problems and what the proper solution may be, if any. There is no way that anyone online c... ...
Updated 6 months ago.
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qualist 5 325 a norco
Qualist manufacturer has a pill that states it to be a 5/325 the reads reads v 3604. To my knowledge I thought anything with the # 325 in it is usually a norco ## Hello, Reb! How are you? The V doesn't stand for what the tablet contains, that is just the manufacturers logo, so having a V on it does not make it Vicodin. The V stands for Vintage Pharmaceuticals, they were purchased by Qualitest several years ago and there are many pills with the V logo that don't contain narcotics of any type. Additionally, Norco is just a name brand for a certain combination of Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone….while it was originally ones that just contained 325mgs of Acetaminophen, with several doses of the Hydrocodone, since it is available as a generic now, they are pretty much all just us... ...
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Red lines from Prolea
I had the Prolea shot 2 months ago and aince then I have had red lined on my neck and red under my eyes and a few blotches on my face.No other places on my body. Can this be from the Prolea? The dermatologist doesn't think so, but nothing else changed except for the Prolea ## Hello, Sharon! How are you? If they aren't near the location it was administered, then they most likely aren't from it. What has your dermatologist suggested could be the cause? Have they offered any treatment options? What do you mean by lines, are they just streaks, or are they blood vessels that have become visible? ...
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red pill with dice and 5mg
can any one tell me what this pill is : it has a dice logo on it in the front and in the back it says 5mg its a small redish pill ## i also have this pill. i believe it is ambien but not sure ## Yes I take this pill as well... I got it out just to verify... It's ambien 5 mg. ## That is correct, this is a 5mg Zolpidem tablet, which is the generic for Ambien a medication that's used for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and next day grogginess. You can learn more Ambien details here. Are there any questions or comments? ...
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Taking Oxycodone For Pain Its Causing Nausea What Can I Take
yes,had knee replacement Doctor gave me Oxycodone for pain but it makes me nausea what can I take for the nausea safely.Is it safe to take Pheneragan as they gave it to me in the hospital, ## Propopazine ane methergan, as you mentioned come to mind. So does Famatodine. I'm no Doc but I've tried all 3 with satisfactory results. Best of luck . . . Q ## Famotidine is an antacid, so it will not help prevent the nausea that can be a side effect of a narcotic medication. Learn more Famotidine details here. That said, is Oxycodone the only medication you're on? If so, there can be some issues combining it with the Phenergan, but in the hospital you are being monitored regularly, so they can keep an eye out for any problems. However, mixing them creates the risk of developing severe... ...
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Tasting Ceftin before it is swalled?
I am taking a pill with A34 marked on it - Ceftin generic. It seems to disintegrate in my mouth and tastes horrible!!! I'm afraid that the binder is not working and that it will not release over a 12 hour period as it should. Can anybody confirm this or help me understand it? ## Just because you take a pill every 12 hours does not mean it is a time released tablet. Did the prescription or bottle specifically say it was time released and warn you not to crush or chew it? Because, if it didn't then it isn't and I am not away of a there being a time released formulation of Ceftin on the market. When pills are regular release formulations and they are not coated, then it is normal to have it start dissolving, as soon as saliva or liquid hits it. To avoid this, when you take it, ... ...
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TEC213 small oval blue pill with split on the other side
Light blue,oval tec213 on one side and nothing on the otherside but a split ## i found this pill on the floor in my house ## a dark blue [ill looks l;ike xanax haas a score on one side and some number and logo on other side ## The tablet with the TEC 213 marking contains 7.5mgs of Zopiclone, which is a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic agent that's used to treat insomnia. Side effects may include: dizziness, sedation, metallic taste and disruption of REM sleep. Learn more Zopiclone details here. And I'm sorry, Monique, but those numbers and the logo are needed in order for the tablet to be identified. Anyone wanting to discover what a pill contains needs to include such information in their posts. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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trying to find a doctor that will put me back on my pain medicine
i have really made back pain n just switch to a new doctor n ian trying to get the medicine for pain that i was on before until we get the pain under controll ## Hi, Dippy! What is your general location, such as the nearest big city? It's very difficult for anyone to make any recommendations without knowing that, since if someone lives in Tallahassee and knows of a doctor there, it's not going to help if you live in Texarkana. ...
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urimax d how to minimize side effects
I am 69 yrs. I have prostat enlargement. Urine flow was restricted. Doctors advised urimaxd 4mg. For the last 1 yr ,I have been using. The urine flow has improved. So far no recognizable side effects expect for stoppage of discharge during intercourse. What steps should I take to avoid any side effects. ## Hi OAR, Unfortunately when it comes to any type of prescription medication, there is always the risk of possible side effects. That's just the nature of putting a "foreign" substance into your body. Some things you can do to help lessen your risk of 'certain' side effects, may involve simple things like eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, keeping low stress levels, staying hydrated, and maintaining positive thoughts throughout the day. Not all side effects can... ...
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I have a friend who is very concern with the fact that he caught his ex-wife with someone recently,and is concerned if she caught something. He also found a perscription for Valtrex in her purse, snd is wondering if she's reacting to a problem from this one night stand. Any information on this, would be very much appreciated. He also said she said it iwas perscribed for COld Sores? Thank You! ## valtrex is prescribed for herpes. bottom line. if shes taking it, that means she had an outbreak of herpes. ## Erin, Thanks for the info! I will pass it on. Anything else useful please post it. ## Has your wife experienced cold sores in the past? If so then you should already be aware that she carries Herpes I. Instead of waiting through a week or more of excruciating pain, she may be using ... ...
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Warfarin and excessive skin redness
My husband has been on warfarin sin june 2012 without major issues. He had stroke and a dvt that passed into his lung. Both occurred at the same time. He has totally recovered. But, ever since the middle of March 2014 he has been experiencing skin reddening. Its like he has been in the sun all day. Sometimes its splotchy sometime its just red. It does go We are wondering if it has to do with the warfarin. His inrs have been fine and the hematologist doesn't seem to think there is a problem and the dermatologist says he just has sensitive skin. The question is why would it suddenly start? Has anyone else experienced this or have any info. We are at wits end. Thanks for your time. ## Is he on any other medications, such as cardiac medications or blood pressure drugs? Some of them may ... ...
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What Will Happen To Me If I Drink 3tablets And Im A Hypertensive Person so depressed when i took 3 tabets of sleepasil so i wnt to sleep and at the same time im not feeling well my heart is like beating so slow and its like someone is leaning on my chest a heavy one which i feel like i can not breath.. ## See a doctor ## I second the statement that you need to consult a doctor. And Sleepasil is actually not a sleeping pill, it is an over the counter supplement that claims to help with sleep, but this is not actually scientifically, or medically proven. In addition, taking more than the recommended amount isn't safe, just because it is an over the counter product, because some of them can be very potent. Have you consulted a doctor, yet? ...
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White Oblong Pill 05b/05b?
What is this pill pls? Found it in a wrapper, first few letters were Busca ## The pill is buscapina, sodium metamizol, used for severe menstrual cramps I always carry a couple for the "damsel in distress " in my first aid kit ## I've tried search for this several times and still cannot find anything. I also can't find anything listed under Busca, but I have to wonder if it is a foreign medication that may contain some form of Butylscopolamine. Is anyone else familiar with this product? ## Can i combine mitazole with nefidepin ...
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