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is Soma considered an opioid? ## No. It isn't related in any way to opioids. It is related to an ancient tranquilliser called meprobamate which was widely used in the 1950s but hardly at all since benzodiazepines hit the market. Another name for carisoprodol is ISOMEPROBAMATE. An amount of your Soma/Carisoma is metabolised by the liver into meprobamate so as well as being a superb muscle relaxant it does have a slight tranquillising effect. Barely noticeable though it does tend to potentiate the triazolo-benzos like alprazolam. I wonder where the notion that it was an opioid came from? That's one I never heard before! ## soma is not a opiate, IN FACT IN THE USA IT IS NOT EVEN A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE!. i never understood what all the hype was about, they only putt me to sleep. BUT... ...
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Thu, Oct 23 '14, 8:26 AM
opioid for chronic pain a n
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Need doc at pain clinic who uses opiats ## Hello, Deb! How are you? What is your general location? This website is open to users worldwide, so if someone knows of great clinic in Bangladesh, it won't be much good to you, if you're in Canada. :-) ## Trying to find pain management I Jersey City, NJ, can anyone help me? ...
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Sat, Jan 09 '16, 9:59 AM
2016 Guidelines for opioids
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Mpathia in RI: I have read so many things and there is definitely something going on behind the scenes. Yes, ALL of you should read the new regulations, because the next time you have an appt. with your PCP or even pain centers ( they are a joke nyway... In RI, "pain Management is considered as Cortisone shots & maybe Lidocaine, etc. These meds become ineffective over time & can cause irepairable damage. What is the alternative? According to the guidelines all people on pain killers are addicts. I am not going to dispute that, however, there is no other options you can take. Tylenol is about all you will get. You MUST read the new guidelines because your doctor is NOT. The regulations are so strict and complicated, doctors prefer to just rid themselves of chronic pain patien... ...
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Tue, Nov 22 '16, 6:51 PM
DEA Cutting Opioid Supply in 2017
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My PM Dr is telling all patients he can no longer write Oxycodone beginning Jan 2017 because the DEA is controlling the supply and it will be virtually impossible to find. Does anyone know more about what is going on? I'm in Atlanta GA and I have had chronic pain since 2009 and have no idea what I will do. ## This is correct, the DEA is reducing the amount of almost all schedule 2 pain medications manufactured and available in the U.S. by 25% or more starting in 2017, this information was published in the Federal Register and a press release from the DEA itself. That doesn't mean it's going to be impossible to find, but it may become much more difficult, since that will also further limit the supply that any pharmacy will be able to have in stock each month. Sadly, I can onl... ...
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Fri, Nov 25 '16, 10:18 PM
Gabapentin for opioid withdrawal
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I am an opioid patient and when I can't get relief a friend told me that taking 400mgs of gabapentin helps the sickness. Is this true? ## Yes it does help, 600 pregab 2 times a day helped me a great deal. I have tried many times to come off opiates over 20 years in fact, never much success. But was able to come off completely with pregab just be warned, if taken for to long they are also addictive. ## Pregabapentin are stronger than gabapentin, and i meant 600mgs pregab, you can also use gabapentin it just depends how much opoid you are on, mine was a bad addiction. ...
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Sat, Jul 11 '15, 3:59 AM
Contrave and use of opioids for pain
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How long do I need to be off Contrave prior to having a significant orthopedic procedure which I know I will need opioid pain meds for after? ## Hi Cherlyn, The half life of Contrave's active ingredient 'Naltrexone' and its metabolite (naltrexol) are reported to be about 4 hours and 13 min. However for the simplicity of keeping track of time, I'd probably just average it at 4 hours. And you'd probably want to double check with your doctor/surgeon on this - but I've heard from some medical professionals that it can take up to 3-5 half lives for a medication to leave your system. IF this really is the case (and I know everyone is different), 5 half-lives for Naltrexone would add up to 20 hours (or pretty much a full a day). 4 hours is a relatively quick half-life c... ...
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Tue, Nov 24 '15, 1:08 PM
Switching from opioids to methadone
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I am a 30 yr old with a past of opiate addiction, from hydro to oxy to H, got clean for 7 years and about a year and a half ago got a herniated disc in my back, thought I could keep my med use under control and did for months and then hooked up with old ways and now am at roughly 350-400 mg of oxy a day some prescribed most of it not and I'm at wits end here, tried the sub treatment earlier this week and was in so much pain I was basically bed ridden for two day b4 gettin back to the oxy I need to do something, the subs don't work for my pain but I'm damn near broke with this horrendous habit iv developed and would do anything to just rewind but obviously that isn't an option, I know the methadone is huge decision and really have no one to talk to about this, thinkin the... ...
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Thu, Feb 11 '16, 10:10 AM
starting dose range IT opioid pain pump
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I have a Medtronics IT opioid pain pump They are filling my pump with Dilaudid My current dosage is 0.5547 mg/day April 2017 will be a yr. since my pump was implanted. I've been taken off my oral Morphine so I can be able to to feel if the pump is working. My pain level stays at a 7 or above. I have multiple spine issues different levels mainly lower. The reason I ask this question is because I need to know if I need to look for another Dr. or continue with this one for a little longer. I'm so tired of being in pain. Thanks for your assistance. ...
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Tue, Feb 07 '17, 4:38 PM
Alprazolam (G 3721) for opioid withdrawal
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WIll an alprazolam G 3721 pill help alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms? I'm going through it right now. ## Hello, Mack! How are you? This tablet is manufactured by Greenstone Limited and they list it as containing 1mg of Alprazolam. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Yes, if your doctor approves of your taking it, it can help with some of the symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and etc. that can occur with opioid withdrawal. Though it likely won't do much for rebound aches and pains. Is there anything else I can help with? ## This tablet is absolutely identical to Pfizer Xanax 1mg (see PDR, code UPJOHN 90) & is manufactured on the same pro... ...
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Mon, May 23 '16, 3:46 PM
Transitioning from opioids to suboxone
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My hubby and I started suboxone 9/9/16. Been taking opioids for a few yrs and have a high tolerance. I waited 24hrs before taking the sub. 8mg starting out. It did not help with the withdrawal symptoms... My husband waited 36hrs before taking his (same dose) we both were miserable for 3 days... Taking one 8mg a day and still no relief. Ended up relapsing bc we couldn't take it anymore. Needing help to get back on track. Why didn't the sub help after taking three doses?? How long should we wait before taking the sub again? After we took opioids again we did get relief from withdraw symptoms... ## It would help if we knew how much opiate you have been taking and what exactly it was. For example.... Like 30mgs of IR morphine three times a day for five years. Sub will start to stack... ...
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Tue, Mar 07 '17, 9:51 PM
prescribing opioids and the House of Representatives
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I was watching the House of Reps today on Cspan. They are still discussing what to do with this. I hear them saying how all the doctors, police, all their pertinent people will be there. But of course we are left out of the equation. No one cares what happens to us. My heart goes out to all in this situation I find myself in. Has there been any efforts on petitions, or legal suits? How about a good old fashion sit it in Washington, DC? I have written to anyone I can think of from President Obama to local senators, to lawyers requesting litigation, I have tried News channels and newspapers. They either refuse to return my calls or they take around the issue. WE NEED TO UNITE!! We need have out voices heard. Any one with me? My life is pretty much over at this point. I would rather be dea... ...
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Wed, Mar 08 '17, 2:31 PM
I TAKE NUCYNTA( Tapentadol. ) It contains Opioid & Analgesic.
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I was wondering what other pain meds. contain Opioid. My drug is so new i can not get much info. about opioids. Maybe you could tell me more about my NUCYNTA 75 mg pill. It is helping.I would really THANK YOU... TT ## There are many opiate pain medications on the market, which specific ones will depend on what country you are in, however, you can learn more about them here: The Tapentadol in Nucynta has opioid and non-opioid activity. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Learn more: Are there any other questions? ...
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Mon, May 02 '11, 12:01 PM
Are Dr's prescribing high opioid dosages in Arizona/Phoenix
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I am a T7 paraplegic with severe spasticity and chronic pain due to a bullet in my spine. As of February I have been looking for a Dr that is compassionate and will take me on as a patient. I have been taking a 100mcg/hr fentanyl patch every 72 hours along with 30mg of oxycodone every 6 hours for the last 9 years. Actually it was reduced from a patch every 48 hours and 30mg of oxycodone every 4 hours 2.5 years ago. I left my last pain management Dr after a disagreement with his new Nurse Practitioner and no willingness to help or see me on his part. I am currently in desperate need of a new pain management Dr. My primary care physician chase managed my pain medication for the last 9 months and can not help for much longer as my retirements are beyond her scope of practice. Without pain ... ...
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Mon, Dec 19 '16, 7:36 PM
Pill Imprint wpi 3968: Muscle relaxer or hydrocodone
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I have pills that say wpi 3968. How can it not be a narcotic when you call it hydrocodone? Like lortab and percocet? ## This tablet is manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 500mgs of Chlorzoxazone, which is a muscle relaxant. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Kelly, Pill imprint WPI 39 68 has been identified as Chlorzoxazone 500 mg. Chlorzoxazone is used in the treatment of muscle spasm and belongs to the drug class skeletal muscle relaxants. It is a NON NARCOTIC AND CONTAINS NO OPIOID CLASS MEDICATION .Whomever stated it Percocet /lortab like is completely misinformed. Hope that helps clear up any misunderstanding . Regards , Kenie ...
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Wed, Mar 29 '17, 11:17 PM
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musculoskeletal pain, mood disorder, opioid dependency and addiction, ___ maintenance treatment program, anemia, peptic ulcer disease, and renal insufficiency ...
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 Dirame Propiram
Propiram (Algeril, Dirame, Bay 4503) is a partial mu opioid receptor agonist and weak mu antagonist analgesic from the ampromide family of drugs. It was invented in 1963 in the United Kingdom by Bayer[1] but was not widely marketed, although it saw some limited clinical use, especially in dentistry. A report in the reference Drug Facts & Comparisons, 56th (2002) Edition reports that research about the drug has increased in the past few years, having reached the (albeit restricted) Stage I...
Propiram (Algeril, Dirame, Bay 4503) is a partial mu opioid receptor agonist and weak mu antagonist analgesic from the ampromide family of drugs. It was invented in 1963 in the United Kingdom by Bayer[1] but was not widely marketed, although it saw some limited clinical use, especially in dentistry. A report in the reference Drug Facts & Comparisons, 56th (2002) Edition reports that research about the drug has increased in the past few years, having reached the (albeit restricted) Stage I...
Antidepressants pharmacology
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I have read that effexor acts on mu kappa delta opioid receptors. Does pristiq also act on the mu kappa delta opioid receptors? ...
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Fri, Dec 23 '16, 3:15 PM
Morphine Sulfate Oral Solution
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Morphine sulfate oral solution..... 100mg per 5ml How much shoud be taken to ease chronic back pain. ## From what I could gather, patients who have not been receiving opioid analgesics should be started on morphine sulfate in the following dosing range: Â Morphine Sulfate Oral Solution: 10 to 20 mg every 4 hours as needed for pain. "The dose should be titrated based upon the individual patient's response to their initial dose of morphine sulfate. This dose can then be adjusted to an acceptable level of analgesia taking into account the improvement in pain intensity and the tolerability of the morphine by the patient." I know it's not a direct answer but everyone responds to these drugs differently, so it's probably wise to just give it a trial run at a specific ... ...
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Sat, Jan 05 '13, 2:02 PM
How long is the withdrawal period for norco 10 325
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How long would it take to go through a withdrawal from these opioid pain meds such as norcos??? ## Hello, Becky! How are you? It actually depends on how long you were taking it, how much you were taking each day and the way your body reacts to stopping, so there's no hard and fast rule to quote for you. It may take anywhere from a few days to over a month, or so. The FDA lists the withdrawal effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, fever, chills, headache, diarrhea, rebound pain and depression. How long was the person in question taking it and how much were they taking? ...
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