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synap fort
I had Shingles, & this was prescribed for pain. All blisters have dried up, but the pain is worse than ever. I did get a repeat of the prescription, but it is not as effective any longer. I am also having difficulty in sleeping. Are these tablets keeping me awake? Why are they no longer effective? ## I suffer from a nerve pain around my mouth. It gets so painful i have never had such a pain before. The doctor prescribed synap forte for ten days. Can the pain go away for ever with this prescription or i am expected to live with the pain and the tablets? ## Synap Forte contains Paracetamol (Acetaminophen), Propoxyphene, caffeine and diphenhydramine. This is a mild, narcotic pain reliever. Some common side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipaion. You can read... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Paracetamol.
Sat, Feb 11 '12, 9:46 AM   20  Subscribe to thread 181649
Is Cipro A White Round Pill With Ww927
cipro or bactrim- i am not sure-ww927 are the markings and it is white and round ## This tablet contains 250mgs of the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin. Learn more Ciprofloxacin details here. Bactrim tablets contain 2 ingredients, Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim, so they are typically larger, oval shaped tablets. Learn more Bactrim details here. Are there any other questions I can help with? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Cipro.
Thu, Jul 19 '12, 9:28 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 233237
Levoxyl ingredient list
List of all ingredients in 50 mcg white tablet ## Levoxyl contains the active ingredient Levothyroxine, which is a thyroid hormone. There are actually at least a few different 50 mcg white tablets, so I'm only going to post the inactive ingredients of one of them, so you can get an idea of what else they put in their. Inactive Ingredients: butylated hydroxyanisole silicon dioxide crospovidone magnesium stearate mannitol microcrystalline cellulose povidone sodium lauryl sulfate sucrose I hope this helps to answer your question! ## In the name brand Levoxyl, aside from the Levothyroxine active ingredient, the inactive ingredients are listed as: Microcystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium and magnesium stearate. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Levoxyl.
Mon, May 28 '12, 12:55 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 231116
pill is round and flat color white
i am taking amlodipine besylate 5mgone side of my pill is ig and 238 i also have one pill that is54 on one side 771 on other side is this the same pill amlodipine besylate 5mg tab ## Yes, both of these tablets contain 5mgs of Amlodipine, a calcium channel blockers used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and dry cough. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## yes that help me i thought i was taking the wrong pill because i pour the flat pills in with the round ones thank you ...
Updated 3 years ago in Amlodipine.
Wed, Aug 31 '11, 7:27 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 221887
addnok n
A person taking addnok-n feeling little bit swelling on his face just minor swelling . What is the reason of this swelling is this because of addnok or any other reason behind this. He is taking 2 tablets per day and one maxmala capsule as doctor prescribed him. ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Thu, Jul 03 '14, 5:13 AM   0 
LITTLE WHITE PILL E 65 ## CLONAZEPAM (Klonopin® Wafer) is a benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines belong to a group of medicines that slow down the central nervous system. Clonazepam orally disintegrating tablets are effective in treating a mental health condition called panic disorder. Federal law prohibits the transfer of clonazepam to any person other than the patient for whom it was prescribed. Do not share this medicine with anyone else. 2mg ...
Updated 6 years ago in Clonazepam.
Sat, Nov 24 '07, 7:31 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 178041
Flu injection
When I have the common flu injection, the next day I start flu synptoms which goes on for weeks.As I am on sintrom and other Rythmonorm tablets, does this have anything to do with this situation? I also have Priola injection (60mg) every six months for my bones.Is there any side effects with the other tablets? ## Hi Araxi! Sometimes when people get the flu shot they can get flu symptoms. It doesn't happen to every one but it does to some people. Call your doctor if you feel that bad. He can answer all your questions. I hope you feel better. ...
Updated 2 months ago in Sintrom.
Fri, Jul 25 '14, 6:09 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 269578
how to take ethergen
Does anyone know how to take ethergen pills , ie how many a day , what time of day ? ## These are Ephedrine tablets. This product has been banned in the U.S. due to the very serious health risks that it causes. It had led to severe organ damage, mainly to the heart, for many people that have used it. There have also been deaths, because it can accelerate the heart rate so much that it leads to heart attack. If you want to lose weight, it is best to do it in a safe and healthy manner, using proper diet and exercise. If you need a medical boost, you should see your doctor. Are there any comments or questions? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Ephedrine.
Thu, Dec 30 '10, 3:42 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 211061
L595 Pill
This is a generic Hearburn Pills, just like Tums ## That is correct, this contains 1000mgs of Calcium Carbonate, it is a generic or store brand of Tums, used to treat heartburn, acid reflux and some other conditions. There are chewable tablets and the colors vary, depending on flavor. Are there any questions or comments? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Tums.
Sun, Apr 24 '11, 9:40 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 216719
yellow dye/tartrazine in qualitest hydrocodone 10 325
Is the yellow dye in the Qualitest hydrocodone tablets tartrazine, aka FD & C yellow # 5? Many people, myself included, are highly sensitive to this dye. Lots of manufacturers still use it, for unknown reasons. But some have switched to an iron compound for the yellow color (who needs it?!). I have spent much time online trying to get this info, to no avail. If anyone knows, your response would be greatly appreciated! ## Hello, Bluecat! How are you? Actually, it is listed as being FD&C yellow #6. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My son-in-law takes the yellow Norcos. Then one day, he picked up his meds ... ...
Updated 5 days ago in Hydrocodone.
Mon, Oct 20 '14, 2:30 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 266820
actavis percocet does not work
Actavis percocet is doing nothing for my pain im bout to die from horrible pain help ## Hello, Misty! How are you? Many people have complained about these tablets. The best suggestion I can make is to speak to your doctor, they may be able to prescribe an alternative medication that you can use for awhile. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. How long have you been taking it? ## The Actavis percocet is the worst generic out there now. You should read other blogs about this terrible generic it is totally no good and needs to be re-called. You are not alone as there are many of us in pain now from not being able to get our usual percocet by Watson. You must c... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Percocet.
Sun, Aug 31 '14, 12:38 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 266383
dronis 20
Hi, I had irregular periods problem from the time i matured. I took treatment but that was never cured. Now I am married for 4 months. I met a gynaecologist in Apr and she put me on Dronis 20 to regularise my periods but when i started the tablets from the 1st day of my periods and completed all the 24 tablets but my periods has not stopped for 29 days now. i had trapic MF in between for 3 days (10 tabs),to stop but it never helped. From today i am on Regestrone 5mg to stop my periods for 3 weeks. and later when my periods starts in june again from 5th day i would be on Yasmin (27 Tablets). Now can u tell me if i am on proper medication or should i change my doctor. I am worried a lot. will my problem be solved. or did i get tghis problem due to Dronis 20? Please suggest. ## I am not a ... ...
Updated 5 years ago in Yasmin.
Thu, May 21 '09, 5:19 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 191002
Alterntate for Aztor
1). Is Atorec-10 tablet equivallent to Aztor-10. 2) If I take Atorec-10 and Clopitab-75mg i feel stomach ache and turns to Gastric effect kindly suggest any alternate tablets to avoid this side effects. ...
Updated 10 months ago.
Sun, Dec 15 '13, 9:41 PM   0 
Is this drug gluten free?
Please help me, I am gluten intolerant and do not know what binder is used in this Rx medication. ## Hi Joe, Since each company puts different fillers or inactive ingredients into their tablets, the answer to this question is largely dependent on who the manufacturer of the pill is. Would you happen to know this information based on your prescription bottle? One source I found suggests that it is Par Pharmaceutical Inc.; however it is likely that there are more than just one manufacturer and distributer of the medication. I would encourage you to post back with a pill imprint and/or the name of the manufacturer so I can look up their contact information and get back to you with more details. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Hydralazine + Hydrochlorothiazide, HCTZ.
Wed, Mar 07 '12, 9:33 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 228286
pantoci hp kit
hi , ramesh here . i am having burning sensation in my stomach from past one year. Last week i had endoscopy . It was found that i have acute duodenal ulcer. I have been suggested to take pantocid hp kit for seven days. I started taking the pantocid hp tablets morning and in the night after food. Can you please give the details of that drug ? I use to get bitter taste all the day after taking the tablets. Can you please give the details ? ## Hi, I am Selvi here, I have been prescribed Pantocid -HP kit for Auto Immune Thyroditis. I would like to know how this tablet will help me in treating this disease. I have also heard this Pantocid -HP will eradicate H.Pylori Infection which is related to Auto Immune Thyroditis ## I AM TAKING FLUDAC 20 FROM LAST 20 YEARS. MAY I KNOW SIDE EFFACTS. ## ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Ulcer.
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what is this 5k1
i went to my doctore to get help with sleeping, and she prescribed me with this supposed 5k1 temazepam tablet. its white round with a line on 1 side and 5k1 imprinted on the other, i'v looked everywhere, the tablets not recorded anywhere ...
Updated 5 years ago in Temazepam.
Fri, Oct 09 '09, 3:26 AM   0 
generic vicodin
small oblong tablet with M357 on one side. Is this vicodin? If so, what dosage? ## I found a white oblong pill marked with m357. What is it ## It is the generic equivalent.It is 500 of acedimediphen (like tylenol ) and hydrocodone (pain reliever) ## In my house, I found two white tablets wrapped with plastic. On each tablet, there is a letter M followed by 367. What kind of drug is this. Thank you ## M367 contains 10mgs of Hydrocodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen. M357 contains 5mgs of Hydrocodone and 500mgs of Acetaminophen. There are both generics of Vicodin or Norco, narcotic pain relievers. Some of the most common side effects include nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. You can read more about this medication here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Vicodin.
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how to change to althea pills
Im using lady pill for almost 6 months and i really gain weight. I want to switch to althea. How will i start?lady has 28 tablets while althea only 21. ## Hello, Shane! How are you? Just do a smooth switch, unless your doctor has instructed otherwise. You'd just start the Althea tablets on the same day that you'd start a new pack of the Lady pills, then the week of your period, you just don't take any. Is there anything else I can help with? ## .same kmi ng situation taking lady pills and gsto q sana mgchange to althea tomorow ung last pill q ng lady and sun din ung frst pill ng okay lng b tlga mgchnge agad..? Same din ba n need mg condoms within 7 days?? ## Kung mgchnge po ako ng pill from lady to althea need p rin po b ng condom for d nxt 7days dun po s... ...
Updated 7 days ago.
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white pill
round on one side it has DAN on the other 5307 ## could u please tell me the name of this pill? ## PROMETHAZINE HCl TABLETS 25 mg ...
Updated 8 years ago in Cafergot.
Fri, Oct 28 '05, 2:10 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 159529
white round 44/104
A white round pill identified as 44 104 is a percocet 5/325. ## It is very important that this be clarified. Tablets with a 44 on them that is then followed by 3 additional numbers are over the counter products, they are not prescription medications of any type! The tablet with the 44 104 on it only contains 325mgs of Acetaminophen, it is a generic or store brand of Tylenol. Learn more Acetaminophen details here. Are there any questions or comments? ...
Updated 11 months ago in Percocet.
Wed, Nov 13 '13, 11:22 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 255311

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