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Letrozole Tablet color?
I just received letrozole 2.5 mg tablets (generic for Femara) which are supposed to be yellow but are a mauve color not yellow? They are round shaped with N stamped on 1st side & L on the 2nd side. I am concerned about the color. these pills were produced by Breckenridge co. ## Our listings also say they should be yellow. The color, however, doesn't actually mean anything, so the company may have changed it, but I'd suggest double checking with your pharmacy to be certain. Have you contacted them to ask? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Letrozole.
Wed, Oct 26 '11, 10:10 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 223924
Orange round 54/375 pill
I have been taking the white half moon subs for 3 months now , and today I picked up my script and realized a Roy d orange colored pill , none the less , this me generic sub is even more disgusting then the half moon pill and feel as though they do not work... Has anyone out there experience the same thing ?? ## Same for me. I had to take 2 1/2 8mg pills to feel comfortable. Not cool. I wish the d****bags that approve this crap would go back to making the stoppies, or stop signs from a few years back. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.. Unless, ya know, they weren't making QUITE as much money off of them as they are now, probably. Then sure, f*** everyone over in that case. Greedy pricks. ...
Updated 28 days ago.
Sat, Oct 25 '14, 10:00 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 275835
Orange or Brown Oval 271
My toddler found an orange/brown oval pill marked 271 in a toy we had been given second-hand. He's played with the toy for about a year so I don't know how/when it got there. ## Hi Amanda, Unfortunately the closest match I can find with an imprint of 271 is a round pink pill, identified as Carbamazepine (chewable) 100 mg; used primarily in the treatment of epilepsy. Manufacturer: Torrent Pharmaceuticals National Drug Code (NDC): 13668-0271 Is there perhaps any way that it might be pink in color as opposed to orange or brown? Hopefully someone else on here with this pill can offer their opinion as well. ## Hi. It's a generic Advil cold & sinus. More info at: It states the specific description near the end of the d... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Carbamazepine.
Thu, Oct 02 '14, 12:31 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 240206
period starting tablet
Hi ive missed my period for more than a month now . Ive done 3 home pregnancy tests but they are all negative. I dont have any pregnancy symptoms. What is the reason behind this? Are there any tablets to start my period ? Please get back to me asap. ## hii i hav missed my period 4 more thn 1 month i hav taken tablets for starting periods but they did not come if there any tablet to start my period plz send me a mail as soon as possible ## Please periods start karne wali tablet ka naam bataiye jisse periods 2-3 me start ho jaye? ## All 3 of you need have your problems checked out by your respective doctors to discover what's causing it and what the proper solution might be. Unfortunately, no one online can give you a diagnosis and provide you with proper treatment. Only a doctor can ... ...
Updated 20 days ago.
Sun, Nov 02 '14, 8:02 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 261200
Cefalexina lexigen 500
can this be given to my 80lbs, 7 yr old, mix breed dog for chronic ear infection, and what dosage? ## Hi robin, Although many vets prescribe this medication for its off-label use to dogs, there are a number of people reporting the dangers associated with doing so. I also read that it is not FDA approved for veterinary use. Here's one article of many on the topic: Have you looked into any natural alternatives? ## Dear David, OMG!!! Thank you so much for your answer re: keflex & same antibiotic (differant name)! Just a couple hours ago gave to lil'bit, 80lbs mixed breed male........never again will i administer any drug w/out vet approval. The article you submitted was heartbreaking, but i hope w/ all my heart their d... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Keflex.
Mon, Aug 27 '12, 12:48 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 234641
Did Opana Factory Close
heard they stopped making opanas? 2/21/12 has anyone heard this? starting to panic!!!!!!!!!! ## Yes Opana is discontinued ## Actually no, there is not listing with the U.S. FDA saying that this medication has been discontinued, although two of the strengths of the name brand, the 7.5mg and the 15mg were discontinued as of the Spring of last year. Does anyone have an actual government information website showing otherwise? ## The story in NY is that they have o investigate why the opana got into the excedrin bottles in the first place. Vey where I go they says the ops as no matter what strength are on back order. I don't know how they are going to pump out enough to fill an entire country. My doc changed me to OxyContin 80 and oxycodone 30 for now which I think will be for a long tim... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Opana.
Fri, Nov 30 '12, 10:01 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 227804
Angioplasty with stain
I have made angioplasty for heart blockage in last October '2011. Tonact 20,Cardace 5 and Clopitab A 75 taken after dinner and Prolomet 25 after lunch since October'11 but still I feel little bit chest pain but not in frequently.It may be for not clearing bowel.Doctor advice me for further angiogram.I have taken my diet as per advice.I am require second opinion. ## I am 52 yrs old house wife.Underwent angioplasty last november.due to hyper tension I am taking beta nicardia and telsar h in the morning and betanicardia,clopilet A 75 and rozavel 20 in the night.Is lack of appitite,weight loss ,mascular pain side effect of any of these tablets .I am also going through menapause difficulties.please give your opinion ometime discomfort in the chest H ...
Updated 1 year ago in Chest Pain (Angina).
Fri, Sep 13 '13, 3:05 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 237476
pictures of hycosomine
green capusule with the numbers 2732A on it ## This does not come back as Hycosomine, rather the number 2732 (with no A though) comes back as Norpace extended release capsules, (and are white and green and also say Searle on it). Norpace is a medication used to slow down the heart rate, put it back to normal. Side effects include confusion, chest pain, headache, among others. I don't know if I have identified your pill correctly. Sorry, I meant your capsule. If not, please let me knowif there is any other imprint on it. Thanks. ## Was just recently perscribed Hycosomine.. cant find anything online about side affects or what it is used for commonly ## ...
Updated 6 years ago in Norpace.
Thu, Jul 03 '08, 10:24 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 173363
Hay Debridat en Florida?
Where could I find Debridat pills ? I need to buy dome gor a treatment as doon as possible. Thanks ## From what I could gather, Debridat (trimebutine) isn't available in the U.S.; just the following countries: Mexico Peru Poland Romania Venezuela Vietnam Argentina Ecuador Italy Poland Portugal Singapore Switzerland Turkey Trimebutine belongs to the class of medications called spasmolytics. It is used to treat irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon). Have you considered searching for a similar alternative? There are other medications out there which can be used for the same purposes. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Tue, Aug 28 '12, 9:20 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 234917
finding a drug in greece
which is the substitute for CLAVIX-AS 75 I can get from Greece ## Hi, Victor! How are you? I don't know what's available in Greece, so I'm not sure what the name brand would be… However, the active ingredients in Clavix-AS are Clopidogrel and Aspirin, so what you could do is go to your doctor or a pharmacy and ask them for an equivalent medication with the same ingredients. You can learn more Clopidogrel details here and there are more Aspirin details here. This medication may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, stomach irritation and increased risk of bleeding. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Clopidogrel.
Sat, Jun 29 '13, 11:10 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 246596
sprintec water soluble?
I take sprintec, today was my last active pill and I think I dropped it in my coffee... Yeah, I'm a klutz. Would it have desolved in the coffee? I drank all my coffee but didn't find it (might have just swallowed it though). Recommendations? I feel like such an idiot... ## Hello, Mia! How are you? Oh, aren't these things just so much fun, some times? Your coffee would not neutralize the hormones, so if you drank it all, then you technically still got your dose. They are very tiny and do dissolve very fast. However, even if it wasn't in your coffee and you didn't get your dose, the disruption to your cycle shouldn't be too severe, but to be safe, make sure to take at least 7 active tablets from your new pack, before having unprotected intercourse. And be sure to d... ...
Updated 10 months ago in Sprintec.
Sat, Dec 28 '13, 8:36 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 252350
What Orcerin Is Used For
I am 59 yrs old and having problems like diabetic and knee pain. Doctos advised me to take Orein 60 mg daily. I hav just started the nedicine. Is there any side effects or contradiction with other nedicnes. ## Orcerin contains the active ingredient Diacerein, it is most commonly used to treat Osteoarthritis. The most common side effects, can include: nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and stomach irritation. As to the contraindications, I really don't have any information on that and it would depend on the specific medications you are asking about. Have you discussed this with your doctor? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Diabetes.
Sun, Jun 26 '11, 11:02 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 218087
Wellbutrin And Pristiq
I have been on pristique 50mg for 13 months now. The first 9 months I felt great but after that I feel that the pristique has started to wear off and going up to 100mg is no different. Today my doctor has reccomended that we add Wellbutrin 150mg in combo with the pristique. Has anyone taking this combo and if so how is it working for you? ## Have you tried adding the Wellbutrin yet? Learn more Wellbutrin details here. Learn more Pristiq details here. It's fairly common for several medications to be combined to best try and help someone, especially if they are treatment resistant, or have grown tolerant to one or more medications, as you have. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Wellbutrin.
Sun, Dec 23 '12, 6:57 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 239372
white round pill Y DP (.5mg)
small white round pill. package has Y-DP .5 printed on the outside. Wife takes it for panic attacks. Prescribed in Japan. ## Foreign medications are notoriously hard to track down, because they are not as strictly regulated as those in the U.S. Do you have an idea what they said it was? Being such a low-dose leads me to believe it is some type of Benzodiazepine, which are commonly used for panic attacks. ## Just to add a further guess, the DP gives me a hint that it may be Diazepam. The common side effects for this class of medications include; nausea, drowsiness, headache and irritability and here's a link to that medication: ...
Updated 3 years ago in Diazepam.
Fri, Dec 10 '10, 6:19 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 211683
Pill Id White Capsul AB 3
I ordered amlodipine/benazepril 5/20 mg cap. It was a pink pill with pill idy 931PAR. I got a white capsule with AB 3 as the pill I'd. Is this right? ## Yes, this capsule contains 5mgs of Amlodipine and 20mgs of Benazepril, which are both commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## The white capsule like pill with red markings a160myfm.f1 is Growth factor-9 a growth hormone. ...
Updated 1 month ago in Amlodipine.
Thu, Oct 09 '14, 3:44 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 226117
I Have Very Bad Tooth Ach
I have a very bad tooth ach and i have taken 2 500mlg lortabs and the pain hasnt even begin to barely go away would it hurt to take another one or take a vicodine please help cant handle the pain anymore ## Have you contacted your doctor, or a dentist? If the toothache is due to an infection, then it may be difficult to get pain relief, you are likely going to need an antibiotic. Both Lortab and Vicodin contain Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen, so continuing to take more isn't advisable, as it could result in overdose. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Lortab.
Mon, May 21 '12, 10:27 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 230902
Round White Searle 1421
HI I HAVE A MEDIUM SIZE WHITE PILL CALLED I WANT TO KNOW IF TAKEN BY MISTAKE WHAT EFFECTS I MIGHT GET ? I'M TOM I LIVE EDMONTON TODAY.S DATE NOV 10 2011 ## Hi Tom, "Searle 1421" is identified as Arthrotec (diclofenac sodium 75 mg + misoprostol 200 mcg). This medication is prescribed for treatment of arthritis symptoms while at the same time providing protection from the development of stomach and intestinal ulcers due to the arthritis medication. I can't really tell you how these drugs will effect you if ingested; medications can affect everyone differently, some people get great results from taking, but there are others that it doesn't work for and the only way to find out is to actually try it. Not that I recommend doing so. You can read more about this drug by fol... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Arthrotec.
Sat, Feb 25 '12, 7:12 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 224451
lupin s lisinopril 40 mg
Is it possible the generic versions differ depending on which company produces the same pill. In Ohio, I took 40 mg. of Lisinopril and my BP was consistently 113/62. I moved to KY, now I take Lupin's 40 Mg Lisinopril and I cannot get my BP down past 140/75...what is going on? Nothing has changed except the manufacturer. My weight is the same, I eat the same. I cannot figure this out. ## Hello, Roz! How are you? Yes, there can be slight fluctuations in the amount of the active ingredient from one generic to another. Alternatively, you may also have just become tolerant to the medication, so you may need a dosage adjustment or switch to a different medication. How long have you been taking it? Do you take any other medications? ...
Updated 1 month ago in Lisinopril.
Mon, Sep 29 '14, 2:48 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 274067
I have been on Fazaclo for 8 years. I have been dealing with an increase appitite that my doctors says is from the Fazaclo. I fight with food every day, all day long. I gained approx. 40 pounds and cannot get the weight off. I take this med for bi polar. Everytime I try and talk to my doctor he just commends me for sticking with it. I don't want to stick with it. I want off this drug and he will not work with me on how to wean off of it. Any suggestions? ## Hello, Prisilla! How are you doing? Sorry about the problems that you're having. Yes, weight gain is a very well known side effect of Fazaclo, along with night-time drooling, muscle stiffness, sedation and tremors. Learn more Fazaclo details here. Since it is such a potent medication, tapering would have to be done very, very... ...
Updated 11 months ago in Fazaclo.
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pristiq and weight loss
I have recently started taking pristiq (one week ago) 50 mgs a day and am very concerned that I may gain weight through taking this medication I am 19 yrs old and one of the main reasons for depression is weight issues etc and I am just wondering if anyone could please let me know if they experienced weight gain or weight loss? Ive lost 2 kilos in 2 weeks but dont know if this is because I started eating smaller portions recently or caused from medication also.. any comments welcome :) ## Hi sheree. I had lots of weight issues before I started pristiq 4years ago for anxiety and now they are worse. Yes my anxiety is gone but I gained 30 pounds practically all in my belly. I get aske if I'm pregnant at least once s month I hate it. I have tried to get off but it is very difficult lots... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Pristiq.
Sat, May 17 '14, 5:02 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 265058

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