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Smoking Op 20s
how can u smoke them effectively? ## There is no effective way to do it without doing severe damage to your lungs and other organs. If you're ok with that, then there are probably many ways to do it. That is just my opinion based on facts and I know you're going to do what you plan on doing regardless of my opinion, but for a more precise answer to your question there is another thread on this forum that offers more information on this topic: I hope this helps! ...
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lost in the fog.
Wow,people hating being on methadone how f,ing hard is that to understand.The most common response,why did you get on it or stop if you hate it so much?I will answer both of those questions first they thought they were being treated for their addiction but just had it replaced with a more addictive drug(yes methadone is a drug so your not clean when your on it).Why don't you quit?because they can't.clinics are financial institutions they want your money,imagine going to McDonald's and ordering a burger, and cashier says no you don't want that it's bad for your health."I am happy to be on methadone,I'll be on it for the rest of my life"?does anybody know the long term effects of methadone use.yeah why would anyone possibly hate methadone?!!!! ...
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blue oval pill
A friend of mine has blue oval pills that are in a blistered pack,listed as alprazolam 0.25 mg.I take the same medicine,mine are white.Can this be the same medicine?I insisted on him not taking them until he was sure that is what its supposed to be.Can you help by answering my question? Thanks,Pam ## They are both Xanax (alprazolam) but are different dosages. Check your dosage to know how much of the blue pill to to take, I'm certain the blue oval is a higher dosage. ## Of course it depends on the manufacturer. Gador's ALPLAX 1mg are blue and 500mcg pink; DENVER's 2mg are green and oval; the Pharmacia branded XANAX are coloured similarly to the Gador, and their 250mcg are white, marked 'UPJOHN 29'; but Bago's TRANQUINAL 1mg are white as well as their 2mg, which a... ...
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Seizures Meds
Can you take LAMICTAL, AND TOPAMAX FOR SEIZURES, COULD I STILL USE PHENTERMINE ? ## Phentermine is actually contraindicated with any type of brain disorder, or injury. Therefore, if you suffer from a disorder that causes seizures, it is probably not advisable that you take it. Have you discussed it with your doctor? ## If this is a 2-part question ('Can I take Lamictal and Topamax for seizures....), the answer is most certainly YES. I was on the same dual regimen for several years, with excellent seizure control. My Neuro d/c'd the Lamictal, as she was very "rash-hypervigilant". Terrified of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. I developed a rash (bilateral lower legs, not consistent w SJS) and she took me off the Lamictal. The beginning of the end as far as drug effects are concer... ...
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Ms Contin 10 Mg
I have a white round Watson pill on one side I think the 3 numbers say 400 and something. I'm lost. if someone would know I'll pay fora correct answer, the opposite side is just scored Thank you ## Hi Tray, The closest match I've been able to find is Glipizide (5 mg); which is a round white pill with the imprint Watson 460 on one side and a score on the back. It is an oral medium-to-long acting anti-diabetic drug from the sulfonylurea class. Manufacturer: Watson Laboratories, Inc. National Drug Code (NDC): 00591-0460 You can learn more about this drug on the page for Glipizide Details I hope this helps! Please post back if you have any more questions. ...
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Green Vicodin
are the green hydrocodone loratab, or lorecett? also are they stronger than the blue 10s? ## I'm sorry, but I can't really tell you anything just from the colors, because they actually don't mean anything. Are there any markings on the tablets in question? If you can post back with this information, then I can answer your questions. ...
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Sat, Feb 25 '12, 6:40 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 226368
Info on Doxytet
I was given the same treatment when I went to the clinic, but you have answered all the questions I had. Thank you..... ## I have a pain under my belly botton which comes and go and I have discovered a dark brown discharge and small drops of of blood, is it possible that I might have cevircal cancer or STI? I went to clinic several times and they gave me doxytet tablet but they do not help ...
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delayed period
my wife is already 47 years but her period are still in normal cycle. but I think we mis the counting on the month of Feb. Now her period was delayed for a almost 3 days now and I dont want her to be pregnant because were both old to have a baby now and our children are all adult now. please recommend any medicine that we can use to bring her period back. thanks... ## i d have your wife talk with her dr, she may be pregnant, she may be going thru menopause, a simple in-pregnency test will answer 1 question, if she gonna thru menopause thats part of lifes cycle an she still needs to talk to her dr for maybe hormone supplements ## in-home pregnancy test ...
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Carbidopi Cost
parkinson medication ## Hello, The price of this medication varies depending on the strength and the quantity of pills you need. However, I did find some information stating that the average price of a Carbidopa prescription may be up to $200 or more. I hope this info helps answer your question! ...
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Fri, Jan 11 '13, 2:54 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 241131
WHAT IS Soma 446
so i paid full pr for something that was made in india? WTF!!!!!! Its hits like a soma V2410 but not as fast due to the reason that the 446 pills r hard as a rock! Im disapointed w/ my Pharmacy cause they said there were made in USA. Some farmacist online I bet could answer this Question. ## Actually, even online, it is hard to find information on foreign medications, because they are not regulated as strictly as medications from the U.S. and Canada. I can't find any listing for a tablet with just the 446 on it, so other than paying to have it lab tested, it is going to be difficult to determine if they contain Carisoprodol, the active ingredient in Soma and, if they do, exactly how much of it. You said they were from India? Where did you order from and do you have any other informa... ...
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G E Amoxicillin
Can an infected tatoo be treated with amoxicillin ## Hi sunny, To answer your question, Amoxicillin can be used to treat "certain" skin infections. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. However I'd still recommend having it checked out by a doctor to make sure that you're using the most appropriate treatment option at the correct dosage and duration. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Amoxicillin Details I hope this helps! ...
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Sun, Apr 28 '13, 9:46 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 245470
I have a fib and my doctor has put me on Multag and I read warnings and it says " What is the most important ifno that I should have before taking multag is" Multag is not for people with severe heart failure. People who have severe heart failure who may take multag have an increased chance of dying." It further states that heart failure means your heart is not pumping blood through your body as it should. I guess my concern is what is severe heart failure? My last report was that my heart was at 30-35 and that 50 would be good. ## Well I finally received an answer on the question as to what is severe heart faliure from a Doctor and that is when the heart refraction is less than 30-35. I am really surprised that no one elso has commented on the warning of possible death from... ...
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Is script right
The doctor up my Hydrocodon from 5-500 to 7.5-500, filled script today and the 7.5 look like the 5, except the 5-500 have M357 on them & the7.5-500 have M358 on them. Is this correct? ## Thank for the non help, went to another web site and found out the script is right. M357is a 5-500 & M358 is a 7.5-500. ## Sorry, but when you are posting something for an answer on a free website, you cannot always expect an immediate answer. Also, you could always have just double checking with your pharmacy. As to the information you found, yes, that is correct, you did receive the correct pill and correct dosage. Acetaminophen with Hydrocodone is a narcotic pain reliever. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Read more: Does anyone have any questions? ...
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Orli Diet Pills
orli 60mg diet pills are they the same as alli pills ## Hi norman, To answer your question, the main ingredient in Alli is Orlistat. So yes, they are one in the same drug. Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor developed to manage obesity. This chemical agent prohibits the body from absorbing fats from food. The recommended dosage of orlistat is 60 mg, taken three times per day. Furthermore, the National Library of Medicine notes that orlistat may consume up to 30 percent of ingested dietary fats. Learn More: Alli Details I hope this info helps! ...
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what does this medication help ## This is a generic for Lomotil and it is most commonly used to help treat diarrhea. Learn more Lomotil details here. Side effects may include: dizziness, restlessness, loss of appetite and constipation. Are there any questions or comments? ## I take lomotil/atropine have had sever diherrah for 5yrs and so tired of usng the bathroom on myself what can I get to stop the diherrea.I get so sick at my stomach is it have anything to do wirh my lung and breast cancer.Plrase help me with answers if you bad . ...
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About Lady Pill
hi poh.ako po pla c juvy.. Tanong ko lng po in 1 pack poh ba nang LADY PILL is have 21 tab? after poh ba nang 21 tab mag rest pa poh ba in 7 days nang pg inom bago mubili nang panibagong pakete? PLZ. ANSWER POH. TNX. ## hi po question lng po ng october ng-istop ako ng pggamit ng lady pills november tpos po dec.10 ng pregnantse test po ako negative po ang lumabas tpos po ng dec.15 ng nkaregla po ako....ngkaroon po ako ng dec at jan. ..pgdting po ng feb..hnd na naman po ako ng karon ng regla ask k lng po bakit po naging ganun yung regla k at bkt po yung ng pt ako negative po ang lumabas...nagugulohan na po kc ako...pls answer my question ...
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cefuroxime 500
My daughter has been prescribed Cefuroxime 500 for an infection and has only taken it for 1 day (2 doses) Last night the baby breastfed at 11:00 pm then went to sleep and did not wake up until 12:00 PM (13 hours and no food) He is only 3 WEEKS old! Even with her sitting him up, rubbing his back , changing his diaper using a cold diaper wipe, which he hates, she still had a hard time waking him. He finally woke up long enough to breastfeed. It is now 1:10 and he still wants to sleep. Could the antibiotic be in the breast milk be causing this? ## Anyone that knows the answer to my (Dana Simmons) question. PLEASE HELP! ## Hi, Dana! Wow, that's kind of frightening and I don't blame you for being concerned. These types of antibiotics don't usually have high concentrations in brea... ...
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equirex tablet
Pain in lateral left abdomen ## Hello, Lalit! How are you feeling? What's causing the pain? The answer to that question is required, before any suggestions can be made. What has your doctor advised? ...
Updated 8 months ago.
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what is dalotid?
what is dalotid? is it a strong narcotic? ## I think you mean "diludid" (I may have misspelled it too) but to answer your question,"YES,THIS IS A VERY STRONG NARCOTIC". Usually the pain Doctors only give them in extreme break through pain. It is stronger then percocet ,low dose oxyIR,& vicodin.Not as strong as the upper doses of OXYCOTIN/40mgs & up. But is a good pain relief med just the same.O,one other thing,it is very inexpensive & has been around for quite some time. ## Yes, it is actually Dilaudid, it contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone and, as was already stated, it is a very potent narcotic. It is available as both a name brand and generic and it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, constipation and dry mouth. Learn more: Are th... ...
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Am I the only one?
I wanted to comment on Chantix. I was sceptical at first but desperate to do something as I almost died from smoking. I got H1N1 and because of my pack a day habit my lungs were weak enough that I got double pnuemonia and was hospitalized for a week. Almost didn't make it. After that I started smoking again like an idiot and went to Chantix for help. I quit in 4 days..... By the third day the taste of a cig was so terrible that I took one puff and threw it on the ground. I almost had to force myself to smoke. I kept taking the pills for 3 weeks. I quickly saw side effect that I do not understand. I am hoping someone on here can answer some questions for me. People are complaining about suicidal thoughts, depression, etc... The fact is I experienced the opposite. I never felt more co... ...
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