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Codeine ## it has 2410v printed on the pill ## Hello. I researched this one and came up with carisoprodol. If the pill in question is a white tablet with the 2410 imprint and the V located directly underneath this might help you out. If not, then I apologize in advance. Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer that works by blocking pain sensations between the nerves and the brain. Carisoprodol is used together with rest and physical therapy to treat injuries and other painful musculoskeletal conditions. Have a nice day! ## The strenght on that would be 350mgs just to let you know. ## *strength* even ## I FOUND A PILL IN A KIDS POCKET AT WORK. WE HAD A HARD TIME FIGURING WHAT IT IS. IT IS LARGE, ROUND, WHITE, AND SCORED.ON THE TOP SIDE OF THE SCORING IS CO AND BOTTOM PART IS COD. I FOUND ONE PO... ...
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Dan 5658
little round white ## I wnat to know what this pill is intended for its use. Side effects and milagram. ## round white pill with DAN on one side and 5658, need to know, I don't take just anything, I have to know what it is ## found pill need to know what it is ## its flexiral. 10 mg a muscle relaxer and a sleep aid. you can take it before you go to bed and it will help you sleep. dont take it before you have to do something cuz it will make you extremely tired. if you take it before bed you will sleep in longer than normal. ## Just wanted to add, this is 10mgs Cyclobenzaprine, the generic version of Flexeril. It is a muscle relaxant as David stated. Some of the most common side effects include: drowsiness, depression and headaches. ...
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White Round Pill 2410 with a V under it ## GENERIC NAME: CARISOPRODOL - ORAL (kar-iss-oh-PRO-dole) BRAND NAME(S): Soma Medication Uses | How To Use | Side Effects | Precautions | Drug Interactions | Overdose | Notes | Missed Dose | Storage USES: This medication relaxes muscles and relieves pain and discomfort associated with strains, sprains, spasms or other muscle injuries. Muscle relaxers are for specific muscle injury and pain and should not be used for general body aches and pains. HOW TO USE: This medication may be taken with food or immediately after meals to prevent stomach upset. Take this as directed. Do not increase your dose or take it more often than prescribed. This medication provides temporary relief and must be used in addition to rest, physical therapy and other measure... ...
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small white pill that has WW176 on one side ## small white pill that has ww176 on one side white is it?? ## Can anyone please tell me what a pill with ww176 Is and what it is for ## what is the pill with ww176 on it ## tell me what the pill is with ww176 on it ## I do not respond to demands and rudeness, sorry! ## I know the ww176 is a muscle relaxer, a soma in fact, if you could tell me whats in it that would be great. thank you ## This is Carisoprodol, that is the active ingredient, so it is a generic for Soma, this is 350mg tablet. ...
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M on one side 751 on the other
orange round pill with 751 on it ## wanted to know what is a small orange pill with M on one side and 751 on the other. thank you ## What is M on one side 751 on the other yellow/orange small pill ## what is the pill with m 751 on it ## wanted to know what it is ## It is Cyclobenzapr. That is generic for Flexeril which is a muscle relaxer. I am currently taking those for my back. ## I am sorry I cut off the last part of the name of the pill. It is Cyclobenzaprine. ## Steven is correct, this is Cyclobenzaprine 10mgs, generic for the muscle relaxant Flexeril. ...
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rumoquin tablet
round lavender pill no imprint on pill itself rumoquin.n.f on bottle ## what are the ingredients in rumoquin tablets and what are they for they are a lavender pill no imprint on pill ## Quoted from a related discussion thread [1]: The Ingredients in 1 tablet of Rumoquin N.F. are: * Fenibutazona 100 mg ( non steroid anti-inflammatory) * Methocarbamol 200 mg ( muscle Relaxer) * Dexametasona 0.75 ( corticosteroid ) These ingredients translate to Phenylbutazone 100 mg + Methocarbamol 200 mg + Dexamethasone 0.75. This medication does not appear to be available in the U.S, but it is used in other countries as a pain reliever / anti-inflammatory / muscle relaxant. As far as giving a definite ID of the pills, it would be very difficult without a specific imprint code, especially being from outs... ...
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watson 418, watson 918, watson 539 or watson 593
anyways the pill is a off white and yellowish colar and has a wierd oval, football shape to it. not sure what it is, i was told it was a norco but a wasnt really a 100% sure. if ya find anything wright me back. thanx ## 418 Watson : Cyclobenzaprine Hcl 10 mg. A pic. of the pill is at the following link: It's a muscle relaxer that works on certain pats of you works by blocking nerve endings at your central nervous system..It's geneic for Flexeril I have taken flexeil off and on, switcdhing bewtween baclophen and it because baclofen is non nacotic, nonaddicting..they I used to switch off. Flexeril made me lazy ## whoops fogot to give you the link to go to fo moe infomation egading flexeil...same thing ## damn the wrong pill but yeah a better hint to finding it ... ...
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white oval tab ## I have a white oblong pill with a V on one side and 4212 on the other side and I'm not sure what it is. Could you please help me and ID it for me. Thanks ## I also have a v on one side and 4212 on the other. It is white and oblong tablet pill. ## What the hell is it? ## I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT THIS PILL IS V 4212 ## V 4212 is Methocarbamol 750 mg, a muscle relaxer ...
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White, round tablet, No Markings, Not scored purchased from CVS or Target no markings or scored be percocet?
Over the past several months I have been prescribed many different pain meds, anti inflamatory meds and muscle relaxer due to rotator cuff surgery. All were purchased with prescription from CVS & Target Pharmacy. After sorting out in weekly med tray, I can't identify a round white pill with no markings or score on either side. Could this be a generic form of percocet? ## In the U.S. all prescription tablets have to have some type of unique imprint on them to enable their identification, in case of emergency. Since Percocet is a prescription only medication, all of them, including the generics have some type of marking on the tablets. Did you purchase anything else recently? Such as an over the counter product? They are not regulated like prescription medications and are not requ... ...
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93 5613
white in color, round in shape. small in size 93 on top 5613 on bottom ## Could it be 93 5163 instead of 93 5613? If so, then you have something called Tizanidine 2mg, or name brand Zanaflex. It is a muscle relaxer used to stop muscle spasms in people who have multiple sclerosis and other such diseases. Side effects include blurred vision, constipation, drowsiness, dizzines and the like. ## I concur with nenene, the only pills in any of the databases I checked with the numbers 5613 on them are also marked with Dan on them, not 93 which is the mark for Teva Pharmaceuticals. It could be a foreing drug, not available in the US, but could you please double check the imprint to be certain? ## Thank you very much for your help that is the right pill. My best friend has MS and i am assistng he... ...
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Bencoprim Ciclobenzaprina
10 mg tablet for sleep aid ## I need info regarding Bencoprim Ciclobenzaprina ## bencoprim 10 mg prescribed for sleep, is this medication correct? ## can u tell me what the pill looks like. it was bought in mexico ## Benocoprim cyclobenziprina is basically flexiril(cyclobenziprine) which is a mild muscle relaxer that doctors administer for long term muscle pain relief. It helps me with my fybromyalgia also. You will notice the difference after about a week of taking it. Benocoprin cyclobenziprina however is a bootlegged form of it so to speak. Probably coming from Mexico which they do not go by the same drug guidelines as the us fda. My advice is to always be very careful when taking any prescription not FDA approved and if you truly have pain go see a doctor and get the real thing.. ##... ...
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methocarbamol750 with a v on back
is oblong with the numbers4212 and a v on back ## Based on the description provided, I can clarify your pill to be Methocarbamol (750 mg). Methocarbamol is a central muscle relaxant used to treat skeletal muscle spasms. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## Just got Methocarbam 500mg large white pill on one side a v and 4211. Dr said these are a muscle relaxer. I also take Ambion to sleep and Lortab 10/500. I had a serious accident back in the early 90's. I was wondering will this make me really tired? ( I was taking Flexril 10mg..3x day and that did not make me tired..guess I am afraid of taking new drugs cuz I also have asthma.. ## I am on 500 mg Metho... ...
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Rumoquin NF
Mexican pill for back pain or arithritis ## need additional information regarding equivalent med in the us ## need information regarding medication ## It is not available in the US, and since foreign meds are not regulated like those in the US are, I cannot even find information on it and what the active ingredient is, sorry. ## Rumoquin n.f. has - 100 mg of non steroidal anti- inflammatory - 200 mg of muscle relaxer - 0.75 mg of corticosteroid all very low dose but work well together. ## Denyse for accurate info can you please post the name of the drugs? ## The Ingredients in 1 tablet of Rumoquin N.F. are: * Fenibutazona 100 mg ( non steroid anti-inflammatory) *Methocarbamol 200 mg ( muscle Relaxer) * Dexametasona 0.75 ( corticosteroid ) ## Thank you so much. ## Can you please provide ... ...
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what is the name of this
orangeish, yellowish round pill, not scored, has GG288 on one side? What is this? ## I would like to know about a white round pill with a line through it on one side and the other has a WW with 763 below it. ## The WW 763 pill is something called Artane R. It is used for stiffness in the joints, bad rheumatoid arthritis, and especially for parkinsons disease. ## The GG288 pill is a muscle relaxer called Flexeril. It is often used for pulled muscles, especially in the back. It can make you drowsy and dizzy so it is best not to drive or operate machinery while taking it. ...
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Kolonapin, ativan, valium and pain meds.
As for the Kolonapin, valium and ativan. Over the past 4 years, ive used all three. First was valium 10mg tid. It help some with the anxiety but not enuf. It also helped a bit as a muscle relaxer. But my then dr changed me to ativan 1mg, tho he was against it. I changed dr's in sept 2013 who is a general prac, but also a pain mgmt dr. He didnt like the ativan either, mostly cuz I was getting 150 pillz a month so he recently ( dec 2013) switched me to kolonapin 1mg four times daily. I havent noticed major difference between them but so far the kolonapin is working best. As for pain, they only increase meds and dosage. Started with vicodin 5, 7.5 & 10mgs. Then old dr switched me to methodone 10mg 3x daily which didnt work at all, hence reason for changing drs. We looked at my inju... ...
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Round White M C 37
Round white pill with M on one side and C37 on the other side. I need to know if it a type of Tramadol. ## No, the tablet with this marking actually contains 10mgs of Cetirizine, the active ingredient in Zyrtec, it is an antihistamine used to treat allergies. Side effects may include: nausea, headache, dizziness and dry mouth. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can this pill be used for muscle relaxer ...
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klonapin 0.5
white round pill scored on one side and has numbers as 93 on top and 834 underneath ## The imprint you have 93 834 indicates 2 mg Clonazepam which is a generic Klonopin ## what is an orange pill imprinted PRIVA on one side and 563 on the other? I think it might be a generic form of Klonapin ## Lori, I don't know if this is what you have but the pill with an imprint of PLIVA 563 is 10 mg Cyclobenzaprine which is a muscle relaxer. ...
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white pill with a v on one side and the numbers 4212 on the other side ## 4212 V is 750 mg Methocarbamol ## I was on Robaxin for a muscle pain that I began having after I had gallbladder surgery,I did'nt did'nt get much relief useing it, I have been suffering with this right side abdominal pain for the last 2 years, have been on flexeril, robaxin,skelaxin, then yesterday went to a pain specialist who proceeded to inject my right shoulder, and shoulder blade muscles with about 9 injections of lidocaine with a steriod to try and help my pain it helped for about 8 hours he told me when the shot wore off that I'd be in more pain than when I got there to see him, which I was, so I'm back to taking percocet and a new muscle relaxer called Baclofen, does anyone know anything ab... ...
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Is this the generic name for Valium? Bencoprim ciclobenzaprina ## small yellow pill with 121 or maybe a line, a 2, and then another line, and on the other side of the pill is an up arrow symbol(a two sided triangle with no bottom ## To the original poster, the US equivelent is Cyclobenzaprine and no, it is not a generic for Valium, this is a muscle relaxant. ## Valium is an anti anxiety / tranquilizer. It is the same as xanax and atavan. Cyclobenzeprine/flexiril is a mild muscle relaxer that is usually administered for long term relief. ...
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darvocet what does it look like
capsil, pink number on pill 5114V ## 5114 V contains 650mgs of Acetaminophen and 100mgs of Propoxyphene, a generic for Darvocet, this is a mild narcotic analgesic. Some common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. You can read more about it here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## I found a pink ablong pill with the number 93 on it. Is it darvocet (hydrocodone) or a muscle relaxer. I have terrible back pain and Id like to know. ...
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