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Leg Cramping

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leg cramping
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I have been on viville hormone patch for over 5 years and my doctor tells me minniville hormone patch is taking it's place, when I change I started getting leg cramps. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Fri, Aug 02 '13, 2:41 AM
leg cramps
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I have been taking simvastatin for 2 months. My legs and feet cramp terrible. Does anyone else have this problem? If so what can I do for relief? ## Simvastatin, the generic for Zocor, is commonly used to help lower cholesterol. Unfortunately, many people experience side effects from Statin medications. That said, muscle cramping is listed as a rare side effect, this means you should contact your doctor immediately to report it to them. You may require a dosage or medication change. You can read more on the medication here: Have you mentioned this to your doctor, yet? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Simvastatin.
Mon, Dec 21 '09, 11:27 AM
Restless legs
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Having cramps in my legs in the day time and as I sleep what can I do? ## RLS and leg cramping are 2 different things. RLS constitutes the uncontrollable urge to move your legs, mainly while sleeping and not just cramping. If you're just experiencing cramping, then there is most likely an underlying cause, such as being deficient in Potassium and adding a supplement can help, but it shouldn't be done without your doctors approval. Learn more Potassium details here. Another thing that may cause it is dehydration. Have you been more active than usual? ## I have it in my arms and legs, Oxycodone does zap it! Gone 5 mg but I'm so afraid of addiction, I'm thinking of asking for Medical marihuana see can't even spell that lack of sleep Because I'm afraid of ... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Oxycodone.
Wed, Sep 10 '14, 9:27 PM
Neurobion 5000 for leg cramp?
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Is Neurobion 5000 effective in relieving leg cramp? ## Neurobion is a multivitamin nutritional supplement, thus it will only help if the cramping has been caused by a deficiency in one of the vital nutrients it contains. Learn more vitamin details here. Are they night time leg cramps, or do they just happen randomly throughout the day? ## I get thse severe leg cramps in one leg everynight it like burns in the calves ## No only at night, never during the day. It only happens when I wear heavy safety boots during the day at work. Thanks for your answer. Alain ## I am a 71 year old type 2 diabetic.Doctor in my home country told me to take one tablet of neurobion daily to prevent some of the micro vascular complications .I wonder if neurobio tablets are available in canada ...
Updated 2 years ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
Thu, Feb 14 '13, 8:59 PM
Dehydration causing leg cramps
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Could Zanidip be causing leg cramps at night. I am either up with leg cramps or up to the toilet. I drink 2 lts of water a day, and if that drops even the smallest bit, the cramps get worse. Something is dehydrating me. ## Zanidip contains the active ingredient Lercanidipine, it is a calcium channel blocker that is most commonly used to treat high blood pressure, but is also effective at treating certain cardiac conditions. By their very nature, many of these medications increase urinary output and can cause dehydration. However, another thing that could be causing the leg cramping is low potassium levels. Some of these medications can cause it and it will cause leg cramps, just as easily as the dehydration. It could even be a combination of both, with one problem feeding the other. Hav... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Zanidip.
Thu, Dec 29 '11, 1:36 PM
xarelto and leg and stomach pain
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I was on Coumadin for 7 yrs and doc offered xarelto with no testing. I've been on it a month and terrible stomach burning that makes me doubke over and constant leg cramps. ## Hello, Susanne! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having. However, you are not the first person to report such issues with Xarelto. There have been many complaints about it and quite a few people had to stop taking it. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, increased risk of bleeding and headache. Have you tried anything to alleviate the stomach issue? Are you taking it on an empty stomach? ## I have not had the "stomach cramping" however, after being on Xarelto since September 2014 I have gain 30lbs. My stomach is fully extended and painful. I can eat much food wit... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Xarelto.
Thu, Jan 22 '15, 9:13 PM
Please Lemme Know What Medication Is Advisable For This Problem As I Feel Pain In The Bottom Part Of My Body Both Legs Was Also Suggested To T
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please lemme know what medication is advisable for this problem as i feel pain in the bottom part of my body in my both legs i was also suggested to take Ubicar but its not working and the pain increases more wen i sleep plzz advice.. ## What type of pain? Is it a dull ache, sharp pains, cramping? I couldn't find anything listed under the name Ubicar, do you know where it's from and what the active ingredient in it is? Have you consulted a doctor to get a diagnosis on what's causing the pain? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Tue, Aug 28 '12, 5:44 PM
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cramping of the legs ## What are the side effects of potassium? ## too much will make your heart have irregular beats. too little, will make you cramp ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Thu, Jun 21 '12, 10:51 AM
pill with hh 113
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Does it cause every morning leg cramping? ## Hello, Dottie! How are you? Sorry about the cramping. This tablet contains 100mgs of Losartan, which is an ARB that's used to help treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Learn more Losartan details here. And yes, it has been known to cause muscle cramping. That has to be very annoying and you should talk to your doctor about trying a different medication. Most side effects wear off after about 4 to 6 weeks, once your body gets used to a medication, but I can't imaging living with it for that long, when there are so many other options out there that you can try. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Losartan.
Fri, Sep 27 '13, 4:30 PM
triamterene 75 mg
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Has anyone else experienced leg cramping all night long with this medicine. It's like a charlie horse cramping and it goes every 20 seconds all night long. I also take cozaar. ## Yes, I have experienced charlie horse cramping in my legs since using this medication. Not often but yes. ## IVE BEEN HAVING THE CHARLIE HORSE CRAMPS IN MY LEGS TOO....I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME... ## I just checked the monograph and this is not listed as a common/normal side effect. You may want to speak to the prescribing doctor regarding this, there are other options that could be prescribed that may not cause the same problem. A lot of time, nightime leg cramps are caused by a loss of Potassium in the body, however, this is SUPPOSED to be a Potassium sparing diuretic, so it really makes no sense. ## This ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Maxzide.
Fri, Dec 28 '12, 11:08 AM
Septra800 160mg
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i experienced severe cramping in arms ans both legs taking this medication is that a knowm side-effect with this drug ## Hi Glenda, Based on my research, Septra (Trimethoprim + Sulfamethoxazole) does list "joint aches" as a potentially severe side effect that you should contact your doctor about immediately. Ref: If anything, your doctor may simply have you change dosages or switch medications to something more tolerable. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Sulfamethoxazole + Trimethoprim Details I hope this info helps to answer your question! ...
Updated 1 year ago in Septra.
Fri, May 31 '13, 6:53 PM
Savella For Fybromyalgia
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I am getting off Savella , due to sever leg & hand cramping, nausea, fast irregular heartbeat, and trouble sleeping. Savella did help me with the Fybromyalgia pain for the first 2 months and it was great not to feel pain, but now as other medications " The Thrill is Gone". I am still having the leg cramping ; how long will that go on ??? ## Since you were on it for a few months, it may take about a month for your body to adjust to no longer having it and for the effects to taper off, so things return to normal. Will you be trying something different, now? ## Well, I don't know what my Doctor is going to offer now. I have tried most of all the new medications but it seems that I get all the side effects to them . When the pain level gets to a 10 then I go to the ER & ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Savella.
Wed, May 23 '12, 5:04 PM
Can Quinine Bladder Problems
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Im taking tonic water with quinine for cramping in my feet and legs and it helps but I have to empty my bladder all the time and it hard to hold. ## Hi maggie, In my honest opinion the side effect list for Quinine is pretty nerve racking. And although I didn't see a mention of any bladder-related concerns, I do have reason to suspect that one or more other side effects of this drug may be indirectly causing it: nausea restlessness difficulty hearing or ringing in the ears confusion nervousness rash hives itching flushing hoarseness difficulty breathing or swallowing swelling of the face, throat, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles or lower legs fever blisters stomach pain vomiting diarrhea blurriness or changes in color vision inability to hear or see faintness easy bruising purple, bro... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Quinine.
Sat, Dec 15 '12, 11:05 PM
Etodolac side effect
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Has anyone experienced extremely severe charlie horses/cramps in their legs and ankles while on this drug? I had to stop taking it because the pain from the cramping was horrible. Is this a known side effect? ## can this med cause bad diareia ## I havent noticed cramping in my legs but at one point of taking it there have been a few times it has given me severe stomach cramps. You're supposed to take it with food and or milk and i did maybe i ate light thoes days but I've gotten stomach cramps from this drug. ...
Updated 8 years ago in Etodolac.
Tue, Apr 18 '06, 6:14 PM
can mecobalamin help me.
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Hellllloooo, my legs and my hands become stiff when I hang or do not position them well. And I learnt that, this can lead to stroke. How can mecobalamin help me. ## Hello, Extrovert! How are you? No, such a thing will not lead to a stroke. Everyone gets stiffness and cramping, now and then and, while it can be uncomfortable, it isn't dangerous. Methylcobalamin is classified by the FDA as a B vitamin supplement, so while it is good for you and your body needs some of it each day, it doesn't actually treat or prevent muscle cramping, stiffness or stroke. Have you consulted a doctor? ...
Updated 8 days ago in Stroke.
Fri, Mar 20 '15, 6:02 PM
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I have just started taking Savella but very quickly noticed cramps in my feet and legs. Anyone else have this side effect? ## Savella contains the active ingredient Milnaciprin, it is an SNRI antidepressant that is also used to treat Fibroyalgia. Yes, muscle cramping has been a reported side effect, along with: nausea, drowsiness and dry mouth. Read more: Does anyone else have experience using this medication? ## I started taking Savella just Wednesday and after my evening dose (pill#2) I went to bed 1 hour later and had the most horrible foot cramps and cold feet I thought I was going to die, but I put a heating pad on and layed completely flat and it helped. I just thought it was the weirdest side effect not listed. So dont think you are crazy cause I got it too. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Savella.
Thu, May 12 '11, 8:19 AM
Accord simvistatin 40
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My husband takes Accord simvastatin 40 but he has been told by Lloyds pharmacist that these are no longer available. Accord are the only ones that do not cause "cramping" in his legs. Have they been withdrawn or are they still available? The present ones he is using are TEVA ,made in Hungary, which cause a "hangover" type headache in the mornings. ## Hi Pamela, I'm having trouble finding any information in regards to Accord Simvastatin being withdrawn from the market. Maybe it just isn't available at that specific pharmacy, have you tried calling other pharmacies in the area to see if they carry it? I'm sorry that the ones from TEVA cause problems, I wish I knew how to help. Has your husband made any changes to his diet or exercise routine to help lower chole... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Simvastatin.
Tue, Jul 30 '13, 3:51 PM
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pliva ## This is Pentoxifylline Extended Release 400mgs, a generic for Trental. This is used to keep red blood cells more felixible and to thin the blood. It helps to relieve the cramping associated with poor leg vein circulation. ...
Updated 8 years ago in Pentoxifylline.
Mon, May 22 '06, 4:08 AM
Estrogen Methyltestos Side Effects
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can lghtheadedness and feeling of fainting and leg cramps a side effecf. i fell faint almost every day in addition my sweating restarted again after 68 days since i start this meds. Also hand and feet are clamy and sweaty the last 2 weeks coinsided with the symtoms above. is 4his normal side effect ## No, the leg cramping and feeling like you're going to faint don't sound like typical hormonal side effects. Learn more hormone details here. I'd really suggest talking to your doctor, this may not be the right medication for you, or you may need a dosage adjustment and you should really have the other symptoms checked out. Is it just sweating, or a full hot flash? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Sat, Oct 27 '12, 4:31 PM
Uses Of Hyospan Pills
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having severe headache on left side and pains in my muscles especially my legs and arms ## i used hyospan tablets during my period time. my perion is so painful. that's why, is it harm ful to me?can i used it during my period time? ## Hyospan contains the active ingredient Hyoscine/Butylscopolamine, it is commonly used to treat nausea, motion sickness and intestinal cramping. Have either of your consulted your doctors? It is really doubtful that this medication will actually help with either of the problems you are asking about. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
Sat, Jun 25 '11, 11:22 AM

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