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Fentanyl overdose
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My son used fentanyl patches for pain relief should i be concerned if old patches were not taken off when new patches were put on it wasnt noticed for 12 hrs afterwards ## Hello, Luke! How is your son? Has he shown any signs of possible overdose, which the U.S. FDA lists as possibly including vomiting, severe dizziness, severe drowsiness, somnolence, lowered heart rate and shallow breathing? This is a very potent opiate, so there could still be a risk, even though the prior patch was mostly used up. ...
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Thu, Apr 28 '16, 4:04 PM
Fentanyl Rx process
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My husband was just told by his doctors office that there is a new process for getting his patches. They are telling him that he can no longer pick up the triplicate form, but they have to send it to the pharmacy via ups. The pharmacy is a quarter mile away, this seems rather extreme. Anyone else have this issue? ...
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Wed, Feb 24 '16, 10:34 PM
Mfg Watson/ Fentanyl
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I take 50mcg/h patches I was amazed out how well they worked (Cancer) I have been on Fentanyl for 5 months the first patches hardly worked from a generic company Sadoz.It felt like I was just putting a piece of scotch tape on myself I told my Dr and he explained some story about the drug companies are removing the gel and made this new format (so i have to suffer because he said people were able to get the gel out of the patches?. I filled my last 2 prescriptions at walgreens and they had your brand I was out of pain within a half hour -Are you switching to these flat patches? and if so PLEASE help me find a company that will still carry them !!! ## this site does not manufacture, nor sell any medications, this is an information only website, therefore this site is not switching anythin... ...
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Wed, May 21 '14, 9:54 AM
fentanyl oxycodone
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My ex-husband has had 5 lower back surgeries and has permanent nerve damage. He also has rods and pins in his back that one screw pushed on his spinal cord and had to be removed-lots of scar tissue. He's having a neurologist for many years. My ex has been on fentanyl 100 patch putting a new patch every 48 hours and oxycotin 5 was 6 times a day now he has been cut to 4 a day. His doctor won't give him any higher dosage and in extreme debilitating pain. He was in pain management years ago, but the doctor changed his percocet he took then and put him on morphine. He took to many for the week he was on it. It wasn't working and let pain management doctor know it and was thrown out of pain management. He of course is addicted. His meds of course aren't working very well any m... ...
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Tue, Feb 17 '15, 4:47 PM
How long does a Mylan 12mcg fentanyl patch really last?
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I am new to fentanyl treatment but no stranger to narcotic treatment for severe sciatica in my left leg. I was prescribed the 12.5mcg and the pharmacy gave me the Mylan 12mcg. My first patch didn't do anything for over 6 hrs. so I put another one on. Took a hot shower, went to bed and woke up the next morning pain free for the first time in a VERY long time. Since I was only given 5 patches to last me 2 weeks, I was wondering how long they really last. I've heard that there's actually enough fentanyl in each patch to last 7 days. Is this really ture?? ## Hello, Dewy5150! How are you? You really shouldn't take a hot shower or be exposed to much heat, while wearing the patch, it tends to make it release faster, which could result in overdose. The FDA classifies this medica... ...
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Wed, Jan 13 '16, 9:10 PM
Fentanyl Substitute
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having trouble with rashes and not sticking fentanyl patch. is there something new out there similar ## Have you checked with your pharmacy? I suspect that you may have received the patches from a different manufacture than those you were used to using. There may be a different inactive ingredient in the glue, that's causing the rash and inability to stick. And no, this is really the strongest medication on the market. You can, however, ask the pharmacy about ordering other ones in for you. ## marelen, I just stumbled on this site, I usually post on another. But, I had the same thing, rashes and the patches not sticking after wearing them for awhile. The doctor prescribed me a nasal spray called Fluticasone or Fluconase that I spray on the site were I applied the patch. It worked fo... ...
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Thu, Apr 05 '12, 7:03 PM
Fentanyl-Not Working?
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Hello. I am on the Fentanyl 50mcg patch taken the standard way. Change every 72 hours. I have been on the patch for almost a week. I am on the patch for excruciating thigh and lower leg pain due to spinal problems.Tomorrow will be my third new patch. My questions are: I have yet to notice anything that seems like pain relief. Nothing. Should I have noticed any kind of relief by now, or does it take longer than I've allowed it so far. ## Hello, Greg! How are you? Yes, you should've noticed some pain relief within an hour or so of putting on the first one. However, it is possible that it just might not work for you. Have you contacted your doctor about it? This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizzines... ...
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Mon, Mar 24 '14, 2:08 PM
Fentanyl free !!!! Finally
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I want to thank everyone for there help and support.I have been off the patch for 1 month on Thursday .It was hard but I want to tell anyone that is trying to have patients and do it your own pace.Im not sleeping at night and sometimes still feel like i need to rock back and forth but its alot better ..thank you and i willkeep any of use in my prayers that is trying to get rid of this awful drug!!!! ## Congratulations! I've come off of narcotics, cold turkey, myself after being on pain management for several years, so I know it can be very rough. The good news is that after a month, the worst is usually over. You may occasionally still feel some mild symptoms, because your body is still readjusting, but it will continue to improve. Fentany is a very potent narcotic and desperately h... ...
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Wed, Dec 30 '09, 3:19 PM
morphine sulphate er and ir vrs hydrocodone with fentanyl patch
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for 3 years my dr. was prescribing me three 60mg morphine sulphate er and four 30mg ms ir daily. when it became impossible to get MS in Florida, he switched me to Fentanyl patch 12MCG/HR every 3 days and 7.5mg-200 hydrocordone , 1 every 8 hours. the pain was unbearable and I felt terrible. cold sweats, shakes, could'nt think straight. when I asked him to increase dosage, he increased the patch to 25 MCG, but said there was more MS in the 7.5-200 hydrocodone than the 30mg tabs of ms. do you agree? Also, how does the patch equate to the Three 60MG MS er I was taking daily? Prior to this Dr.,after I moved 200 miles away,, my orthopedic surgeon was prescribing me Oxycontin, or oxycodone. When I called him 3 years ago and told him The new pain management Dr. switched to MS, he said its l... ...
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need doctor to prescribe fentanyl patch for severe pain management
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I have steel rods in my back for scoliosis. They have caused severe nerve damage and I am in constant pain.Fentanyl patches and oxycodone helps me be able to fix myself a microwave meal.I don't have family to help.I need a doctor to prescribe fentanyl patch and oxycodone in the kentucky area.I can't ride far cause i hurt bad. Please help.Thank you. ## Hello, Daise! How are you? Due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, if you require such a medication on a long-term ongoing basis, you'll need to see a pain management specialist. Do you currently have a PCP that might be able to refer you to someone? If so, that will most likely be the quickest and easiest way to find the help you need. I also want to caution you about asking a doctor for specific medicatio... ...
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Beware of starting on Fentanyl.
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Five years ago I was prescribed the Fentanyl patch for a rare autoimmune disease that literally destroys your shoulder and hip and thigh muscles. The highest I've ever gone is 100mcg. For the first two years I was in heaven. No pain. But something else started happening. Yes, it numbed the pain but it also numbed every other emotion. No libido. No desire to be with friends or family. No desire to do anything but lay in bed and watch television. I would dose off in the middle of a conversation. I was also on very serious DMARDS which caused me to throw up, lose hair, etc. And like most of you, there were several times I lost a patch, or put one on too soon, etc. and ended up in withdrawals until I could get the new script from my PM doc. The worst withdrawals EVER. Three months ago I... ...
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Mon, Oct 13 '14, 5:00 PM
Withdrawals - help from Fentanyl
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I was on liquid Methadone for chronic pain for years and while on waiting list to switch to a new Pain center, I was weaning off methadone rapidly at 2mgs a day from 120 to 38mg. I was also on 20 to 40 mgs a day oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Now, last month, my new doc put me on 25mcg/h patch. Yesterday, he informed me that I am now ONLY getting pain management from him (understandable) and cut me off and did not prescribe any more oxycodone and I was to stop at 38mgs methadone. Bottom line, will a 50mcg/h patch I started today be enough for my pain and withdrawals? I am scared. ## Did you discuss your concerns with him? The Fentanyl is a very strong narcotic, over 80 times stronger than Morphine actually, but while it can handle pain very well, you may still experience some breakthr... ...
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Wed, Nov 25 '15, 10:07 PM
...about to take my first shower with Fentanyl patch - help friends! I'm afraid, suggestions anyone???
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I'm new on 100 Fentanyl patches for the second day - feel OK, I've been on opioids for pain management for few years, read a lot of scary posts on misuse and deaths... I am so worried at this point, that taking a shower scares me.. Can anyone suggest any "coverage" for the patch area, while in a shower??? I don't think I can just "take a shower as is", it will come off, I'm sure... I like the patch, it does work ( I intend to use it EXACTLY as prescribe), but I am, as mentioned before, simply paranoid, I will get the patch wet, damage, etc., Also, I read a "hot showers are a BIG NOs" - anyone tell me more about it??? Please friends, I need a shower badly, it's not fair to others and members of my family, the girl needs her hair done! :) Thank ... ...
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Fri, Apr 22 '16, 8:52 PM
Pain Medication Stronger Than Fentanyl
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At the hospital with heart and.chest pain. already on a fentanol patch and its not working. is there anything stronger than the fentanol patch? ## No, Fentanyl is really the strongest narcotic on the market, since it's over 80 times stronger than Morphine. However, there are medications they can give you that would work faster, but on that the relevant question is, what is causing the pain? ## I need a dr in Binghamton area for my medications fentanol and Percocet my dr went out with cancer and the other dr is not weighting he scripts for anyone any more new York Binghamton vestal plead help ## Ask at your hospital for the name of a Pain Specialist, or Rheumatologist. General Practitioners only know what the drug reps tell them. Attending a set of pain self-management sessions at yo... ...
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Thu, May 05 '16, 3:33 AM
Ritalin + Fentanyl 100 mc = problem???? Is it safe?
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I am wondering if the new pain management patch Fentanyl 100 mc I've started would interact with Ritalin 40 mg day I'm given for severe weakness due to my old and misdiagnosed CIDP - I was looking for a better pain relief option, (OxyContin 80OP 3 day would "poop out" after 3 years), so this patch appears to be working (fingers crossed), but after reading many horrid stories of OD upon misusing, I was afraid now of my Ritalin intake along with the patch - I couldn't find any warning posted against it. Anyone knows anything? Please? Thank you, friends! ## Hello, kSasha, how are you? The issue here is that the Fentanyl causes sedation, since it's a narcotic and the Ritalin increases alertness. It's not that they can't be taken together, but there may some o... ...
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Tue, Jan 14 '14, 6:34 PM
side effects of dilaudid and fentanyl 150 mg
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My brother has Stage IV lung/bone cancer and the new pain cocktail is 8 mg. dilaudid and 150 fetanyl patch plus IV dilaudid every 2 hours. He will probably be released from the hospital today or tomorrow so they have been easing off the injectable dosage and administering it oralls. The increased dosage of the oral dilaudid is causing him to vomit, which will lead to dehydration etc. What is the next best solution to solving this insidious problem of keeping his pain under control without these side effects? Thank you. ## Hello, Law! How is he doing? There is really no way to avoid the side effects, if they're going to happen, they're going to happen. Sometimes, taking the medication with food can help to minimize the nausea. The doctors may also be able to prescribe a medicatio... ...
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Tue, Feb 18 '14, 12:51 PM
narcotic patche's
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What doses do morphine patches come in and do morphine patches actually exsist. ## Hi. I know there is a strong opiod patch called Fentenyl. The available dose varies and I was told that this is the strongest form of opiod available. I was prescribed for a while and the patches last for 48-72 hrs before you need to change to a new one. Very easy to tale and I felt the least amount of paincompared to other types. I I've in V an ad a but I've read that Gentanyl with slight differences is in the USA as well. ## @Darby (original poster), I personally haven't heard of Morphine patches and do not think they exist. If they do make them, drug companies certainly aren't making any effort to market them. Post #1 had mentioned Fentanyl coming in the form of an opioid patch, and I b... ...
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Wed, Apr 15 '15, 1:08 PM
I want to know how to use fentanyl duragesic intravenously
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I have a high (extremely high) tolerance for opiates, I have about 25-30 mcg left of a Fentanyl patch. I am going to use some intravenously, I have all new, clean needles etc. I would like to know how to do it right. ## SWIM found out how to get the fentanyl off the patch, but decided not to go the I.V route. Thanks ## thank would have killed doesnt matter how high your tolerance is a long time addict(seems that way anyway)i was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition at 7 now im 34.i was on fentanyl 200mcg every 72hrs.i figured out a way to abuse it without chewing the nasty s***.on the box it says do not put in direct sun or let it get over a certain i put my heating pad on it on med heat to see what would happen.well let me tell you i felt ... ...
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Seeking Alternate for Mylan Brand of TD Fentanyl w/o Gel Pillow
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I cannot afford the Duragesic brand 75 µg/hr fentanyl patches that work great (my newer insurance only covers the generic brands), thus I use the generic Mylan brand. This presents three problems: 1) Even a Tagaderm patch over each Mylan patch won't prevent about 2 or 3 patches per month from uncoupling from my skin. 2) I kept a careful record of my pain level every four hours and whenever a new patch was applied day and night for 96 hrs. The data clearly show that no clinical amount of additional fentanyl leaves the Mylan patch after 36 hrs. This does not occur with the Durogesic patch. 3) I tried the Watson brand patch that has a gel-filled sac on it, and its performance was pathetic. The patches were very difficult to keep affixed and they provided significantly less pain re... ...
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Thu, Feb 27 '14, 11:47 AM
Fentanyl unbearable tingling sensation along forearm side effect?
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I am only 19 and have has a disc protrusion. I have been prescribed fentanyl patches 50mcg/hour but after using them twice (6days) I felt terrible with a lot of sweating and shaking and vomiting. I thing cut down to the 25mcg/hour and have felt better usually but have started to wake up during the night with an intense tingling sensation that feels like it's from inside my forearms and it is unbearable, it lasts up to 7 hours. Is this a side effect from the fentanyl? And how to do stop it? Do I stop wearing the patches? Because I can not handle to feeling down my arms. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you ## Hello, Sav! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about the problem you're having. Did you cut the 50mcg patches in half, or did you pick up new ones in the 25mcg dose? A... ...
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Sun, Jan 19 '14, 3:56 PM

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