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How To Gain 10 Kg Weight Within 15 Days
I AM 21 YEAR OLD I NEED TO GAIN 10 KG WEIGHTT WITHIN 15 DAYS .,i am too skinny,i m 6.1 ft long and my weight is 65 kg.i take healthy diet but it doesn't me please ## I am 22 years old girl.weight is only 34 kg.Doctor suggest me some vitamins,but my weight is not improving.I am getting thinner day by day.How can I able to gain weight early? ## I am 26 years of age and very small in stature... I used to use a drug called CYPRON to help me gain weight... It helped, but I was told it wasn't healthy for me that I needed to stop using it and eat well... The thing is I don't eat well and properly. And I decided to use OMEGA H3 to help but instead am becoming smaller and smaller. My weight is 50kg. Please what can I do? Has these drugs affected my growth? ## I am 26 years... ...
Updated 4 days ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
Sat, Jul 26 '14, 12:02 AM   110  Subscribe to thread 244150
Shortage of Vicodin 7.5-750 in Indiana?
I've tried many Walgreens and their all out of Vicodin 7.5-750 are we experiencing a shortage? ## No, there isn't a general shortage, per se, but there are other factors that may be at play. The first is that there are limits on how much any pharmacy can order in and have in stock each month. Until recently, pharmacies weren't following such guidelines, but the DEA has started cracking down this year to make them abide by the regulations. And the second issue is that the FDA has requested that the Acetaminophen in all of these combination medications be lowered to a maximum of 325mgs per dose, due to the risk of toxicity that can be associated with overdose and the liver/damage or failure that can be caused from long-term use of high amounts. Some manufacturers have already ... ...
Updated 11 months ago in Vicodin.
Thu, Aug 22 '13, 2:49 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 250830
dilaudid is in what class of narcotic
I need to know what class of narcotic dilaudid is in? ## I found out 1st of all,that dilaudid is a SCHEDULE 2 narcotic and not a CLASS 2. Shows how much I know about Rx drugs. Thanks for keeping me informed. I will definitely be back to this site when I have anymore questions or concerns. ## Hello, Sassie! I'm glad you saw my other post. To give you a bit more clarification for future reference all controlled substances fit somewhere in the 5 Schedules. Schedule 5 are those that aren't considered to have much addictive or abusive potential, such as narcotic cough medications or some anticonvulsants, while Schedule 1 are those that are considered severely dangerous and which have no valid medical use. But a drug class is actually the category they fall into, such as antibiotics, ... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Dilaudid.
Thu, Jun 26 '14, 4:10 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 267259
Alprostadil What is a foreign source?
What is a foreign source of alprostadil? ## Based on my research, Alprostadil brands in India consist of: Alpostin, Prostin VR (injection), Bioglandin (injection). This is just to name a few, but I'm certain there are plenty more options for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) out there on the market right now that may be just as effective or better without having to order from overseas. May I ask why you are looking for a foreign source and not just something local and easy to obtain? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Alprostadil.
Thu, Mar 28 '13, 12:55 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 244848
urinary tract agent uta blue capsule
shiny blue capsule used to releif uti`s no nos. on it plain blue cap. turns urine green i need to know how many you take daily? ## Please follow your doctor's directions. ...
Updated 5 years ago.
Thu, Sep 25 '08, 2:30 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 184131
yellow capsule with either 118 or 116
yellow capsule with either 118 or 116 ## Are there any other markings on it? Does it have APO on it? Is it a gel like capsule? I did find a pill with similar markings and it's called Terazosin, which is used for treatment of symptoms of an enlarged prostate. To learn more about this drug click on the link below... ...
Updated 5 years ago in Terazosin.
Wed, Jan 28 '09, 5:48 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 186859
HAS ANY1 TAKEN THE 2 2GTHER? I TAKE 3 10MG/325 A DAY WHICH IS PRESCRIBED, N I'VE JUST BEEN PRESCRIBED 20MG ADDERALLS, IS IT GOING 2 AFFECT OR CHANGE HOW THEY WORK INDIVIDUALLY? ALSO, IN MY P.M. CONTRACT, AMPHETIMINES R 1 OF THE THINGS TESTED 4 N U.I.; WILL THIS B A CONCERN OR CAUSE 2 STOP MY PRESCRIPTION, CAUSE I DO HAVE CHRONIC PAIN, BUT WOULD BENEFIT FROM THE ADDERALL FOR MY FOCUS N ANXIETY. THNX 4 ANY REPLIES N INSIGHT ## I MEANT U.A., NOT U.I ## Based on my research, there aren't any interactions found between Percocet and Adderall. This doesn't necessarily mean that no interactions exist, but my references state that every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate. I wouldn't be worried about a U.A. if you have been prescribed both of ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Percocet.
Fri, Feb 01 '13, 9:45 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 224464
shaking hands while doing practical
My hands used to shake whenever i do any microbiology practical. Can i get any help?? I want to cure it. ## Hello, Abelo! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you've been having. Is that the only time it happens? Have you consulted your doctor? If it only occurs then, it is most likely due to your being nervous and you may just need to find a way to calm yourself and relax. ...
Updated 4 months ago.
Mon, Mar 24 '14, 11:22 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 261832
Niaspan, Slo-Niacin, extended release.
My, soon to be, former doctor told me that over-the-counter Slo-Niacin damages the liver while Niaspan does not but he cited no research. I have read, again without citing research, that any kind of extended release tablet is harmful. Any comments? ## Well Niaspam is just a name brand for a pill that is just Niacin, so that really doesn't make sense. Any pill processed through the liver can cause damage and that is over 90% of them on the market. Niacin does not instantly damage the liver at any dose, you have to continue taking it at high doses. ## i am currently taking ciprofloxacin for my kidney and bladder infection. can i take slo niacin 30 minutes or 1 hour after taking it? thanks. ## also, can i take ciprofloxacin simultaneously with metformin and lisinopril or amlodipine? ta... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Slo-Niacin.
Thu, Sep 06 '12, 7:13 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 174987
Levothyroxine Furosemide Together
Can levothyroxine and furosemide be taken together? I take 88mg of Levothyroxine and 40 MG of furosemide ## From what I'm finding, the two can safely be taken together, though you may want to double check this information to be certain. Learn more Levothyroxine details here. Learn more Furosemide details here. Are you new to taking these? ## DUE TO A FUNKY ODOR WHEN URINATING,GIVEN 2%vaginal cream 2xda.for of 3x in about 1/1/2 mo. no other sympyons. i still smell A LITTLE it's not right. i am 64yrs.old and never had any thing like this? diagnosis?bacterial vaginosis. discuss! ...
Updated 1 year ago in Levothyroxine.
Tue, Feb 05 '13, 10:27 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 242250
where can you find arthri d in ireland
Looking to get artri d in Republic of Ireland. My seventeen year old son had knee injury two years ago. Nobody knows why he is in pain and can do nothing for him. Would these tablets help? ## Hello, Majella! How is your son doing? Sorry that he's in pain. However, as to this product, I have to admit that though many people have asked about it, I've been unable to find specific information on it and what it contains, so I have no answer for you. What type of doctors has he been seeing for it? Has he tried any physical therapy? ## wondering please where i can get arthri-d3 in ireland thanks ...
Updated 4 months ago.
Mon, Mar 24 '14, 4:58 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 256074
Benedryl Caps 44 101 Dosage For Adult
what is the dosage for adult 71 yrs old ## Hi sylvia, The usual adult dose of Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) tends to vary slightly depending on what you're using it for. In most common cases though, I found it to be: 25 to 50 mg orally every 4 to 6 hours as needed, & not to exceed 300 mg within a 24 hour time period. Learn More: Diphenhydramine Details I hope this helps! :) ...
Updated 1 year ago in Diphenhydramine.
Sat, Dec 29 '12, 12:11 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 240567
Is There Any Gelatin In Prenatel Plus
Is there any gelatin in Prenatel plus tablet? and if there is what is the source.Is it from cow, fish or lord. Thsnk You ## Which manufacturer's product are you asking about? There are several on the market that are sold under the name prenatal plus, so I can't find the answer to your question, without knowing more specifics. Also, what country are they from? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Gelatin.
Sat, Mar 31 '12, 3:44 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 225584
took althea pills after intercourse
I drank 2 Althea pills immediately right after intercourse. This will prevent me from getting pregnant right? I've been taking it until today but my period hasn't come yet and it's been two weeks. Before the intercourse I am already 2 days late. withdrawal method. ## Hello, Nrebul! How are you? No, oral contraceptives, such as Althea, will only prevent pregnancy if you take the right dosage of them within 24 hours of unprotected intercourse. You can't just casually take 2 and expect it to work. Have you been checked for pregnancy, yet? Have you consulted your doctor? If you're not pregnant, then I suggest you start taking Althea, or another contraceptive regularly every day to prevent such scares in the future. ## Hi Verwon! Thank you for your response, I really real... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Birth Control / Contraceptive.
Tue, Apr 08 '14, 3:13 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 254794
HAVE to stop taking lo loestrin fe NOW
Help please! 38 years old, fibromyalgia, 3 children aged 18, 14, and 5. Unfortunately, I am a smoker. I had the Essure procedure it become sterile. The doctore put me on Lo Loestren FE until I take the test to confirm I am sterile. I have been on this pill for 5 months and I can't stand myself. I had breakthrough bleeding the first two and the doctor gave me samples and told me to take 2 pills a day. The breakthrough bleeding has stopped. I am so depressed to the point I question why I am here. I have gained 15 pounds so far, irritable, bloated, and my headaches are worse. I can dal with everything but the severe depression. I want to stop taking these pills NOW. I am 7 days into a new pack. Is it ok to just stop RIGHT NOW?? Can anymore help? ## Hi, Lilred! Sorry you're so miser... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Mon, Jun 24 '13, 3:32 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 248115
glutaphos tablet dosage-brain alert
glutaphos dosage ## i wanna know the dosage please..tnx ## This medication is unavailable in the U.S. and I am sorry to say that other countries do not regulate their prescription drugs as strictly as the FDA does. That said, finding information on them is very difficult, since there are no databases which list them all, like there are for U.S. prescription drugs. The only thing I can suggest is that you try asking your doctor or pharmacist for more information. ## i wanna know the disadvantages and advantages of taking the glutaphos tablet ## where can i get some so i can take my test ## im recently taking this medicine, but unfortunately it has a side effect of dizziness and headache to me so i stop taking.. ## it's really effective. I got high score during exams when I took this ... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
Sat, Jan 04 '14, 12:47 PM   15  Subscribe to thread 176011
Prepopik is by far THE BEST BOWEL PREP!!!!!!
Prepopik is by far the best and most tolerable bowel prep for colonoscopy! I have tried 3 others in the past, including the pill form, and this new prep was the best for the following reasons: 1. Split dosing, 5 ozs, 5 hours apart. Least amount to have to get down (10 ozs total) 2. No salty, gritty taste. Not thick, actually tastes just like orange soda, very palatable! The prep is what hindered me in going back for my follow up c'scpe until now. ...
Updated 7 months ago in Prepopik.
Tue, Dec 03 '13, 4:03 PM   0 
Find A Doctor For Xanax Orange County
im very stressed and depressed cant sleep ## If you suffer from anxiety/depression and need a Benzodiazepine class medication (like Xanax), your best bet it usually to see a psychiatrist, rather than a regular medical doctor. They are better trained in the types of medications that handle these problems and many general physicians are reluctant to prescribe controlled substances due to abuse and the heavy regulations that they have to abide by from the government. Some advice I can give you is to not specifically ask for any certain medication when you see a new doctor. Make sure to transfer or take a copy of all your medical records with you. Then, the best approach is to discuss what has and hasn't worked for you in the past. Most doctors will take it under consideration, if they ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Xanax.
Wed, Feb 29 '12, 11:07 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 228020
sertraline and norpseudoephedrine
can I take sertraline and norpseudoephedrine together? are there any dangers? ## Help, Yola! How are you? The biggest issue here is taking the Norpseudoephedrine if you're being treated for conditions like depression and anxiety with the Sertraline. It tends to be stimulating, so it can cause insomnia, elevated heart rate and etc. then a crash, when it starts to wear off that could cause anxiety and depression. It might be best not to use it, without your doctor's approval. Are there any other questions or concerns? ...
Updated 29 days ago in Sertraline.
Mon, Jun 30 '14, 5:49 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 263560
Looking for Pain Doc in Dallas TX area
Looking for Doc in Dallas TX area that is liberal with the pain meds. Any help would be greatly appreciated ## Hi ToddG, I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in locating pain management doctors within your general area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results: You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another: Many of the results you find (in one or both of the links above) also list a phone number for that specific doctor; I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they are accepting new patients; some aren't, but most u... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Vicodin.
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