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Sprintec bc
I started sprintec a week ago, I've never taken bc before. I took the first blue pill in the pack before I got my period, my doc said to take the Sunday after my period but I didn't wait, I started taking it when I bought them, now im late and I just had a single spot of blood in my undies. Is this normal for a person to miss a period and when do I take the white pills? Do I have to stop the blue ones and take the white ones inorder to have a period? ## I will explain a few things, so hopefully this will clear up your questions for you. The reason your doctor tells you to start them the first day of your period is so that you will be immediately protected against pregnancy. If you start at any other time, you must take the pills daily, for at least 7 days, to be protected. Howev... ...
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Copper T inserted 3 months ago.
Hi Am 32 Yr Old Married Lady With 1 Kid And 3 Months Back Got Copper T Inserted The Position Checked For Correctness 2 Ago It Was Ok My Periods Were Regular Last This Is 3rd Month From Cu Insertion Late By 5 Days To Get Hope 100 Safe Pl Help Advs ...
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Mon, Mar 11 '13, 12:05 AM   0 
Irregular Menstrual
Hi, I am 44 years old. My menses late for 20 days and the doctor prescribe me sunolut 5mg for 5 days. It had been 3 days after I last take the pills but my menses still not yet come. What should I do?? ## Have you had any other symptoms over the past few months, such as bleeding heavier than usual? Having clotting during your period? Having it arrive earlier or later than expected? Experiencing cramps? Feeling irritable or emotional? If it's been confirmed that you aren't pregnant and this hormone hasn't worked, then it's highly possible that you're in perimenopause, you are at the right age for it. It is a phase that can start between the ages of 30 to 50 in which your hormone levels start to change, as a natural part of the female aging process. irregular periods, ... ...
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Pills Femilon
i m having these pills for the last 3months. but this month i got mi periods thrice. back to back... what should i do.di i ve any problem...pls let me knw... ## Dr. Prescribed me femilon medicines but it has alot of side effects let me clarify dat these medicines are safe r nt.and i used last month divery10mg later i got my periods and next month my date crosd by til ididnt got my periods,and iwas ababy of10mnths i feeds da baby ...
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i take my pill regularly, and dont miss, but all of a sudden, i am only spotting for one day.
I have been on Lo-loestrin since February of 2012. Every month since then I have had two periods a month. Until this month... I was late starting my period, and when I finally started it, I only spotted for one day. Could I be pregnant? ## If you haven't missed any pills, then it isn't very likely that you're pregnant. But these are hormonal based contraceptives, so they can cause menstrual irregularities. Learn more oral contraceptive details here. Have you contacted your doctor? With 2 periods a month and then this one also being unusual, you may just need to try a different birth control pill. ...
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bleeding while taking the pills
I started my first Lo Loestrin Fe pack last week due to long period of bleeding, it lasted about a month but not too heavy. When I had my first pill, the period did not lessen, so i had two pills a day and it finally lessened to a little spot everyday. Just last night, i took the pill two hours late, and today, I started bleeding again, pretty heavily too. What should I do now? I took the pill today though. ## Hi, Amy! Sorry about the problem that you're having. However, only your doctor is really going to be able to help you. In most cases, bleeding like that is caused by being low in Progesterone and your doctor can do tests to check your levels of it. If that's what's causing it, then simply supplementing it back may help, rather than taking a combined oral contraceptive.... ...
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i am having irregular period date is not fixed tym i was suggst my doctor nd she was gvng me medicne and it was 3 months course nd i apply it then by using those medicnes i was hvng a reguar periods....then i was complete dis course but now that prblm is that when periods are cmng in after one nd half month later .......plz suggest me or givng the name of medicne.......................... ...
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Mon, Oct 01 '12, 12:51 AM   0 
dont take the pill at the same hour everyday
I have never missed a pill, however I don't always take the pill at the same exact hour, sometimes 1-5 hour difference. My boy friend and I are very active. And I started spotting yesterday but it is way too early for my period, I just had my period about 2 weeks ago. Should I take a pregnancy test, and when should I take it to be accurate? ## If there has only been a few hour difference, then you should be fine and shouldn't have to worry about pregnancy risk. The is only a worry if you actually miss tablets and take them more than 24 hours late, or not at all. But, the time fluctuation could upset your hormone levels enough to cause the breakthrough bleeding. You should consult your doctor to be sure, but it's most likely that this is just normal and you should try to take... ...
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Messed up pills, now I'm spotting
So... I was going on a cruise and according to my birth control, I was going to be on my period, so, I purposely took the placebos before the cruise in order to get my period, then while on the cruise I would be on the pill. While on the cruise I had intercourse, and now (4 weeks later) I am spotting brown very sporadically. Is this normal because I messed up my pills? Since my last period it has been 5 weeks, so I'm guessing its normal, but I'm still kind of freaking out. ## Hello, Sabrina! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having. Yes, that can happen if you try to adjust your cycle, because it upsets the hormonal balance in your body. You should consult your doctor to be sure there is nothing else going on, but most likely it's just due to your making t... ...
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Normal to strange
Hi I've been taking this pill for about 5 years now and I've been normal from it beginning my period at the start of the week break and finishing it when I start taking my pill again. Now all of a sudden I had my period when I should began taking the pill again my period stop about two days later began again two periods in a month is this normal my periods are never really heavy except my last one before the most recent? ## Hello, Ferlicity! How are you? How old are you? Has anything else changed recently, such a sudden weight loss, or gain? More stress? A sudden increase in exercise? Are you on any other medications? This is a hormonal contraceptive and it is your hormones that control your menstrual cycle. All of the factors I've asked about can have an effect and may have... ...
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Sprintec issues
I had a daughter in oct 2011 and was on orthro evra, loved it but was too expensive. so my 3rd month my obgyn put me on sprintec and the 1st month I took it I started my period 3 days early, now that I'm on my second month I am 4 days late. Is this possible or should I take a prego test? I'm so nervous and it's driving me crazy. I have never missed a day :( ## If you haven't missed any, then the chances that you are pregnant are very slim, but you should consult your doctor or get a test done for your own piece of mind, if you're worried about it. And yes, such symptoms are normal when you are taking any new form of hormonal contraceptive and can last for the first 3 months. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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lo loestrin fe 1 10/ need to know if I'm pregent.
I've been taking Lo loestrin fe 1-10 for 4 months. I've stopped having my period this past month. I've missed a lot of pills.. any chance I could be pregnant? I took a diagnosis but it was negative... what do I do????? ## Hello, Tina! How are you? How late is your period? Yes, if you missed a lot of pills, then there is a chance you could be pregnant and it may be too soon for an at home test to be accurate. Have you consulted your doctor? You need to do so, that way they can do a clinical test for pregnancy and they can help you find a method that you can use more reliably, perhaps an IUD or the contraceptive shots. ## I haven't been getting my period b/c of the pill so I don't no this Sunday I started a new pack of pill and only took one I did call the doctor today... ...
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Medroxypr 10MG
my dr gave me this so i could stop beeling. i had a d&c and abulation a week later i started bleeding and craping. so she put me on this medication.. still bleeding some what. ## i had d&c because of heavybleeding and was prescibed medroxypr but that did;nt help bleeding stop for a while but ti is april and it started again when my period came on 4/13/10 i have fibrods and i want them frozen will that help this problem ## I don't know if you freeze them if that will help but once my period starts I take 1 iron pill a day and that helps with the bleeding. I am not sure why but it does so maybe you can ask your doctor if that will help you. ...
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meditation for menstrual irregularities
Since I started seeing M̶̲̥̅̊y̶̲̥̅̊ period at the age of 13 it as never being costant,at a time it was difference of 5 month n later 7month,now a year at times.n have done high virginal text, hormonal text n pelvis text .all came out normal.n M̶̲̥̅̊y̶̲̥̅̊ doctor says it M̶̲̥̅̊y̶̲̥̅̊ nature,is it possible ## If they've done all the tests and haven't found anything, then yes, it may just be normal for you. This does happen sometimes. However, you coul... ...
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Repace 25 side effects
I have been advised to take Repace-25 (1-0-1) alongwith Zyloric 100 (2nos) daily for high bolld pressure(140/90) and for uric acid. I am having knee pain of late. Is it due to the Repace 25? What are side effects of takinf Repace-25? Shd I take Repace - 25 for a longer period? ## Repace contains the active ingredient Losartan and yes, it can cause some joint pain as a side effect in some people that take it. Have you talked to your doctor? You do need to take something to help lower your blood pressure, but should probably switch to a different medication. ## please let me have your expert advise on most safe (without any side effect) drug for HBP. I was advised the tab. amlopin - AT - in the morning and repace h at night. Since last one year I am having joint pain - knee / foot. ...
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Side Effects Of Thyronorm 50 mcg
I am suffering from mild hypothyroid. And doctor advised me to take Thyronorm 50mcg. I am taking it since 5 to 6 months. And my weight is not increasing. I am only 44kg height 5.4''. My periods also come so late and very heavy blood upto 1 week. Please suggest me should I stop this medicine or should I take Thyronorm 25mcg? Please reply please. ## Hi, Poonam! You should follow your doctor's instructions and take whatever medication and dosage that they advise. As to your menstrual cycle, thyroid issues can affect that, just like the hormones that affect your menstrual cycle can affect your thyroid. Have you seen a gynecologist? You may be low in progesterone or have some other type of hormonal imbalance. ## I am taking thyronorm 75 since 1 year my periods came late& heav... ...
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took althea pills after intercourse
I drank 2 Althea pills immediately right after intercourse. This will prevent me from getting pregnant right? I've been taking it until today but my period hasn't come yet and it's been two weeks. Before the intercourse I am already 2 days late. withdrawal method. ## Hello, Nrebul! How are you? No, oral contraceptives, such as Althea, will only prevent pregnancy if you take the right dosage of them within 24 hours of unprotected intercourse. You can't just casually take 2 and expect it to work. Have you been checked for pregnancy, yet? Have you consulted your doctor? If you're not pregnant, then I suggest you start taking Althea, or another contraceptive regularly every day to prevent such scares in the future. ## Hi Verwon! Thank you for your response, I really real... ...
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lo loestrin fe missed (last) white pill
Well crap. I missed the last white pill. The brown are placebos so im bot worried. Im on my period now, so Im not preg (yay!)... but should I start the next pack now, or two (brown pill) days from now? ## Hello, Sara! How are you? You should start the new pack on the normal day, unless your doctor instructs you otherwise. That late in your cycle, the chances of it having allowed ovulation to occur are very slim, but you should use backup protection for the first 7 days of the new pack, just to be safe. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi...I'm new to bc...should I expect my period the week I'm schedule to take to white and brown pills? ...
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antibiotics spotting lo loestrin fe
So last month I had a horrible uti and was perscribed antibiotics about 2 weeks out of the whole month so after I finished up the antibiotics about a week later I got my withdrawl bleed and during my withdrawl bleed I did have intercourse without a condom but I finished my last period on sep 4th and started spotting today sep 11th and I spotted for about 20 min and now its gone ive been on lo loestrin fe for almost 4 months now is this normal please let me know what you think!!! also I take my pills everyday at the same time im about 20 days away from my period. ## What antibiotics did you take? There are some that can lower the efficacy of oral contraceptives and would require you to use a backup method of contraception for awhile, due to the possibility of ovulation occurring. Have yo... ...
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lady pills confused
i started taking pill on 31st then i had my period on 3rd of the month then i continue taking them.. im now on my 7th pill.. is it safe? ## Hi, sdhisan! I'm sorry, but I'm not completely sure I understand what you want to ask. However, I'll cover some information about it and if I don't answer your question, please let me know. :-) These are oral contraceptives used to prevent pregnancy and sometimes to regulate the menstrual cycle, they contain synthetic hormones. So yes, it can be normal to experience your period at an unusual time for the first 3 months or so that you are on them, as your body gets used to the medication. It may come earlier or later than normal, you may have breakthrough bleeding or you may skip a cycle. And if you start them at any other point in yo... ...
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