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Memo Gold Plus Drug Interaction
can you give me possible drug interaction between memory enhancer herbal med.-memo gold plus and HPN drug tenormin,is it safe to use these two? ## Memo Plus Gold is very safe to use. It is an herbal supplement that can be safely taken in addition to medicines, vitamins or supplement. There are no known side effects or contra indication even with drugs for hypertension. ## First,is the memo plus gold safe and good for a 7yr old boy with autism?next,is it also safe because I have skin problem and i sometimes take anti-allergy?lastly,I work in night shift,what time should I take the capsule?? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Enhancer.
Sun, Sep 25 '11, 11:15 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 213107
cheeper drugs to replace kadian
looking for something cheeper than kadian but still works asgood any ideals what it might be ## Kadian contains the active ingredient Morphine, there is another option available, a generic for MS Contin, it is a 12 hour time release, so you would probably need a dosage adjustment to control your pain as well. Have you tried asking your doctor what your other alternatives are? Oxycontin, a time released Oxycodone, which can also be obtained in generic may also be another option. However, like I said, you'll need to speak to your doctor to decide what is best for you to try. ## Hi, Ask your doctor about ORAMORPH it is the generic for ms cotin. Verwon mentioned it. good luck ## thanks fo the info i did ask and your both a great help thats what he put me on again thanks ...
Updated 4 years ago in Kadian.
Tue, Nov 03 '09, 5:38 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 197998
Medication That Is Ten Years Old
I found a prescription of hydrocodone from 2000 and my mother was wondering if you could still take them? I dont know if they are toxic or not so i am trying to find out before she takes them. ## Neither the Hydrocodone, nor Acetaminophen become toxic, after the expiration, but they do lose effectiveness. After 10 years, the chance of them actually having any beneficial effect isn't very high. You would be better served to just properly dispose of them. Are there any other questions? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Hydrocodone.
Thu, Jun 09 '11, 11:35 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 218488
sulfamethoxazole/tmp ds tablnt
shape oval color white imprint ip 272 ## I recently took this one of these pills yesterday morning. By noon I started to have a headache and by the afternoon I had a migraine type of headache along with blood shot red eyes and light pink color to my skin. The next morning the symptoms are still here along with some aching pains in my muscles. My eyes are still red and they are slightly puffy. This afternoon my headache is not as bad but my muscles still ache and my eyes are still irritated. Is there anything I can do to help this through my system? I only took one pill yesterday morning. ## Not really, nothing to do but wait it out, if you only took one, then it won't take long to be metabolized. ...
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Thu, Mar 20 '08, 12:47 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 175838
Trying to find a particular drug
I live in New York City (Manhattan) and cannot seem to find any drugstore that sells Butesin Picrate. It is great for minor burns, but it seems to have disappeared from my local stores. Can anyone help? ## I have sent an email to Abbott Australasia Pty Ltd. Their name is on the bottom of the tube that I have almost finished. I hope to get a reply soon. Perhaps if you email them also we might get some results. ## I think Butesin Picrate is TOO good. A tube lasts a long time. I was told that was why they stopped manufacturing it. Surely enough decades have elapsed for other labs to begin producing it. I am squeezing some last bits onto a sunburn I got recently. I was first told about BP by a nurse back in the 50's! She said they used it in hospitals with great success on burn patients... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Butesin Picrate.
Mon, Sep 16 '13, 8:42 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 198355
im 4 blue pills behind, what do i do?
Ive been working a lot and going to school so between my hectic schedule i some how completely forgot and fell behind a few days. It is now Friday and i still have Tuesdays blue pill to take. How many pills are okay to take in one day? ## At this point, it is best to just start a new pack, as you are no longer protected against pregnancy after missing that many in a row. You'll need to take tablets continuously for 7 days, before you are protected again. The max you can take in one day is 2, but that still won't put you back to being protected from pregnancy. You'll still need to take them for 7 days in a row to do that. Thus, it really is better on your health to just start over. In the future, I'd suggest finding some way to remind yourself to take them. For instance, ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Fri, May 31 '13, 12:28 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 247488
flu medication that can be taken
wondering what flu medication i can take while on Crestor and Coversyl and Pariat ## what flu medication can i take on Crestor ## I started using coversyl 4mg once a day. i am also on alzam and cipralex. i have got a headache but to scared to take anything for it. will panado's be ok? also somebody advised me to take ecotrin to thin my blood and slow mag to breathe better while on bp please ## You really shouldn't take anything without consulting with your doctor or pharmacist. You overall health as well as the medications you are on need to be taken into consideration to decide what may be safe for you to use. Have you consulted with your doctor about this? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Crestor.
Mon, Apr 20 '09, 7:04 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 179318
risperdal users please respond
Please let me know what you take it for how long it took to work please help ## Hello, Theresa! How are you? Risperdal is a very potent antipsychotic, so while it can take about 4 weeks to reach its full level of efficacy in the body, it will start to have some effect almost immediately, primarily due to its sedative like properties. Its most common side effects are related to that and may include dizziness, drowsiness, somnolence and weight changes. Learn more Risperdal details here. Does anyone have any experiences to add? ## Please give me information on risperdal how long before I would notice a difference I need feedback please ...
Updated 11 months ago in Risperdal.
Sun, Oct 27 '13, 11:09 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 254142
Started taking lo estrin fe last month, a day after I finished my last period. The doctor said I should start right away with the first blue pill in the pack, and to put the little stickers on the top, because It was a Friday. On the last blue pill of the third row, I got my period. I have had it for about 6 days which is longer than normal for me, since this is my first month on birth control. Everything I've read has told me to either start with the white pills the first day you have your period, or start the blue pills the Sunday of your period. Even though I didn't start on either of those, will the birth control still be effective? ## Hello, Nicole! How are you? You are confusing the instructions for someone that would be starting them new, who hasn't taken them before,... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Birth Control / Contraceptive.
Mon, Feb 24 '14, 1:42 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 260540
what is the effect masturbation
I loose sperm every day due to masturbation, what is my chances of fathering a child? ## Hello, Harry! How are you? Masturbation will not have any effect on whether or not you can father a child. You don't have a limited supply of sperm, so you can't run out and new ones are constantly being made by your body, so it won't weaken them, either. Masturbation is actually completely harmless. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 8 months ago.
Wed, Jan 29 '14, 6:34 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 258100
Drugs To Take Instead Of Warfrin
what other types of drugs is there to take instead of warfrin. Mom was off warfrin for 5 days and the swelling and the purple toe syndrome went away, back on warfrin and her feet swell and are purple and she cannot walk. We do not want to have needles ## Has she consulted her doctor? Any change to medications, in this case, must be done very carefully, because it may cause a rebound effect, which could result in dangerous blood clotting. Thus, her doctor needs to be involved. If they are available, she may be able to use a combination of Clopidogrel and Aspirin to achieve the same results, so you may want to consult her doctor about them. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Clopidogrel.
Thu, Oct 20 '11, 11:40 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 220199
F +V light Green optical oval Pill
My three year old swallowed this f+v light green optical oval pill...what is it? ## Did you call poison control? How is your child? I have to tell you that I am not familiar with a tablet that meets this description and I can't find a listing for it i the databases that I've checked. And in such cases, where your child may be in danger, you should always call poison control or proceed to your nearest emergency treatment facility immediately. There are people on this site regularly that are always happy to help, but if a situation is potentially life threatening, there is really nothing we can do, so waiting for a reply, or doing so on any such website is not advisable. ## Thank you for your reply. My cousin came back from work and ended up telling me that it was 1 of her multi v... ...
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Mon, Jan 28 '13, 12:50 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 241927
Consulta Dosis Oxy E para cancer
Necesito que por favor me indiquen la dosis adecuado de Oxy E. Padezco de cancer de mama izquierda en IV grado, con metástasis en el gánglio de la axila derecha. Fui tratada en el 2009 con quimioterapia, operacion y radiacion, pero 2 anos despues volvio en el mismo lugar, y el tratamiento actual no ha dado los resultados esperados, por lo que necesito comenzar con el uso de Oxy E, como tratamiento natural de oxigenación, pero necesito saber cual debe ser la dosis necesaria para este caso. Gracias por la ayuda que puedan darme. ...
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Fri, Feb 17 '12, 11:32 AM   0 
My Dr. prescribed tri sprintec and told me to start taking the placebo on the first day of my period this month. Do I continue taking all 7 placebos and then start a new pack. ## Based on my research, the dosing guidelines for Sprintec note the following: "When you start the birth control pill for the first time, you can do so either on the first day of your period or on the first Sunday after your period starts (even if you are still having your period). It is thought that starting on Sunday may decrease the chance that you will have your periods on the weekends, although this does not work for all women. If you start Sprintec on the first day of your period (a "day 1 start"), you do not need any backup contraception. If you choose a Sunday start, you need to use a backup m... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Sprintec.
Tue, Apr 30 '13, 10:14 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 246291
Oxycontin 40mgs Ontario Canada
@BBB,,why do some posts require being held & others dont? Anyways yes they are new Generic Oxycontins not neo's. If you go to Apotex Canada & look at document posted 22 hrs ago you will see all the new drugs now out by Apotex..all of the old ones are being produced. They still aren't covered as yet but cant see that sticking either... ## I already knew that. I thought you were saying that you had gotten CDN's lol but the site will sometimes need reviewing by a moderator to make sure that you're not posting something stupid. ## That is correct, there are a few things that may flag a post, so it doesn't get immediately posted. No one is saying that you intentionally posted anything untoward, but the site is family friendly, so sometimes even a typo can cause a ... ...
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irregular period and pregnancy
I have irregular periods and last time I had intercourse was three months earlier and till now no periods. My results came back negative two I pregnant? please suggest me what should I do ## Hello, Shalini! How are you? If you received a negative result twice, then it isn't very likely you are pregnant. But what kind of test was it, a blood test or a home urine kit? Have you ever skipped before? Do you suffer from PMS? How irregular are they? Have you consulted your doctor, yet? ...
Updated 9 months ago.
Tue, Dec 31 '13, 12:21 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 254848
im bleeding when i poop. gentilax
Hi I'm 19 nd last night I felt constipated so I took the pill, I woke up at 4 midnight to go poop nd while I took the poop my stomach hurt, so on the morning at 9 I went again nd this time there was a lot of blood nd I had diarrhea, nd Im still bleeding from there. ## Hi, Omar! Is it bright red blood, or is dark brown/black? If it's bright red, there's a good chance that it's due to hemorrhoids, or just irritation of the anal mucosa from being constipated and taking the laxative. But dark brown/black could be due to internal bleeding. Either way, you really need to see your doctor to have yourself checked out, there could be a dangerous health condition involved here. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Laxative.
Wed, Jul 31 '13, 10:36 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 249969
dr roshanlal aggarwal sons p ltd
I am suffering Generalised Anxiety disorder decease, I am taking nexito 10 mg in night.please suggest me best homeopathic medicine for curing this deceases. ...
Updated 10 months ago in Anxiety.
Fri, Nov 15 '13, 9:57 AM   0 
Dr Who is not afraid to prescribe
I am in desperate need of a pain Dr. who is willing to write for percocet, oxy etc.....have RSD and many herniated discs...on one cares...I will hook you up if you can help....thanks ## Hi Laura, Where is it that you are looking for a doctor? I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as locating pain management doctors within your general area. These types of doctors seem to be more specialized in handling patients who need long term pain management. To search in your area, all you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists} You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another... ...
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How Can I Detox On Vicodin At Home
I have been addicted to hydrcodone for a year or more. how can i detox at home, even with a doctors assistance ## Hi Mark, Usually for drugs like this the safest way to stop taking them is to tapper off them, if possible. Some medications can be taken in fractions (actually cut into pieces) and these smaller pieces can be taken in place of the regular dose for a period of several weeks until the body is no longer dependent upon them. In my opinion, another key component to weaning off is to have your doctor make you a tapering schedule on a calendar in order track your progress and keep you on the right path to complete your goal within a specific time frame. Without a way to track your progress, tapering can sometimes be much more difficult than it needs to be. I hope this helps in any... ...
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