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Why does my Oxycodine never show up on my UA when I take it every day?
Im prescribed 10mg 4x daily of Oxycodone for pain I take it everyday and when I go to take a test for pain management it comes back negitive !! wtf man!! But then a day later I go to my po and my Oxycodone comes back it that! I dont get it! They send the instant UA out to the lab and once outa 4 times it came back positive which is really f'd up. Also they wont let me look at the test results from the cup or the lab. I want to be uped to 15s but they aint gonna do it untill it comes back right. The worst thing is that they are gonna kick me out the clinic if it keeps coming back like that, and i cant afford to have that. Someone please help me!! ## Don't know man. I was on 30mg Roxy 240 a month and would take UA for work and it never showed up out of five UA's. I was looking... ...
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Thu, Apr 17 '14, 10:20 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 262533
fentanyl and drug screens
i am prescribed the fentanyl 25mcg, and today my dr gave me a urine screen. i noticed that the cup had two bars on it, one said OPI for opiates i assume, and another that said OXY. my results were positive for both. I had taken a percocet that is not prescribed to me, so i thought i was in big trouble, but my doctor didnt even mention it!!!! My question is this: How does fentanyl show up on a drug screen, and whats the deal with the drug screen having seperate OXY and OPI test bars?? ## Fentanyl is an opiate narcotic, so it will show up as such. They are allowed to test for whatever they want, which you agreed to when you began treatment with them and they usually do test for other substances, such as Oxycodone, to make sure you aren't abusing other medications while under treatment... ...
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Mon, Oct 01 '12, 10:33 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 206334
Can Hydrocodone Show Up A Oxicodone In Stead Of Hydrocodone Hair Folicle Test
can hydrocodone show up as oxicodone in a hair folice test? i took a hair folicle test and it didnt show my prescribed hydro's but it showed oxicodone instead ad i know i havent taken oxicodone ## From what I could gather, the cheaper drug tests cannot differentiate between the two medications and sees them both as being opioids (thus the same medication). In their system "I am assuming" that they programmed a positive opioid hair test to turn up as Oxycodone, (being a cheaper - lesser quality test). This a mistake on their part if you know that you haven't partaken in Oxycodone within the last 90 days or so prior to taking your drug test. Have you been able to discuss this concern with your doctor or any of the lab testers? ...
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Drank A Detox Drimk Dont Remember The Name I Failed For Opiates
i had oxycodone in my system, i am in an out patient drug program, i drank a detox drink from gnc, dont remember the name only the word eclipse and maximum strength, i folled the directions to a T and i tested positive for opiates, well they are sending it to the lab, beings as i drank the detox do you think it will come back ok, i dont know why it showed up opiates when the test has a panal for oxycone itself, i have done this in the past and it came back ok, just trying to figur out why it showed up opiates instead of oxy ## Oxycodone is an opiate, so it can show up as one on test that look for the presence of opiates, however, I am not sure why it wasn't detected as itself, if they also look for the specific drugs. Learn more Oxycodone details here. When will you get the results ... ...
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Thu, Jul 12 '12, 1:11 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 232938
How Much Suboxone Should I Directly Put In Clean Synthetic Urine So It Shows Up On Test
Ok so I went to my suboxone doctor two mondays ago to get my script and as usual he screened me, i'm dirty for marijuana and he didn't expect me to be, so I went to my local smoke shop and bought U-Pass which is synthetic 100% clean urine, Now I obviously needed to show dirty for suboxone obviously as that's what he prescribes me, so i went to the bathroom poured the u-pass into the cup, the u-pass stayed right at 98 where it should, and I put a quarter of a suboxone film into the u-pass, I hand my doctor the cup he dips five mins later, it showed dirty of oxycodone and suboxone, how the hell did this happen did I put to much suboxone in and it caused a false positive for oxycodone, if so how much suboxone am I supposed to put in the u-pass to make sure it only shows up dirt... ...
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Fri, Apr 11 '14, 5:11 AM   70  Subscribe to thread 230603
Can A Urine Test Sent To The Lab Tell If I Took Sudafed Or It Was Used Make Meth And Did That
I am in pain management and am prescribed oxycodone, lyrica,and elavil. I had a UA last month so I didnt expect one this month so I didn something I have NEVER done before. I tried "meth" or "high speed chicken feed". Plz dont judge me. I know it was stupid and its not something I will ever do again, but I was out of my meds, felt like crap and this was offered to me. I was told it would give me some energy and IF I was tested would only show up as ephedrine because its made with sudafed, and all I had to do was tell my doc I had taken the sudafed. I didnt do much. I did one little line (it burnt too bad) and smoked a few hits from a pipe. But my doc appt. was the next day and he threw a UA on me. Even worse, he told me my prior UA tested positive for klonapin, which I k... ...
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Wed, Apr 16 '14, 2:20 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 238415
is suboxone a pain med
My doctor took me off of oxycodone because I tested a false positive for suboxen, now he prescribed suboxone is it a pain med? ...
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Wed, Dec 30 '09, 6:44 AM   0 
Methadone vs Oxycontin
My husband was prescribed Methadone for chronic pain associated with an amputation of his leg. We have since moved, and the new doctor doesn't want to prescribe Methadone and prescribed him oxycontin and oxycodone instead. He has not been asked to give a urine sample yet for the new doctor. How long will he test positive for the Methadone? He was on it for years and we have been told that it stays in the system longer than other medications. I was also asking because he is searching for a job, and I wouldn't want him to test positive for something that he is no longer taking. He was on 60mg's/day before the new doctor changed his medication. I wanted to know if it took days, or weeks or longer to get out of his system. Any information would be appreciated! ...
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Wed, Oct 23 '13, 11:45 PM   0 
oxycontin and oxycidine
will oxycontin and oxycodone show up the same on a drug test? ## Hi Shannon, Yes, they should show up as the same drug, since the only difference here is the time-release factor of oxycontin. I'd keep a note in the back of my mind though that there's always the possibility of one showing up as a false positive for another opiate, but I don't think it'll be an issue for you if its not one of the cheaper drug tests being used. Learn More: Oxycodone Details If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ...
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Tue, Nov 27 '12, 9:22 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 239010
suboxone use by non addict
I am getting a scrip for suboxone because i have good insurance and my friend needs it and cannot afford it. I got the scrip by taking some oxycodone i had left over from a dental issue so when the doc tested me I tested positive. When I go back he is going to test me to make sure I am taking the subs. If I take them will they make me sick? How can I get them into my urine without taking them? My friend who takes the subs lives across the country so they cannot piss for me. ...
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Tue, Feb 25 '14, 4:02 PM   0 
I found 11 light blue round pills in a small bag with no imprint and I'm trying to find out what they are - does anyone have any advice.
light blue round tables - less than 1/2 inch in diameter - they look as if they have little specs of something brown but very smaill and not may - any info would help ## Sorry, if there is no marking on them, then there is no way to positively identify them, unless you would pay to have them tested by a lab. ## I found a round blue scored pill with not imprint. How do I find a lab that will analyze it? If it is something illegal, can I get in trouble? ## If you are unsure what they are do not take them. Yes you can get in trouble if they are a narcotic,. ## Me course I would not take them. My concern is that I found them in my daughters car on the passenger side. That is why I need to identify them. ## Possibly oxycodone (oxycontin). Sounds like what my husband was taking/prescribed for... ...
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Fri, Apr 26 '13, 2:12 PM   8  Subscribe to thread 187117
Suboxone in Urine
I am in pain management and we get urine tests every so often. Today they said I tested positive for suboxone but I don't even know what that is. My meds include xanax, wellbutrin, effexor, lyrica, percocet, zanaflex tablet. I also take advil etc over the counter and nyquil. How is it possible to test positive for something you have never taken? ## My friend is on suboxone and sometimes tests pos for oxycodone. Her Dr said it does happen sometimes and isnt her fault. I suggest you research the two showing as each other on drug test n print anything to your benefit n take to your Dr. ## Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone, the first is an opiate narcotic and the latter is used to help prevent the abuse of others while someone is being treat with it, because it is most common... ...
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Suboxone and methadone in urine
I have never used illegal drugs. I do have narcolepsy and severe degenerative disc disease. I take provigil 400 mg, nucynta er 400mg, oxycodone 15 mg 4x/day, buprobrion 150 er and 75 mg daily. I had a urine drug screen yesterday which showed positive for methadone and suboxone. They have sent it out for further testing. Did this happen because of the medications I am on or do these type of urine drug screens make a lot of mistakes like this? Will the more detailed test come back accurate? ...
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Tue, Mar 05 '13, 3:46 PM   0 
Oxycontin Does It Have Morphine In
Will oxycontin show up as morphine on a drug screen ## Hi Sherry, Both Oxycodone (oxycontin) and Morphine can test positive for opiates; so depending on the quality of the test given, there's always a chance for a false-positive discrepancy between the two. Furthermore, many of the standardized drug tests typically used for screenings lack the sensitivity to distinguish beyond the basic structures of the drug class vs. the drug name; making the odds of a false-positive even greater. I hope this info helps to answer your question! ## I was taken 40mg Oxycontin 2x daily for my chronic daily headaches. I was called in for a urine test & immediately stopped my meds cuz they said I tested positive for Morphine when I never touched it. Then 6 mos later I was taking 20mg Oxycontin ... ...
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how long does loratab stay in your system?
im taking loratab 10/500. i have 5mg left. i go to my pain management doc on thurs. i already got tested last month and came out neg. i want to make sure it comes out positive this month. my appt at 3:15pm. when should i take to make sure it is in my urine by my appt time. ## Hi summer, Since Oxycodone can be detected in your urine for up to 3-4 days after your last dose, I would think that taking any within 48 hours of the urine test would be sufficient for a positive result. If you have a quick metabolism and drink plenty of water throughout the day, you may even want to try taking one within 24 hours of your drug test, as Oxycodone is excreted through urine. I hope this helps! ...
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how long does percacet stay in your system
I take 4. oxycodone a day for one year how long does it stay in my system ## i need to test positive today with my pain Dr for my oxycodone that I usually take 6 a day but haven't been able to take them for a week now been sick with the flu. My question is am I going to test positive for my medication with a urine test ??? ...
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first roxy 30 in 9 months and i have a ua in 62 hrs
I took one 30mg oxygen for the first time in 9 months on Monday and have a drug test on Thursday. I'm 5'9 and way 145 Ibs. I've always had a fast metabolismt and even tho I take 2 mg of benzos every day because I am prescribed I never test possitive for them. Will I be able to pass this test? I've got a little over 60hrs and I plan on dribbling lots of water and cranberry juice ## The major route of oxycodone excretion is in the urine. The effects of oxycodone last up to 4 hours after use. The length of time following drug use for which a positive result may occur is dependent upon several factors including the frequency and amount of usage, metabolic rate, excretion rate, drug half-life, and the drug user’s age, weight, activity, and diet. That said, ... ...
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Can Tramadol Show Up As Methadon On A Urine Screening
I have currently been in Suboxone treatment for almost 3 years now. I get urine tested every month, and it is sent to lab. I always show any hospital, dentist, etc my prescription and let them know exactly what the situation is and advise them I CAN NOT have opiates. I recently went to the dentist and has 5 teeth extracted and was in severe pain so he prescribed me tramadol. I then went to my normal Suboxone visit and took my urine test and was told it came up positive for Opiates in March, and positive for Methadone in April. I have not taken any of this and have no clue why it would be positive. Any feed back is greatly appreciated. Thank you! ## Tramadol is a synthetic opiate; (a very weak one at that in comparison to oxycodone and other drugs in that class). But this would give reas... ...
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water in urine
Will a drug test for oxycodone be positive if my urine is diluted with water? I accidently got toiletwater in the specimin cup...I need to test positive for oxycodone. ...
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Thu, Mar 06 '14, 7:51 PM   0 
vicodin false positves
I take hydrocodone apap 10-325 and am testing positve for oxycodone which I do not take whats up with that ## There are examples of false positive drug tests in the literature because of metabolic differences in patients taking opioid medications. Your doctor or the tech doing the tox screen should be aware of the potential for this and control for it. For more on the subject, see: ## They are in the same drug class and will all just show up as a general positive for opiates. ## yes they are an opiate but have differant structure and can be seperated at a urine test. ## Both are opiates. There are differences in the metabolite profile from patient to patient, but oxycodone is not metabolized to hydrocodone. It also depends on the test being used. If they are using immunoassay then both ... ...
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