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Dextroamp Amphet 10 Mg If Mixed With Alcohol Side Effects
if you are taking dextroamp amphet 10 mg and mixed with alcohol...What are the side effects? ## I'll start off by listing the side effects of Adderall, as that is a novel for a bookshelf on it's own (without alcohol): COMMON SIDE EFFECTS: nervousness restlessness difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body headache changes in sex drive or ability dry mouth stomach pain nausea vomiting diarrhea constipation loss of appetite weight loss LESS COMMON BUT MORE SEVERE SIDE EFFECTS: fast or pounding heartbeat shortness of breath chest pain excessive tiredness slow or difficult speech dizziness or faintness weakness or numbness of an arm or leg seizures motor tics or verbal tics believing things that are not true feeling unusually suspicious ... ...
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Wed, Feb 29 '12, 12:16 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 228013
i take hydromorphone 4mg 3 daily, loratab white pill, Xanax, Valium, methadone
I ran out of my hydromorphones and my amitriptyline 25mg tabs I take 3 nightly, my husband gave me up to 2 valiums for about a week and he also gave me about 25 loratabs white ones that were either 5mg or7.5. I also took 10 Xanax blue pill that maybe was generic. I also take the Fentnyl patch 50mcg that we change every 48 hrs. I took the Xanax for sleep and two benydryls. My doctor takes blood tests for tox screens.. Will I bust my screen tomorrow 12-16-2013? Please advise me ASAP ...
Updated 8 months ago in Hydromorphone.
Sun, Dec 15 '13, 10:59 PM   0 
i take norco 10 325 in a lab urine test can they tell if i am abusing my medicine
I am perscribed norco 10/325, i have some lorcet 10/650, can a lab urine test tell the difference if i take them,and will they tell the difference in tylenol amounts to ,thanks ...
Updated 11 months ago in Norco.
Wed, Sep 04 '13, 4:53 PM   0 
looking for a pain management Dr. in Columbus ohio that prescribes methodone
My son 23, was the recipient of a failed surgery on his shoulder in 2007 , that ate away all of his cartilage, and has oseomyilitus of his arm and shoulder. This was due to an infection on the operating table. 7 operations in 10 days to save his arn and his life ensued. He was on diladuid for 6 years prescribed by pain docs, then his PC Doc. Building up a tolerance to diladuid, and not switching to other opiods eventually turned him to the dark side as he was not prescribed anymore. He wanted a methodone maintenance program, though they are not supposed to take pain patients, though compdrug might in his case, though he needs medicaid to qualify. He had medicaid last year , and they cut him off medicaid, as he did not have a current mri newer than 2010. The current joke is.." they t... ...
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Sun, Mar 30 '14, 11:12 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 252142
Watson 360 10.5mg Pink Loritab
I have been taking the 10/500 mg pink hydrocodone and recently there was a recall on this pill.I was given the same in a white oblong pill.The pink has always seemed to work best for me.Do you know when the pharmacy will be able to distribute the pink ones again ?. ## Does anyone know when the pink lortab will be back in the drug stores?? ## Yes, the pink tablets manufactured by Qualitest and distributed by Mylan Pharmaceuticals were recalled due to the concern that they contain more Acetaminophen than they should. Learn more Vicodin details here. That said, there were only 3 lots that were recalled, there are still others available, it's likely that your pharmacy just didn't have any in stock at this time, so they provided you with the medication from a different manufacturer. ... ...
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Tue, Apr 29 '14, 6:22 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 240256
10mg Xanax
What is the strongest ant-anxiety medications can take? I am in 2 mg tabs 2x a day and I still feel very anxious and irritable. I am also on Paxil 37.5 ER once a day...I have very bad problems sleeping but the anxiety is taking over my life... Can anyone help? ## Hmmm, well, if you can get it cleared by your doctor and can actually obtain some, you might want to look into Etizolam (some brand names include Etilaam, Etizola, Sedekopan, Pasaden or Depas). It is a benzodiazepine analog, and 1 mg of this is equal to 10 mg of Valium. Not sure if what countries it is available in though... Hope this helps & good luck! ## I have had to use pills in the past. I found that if you find out what is causes all the anxiety and break it down a little at a time, this can help. I've had serious... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Xanax.
Thu, Dec 01 '11, 10:04 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 224705
How long do I have to wait to take Suboxone after taking methadone for two days?
I have been on morphine for about 7 weeks. I shoot about 100 to 200mg a day. I am about to switch to methadone in the morning. I am going to take 30mg tomorrow morning and 20mg the next morning. Then on the third day I plan on switching to suboxone. I only have 6mg of suboxone to take on the third day. But my question is, Is it safe to take the 6mg of suboxone 24 hrs after taking the methadone for two days,(30mg the first day and 20mg the second day)?? I'm scared to death of going into precipitated withdrawal when I switch to the suboxone, but I can't get any more methadone and all I have is the 6mg of suboxone. I'm ready to stop the morphine for a while. Rehab is not an option and neither is more morphine,I'm broke. ## Actually no, it wouldn't be safe to take the Su... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Suboxone.
Thu, Jun 05 '14, 2:52 AM   6  Subscribe to thread 238210
Need info on oxycodone Levels
I am prescribed 10mgs a day of oxycodone and have ran out so I have been slowly weaning myself off. I took my last of them today, 5mgs at 5am and 5 mgs at 12:30PM. I have an appointment on Friday at 8:45am. What will my levels show if anything? I am 58 and am overweight, have type 2 diabetes but no symptoms currently. I am not active either. ...
Updated 3 months ago in Oxycodone.
Mon, May 19 '14, 12:12 PM   0 
Sulfameth Trimethoprim 800 Side Effects AFTER DAYS USING
Can the rash show up days after taking this Medicine and how long will it take to go away. ## Yes, it certainly can. I've experienced it myself. Mine showed up 9 days into a 10 day course and it lasted for about 2 weeks. Learn more Bactrim details here. Once you get the rash with this antibiotic, you should stop taking it and you should make sure that your doctor and pharmacy lists it among you allergies, because there is a very high chance of experiencing more severe reactions in the future if you were to take it again. This antibiotic is very bad for causing such problems very late into the course of treatment. How bad is the rash? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Trimethoprim.
Wed, Nov 21 '12, 2:48 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 238724
i am a chronic pain patient taking oxycodone and oromorph, laid off will lose doc and insurance in may2010 how do i get meds
I was born with a couple of congenital gynie twists. At seven I was up in the stirrups and then experiencing surgical intervention for a urethrastenosis (sic no doubt, sorry). I went along my chubby little girl life until 10, when severe dibilitating abdominal pain manifested. Eventually, since I understandably loathed and resisted doctor involvment , my parents squashed my resistance and I was taken to an office, then directly to the hospital where I was treated for dehydration and pain.. Bear in mind this was 1970. No one could figure out what it was, exploratory surgery did not pick up anything.Four months later, after just turning 11, puberty hit. I had horrific godawful cramps. Back up in stirrups, I was told that I had a severely tipped uterus and would never concieve. Imagine all... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Oxycodone.
Sat, Jun 19 '10, 7:37 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 201077
name of medicine to increase the sex timing
HOW TO INCREASE SEX TIMING PLEASE INFORM NAME OF ANY OIL, SPRY, TABLET. i am married of 34 year old ## i am 30 year old i want sex every day but my fall in 3min so infom me any tablet ## i need to increase my sex time long. so kindly suggest tablet or any other details. ## You can take vigora 100 mg tab.. I ## i have girl friend she wants sex every day but i get free within 2 mint ... i want to increase my sex timing please tell me the name of tablits which is useful for me thanks ## during sex my fall within a minutes pls suggest me how to improve sex stamina ## Hi how to increases sexual time pls suggest the medical tablets man and women ## Iam 34 yr old iam married last 1 yr iam. Sufuring one problem when I do sex within 1 minute fallout how can I increase in sex time I need any medi... ...
Updated 10 days ago.
Sat, Aug 23 '14, 12:36 PM   12  Subscribe to thread 252000
Watson oxycodone now Actavis
I had been on Watson 10/325 for a few months for chronic shoulder neck pain. Yesterday I got a new prescription and CVS filled it with an A333 long pill (Actavis). Now I find ~ after questioning the pharmacist and scouring the Internet ~ that Watson is no longer available and {I also find} that the pills I received are probably Actavis' newly released abuse-deterrent pill. This was dispensed as a regular generic version of my Percocet prescription....of which nobody mentioned the switch. After taking one I became very ill, dizzy, sweats and had difficulty breathing for the better part of the day ~ none of which ever occurred with the Watson pills. Can you confirm that Watson will no longer be manufacturing the 10/325 Oxy and that these are actually the alleged "test" run of ... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Oxycodone.
Thu, May 08 '14, 9:40 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 259180
Side Effects Of Cardace Am 5 mg
side effects of cardace am 5 mg ? ## Cardace-AM contains the active ingredients Ramipril and Amlodipine, this combination is most commonly used to help treat high blood pressure and cardiac issues. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and dizziness. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments? ## my blood pressure is 150/85 .age 40 . daily take this tablet comming sex problem or not. ## I am 72. I had a minor brain stroke affecting light speech slurring. I am under medication. Presently taking Troynuron, Glycomet SR 500, Tonact 40 reduced to 20 then10 now;Cardace 5; Ecospiri 150. My tryglicerides is come down, so also diabetes and BP which is hovering between 60 and 66 diastole and systole between 100 and 112, weight down to 65 kg. Height 5'7". I fee... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Ramipril.
Sun, Dec 04 '11, 6:14 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 214616
Opana 10mg
a friend of mine shot up an opana 10mg. using a vein in his leg, now his leg is swollen and he is in a lost of pain. what does this mean? ## You missed fool. Go to the emergency room asap. ## I'll refrain from name calling, but Bruce is right on his needing to see a doctor. Tablets contain fillers, which help them hold their shape and not all of these are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally expelled in your waste. When you dissolve or crush a pill for snorting or injecting, you are putting these fillers in your body, in a manner in which it cannot properly dispose of them. This creates a very real risk of blockages, that can lead to stroke or embolism, just like a blood clot can. If his lef is painful and swollen, this is probably what he's done. Are the... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Opana.
Mon, Jan 02 '12, 10:42 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 215710
lefra 10mg
Hi All. I have used this medicine for 10 days (Lefra 10mg). After that I came to know that I am pregnate. Do I get any prob in future.. Pls Reply ASAP ## Lefra contains the active ingredient Leflunomide and it is used in active moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. This medication is contraindicated (not advisable) during pregnancy, so it is probably a good idea that you notify your doctor ASAP. They might have you stop taking this medication. It is also a good idea to get tests during your pregnancy to ensure the health of your unborn child. "Important contraindications are 'preexisting pregnancy', or women of childbearing potential not using reliable anticonceptive methods. Finally, women should not become pregnant before 2 years after terminatio... ...
Updated 10 months ago in Leflunomide.
Sat, Oct 26 '13, 11:27 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 197811
generic Hydrocodone 7.5, with 750 acetimati
large white oval, no marks tablet ## If there are no markings on the tablet, then it is not a legal U.S. prescription drug. By law they all must have imprints on tablets and capsules to enable their ID. If there are no markings, the only way to be certain what this is would be to pay to have it lab tested. Where did you obtain this? ## Based on the title which you posted for the thread, if you want more information about the ingredients Hydrocodone or Acetaminophen you can see: Like Verwon said, there is no way to 100% ID a pill without any markings but at least you can read more about the supposed active ingredients... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Hydrocodone.
Mon, Apr 19 '10, 3:42 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 203383
will suboxone last long enough for my detox
if i take two mg sub/day for three days should i b detoxed off 7-10 day heroin binge? ## Yes it will ...
Updated 9 months ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Nov 04 '13, 11:15 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 252412
how long til hydrocone takes to bloodstream
I took a 10mg loratab 1 hour before a blood test will it show...I dont take them every day or even often.. ...
Updated 10 months ago.
Tue, Oct 01 '13, 2:18 PM   0 
long time sex tablet or gel name
Hiii.. I married one month before but i couldn't able to sex with my partner at least 10mins. Please suggest me if any any tablet or gel to have longer sex time (Without side effect) ## Hi ,I am 35 years old ,pls medicine name for long time sex ,without side effect ,15 to 20 min. ## Hello i needtablet forlongtimesexy i am 22 year old when i do i am going finish on 1 or 2 mint please give the name of thetablet to give me time for 30 mint thanks very much. Hello i needtablet forlongtimesexy i am 22 year old when i do i am going finish on 1 or 2 mint please give the name of thetablet to give me time for 30 mint thanks very much ...
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Nitrofur Macr 100 Mg Poison Ivy
I'm taking the antibiotic for a UTI, I was wondering if it would help or not with my poison ivy? ## Hi Kimberly. Generally, for poison ivy treatment, a cortisone preparation may be prescribed as well, which can be taken orally, injected, or applied locally as a cream. If it got infected, then I would definitely give Nitrofurantoin a shot at it for 5-10 days, depending upon what your doctor suggests. I heard of another poison ivy victim using Azithromycin 250 mg 2 times daily for 5 days for relief, in conjunction with steroids/cortisone. Were you able to get it checked out by a physician yet? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Cortisone.
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