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How long does tylenol 3 stay in your system for a urine drug test for opiates ?
I've Been on The Methadone Program for about 10 years now and I have also been Fighting an Awful Battle against The dreaded "C" word ! (I Don't even Like to say it) And It causes Me Terrible pain throughout My body and joints. I received a Presciption from My "C" Dr. for Tylenol # 3 in which in take one in The morning and one at night or Sometimes only 1 per day and took The Prescription Paperwork to My Dr. at the Methadone The Clinic. They found The Opiate's in My System for the pain Medication. Can They Legally punish Me/Make life harder for Me because of this when I am Fighting for My Life ? ## If u have prescription for it. they can't do anything. Herion and T3's show the same in a pee all breaks up as codeine. This what I was told by dr. ... ...
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Mon, Oct 13 '14, 9:57 AM   5  RSS feed for thread 250634
will an eight ball of methamphetamine be out my system for a lab test in six days. help me people please
It's for pain management and I am an addict and messed up but I got 6 days to be clean. I weigh 160 now lol. what are some ways to flush it out and is it true you want to drink coke and cranberry juice to help ...
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Sun, Oct 19 '14, 12:22 AM   0 
Rapid methamphetamine removal from system??
Does anyone have EXPERIENCE in what to do to speed up the removal of methamphetamine and its metabolite, amphetamine, from the system (particularly the urine)?? I know the pH of your urine affects how fast it is excreted but what should I drink to get my urine to whatever pH removes everything the quickest? Cranberry juice? Water? I believe if I drink the wrong thing I'm risking increasing the chances of the drug being reabsorbed and staying in my system even longer :-/ I'm pretty sure meth removal is much trickier than heroin or cocaine, and am looking for advice! Please only respond with experience or clinical support, not just hearsay. THANKS its kiiiiinda important :-/ ...
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Tue, Dec 24 '13, 4:38 PM   0 
how long does methodone stay in your urine for a drug test
I took about 150 mg of methodone, I need to know how long it will show in your urine. I took a drug test after 18 days and am waiting the results. Also it was liquid methodone. does this make a difference on how fast it will metabolize out of your urine? ## Methadone would go out of the system in less than 5 days so I imagine after 18 days you should have no problem show a negative result and I don't think it matters in what form you take it. ...
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Thu, Nov 20 '14, 2:09 PM   1  RSS feed for thread 277164
How long after taking 10 mg of methadone
How long after taking one dose of 10 mg of methadone is is detectable in the system for a drug test for example? I know the half life is 24 hrs but ho wlong does it take to actually leave the body without any traces? and im not a a daily methadone user so there isnt any built up in my system already ## Methadone is generally detectable for up to 5 days, after taking it, however, the time frame can vary, depending on your individual metabolism, activity levels, fluid intake and other factors. This information is for a urine drug test, it is different for hair, blood and saliva. Are there any other questions? ## I have been taking 10mg of methadone for 6 weeks and changed script now take 10mg of percocet. How long will it take for me to stop having withdrawls symptoms from methadone? I am... ...
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Sun, Aug 10 '14, 8:30 AM   4  RSS feed for thread 219974
Flushing methadone out of my urine ASAP
I've been trying to stop taking Percocet bc I was up to 10, 10/325's a day so I started taking one 10mg methadone a day for the last month and cut it down to 5mg for the last week. I have a urine test in 10 days. How can I flush the methadone out of my system in 10 days? Is there a juice or herb to cleanse it out? ## Usually out within 3-4 days. Four surely. I used this FIR two years and dropped. Was told no methadone was in my urine. Got in trouble. ...
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Fri, May 02 '14, 12:44 AM   1  RSS feed for thread 262875
Is it possible to pass/ clean your system for childbirth drug screening
My girl is going into labor any day and worried about testing positive for opiates. Is there any way to speed up the process of cleaning her system. I'm just trying to ease her mind so please any factual info helps ## My friend is due to have her baby next week and trying to clean her and baby system from crystal meth before she goes in2 labor is there anyway to help her cause she's not a heavy user and don't want her baby tooking from her cause the baby has drug in their system please tell me what she can do or use ## Piggey did u ever find out if your friend came out dirty or not. I am 34 weeks and I am not a heavy user neither. But I did slip up and did a little bit yesterday. Can u help me out with any info ...
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Sun, Nov 02 '14, 3:37 PM   2  RSS feed for thread 260249
length of time med stays in system when dose stops
I would like to know how long medrol stays in your system after you stop taking it, after an extended time of being on the drug. ## how long will this drug stay in your system after you stop taking it ## This medication has a very short half-life, so it should be out of your system within 24 hours. ## How long does fexofen/pseudo stay in your system? ## i had taken 40mg methyl prednisolone acetate injection on july 19th by local . i had a urine test on 29thjuly 2011. is it possible to find any substance of methyl prednisolone acetate in my urine ## Yes it can because depomedrol is a very long acting drug and a 40mg shot can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months in the body depending on the person. ...
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Sat, Dec 03 '11, 9:17 AM   5  RSS feed for thread 180795
Why is Methadone still in my system after 4 months
My doctor switched me from methadone to oxycontin about 4 months ago, yet I'm still testing positive for it. I was on methadone for over 6 years, but I figured it would have been out of my system within a couple weeks. Yes, I am very inactive because of my condition, and No, I do not drink water......EVER!!! I'm a 43 year old male who suffers from Osteo-Arthritis and DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) of the lower lumbar (L-3 L-4 / L-4 L-5). I've also been in 9 car accidents, which left a ton of scarred muscle tissue. I've had an ACL repair on my left knee, 3 surgeries on my R shoulder and 1 on my left because of bone spurs. (Impingment Syndrome) Has anyone ever heard of somebody testing positive for methadone after stopping it for 4 months? ## These types of things have co... ...
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how long till I feel normal off methadone
I have been on methadone for chronic pain for 15years. 2 1/2 years ago I was on 180mg a day. I started tapering off a year ago first 5mg every 10 days then the last 6 months or so I went to 5mg every 7 days.was doing fin till I got down to 10mg but keep pushing through it.this last Friday only had 3mg then next day 2mg then this last Sunday only 1mg. Its been almost 4 days and can't sleep but maybe 20 30 min a nite and I don't really think i sleep that legs feel like I've been kicked all over. And sweating almost constantly and sneezing. With tingles going through my body only hot showers help me and have to take several a day. Wen will this end I know everyone's difernt my nurse said it takes 2weeks for any dose to get out of your system is that right. Need help... ...
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Mon, Sep 01 '14, 12:48 PM   3  RSS feed for thread 269026
how long herion stays in system used one time
On methadone for chroic pain 4 10mgl a day still sufferm so I tried a 50 dollar herion in a 2 day peroid I snorted it YUK! It don't help and made me ill. Serious nasty dirty stuff and I want it out of my system. How long will it take? It was like 7 lines. ...
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Fri, Jul 04 '14, 9:06 PM   0 
how long does methamphetamine stay in you system if only did alittle bit but shoot up two times
How long does meth stay in your system if i shoot it up two times just alittle....had i relapse but it not worth my life...i was clean for 8 months ## Shot meth half gram. How do I get it out of my system fast ! ## How many days to stop using meth. Before mouth swab drug test? ...
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Tue, Sep 16 '14, 12:51 AM   2  RSS feed for thread 258870
If I insufflated just 1 "morphine sulfate", when will it be out of my system?
I'm perscribed #60 10mg. of Methodone to last a month. Along with #60 4mg. Dilaudid a month as well. I'm out of both and I'm starting withdrawal. I have a 15mg. MORPHINE SULFATE, which I plan to insufflate. This is 10/3/14, and I have a U.A. on 10/9/14. In your opinion, do you think I will pass the test, Morphine free. ...
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Fri, Oct 03 '14, 2:52 PM   0 
how long after u drank 50 mls of methadone would it take to show up in your urine. I WANT IT TO SHOW UP SO KEEP{ THAT IN MIND I NEED IT DETECTED
im on the methadone program clean for almost 2 yrs. went out did x and thengot called for urine test. So my gd drank 50 mls of meth and then collected hewr urine for me to use. Is that enuff time for the methadone to show up in her urine. Cuz if i just gave then her urine without methadone present that would be even worse then peeing dirty HELP ME PLEASE ## I had AUA two hours before I took four hits off of a foil of her when will that show up in my UA ## If I took 4 percocet 5 on friday, 8 pills on sat,n 4 pills at 730 on sunday. Would I pass a ua on Wednesday at 930. I'm going through rehab where I can only have norco n my system. N they can tell the difference between pain pills. I got kicked out of my last pain clinic cuz my ua would b clean even though I took them everyday n ni... ...
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methylin remains in your system for how many days after taking the pill ## I take Methylin 10mg tab low dose 1 tab and a half of a pill as well 3 times per day. I am prescribed to this med and along with others, with curiousity of as to how long it stays in my system if I was to stop these meds immediately? How will I know when my system is clean from my methylin pills if I stopped tomorrow to start my new medication i'm prescribed to, so I know the full effect I will get from my new med? Thank you, ...
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Wed, May 18 '11, 11:32 PM   1  RSS feed for thread 191950
How long does this medication stay in your system with one 5mg dose? ...
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can methadone show up in tests
yes,but it will show up as opeates,downers ## when courts do drug test, does methadone show up? i've heard so many things. im from ky so what kind of panel and do every test show ,methadone. ## I made the mistake of telling my probation officer i have been on methadone for over 30 years.I passed the first test so he got out a ua cup specifically for methadone.He goes and tells the DC judge and she tells me i have to get off methadone.Ive worked for the last 15 years at the same job,pay my bills did all the crap the judge had me do like go to victim impact panel,drug and alcohol class,AA every night,community service,do an essay of the brain on drugs and when i stood before her she didnt care all the things ive done.She just want to let me know that ive taken advantage of the system ... ...
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How Long Does Methadone Stay In Your Urine if i take a 15mg fri. test on monday
I have a 15mg methadone if I take it Friday at 5 pm will it be out of my system Monday? ## 5 days ## how does long does 10 mg. methadone stay in your blood and urine tests ## I was smoking meth until 12 days ago steadily I have a fairly high metabolism iive been drinking water and took urine test this morning will I pass? ## I'm betting 12 days will be sufficient. 5 days minimum so 12 doubles that plus 2 more days.....let me know. ## I will ## I have a high metabolism as well and its been 2 weeks since I smoked meth and weed to would it be possible to still pass urine drug screen? ## Marijuana will be your worry. It can take a minimum of 30 days. Be honest with yourself and know that if you are a regular pot smoker then you most likely will test positive for MJ. On the other hand if... ...
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methadone need to know
i took 2 10mg of methadone 3 week ago,is it out of my system enough to pass a drug test wensday,please comment if you know ok thanks i really need to know ## METHADONE SHOULD BE OUT THE SYSTEM IN IO DAYS MAX ## The latest tests show that it can be detectable in urine for approximately 12 days, after last dosing. The precise time frame is always going to vary from person to person due to a variety of individuating factors, but 12 days is the average for most people. Learn more Methadone details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## The 1/2 life of methadone is aprox 17 1/2 hours. That means that 17 1/2 % of the medicine is gone out of your system 17 1/2 hours after you take it. All drugs have what's called a half-life. Like Viocden for example. Vicoden has a 4 to 6 hour ha... ...
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will 10mg of methadone show up on a urine test the next day if i only took it once
I took 10mg of methadone today and have to have a ua positive for methadone tomorrow. Will i test positive for it? ## I took one 10 mg methadone thursday and have a seven panel ua wendsday will it show up i weigh 175_180 pnds and am drinking plenty of red tea and powerade ## HOW LONG DOES ONLY 1X USE OF 10MG METHADONE STAY IN SYSTEM AND SHOW ON DRUG SCREEN ## I have been on Methadone for several months 30 mgs a day, I broke my ankle and had three abcesses in my gums. I took to many , not counting them down and had to take hydrocodone and 1 valium to get through the pain. I was out 4 to 5 days , what do you think is going to happen to me . Is my Dr by law not able to prescribe me more medicine, I have been an excellent and trusted patient but I feel sure the the Dr will have a negative r... ...
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