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How To Inject Methadone

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how to inject methadone
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how to inject Methadone 5 mg tablets ## I have to inform you that this is a very dangerous practice. Tablets are NOT meant to be injected. Most pills contain inactive ingredients that are called fillers and they are NOT meant to be ingested and broken down by the human body. They are normally just expelled in your waste. When you attempt to dissolve a tablet and inject it, you are putting these substances directly into your veins. This can result in blockages that could cause heart attacks, strokes or pulmonary embolisms. This could cause serious health complications, such as death!! If you need an injectable form, please see your doctor. ...
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Wed, Mar 17 '10, 1:55 PM
How To Inject Methadone 10
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I dont know why drug companies put filler and gels in meds.All they are doing is poisoning people who will try to fix them anyway the can.And the drug companies know this.I thought thats why there in the business for to kept people healthy. ## Fillers and the like are used to enable a tablet to hold its shape. These are inactive ingredients that are safe for human consumption, they are not poisonous. The only time they endanger someone is if they crush or try to dissolve a tablet to snort it or inject it and the medications are not intended to be used this way. It is actually illegal to do this and use a medication in a manner for which is it not intended. When a drug company manufactures pills, they give clear instructions for their safe use. If someone uses them in some other manner, ... ...
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Sat, Oct 13 '12, 3:24 PM
How To Inject LIQUID Methadone
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I'VE AIWAYS WANTED TO BECAUSE MY DOSE DOESN'T HELP ME THE SAME AS BEFORE! SO DOES ANYBODY KNOW THE RIGHT WAY SO I WONT WASTE MY DOSE? ## I think it is dangerous and maybe you should talk to your dr. before doing it....and i dont know what you mean by "help" you the same way, but you do not get a rush from methadone...i have been on it for years for pain..maybe you just need your dose adjusted...i wouldnt reccommend injecting it because of the dangers of overdosing ## Hi Slim, There's actually some very important information I referenced in the paragraphs below, that should clarify a few things as far as injecting methadone goes and other safer alternatives: "Methadone is available in traditional pill, sublingual tablet, and two different formulations designed for... ...
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Thu, Mar 19 '15, 3:27 PM
how to inject methadone 25mg pills
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I was shooting hydromorph contin 24 mg 6 times a day, now i'm prescribed methadone pills 25 mg twice a day but i'm not sure how to shoot them or if its more dangerous than doing the hydromorph contin ones. if someone could tell me how to make the mix. Should i not be doing this type at all? ## Shooting up with ANY type of pills is very dangerous. Even if you filter it, there are still fillers that are not meant to be used by the human body. You are injecting these right into yourself and running the risk of embolisms and strokes. Have you tried just swallowing the tablets, like you are supposed to? ## what the hell is wrong with you??????!!! if you want to die dont post about it?!?! is getting high that freaking important to you?? how about living a good life? i am in constant p... ...
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Sat, Dec 27 '14, 7:18 PM
methadone hydrochloride injection
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What do u use to brake methadone to inject What can I use ## Hi amanda, Were you prescribed methadone by a doctor? Did he tell you to inject it? I know that transdermal patches and injections tend to be more effective... However, I have read that it is quite dangerous to try and turn the pill form of methadone into an injectable substance, and I'm not here to put anyone in danger. I would recommend that you ask a licensed medical professional about a better delivery system for this pain medication or something similar. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Methadone Details Please post back if you have any questions! ...
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Sun, Jun 30 '13, 3:47 PM
 Methadone Hydrochloride Injection Methadone
Methadone (also known as Symoron, Dolophine, Amidone, Methadose, Physeptone, Heptadon and many other names) is a synthetic opioid. It is used medically as an analgesic and a maintenance anti-addictive and reductive preparation for use by patients with opioid dependence. It was developed in Germany in 1937, mainly because Germany required a reliable internal source of opioids. It is an acyclic analog of morphine and heroin. Methadone acts on the same opioid receptors as these drugs, and has ma...
long term effects of injecting methadone?
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The Methadone is the pink liquid. I've used about 60-100mg daily fo 2 to 2.5 years. I now have sirculation problems, numness & swelling in hands and rist (people think it sounds like carpultunal. Thanks for any help and solutions. ## Have you seen a doctor for a diagnosis? Carpal Tunnel is not caused by medications, it is a repetitive motion injury to the wrist. You can learn more about it hereL Chronic use and/or abuse of narcotics, including Methadone, can result in health problems, including circulatory issues. It can also cause joint problems that are very similar to arthritis, which is why some of them should not be given to people with joint pain and issues. ## Or Arthritis or even nerve damage. ## Methadone is NOT meant to be injected! You are harming your veins and your ... ...
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Fri, Jul 20 '12, 3:34 PM
Methadone Urine Drug test
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I have been on a methadone programme for 3years now and recently I had a urine drug screen done which came up positive for fluoxitine which the lab tech interpreted as diazapam. I had injected my methadone a few times prior to this test is it possible that by injecting it it gave them the reading of fluoxitine or diazapam?? I have'nt taken anything for 2 and a half years now except for methadone and the occasional condeine which I'm perscribed(but not for awhile)my case manger has told me that they will give me another chance to test but I'm really worried as I'm trying really hard to stay clean from anything else and I don't want something that I'm not even taking to ruin my chances at a better life, please help!! ## I live in new zealand ## Fluoxetine isn't... ...
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Thu, Oct 03 '13, 3:58 PM
False Positive For Methadone
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I was tested a couple weeks ago bye swab it came back as having methadone in my system I had been taking nightquil for a cold I was starting to get could it have come back false positive ## I just liked it up and yes, it seems that some of the ingredients in Nyquil can cause a false positive on some tests for Amphetamines, Heroine, Methamphetamines, Morphine, Methadone and other opiates. They don't specifically state which ingredient it is, but the resource I use lists only the medications that have been scientifically/medically proven to register false positives for other substances. So, if you weren't taking Methadone, the Nyquil is probably your answer. Are there any questions or comments? ## I am on several Rx drugs plus I take weekly injections of B-12, folic acid I also ta... ...
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Fri, Aug 01 '14, 5:02 PM
I Want To Inject Methaode Need How Brake It Dow
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How to brake methadone down to inject and what use can u ciytric ## How do i break down a methadone pill to make it injectable? ## Proper way to slam methadome ## Any ideas ...
Updated 11 months ago in Methadone.
Wed, Apr 16 '14, 4:00 PM
instant relief methadone capsules
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is there such a thing as instant relief methadone capsules?? I have been on methadone for ten years, and i have never heard of this! ## Well, there is no such thing as an instant relief formulation of any medication, even injections require some amount of time to work, though it may be very brief. When it comes to oral pain medications, they are called immediate release, because they are designed to start releasing the relevant medication as soon as your stomach acid touches it, rather than taking the 15 to 20 minutes to dissolve that most pills do. Learn more Methadone details here. And when it comes to Methadone, no there isn't an IR formulation, the closest that's available would be the liquid or the injections. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Yes there is methadon... ...
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Wed, Feb 05 '14, 9:15 PM
Inject Dilaudid
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If I inject dilaudid, how long does it take to get out of your system and does it show up In a urine test? Take 2x daily. Please help. I need to know for a urine drug screen. ## Yes, it will still show up in a urine test and it will be detectable in one for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. Learn more Dilaudid details here. Are there any other questions I can help with? ## Nope. Your Wrong. Just took a drug test. Urine type. Clean as a whistle! (; ## it will show up as an opiate not the specific med you take and from someone who had urine test within the 4 days of the last time injecting it did show up ## 32 weeks pregnant. how long does roxy 30 mg stay in My system and my unborn babys system. thats with me taking my methadone everyday. I only took 3 roxys in two days. Reall... ...
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Fri, Mar 06 '15, 10:42 AM
10 Mg Methadone 54 142 tablets for iv use
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how do i prepare these 54-142 tabs for iv vinegar ? ## It is not safe to use a medication for injection if it has not been specially made to be used that way. Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled in your waste. However, if you try to break down a tablet for injection, then you are placing these substances in your body in a way, in which, it cannot process them out. This creates the very real risk of blockages, which can result in stroke or embolism. Are there any questions or comments? ## I have 10 mg Methadone pills. I tried to break it down and inject it, but it seems not to work BUT i heard it is possible. When i add water and cook becomes this thick substance...what can i do to fix that or ... ...
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Thu, Aug 14 '14, 8:36 AM
Doctors in Louisiana that prescribe methadone for chronic pain
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I have been taking 120 mg of methadone for approximately 5 years. My husbands job transferred us from Florida to Louisiana where I found a pretty good pain doc. He is now running scared and wants to take me off of methadone. Methadone has given me a good quality of life; I am able to work and be a productive member of society. My doctor is unwilling or unable to assist me in finding a new doctor who will continue my meds. Oh yeah, I have been the route of blocks and injections and gotten little if any relief. I'm tired of being branded a drug seeker-I have years of medical records that back up my claims and verify the dosages that I've been on-what drug seekers have this kind of back up? I am looking for a Louisiana doctor, but am willing to travel (within reason of course). Ple... ...
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Wed, Mar 25 '15, 8:51 AM
Why am I still testing positive for methadone
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I have been clean from methadone for almost 3 weeks now and I am still testing positive for methadone.... Any ideas why or how long this is gonna take? I am 5'6 and physically fit. I was injecting methadone pills heavy for 6 months or so and only about once a week for the past 3 months ## With long-term chronic use, it takes much longer for a drug to process out of your body. In addition, if you were injecting ones that are not supposed to be used that way, you also run the risk of creating blockages in your body, since some elements of tablets are not meant to be broken down by the human body and are normally just expelled in your regular waste. This could also be adding to it, since along with these substances your body cannot dissolve, there is also going to be some remnants of t... ...
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Sun, Nov 18 '12, 5:11 PM
can hydromorph contin cr be injected?
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My son has been prescribed this medication and since he has a history of drug abuse I'm worried and wondering if there is any way this medication can be formatted (crushed, etc) to a form that can be injected. Thank you in advance... ## In reply to if hydro's 30 ml can be injected crushed up yes, yes and I can't strive as an addictions therapist how often I see people become and are addicted! It is very serious and you should have him weanned off by a tapering system with methadone if nothing else! Good luck!! ...
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Mon, Aug 16 '10, 4:14 AM
Can A Person Get Dilaudid Hp Injection
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As I understand Dilaudid-HP Injection is available as a sterile, aqueous solution in colorless ampules. Comes in 4 mg of hydromorphone, for injecting in vein or subcutaneous or intramuscle. I have chronic back pain and the only course for treatment is to live with the pain. Or find a pain medication that my liver can tolerate, without shortening my life. I am dying from liver disease and would like to check out without the severe pain. Currantly I take approx 40 Mg of methadone, which I hate. I must soak the pills then strain off the clear liquid (water) then throw away the carrier. I know out of 60 mgs I am probably getting about Otherwise if I take the entire pill. I get very nausuated. Can my Dr. Perscribe it and will I be able to locate it in a drug store??? Many thanks, Robert ## A... ...
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Wed, Aug 28 '13, 11:38 PM
How Long Does I V Drugs Stay In Your System
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how long after injecting a 8mg pill of dilaudid will it show up in a urine drug screen ## Dilaudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, which is a narcotic and like most other narcotic opiates, it is detectable on standard urine screens for approximately 4 days, after use. The time frame however, is not exact, because it will vary depending on your individual metabolism, how often you've taken it, your fluid intake, activity levels, overall health and many other factors. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Ism a 34 year old female at 200 ponds.I did heroin one time 12 days ago and I was dirty for my urine screen.I am in a methadone clinic.I was wondering what I can do or say?I also wanted to know why it was still in my system?PLEASE HELP!!! ## I injected a 4mg dilaud... ...
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Mon, Feb 03 '14, 2:10 PM
I Have Been Taking Mst Morphine Substitute Tablets 60mg X2 Daily As Thrown Off Meth Will This Show Up On My Urine Sample Dip Test An Opiate
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as stated above i am takin x2 daily mst i think morphine substitue tablets 60mg there pink anyway its cos i have been thrown off my meth but will it show u on a dip urine test as on opiate please help me thank you ## give it 3 days. im on methadone too and usually inject dilaudid / morphine / oxy on fridays and saturdays - sometimes sunday even. never failed a tuesday afternoon piss-test yet! tho different for everyone, id say give it 72hrs before u go 4 a test - if u can.. otherwise use the methadone for the interim.. valium takes 3weeks btw ## Yes, Morphine is an opiate narcotics and should be detected as such. It should be detectable in standard urine test for approximately 4 days, after the last dosage. The frame, however, can vary depending on individuating factors, such as your ow... ...
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Sat, Jan 18 '14, 6:11 PM
Pain Management Doctors In Wichita Kansas and cost of treatment
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Pain Management in Wichita, KS - 10 years all pain meds. thinking I should try a good pain managemnt Doctor or Methadone. I have had trigger point injections - SI point diagnosis - scilois of spine - Desegregation Disc disease - ## There are several listed in that area, but I have no information on what they will or will not treat with, nor what their fees are. You'd have to call them to ask for more information. However, here are a few you can start with: Advanced Pain Medicine Associates 316-942-4519 Dr. John W. Carlston 316-448-0730 Wichita Health and Wellness 316-722-4247 Learn more pain management details here. Have you tried asking your current doctor to refer you somewhere? ## John-you need an HMO referral from your PCP for your ACA insurance to pay ...
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Fri, May 02 '14, 10:18 PM

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