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I have migraines 3 to 4 times a month. I have lost my job and have no insurance. My Dr. has give me sample of your product and it has works well. Could you please send me some samples. Thank You do much Jill Hodge ## I'm sorry, this site does not make nor manufacture any medications, this is an information only website. Maxalt contains the active ingredient Rizatriptan and is used to treat migraines. It is made by the Merck Pharmaceutical company, but I do not know for sure if they have any sampling or discount programs available. Have you tried asking your doctor for more samples? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Maxalt-MLT.
Thu, Feb 25 '10, 12:27 PM
maybe migraines
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Small round white pill. One side 023 and other side blank ...
Updated 7 years ago.
Mon, Jan 28 '08, 11:26 PM
silent migraines
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My neurologist tells me I have migraines. I generally do not have headaches, if I do they are mild. Nothing more than annoying, really. The thing I went to him for is numbness and tingling in my extremities, and in my face. It scares me, to the point of anxiety. It starts in my hands/feet, sometimes makes it all the way to my elbows/calves. He prescribed topiramate, commonly called Topamax, in increasing doses. The symptoms gradually faded, but today all of a sudden are worse. I've been taking the medicine, I'm still a week or so from my follow up, and it's pretty impossible to get in otherwise. Anyone else have "silent migraines"? ## Hello, Spiderdaisy! How are you doing? Yes, those are the symptoms of silent migraines and the medication may not prevent them all, pl... ...
Updated 9 months ago in Topiramate.
Tue, May 27 '14, 2:51 PM
Vimpat for migraines
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I have been taking it for 5 days twice a day starter pack for migraines and my side effects are nausea and headache/eye pain. Has anyone felt this way? When can ai expect side effects to go away? ## Hello, Lori! How are you? Yes, according to the FDA, those are known side effects to starting Vimpat, you may also experience dizziness, dry mouth, blurred vision and heart burn. Generally, it takes about a month for your body to get used to a medication and for the side effects to start tapering off in severity. If they don't or if they get worse, you should speak to your doctor as you may need to try a different medication. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 3 months ago in Vimpat.
Tue, Dec 23 '14, 5:06 PM
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I have suffered for a long, long time the Evil, Painful, MIGRAINES. Back in the day, I was taken to the hospital to get a Demerol Shot. They don't use Demerol any more. as years went on I was taken to the hospital with migraine and was given some kind of medicine for my nausa, and my Migraine. I never stayed awake long enough to find out. Found out it was morphine. We move through the years and I've been Mexico where I had a Huge Migrain. My daring Husband ventured forth to find a Medication, in a strange country, only English language. He's my hero :) he came back with something called Neo-Melubrina (Metamizol sodico) suppositories. OMG! amazing med. No need to swallow anything if vomiting. I want to find some more of this product, but have been unsuccessful in our shopping... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Demerol.
Wed, Oct 08 '14, 1:13 PM
migraines and topamax
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I just recently started taking this for treating 6 to 8 migraines a month. I was using the max amount of meds every month for migraines and in constant pain and usually going in around every 3 to 4 months for a shot. If this sounds familiar you may want to try this drug. If was prescribed 25 mg. for a week which I have just made it though and now am on my second week of 50 mg. My biggest side effect is being tired. I am taking both pills at night instead of one in the morning and one at night. I am hoping to only have to take 50 mg, but we will see. So far so good, but I will up date on progress. ## I am addicted to Restyl since many years. I take 2 pills of 0.5mg every night. I also take Topamac 50 for migraine since last 4 months. Now since the last 7 days I decided to gradually reduc... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Topamax.
Tue, Apr 01 '14, 3:05 AM
migraines what to take
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I am a 26 year old male with migraine since the last 11 years. I am very borring during mental work and appear migraine aura like yoning and later a bilateral puls type pain. some food,sun light, noice atmosphere etc.. are also leads to this. mostly aura appear after noon. docter decided, it is a type of migraine and treated with a drug named flunerazine. but no cure. what typr of treatment is better. kindly help me if anybody know about this. ...
Updated 5 years ago in Migraine / Tension Headache.
Sat, Dec 05 '09, 10:33 PM
Statins and Migraines
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I was on a Statin for the past 5 years and have suffered with migraines for the past 15 years. For many reasons I decided to take myself off the Statin 2 years ago. I attributed my decrease in migraines by changing jobs and reducing stress. My doctor recently convinced me to start back on a Statin. I've been on it for the past month and have noticed for the past week I've had constant migraine pain. So I've decided to live with the POSSIBLE risk of heart disease rather than the debilitating pain from daily migraines. ## Hello, Even! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you had. First, I'd like to clear up a misconception, if you have high cholesterol, it isn't just heart disease that you're at risk of, you're actually at risk of a full heart attack, b... ...
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Fri, Jan 16 '15, 5:09 PM
topomax for migraines
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I started 50 mg of Topamax a week ago for migraines. How soon should I start seeing results if it is going to help? So far, the only side effect I have had is some numbness in my feet/hands and carbonated beverages tasting a little different. I was also curious if anyone has had success with topamax helping generalized pain like back or joint pain? ## I was on it fot 4 months for migraine prevention. I had tingling feet off anf on with it. My concern now is that I have double vision from it. I was tsking 25mg/day. ## @Melli, According to a drug monograph for Topamax (topiramate), it may take up to several weeks to start seeing significant changes in your symptoms.. so you may just have to give it a little more time before you can really decide if this medication is even right for you. F... ...
Updated 10 months ago in Topamax.
Sun, May 18 '14, 2:56 PM
Viibryd and Migraines
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Just started Viibryd day 6 at 10mg, went off cold turkey 40 mgs of Prozac, and 50 mgs of Amitriptilene (spelled wrong)..I have been in hell..I'm lightheaded and feeling very aggitated, I kind of feel like I'm crawling out of my skin..But this is the worst part and my main question..I average 4 to 5 migraines a week and can usually get rid of them within 3 to 5 hours..I now have a migraine morning noon and night, has any one else while taking Viibryd, has your migraines increased...Thanks!! ## At this point, it's actually difficult to say whether the migraines may be from the Viibryd, or from stopping the other medications abruptly. Learn more Viibryd details here. The only way to really tell would be to give it a few weeks, so the withdrawals from the other medications stop ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Viibryd.
Fri, Aug 17 '12, 4:10 PM
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CAN'T TELL YET HOW WELL IT'S WORKING FOR THE MIGRAINES, BUT SIDE EFFECTS ARE BLURRED VISION & EXACERBATION OF PARKINSON-LIKE SYMPTOMS, ESP. LOSS OF BALANCE. ## I don't know how old you are, but my doctor wants me to start Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia pain. BUT since I possibly could have Glaucoma, I can't start taking it as it will cause me to go blind if I have one of the two kinds of Glaucoma, which is wet or dry type. I will have a better diagnosis in October...but just make sure you have your eyes checked before taking Cymbalta!!! ...
Updated 2 years ago in Cymbalta.
Mon, Jul 02 '12, 5:08 PM
headache medicine
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I used to get a headache or pain reliever medicine in Tijuana in the 1980s that worked wonders for a friend who got migraines. It was not available in the USA as far as I know. I remember little about it except that it came in a cardboard box about 2" X 4" X 1/2" and I think the name was fairly long, maybe 4 syllables or more. I think it came in white tablets that were fairly large, though I am not sure that recollection is accurate. I think I would recognize the name if I saw or heard it but I just cannot recall it from my memory. Thanks so much for any help/ ## I'm sorry, but that's really not much information to go on, there are many products on the market that match such a description and since it was coming out of Mexico, there is a large list of medications it ... ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Mon, Dec 19 '11, 4:56 PM
migraines/ fibromyalgia
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Yes, I have, and am presently taking topamax for miraines and extremely bad cluster migraines, I spent four days in the hospital back in Sept, I have never had so much pain in my life, give it a try it should stop them, and you will lose some weight too!!! I lost 15 to20 lbs. ## Topamax has been suggested for my Fibromyalgia. I want to know if anyone has taken for that specific condition. If so, has it been beneficial. ## started on Topamax 25mg for fibromyalgia which were also causing the headaches. I'll keep you posted and let you know how it's working ## Not diagnosed with Fibro but treated like I had it. Topomax with Lyrica only relief in seven years. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Topamax.
Thu, Jul 14 '11, 7:52 AM
Migraine medicines
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I was taking Epidrin for my migraines and it helped. It was taken off the market along with Midrin. Is there anywhere I can get it? Does anyone know of a pharmacy that makes the compound? I only have a few left and I'm feeling desperate. ## There are some compounding pharmacies that have been making it, if your doctor orders it. Can you post back with, at least, your general location? Our site is open to users all over the world, so just as an example, I know of several compounding pharmacies here in the Seattle metro area, but that's really not going to help you if you're in Georgia. ## I live in New Jersey. A relative found a pharmacy that would make the compound, however, he wants over $130 for a thirty day supply! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. ## I am afraid tha... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Midrin.
Thu, Aug 22 '13, 5:53 AM
neutrilite medicine
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Migrain pain of my wife, age 33 yrs. since last 5 yrs. Related with period time. ## Many women do experience headaches or migraines around the time of their menstrual cycle, due to the hormon fluctuations, especially if they take hormonal contraceptives. The only things I can find under Nutrilite or any similar names are nutritional supplements and those would only really help if here problem was caused by a deficiency in some vital nutrient. However, if it is related to hormonal fluctuations, they will likely not do much to help her. Has her doctor advise her to use them? ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Tue, Jul 12 '11, 10:11 AM
periactin use for migraines
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I WAS TAKING PERIACTIN FOR MY MIGRAINES, BUT I GAINED 15LBS. IN 4 MONTHS. IS THERE ANY OTHER ANIHISTAMINE THAT WORKS LIKE IT FOR MIGRAINES. IT WAS WORKING GREAT FOR MY MIGRAINES. ## My daughter is taking it for stomach migraines and it is working great for her too except for she has gained 6 lbs in six weeks and she is only five. It breaks my heart. Its not fair. If you find anything out please email me. ## This drug is used to treat allergies, to stimulate the appetite of underweight people, thus explaining the weight gain and to treat migraines in children and adolescents. There are other migraine medications available, please talk to your doctor. ## Do most people take PERIACTIN at night time are in the morning? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Periactin.
Wed, Jan 02 '13, 6:06 PM
xarelto raised alt and migraines
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Been taking xarelto for 9months after p e in lungs noticed fatigue right away but now having migraines and recent blood test shows raised alt on the liver function test. Has anyone else had these symptoms. My doctor doesn't think they are related to xarelto but I have my doubts. ## Hi Tina. Im Kelly. I had PE also. Tried Xarelto because my disabilities & the fact that I'm a single mum to 2 primary school aged very very active little lads made it difficult to get to my appointments to monitor my blood when I was on warfarin. Also I frequently drop everything to help out my dear old dad on his boat when the weather turns good (another difficult thing for me to do with 2 kids no help and not wonderful health or mobility but as his only relative... you gotta do what you gotta do... ...
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Tue, Sep 16 '14, 3:10 AM
has anyone used this for migraines ?
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just been perscribed the drug and i'm a bit concerned reading all the side effects ## Have been using it for several years to prevent migraines. Once the dosage is up to where they stop, you'll feel fin. Worst part is dry mouth and weight loss. ## i need info asap,,,my relative was rescribed topamax...i do not know if she is taking it or not...she is violent and suicidal .....i do not know where to take her i am afraid she is going to do something she will regret or she will die ## I have been using Topamax for months now for my migraines. I was having them on a daily basis and they were consuming me. I have four children and a husband and to be quite honest, they got the worse end because I took my pain out on them. I started out on 50mg, but had to go to 100mg. I a... ...
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Wed, Oct 08 '14, 1:26 PM
dilaudid 8mg migraines HELP PLEASE
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I have been trying for something to fix my migraines for years. After trying preventatives my neurologist went to narcotics. I went through oxy percs injectable Demerol (100mg) and NOTHING worked as well as the Dilaudid has, my dr got banned from writing anything controlled for 3 years. I live in Tyler Tx. Someone PLEASE HELP ME. I have at least 15 migraines a month. I've been in and out of the E.R. so much its ridiculous since he got shut down. ## Hello, Jamie! Sorry that you're so miserable. Have you considered seeing a different doctor? That's really going to be your only option to get the help you need, right now. Even if your current doctor isn't allowed to write for them, they should be able to refer you to someone that can take over your case and write prescriptio... ...
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Mon, Aug 04 '14, 8:06 PM
Migraines associated to Benlysta use?
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I am going for my fourth Benlysta treatment tomorrow and although I've noticed huge differences in my mobility and joint junctions, I've been getting really bad migraines everyday around 3-4 in the afternoon. It's the oddest thing, because before starting treatment I would have migraines 1-2 times a year. It's really affecting my family because I am now in bed every night with migraine pain or throwing up. One thing gets better but I still feel debilitated by the treatment. And advice?? ## I should clarify that I take Benlysta injections to help with my Lupus symptoms. I am the first person at my clinic to try this medication and could really use to connect with someone who is trying it as well. Thank u for your time if u have anything to offer, it's appreciated. ## ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Benlysta.
Sun, Oct 07 '12, 2:25 PM

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