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smoking oxycodone
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My baby sister is addicted to oxycodone. She started using oxycontin when she was 15, she is now 25 and has moved on to smoking oxycodone, morphine, and even the jelly off of phentanyl patches. She has been (as she puts it) a "slave" to this stuff for 10 yrs now. She assures me that overdose is impossible when you smoke it, is this true? Most importantly, how do I save her? ## I'm very sorry about your situation. First question I have is, does your sister actually want to quit? Because if she doesn't want to it is impossible to make her stop. I am currently going through the same. Except I am the addict. I smoke or snort them. I have been going to a methadone clinic for a year now. But, I still continue to fall off the wagon. Finally I decided to stop wasting my time and... ...
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Wed, Jul 23 '14, 12:02 PM
Oxycontin 40
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is this also morphene? i was told the next step from th is is heroin. ## No, Oxycodone is a narcotic analgesic, it is not the same as Morphine, they are two different drugs. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Learn more Morphine details here. And the next step for many addicts and drug abusers is Heroin. It is an illegal drug and is not used by the medical establishment to treat anything. Learn more Heroin details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 2 years ago in OxyContin.
Wed, Oct 17 '12, 3:57 PM
how do you get the same effect from morphine sulphate er as oxycodone 15mg
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I have taken Oxycodone for a couple of years prescribed by my pain manegement Dr. He recently prescribed 15mg morphine sulphate ER twice daily as well as the oxy. I took my first dose and I literally felt nothing. No added pain relief, no euphoria, nothing. When I called the Dr and told him it had no effect, he told me to take 2 15mgs at a time 2 times daily. I havent tried that yet. I would prefer to crush them and use them as a shorter acting med if that is possible. I often run short on the oxy before it is time for my next fill and would like to know if anyone has experimented with the morphine sulphate ER and found out how to take it to get the same effect. Can it be crushed or chewed? How much of that powder should be taken? It would be nice to use them to carry me when I run shor... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Morphine.
Sat, Feb 15 '14, 5:44 PM
Will Tylenol 3 show up the same as hydrocodone on a drug screen
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I was just curious, would it show the same as hydrocodone or will it show for morphine or will it show for oxycodone? ...
Updated 2 months ago in Tylenol.
Fri, Dec 12 '14, 12:41 PM
Urine drug testing for Opana - what is it?
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I'm on Opana IR 10mg but have been throwing them up bc I've been sick & have issues swallowing. The doctor knows this but still... Anyway, I just wanted to ask, if I take oxycodone and still have opana to take before my appt, and she does a urine dip in office, what does it show as? Or would it show as the same - opiates? I've seen several posts saying that oxycodone will show as oxymorphone but oxymorphone won't show as oxycodone. Is that possible?! I have scripts for oxy, opana & even Vicodin, so I can cover myself if need be. And I'm sure she will understand why I had to take the other med. I just want to know what to expect. And oxymorphone is not oxycodone & morphine right? I've been itching a lot since starting opana and I've been wondering ... ...
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Sat, Jan 10 '15, 5:01 PM
small blue pill v on one side 48 12
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Small blue pill v on one side 4812. Could the pill marked with a V on one side and 4812 cause a urine test to come back having heroin or morphine? My friend who had been taking the box m 30s took several of these 4812 over several days and then was dismissed from the doctor for having heroin in urine test. Also I am wondering if a urine test can even tell the difference between morphine oxycodone or heroin since they all are made from the same source? I believe that the doctor just lied so he could discharge the patient to make room for more profitable patients who come from out of state as they charge them more money ...
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Sun, Nov 16 '14, 6:24 PM
Oxicodone 10mg
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have been taking hydrocodone 10-325 for two and a half yers for degenerative disk disease now he,s put me on 10mg oxicodone dont know alot about pain meds can someone out there give me a general idea of something thata not so costly but will knock out the pain fast tired of doc,s giving me the runaround injections didnt wrk would appreciate the info in chronic pain 4ever thank,s moonshine ## While it isn't as strong as the Oxycodone, so it would require a higher dosage of 15mgs, rather than 10mgs, Morphine is available in the same formulations as Oxycodone and is usually much cheaper, because it isn't as new to the market and isn't used as often. You can learn more about it here: Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Fri, Jan 20 '12, 5:21 PM
Does Oxycodone Have Morphine In It
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ve read no,but that your liver metabolizes it as morphine? bottom line does it contain morphine and what is the difference between contain and metabolize as?? ## No, it does not contain Morphine, Oxycodone contains Oxycodone, a different type of narcotic opiate. Some of the metabolites are similar, but not the same and a drug test will be able to distinguish the difference. As a narcotic, it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and constipation. What it contains would be the active ingredient, the metabolites are what shows up, after it has been processed through the body. Are there any other questions? ...
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Fri, Aug 19 '11, 10:26 AM
im taking oxycodone and opana - does oxycontin show the same?
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I have a script for opana and oxycodone. My doctor uses a really expensive lab to send the tests too and they take at least a week... So i know they are intense. If i took an Op 80 (oxycontin) how likely is it that my doc would catch it? ## Oxycontin is Oxycodone. On a urine drug screen, Oxycontin will show up as Oxycodone. Also, Opana's are Oxymorphone, which is Oxycodone and Morphine so the Opana's will also show up as Oxycodone and Morphine. I am not a Dr or a nurse yet but I am in nursing school so I know that if you took an Oxycontin OP 80mg, it will only show up as Oxycodone which you are prescribed. I hope this information was helpful. ## I am prescribed Roxicodone 30mg qid I had an old rx for op80 I took 2 of them I am a CCRN and I am aware that op 80 have hydromorhoone ... ...
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Fri, Feb 13 '15, 9:03 AM
will morphine show up the same as opana in a urine test
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Ive ran out of my opana i have morphine sulfate from a previous script if i take it before my appointment will it show up the same as opana on my urine screen ? ## Does oxymorphone and morphine show the same in urin ## Will opana 15 mg er and oxycodone show up the same as kadian er and oxycodone ...
Updated 6 months ago in Morphine.
Mon, Jul 28 '14, 3:33 AM
oxycodone and oxymorphone in urine test
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Why is morphine showing up in my urine when i take opana er and oxycodone ir ## I want to know the same thing. I went yesterday and I was positive for Morphine, Hydromorphone, hyrdrocodne and oxycodone. The only hard drugs I take are Opana 30mg, Klonopin.5, Restoril 15mg, zanaflex. He got all over me and I haven't taken anything other than what I am RX'ed. I have Lupus, IC, Behcets Dx and several other automunine diseases, but I have never abused my medicine or taken something that wasn't mine. ## Check drug interactions and false positives, i fou d out that the effexor i was taking for hot flashes mixed with oxycodone caused a false positive of lsd amd pcp..i got discharged...i mean seriously lsd at my age LOL ...
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Thu, Dec 18 '14, 10:59 PM
morphine mixed in urine
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Will a pill put into urine work to make a urine test positive? ## Yes, I did it for years on dr. Ua's that had to show oxycodone which in fact I was not taking. Should work the same unless there only testing for the metabolites, not the flasher which separates oxycodone from morphine/ codine ...
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Tue, Sep 09 '14, 1:50 PM
Does heroine and oxycodone show up similar
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I take 30 mg oxycodone I ran out way early did h 36 hr prior to drs if dropped will I pass my test showing 30s or heroine or will it be close to the same ## H shows up as morphine. You're screwed. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. ...
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Mon, Mar 31 '14, 11:39 AM
Morphine Test Show Up As
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with a normal urine test at a pain clinic will morphine sulphate and oxycodone show up same i think both will show opiate but am not sure ## with a normal urine test at a pain clinic will morphine sulphate and oxycodone show up same i think both will show opiate but am not sure ...
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Thu, Oct 24 '13, 6:04 AM
Will Ms Contin And Percocet 5-325 Show Up The Same On A Lab Urine Drug Test
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Hello, I am in pain management due to severe neck pain and shoulder pain on the same side of my body. I have been prescribed MS Contin 30 mg. 2 x day. Ran out a few days early and I am fairly confident of a urine test Friday at my doctor appointment. Found oxycod/apap 5-325 to get me through to my appointment and (hopefully) a refill. Will the urine test be ok or will there be a problem? ## No, they don't contain the same narcotics, so they will not show up the same on a drug test. Ms Contin contains a time released formulation of Morphine, as the active ingredient. But, as you've noted, the other medication contains Oxycodone with Acetaminophen, it is a generic for Percocet. Are there any other comments or questions? ## I am on a number of drugs each month including percocet, X... ...
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Mon, Dec 09 '13, 1:33 PM
Urine test coming back with false positive
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My friend is prescribed morphine sulfate only and has been urine tested twice with the same results of oxycodone and opiates, how can this be? ## Well, Morphine is an opiate and the false positive for Oxycodone is probably due to the test itself. The less expensive non-certified tests are known to give false positives anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. What has his doctor said about it? ...
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Sun, Apr 22 '12, 8:56 AM
can a mouth swab pinpoint opiates
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Can a mouth swab test tell which opiates are used? I am prescribed oxycodone but if I had to take a morphine, will it know the difference? I know a urine test can pinpoint which opiates were taken. Can a mouth swab do the same? ## Yes they can tell a difference.. Oxycodone is "semi" - synthetic opiate.. Reason why I say semi is because they do need real opiates in them to be considered opiates.. A mouth swab can get exact chemicals from your body.. They can tell which kind of Oxys you have been taking etc ...
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Wed, Feb 18 '15, 11:52 AM
does morphine and oxycodone show up the same in a drug test
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Would oxycontin & roxycodone show up the same in a probation urine test? ## No they show up separate. ...
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Thu, May 15 '14, 12:21 PM
Does Morphine Oxycontin And Oxycodone Show Up The Same In A Urine Test
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Does morphine, oxycontin and oxycodone show up the same in a urine test? If not, what shows up as what? ## Any info please.. ## It depends on the type of test being used. There are some that just check for the presence of opiates, but there are also tests that can check for the specific opiate. If they use a test that checks for the specific ones, then Oxycontin and Oxycodone would both be detected as Oxycodone and Morphine would be detected as Morphine. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Learn more Morphine details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Does methadone show up on a drug screen as hydrocone ?BKHEQEW ## Morphine is a higher opiated. So the levels of morph will be way different and higher then oxys be careful. Becaue if it shows up your completly cut ioff from al... ...
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Tue, Feb 24 '15, 6:02 PM
oxycodone 30 mg amd 40 mg
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i need to know if these come up the same on a drug screen ## Ocycodone 30 mg or 40 mg does show up on a drug test if they are checking for it. It can also stay in your system differently because one has less mg of Oxycodone. Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## What is Morphine Sulphate CR 30 I was taking 15 mg oxydodone, 1 15mg tab 4 times a day. Dr. said it is difficult to find the Oxy 15 now and prescribed 30 mg MS 1 tab @ 12 hour. Doesn't feel like it works near as well. What can I do? Respectfully Requested. Dan D. ## it is chemical different some what different onset and goes away faster you can try sratghing the coat off provideing u have a fair tolerance thats what i do still it wont feel ouite the same simpily because they aer... ...
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Fri, Jun 17 '11, 6:13 PM

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