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Best Meds For Ra Pain
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I have so much pain in my feet, , wrist and knee & legs. Im on Trama-dol hcl 50 mg and Morton. Also prednisone 10 mgs What other meds help with this problem ? ## Hi Binny, What type of pain are you dealing with exactly? Just general pain, or pain from arthritis? If you're able to give me more detail, I can definitely do some research and look at the other options you have. Until then, I would like to recommend acupuncture and essential oils. There are studies that can prove the accuracy of both those methods for pain. I've personally had acupuncture performed on a painful nerve in my foot and it helped tremendously. Essential oils are also beneficial in conjunction with massage therapy. I'll post a link to a page that provides information about certain oils used for pain... ...
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Thu, Feb 28 '13, 9:23 PM
Best Pain Medicine For Sciatca
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What is the best medicine for pain due to sciatica. Pain goes down my leg & I get tingling in my toes. ## Have you consulted a doctor? It really depends on what is causing the sciatic pain, such as nerve compression, spinal injury, or other issues. Only a doctor is going to be able to help you get to the root of the problem and explore what medication or treatment options might work for you. ## I take 6 30 mgand 3 80 mg of ops but it is not working as well,what can I do ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Sun, Nov 11 '12, 7:49 PM
what is best pain reliever for pinch nerve on s1
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I'm wondering what is best med for s1 protruding disc and a pinched nerve until I can get into pain management for the steroid IV's ## HI, Amy! Sorry that you're in pain. However, there's really no way to say what the best pain medication would be, because what works for someone else may not work for you. What has your doctor advised? Much of it is also going to depend on your overall health and your tolerance to any given class of medication. Have you ever taken opiates, before? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Pain Relief.
Wed, Sep 18 '13, 3:38 PM
Lyrica for S1 Chronic Nerve Pain
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For years now I have been taking 4 tramacet and 2 lyrica every day. The side effects are weight gain, a bit of finger and arm numbness and sleep disturbance. On the good side the tramacet is all that really works on nerve pain (S1 root damage chronic) and the lyrica takes the second edge off the pain. If you are careful it should be ok. Always best to eat something with these two medicines. You have to slowly taper off either of them. No sudden stops because a sudden stop can cause seizures. ## I took Lyrica for 2 hrs for periphiel neuropathy pain and then it turned on me making me unable to see, bad uneasy feeling and kidney cancer and failure. I am scared to death to take even 1 -50 mg! And the withdrawal! Felt like I was burning alive! Ought to be against the law! the only drug that ... ...
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Wed, Mar 27 '13, 3:51 PM
does anyone have nerve damage in the right chest and taking lyrica for the pain
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im been taking lyrica for a least 2 weeks now and i was just wondering if anyone out there has chest nerve damage, i think i do because my right side of my chest has a burning feeling, along with tingling of my arm but with taking lyrica it seems to help i take it 3 times a day at 50 mg and i was also wondering is this the best med to take for nerve damage, i do worry alot because im only 29 n have 2 small kids i do not know how to cope to this and i have never had problems before. could someone respond back ## I am 48, at 45 I was diagnosed with M.S., I took lyrica, I now have nerve damage in my left leg, super sens. in both arms, vision problems, etc.... all the side effects, I will never take that again, its just me though, hope it helps . ## Kim, as a doctor confirmed that it's ... ...
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Fri, Aug 22 '14, 9:24 PM
Doctors That Use Pain medcine Missouri
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2 failed surgeris T12 L1/L1 L2 /L3/ L3 L4 /L4 L5/L5S1/ Iin low back its HAVE PAIN around lower back i get totally numbness in my left leg. then my fingers pink and the other one they go numb i get in my hand left arm , i also have pains in my hips shooting pain in my leg left. pinch nerve in my neck i had did injections from 2000-2009 an i dont have a doctor plz help ## I am very sorry that you are suffering. Have you looked into setting up an appointment with a pain management specialist? That's usually the best option for someone like you with such severe health issues. Learn more pain management details here. The best advice I can give is do not ask them ahead of time to prescribe pain medications, because most doctors will see that as being drug seeking behavior. Get yourself in... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Pain Relief.
Mon, Nov 26 '12, 8:44 PM
buttock pain
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I am having pain in my tailbone and left buttock while sitting. The X-ray plates show ' lumbar lordosis lost'. I have been to an orthopaedic surgeon who advised me to take hot sitting and Hifenac - MR. along with antacid. please advise. Gautam Sil ## Hello, Guatam! How are you doing? What problem do you have with the medications that you were advised to take? A doctor is the person best qualified to evaluate your medical condition and to let you know what your treatment options are, if any, and to prescribe the proper medications. The lumbar lordosis is the arch of your lower spine, where it curves inwards, just above your buttocks. Losing that would probably cause the type of pain that you're experiencing, because it's pressing on the nerves in your spinal column in an ... ...
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Wed, Sep 25 '13, 3:58 PM
Doctor who prescribes pain meds Minnesota
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Hi, I had a work injury back in 2012 and now have three herniated discs and nerve problems. I have been to pain management who have done injections and radiofrequency ablations but with little success. I can't take Ibuprofen due to a bypass and reflux issues and tylenol doesn't help. I was being given Vicodin but now no doctor will prescribe it due to all the new laws and problems with abuse and addiction. I have been faithful to my primary and pain management doctor and even have my insurance on board to make sure I am a faithful patient and not an abuser. So I am in desperate need to find a doctor who doesn't tell me to go home, put ice, heat and rest or take tylenol. I have tried all the options besdes surgery which I was told wasn't the best option due to my age. Ple... ...
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Thu, Mar 26 '15, 10:52 AM
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which painkiller would be best to try for more relief ; need a step up from Hydrocodone 750/7.5 . Don't want to take more of the Hydrocodone than is recommended and it just is not doing very well for me now . I have a killer stenosis in my back and the siatica nerve is really making even walking much more painful these past few weeks . Thoght maybe I could get some thoughts on this site . Thanks , JoJo ## Have you talked to your doctor about it? One choice may be Oxycodone, it is a very potent narcotic, but you'd probably be able to start off with a relatively low dose, if you've never taken it before, which leaves you somewhere to go, if you build up tolerance to it. There is a Vicodin/Norco product that has 10mgs of the Hydrocodone in it, but if you've been taking that... ...
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Mon, Mar 26 '12, 10:58 AM
I Need Help Finding A Dr That Prescribe Pain Meds
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I have 3 ruptured discs with nerve damage on both sides of my back. Iam in pain 24/7. I've been to 3 neurosurgions and 2 Orthopedic surgeons. I've been to 3 physical therapist and 3 pain specialist who say I need surgery but no one will touch me they say its to risky and they send me back to pain management but they only send me to physical therapy. My family dr wont write for pain meds neither will all the other docs I've seen. I need help. Iam always in pain and it makes me depressed. ## Hi Sharon, I'm really sorry to hear about what you're going through. I think when it comes down to a serious spine operation, one has to seek out the best, even if it means being open to traveling to get the right kind of care. What city do you live in? The link below may be of ser... ...
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Thu, Jan 31 '13, 7:40 PM
what kind of pain medicine do they make from marijuana
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I have periphial neuropathy my feet hurt all the time nonstop. A friend talked me into trying a few(4) puffs of marijuana and it stopped the pain completely. I live in alabama so it is ilegal. Is there a medication made from it that is legal here? ## Hi Gene, You might be thinking of Cannabidiol (more commonly know as CBD). This aspect of the marijuana plant is legal across all 50 states and has been proven to be useful for pain management without the "high" that comes with THC (another component of the plant/buds). Your best bet would probably be to search online for it, as I noticed several places that have it available. A close family member of mine is actually taking a 50/50 THC/CBD concentrated spray that helps with her nerve pain. I realize you can't get the THC legall... ...
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Wed, Jul 30 '14, 3:49 PM
prescription pain medicine that starts with the letter N
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I am going through therapy for my back and need spine surgery. I have been taking percocet for the past year now and my Dr wants to change my medication. He suggested something that starts with the letter N but didnt spell it right for me. Does anyone know of pain medication that starts with that letter. Not Naproxen, it's not an anti inflammitory ## pain medication ## its suppose to be for nerves ## probaly Neurontin which is used to ease nerve pain. ## Maybe norco or narco ## Those would be my best guesses, as well, since they are both used to treat pain, just in different ways. Neurontin is an anticonvulsant that's also been shown to help with nerve pain, it contains the active ingredient Gabapentin. And Norco contains the active ingredients Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone, so ... ...
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Sat, Oct 25 '14, 8:37 PM
Back Pain Due To Epidurals
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I had my first child at 17 my second child at 18. i am in alot of pain due to having 3 epidurals that really messed my back up. Because of my age no docter i hve been to wants to give me anytjing over a 10mg vicoden which doesnt really work due to my nerve damage an buldging disks. i refuse to self medicate bc of my lack of knowledge wen it comes to prescription pain killers. At 20years old wit a 3 and 1 year old its hard to be the mother my children need me to be. i need a doctor that will help me an listen to me. any suggestions? ## Have you tried a pain management specialist? That will most likely be your best bet to get the help you need and be taken seriously. They are specially trained to recognize the conditions that can cause someone pain and help them figure out their best trea... ...
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Mon, Mar 11 '13, 3:27 PM
what is the best treatment for sciatica
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I have pain down my left buttock and extends down my left thigh ## Hello Lee! How are you? I am very sorry that you're in pain! It really depends on what's causing it. In some cases it can be relieved with proper physical therapy that removes the pressure from the affect nerve(s). Other cases may require surgery or potent medications, if they are chronic. Have you had any checking done to discover why you're having such a problem? ## The Primary Doctor prescribed Hydrocodine 5Mg-325 acetaminophen tbs. for the pain and am ....getting some pain relief from Sciatica ## The Primary Doctor prescribed Hydrocodine 5Mg-325 acetaminophen tbs. for the pain and am ....getting some pain relief from also using a heating pad and the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulatio... ...
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Mon, Jul 21 '14, 12:33 PM
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I NEED TO KNOW WHY THE DRS WON'T LET ME TAKE THE NEURONTON WITH DAVOCTE OR ANY THING ELSE, ITS JUST NOT ENOUGH ## i was on neurontin for a while, and it did no good...they won't let you take other meds so they can monitor how well it helps you..if it is for severe nerve pain, ask your md about a drug called lyrica made by pfizer ## Ijust come from my drs. office and he give me neurontin to take three times a day and ,I'm also taking lortab ever four hours for sevre back pai should i take them both at the same time. ## Did they take Neurontin of the market/IF so when?And why? ## hi, I take loratab and MS Contin and my doctor just put me on neurontin. So I don't know why you can't take Darvocet with it. Might be a doctor that just don't like pain pills. Its best to... ...
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Tue, Jan 20 '15, 6:33 PM
Gabapentin and weight gain
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I take 600 mg. of gabapentin (3) times a day for nerve pain. For me it has been a miracle drug. I do have difficulty if not almost impossible losing weight and have even gained some. It has been worth the trade off to be able to feel better. Does anyone know how to counteract this? ## Hi Agnes, Sorry to hear about your challenges with Gabapentin. According to the National Library of Medicine, rapid weight gain happens to be a general side effect of this medication. I'm not a doctor, but coming from someone with an athletic background, the best advice I can offer for counteracting it would probably be to follow a strict diet and exercise program. Something that you can commit to as long as you're taking the medication. I would also recommend drinking plenty of water (making that ... ...
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Mon, Mar 17 '14, 2:21 PM
How to treat degenrative lateral canal forminal stonisis at L2L3L4L5S1 causing traversing nerve impigment
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Plz help my mother.i cant bear her pain.plz guyz.if u realy luv ur mother u people vil surely help me.plz plz plz plz ## I'm sorry that your mother is suffering. However, the relevant question is what are her doctors doing to treat it? You're really not going to find anyone online that is qualified to suggest treatments, her doctor is really the best person for doing that. Does she take any medications for it currently? ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Sat, Mar 10 '12, 11:15 AM
meds that can be taken with the fentynal patch
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I am currently on 75mg Fentanyl patch, along with Tramadol,Nuerotin & Methotrexate.(those are just the meds for pain) I have bulging disc pressing on my spinal cord & pinching a nerve. I also suffer from severe arthritis that can eventually become crippling. April 2014 I had a full hysterectomy that required a bladder sling,pelvic mesh,I have been experiencing pain & complications from that surgery. Then in July 2014, I broke my tail bone.Since all these things I have alot of break thru pain. What medication can be prescribed with the fentanyl patch that is safe & can best help manage the pain. I have 14 & 9yr old boys,I would love to be able to thru all their practices & games. The last 2yrs I've had to missed alot of them. Please if anyone has any suggestio... ...
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Wed, Feb 18 '15, 4:45 PM
I Found Neurontin and Buspirone in son's room, what do they do to him?
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i found neurontin 300mg and buspirone 10mg, why is he taking these? they were prescribed to someone, but the label with name has been torn off. My sons not prescribed these at all. Wondering what they are doing to him? ## Hi neurontin i am told people take with opiates to intensify their high. Buporine is suboxone which is to help with withdrawal and suppose to help cravings for opiates. Not a good combination of medicine to mix im not a Dr but have family that are addicts . Best of luck ## Hello, Carol Ann! How are you? I'm happy to clear this up for you and provide information on these medications. Neurontin contains the active ingredient Gabapentin, which is an anticonvulsant that's also used to treat certain types of nerve pain and mood disorders, but it is not a narcotic an... ...
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Tue, Mar 18 '14, 10:54 AM
zepose 10mg are they the real deal white diazepam in strip with red writing onstrip and lines a cross om pill
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Are they real valium? the white Zepose tablet 10mg, ive not long had an operation where i had to have two debridrements, they are giving me nothing for the pain or nerve damage, do gabapentin help with nerve damage? whats best for pain relief? x ## Yes gabapentin do help with nerve damage I av neuralgia in my legs severe nerve damage I was takin them myself bit av recently changed to pre-gabelin and av found they are much better see ir gp there should be no reason that he/she should prescribe u them. ## Dont take gabapentin if you can help it because my brother took 1 extra (he'd had half of the right calf removed) and it shut his central nervous system down and he went to sleep and died.they are very dangerous medicine's ## Zepose -10. One line on one side and a cross on the ot... ...
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Wed, Jan 28 '15, 2:42 PM

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