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Dronis 20 medicine
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i have been prescribed Dronis 20 tablet by doctor.and i am taking this tablet regularly after dinner.i am married so i want to know that is Dronis 20 an contraceptive pill and it prevents unwanted pregnancy or should i have to take contraceptive pills for prevent pregnancy.. please reply . ## It avoids getting pregnant also. Make sure you would take it on the first day of his periods only. If takne later then you need to take extra precaution like condom and not a contraceptive again for 7 consecutive days. ## Sorry your periods ...
Updated 4 years ago in Birth Control / Contraceptive.
Thu, Aug 26 '10, 4:28 AM
Over Bleeding Since 3 Months
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I am suffering from over bleeding since Feb 14 to till date. I got a miscarriage in September. After miscarriage I got regular period for 3 months. I was prescribed Tranexamic Acid 500mg 2 tabs 4 times a day. No progress. Later, I used Microgynon 30, one tab each day. The periods reduced only during the medication. Now, I used Northisterone 5mg 3 times a day for 10 days. During these 10 days it was reduced and at a point stopped. But I finished the tablets yesterday. Today it started bleeding again since morning. There was a bad smell with clots. I am worried a lot. Please help me. I am a Hyperthyroid and poly cystic ovaries syndrome patient. Using the Thyroxine Sodium 120mg daily one tablet. Anyone please guide me with the proper medication or the proper doctor. ## I have been over ble... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Tranexamic Acid.
Thu, Jan 19 '12, 3:20 AM
Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 100 Mg
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im using this tablets to get my periods will it have any sideeffects and when will my periods start ## Progesterone is a hormone, so yes it can cause side effects, such as nausea, headache and weight changes. Learn more Progesterone details here. And there's no way to say exactly when you will start your menstrual cycle, it may take a few doses, or it may not start until after you've finished the medication. How often do you skip your cycle? ## I stopped taking a low dose of birth control in April of 2013. I have not had a period since. I am experiencing extreme hot flashes and feel horrible. After seeing the gynecologist ten days ago I was put on 200 mg of progesterone nightly. Blood work and an ultra sound later I was told 5 days into taking progesterone that I was most likely... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Progesterone.
Mon, Jul 07 '14, 11:10 PM
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Please could you suggest a cheaper substitute tablet for Novoret? The later is too expensive. A strip of 10 tablets costs Rs. 196 ## Can you prescribe a cheaper subsitute for novoret tablets ## This website does not prescribe any medications or products, it is an information only website. Novoret tablets are just a nutritional supplement that contains Zeaxanthin, Lutein and Omega-3 fatty acids. Have you tried asking a pharmacist/chemist if they can help you find an equivalent product? Learn more dietary supplement details here. ## Iam 73 yrs old and in robest health I have light color floaters in my left eye.I have been advised to take one tablet of novoret for the next three monthsand to put eye drops (SUSTANE), apolyelene glycol ophthalmic solution for the same period.I want to know 1... ...
Updated 10 months ago in Eye Drops.
Tue, Apr 01 '14, 9:41 PM
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Hai, My name is padma priya i got married in dec 9 2012.after marriage my periods are irregular and i consult a gynaecologist and she found pcod. As per doctors instruction i follow krimson-35 for 5 months from october 2013 to feb 2014, again i consult the doctor and she made a pelvic scan. The scan report shows normal, but this march month my period date is 12th but i got 22nd ,10days late and she gave me fertyltablet, primolut tablet,glyciphge.And she prescribed me to take follicle scan on 8th day,10th day,12th day from my period looking for a baby. can u explain me what are the problems i have ?my weigh is 70 kg height 5.2 ft.please suggest me ## hi i have under gone a hystero laprascope surgery 5 months back for tubel block doctor adviced me to take fertyl 50 mg tablet fro... ...
Updated 10 months ago.
Fri, Mar 28 '14, 2:04 AM
tri previfem 28
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This is my second pack of triprevifem and I didnt skip my period last month. But right now im on my 2nd pack and week of placebos and I havent started. I was suposed to start monday and its tuesday. I might be pregnant but I hope not. Am I pregnant or is my period a little late? Is it normal to skip a period? ## Hello, Casi! How are you? I understand your concern and am happy to help! It is normal to sometimes skip your period, when taking oral contraceptives and is usually nothing to worry about, unless your doctor thinks otherwise. As long as you didn't miss any tablets, you aren't likely to be pregnant. But missed periods, irregular bleeding and spotting can all be side effects of hormonal contraceptives. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 4 months ago in Previfem.
Tue, Oct 21 '14, 9:00 PM
experienced gastrointestinal prob and past few days often burp
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i had an intercourse wt a bf last friday and taken lady pills on saturday afternoon.following days i often have an hour late taking it bt successive already for 10 days.i also drink an ibupropen liquid gel together wt the lady pill... til now been experiencing gastro intestinal prob...and i hvent have my period yet.. since its my first time to take pills felt something in my stomach especially on the upper part.. try drink 3 tablets of buscopan too to feel relieved... so after 28 days don pa ba ako magkaka period? just confused...still hve gastro prob. ## had intercourse with bf last 14th and next day able to try taking lady pills for the first time bt until now still i dnt hve my there a possibility that im ovulating now? or pregnant? we able to try use syringe with cold wa... ...
Updated 11 months ago in Gastrointestinal.
Tue, Mar 18 '14, 3:21 PM
Birth Control Sprintec
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I am 2 weeks late for my period I went to the docs. They checked me out did a preg. Test it was neg. I did 4 at home all neg. My doc. Them prescribed me b/c to help me regulate my period... So I can start it .... My question is I havnt gotten my period , it not sunday, do I start the nous pills first still or take the white to help get my period ??? Idk please help ## The pills that you take the week you are supposed to get your menstrual cycle do not contain any active ingredients and will not help you get your period. They are placebo pills and usually cause bleeding due to breakthrough bleeding, since it is a week off of the hormones in the other pills. That said, you do not have to start these on the first day of your menstrual cycle. They can be started at any time, you just have t... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Sprintec.
Wed, Sep 12 '12, 9:42 AM
is olfen harmful during pregnancy
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my period is two weeks late i am experiencing lots of cramping and stomach pains , still getting a negative reading on a pregnancy test my health provider recommended olfen and tramacet is this safe to use in the case that i may be pregnant ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Wed, Nov 26 '14, 5:02 AM
Hicet dc and calpol
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Is it possiblefor the periods to be late if this medicine is taken just Four days before the periods start. ...
Updated 2 months ago.
Wed, Dec 17 '14, 12:38 AM
doxycycl hycl med
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Does doxycycl hycl 100mg make my period late or not come? ## Hi, Kaykay! How are you? No, antibiotics aren't known to cause that. However, the infection you were taking it to treat could be the culprit. Your body chemistry and hormones tend to get thrown off in instances of illness, sometimes due to the fact that your vitamin D drops very low, especially when you have an infection. Vitamin D is actually a hormone that can have an effect on other hormones in the body. However, if you've been actively engaging in intercourse, then you should be checked for pregnancy, to be certain. Are there any other questions or concerns? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Antibiotics.
Wed, Aug 28 '13, 10:39 AM
menstural cramps
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why there is more pain when it get a late periods?i have checked my hormones it was normal and now i got periods after 13 days and the pain is untoleratable.why is it so? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Wed, Feb 19 '14, 9:38 AM
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Just wondering if you can ovulate during breakthrough bleeding/periods on this pill. ## Hi, Tammie! How are you? No, as long as you haven't missed any active pills, then ovulation should not occur. The hormones in these tables suppress ovulation, that's how they help prevent pregnancy. Is there anything else I can help with? Any other questions or concerns? ## What if I forgot a blue pill but took 2 the next day about 5 hours appart? Am I still protected if I had intercourse the day I missed one. (I took one right after ad another 5 hours later at my normal time. The next my period/spotting stopped. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Wed, Aug 28 '13, 10:47 AM
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I am using m2tone from 1 month and I missed my period late by 8 days I am having pcod also ...
Updated 11 months ago.
Sun, Mar 16 '14, 11:27 PM
Brown Discharge For A Week
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I have been stressed lately but I got my period on April 23rd, and then recently for the past week have had brown discharge. Grant it, I have been stressed, and I wasn't taking my birth control pill at the same time for about 2 weeks, but I'm a bit concerned about this. Should I see a doctor or will this pass?? Also I was curious if women have their period does it affect you when you're around them?? ## You skipped taking your BC for about 2 weeks? These are hormonal based and skipping for any amount of time could certainly cause the spotting the discharge that you are experiencing, which is actually called breakthrough bleeding. And does it affect who, when they are around menstruating women? No one will know you are having your menstrual cycle, if you maintain proper hygie... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Mon, May 14 '12, 9:31 AM
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I took a zanbars with my boyfriend and I'm late on my period if I'm prego could it harm the baby ## Do you mean you took Xanax? This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. If so, how much did you take? How late are you? ...
Updated 7 months ago in Xanax.
Sun, Jul 20 '14, 5:41 PM
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i am 25 years old am not married i have got late my period and i am scared for that. in 2004 operate my right side ovary for cyst problem that ovary is remove. same problem in my left side ovary. all problems again in my life style period not in right time AM GONE MAD please help me PLEASE ................ ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Sat, Dec 24 '11, 4:46 AM
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So i am going to finish my latest pack of loestrin 24 fe and i wanted to delay my next month's period by a week. Would waiting a exactly a week after my regular start date, to start my next pack be okay? if so, would i have to use back up protection the whole month or just until a week after using active pills? ## You would just need a back up form of contraception for the first week of taking active pills.. Alternatively, if you can pick up an extra pack of pills, rather than skipping a week, you could just continue taking active pills and skip the inactive ones that would induce your menstrual cycle. Learn more BC details here. Have you discussed your options with your doctor? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Loestrin 24 Fe.
Tue, Aug 07 '12, 4:28 PM
Sprintec Start Date
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My Dr. prescribed Sprintec for me to regulate my increasingly late periods. I am just starting it now for the first time. The Dr. messed up and didn't call it in to my pharmacy so I missed the day 1 and Sunday start options. Now it's monday and I don't know how to start taking these pills. I am just now stopping my period cycle for this month although I still have spotting. I'm concerned about how to start taking this first dose. I do not want to get pregnant right now so I don't know if I should just take the one dose, or if I should take a double dose as if I missed the Sunday dose of the medicine. Could someone please respond to me today so I know what to do. I can't call my Dr. after hours and I don't trust pharmacists at chain stores. Thank you. ## The d... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Sprintec.
Fri, Dec 09 '11, 11:27 PM
Zinnat 500mg And Monthly Cycle
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can antibiotic zinnat 500mg affect period? i am now 11/2 weeks late ## It really shouldn't, it contains the active ingredient Cefuroxime, which is just an antibiotic, but I have heard of them causing stranger side effects, to be honest. Learn more Cefuroxime details here. Were you by any chance taking an oral contraceptive? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Cefuroxime.
Fri, Jun 29 '12, 3:08 PM

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