How To Crush Time Release Morphine

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i just found a purplish pill with 30 on one side & m in my couch cusion yesterday. it sounds like morphine. my step son used to be an iv drug user, is this a drug u can mainline ## yes this can be mainlined although it can be dangerous to do so as the pill is for time release purposes and would have to be crushed. water added and heated to remove the time release substance. hope this helps, ...
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Mon, Nov 08 '10, 4:44 AM
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I have a pill that is purple wih 30 on one side and abg on the other. Is it a mophine pill? ## Yes, 30mgs. ## yes it is ms contin morphine ## Yes, that is a Morphine pill. Most likely MS Contin, which is the extended release form of Morphine so make sure you swallow it whole and don't crush, chew, or break before taking in order to prevent too much being released into your system all at one time. ## Wow, now that's an echo. LOL! Three of us answering the same question. And yes, Carol is correct, it is a generic for Ms Contin, so it is a controlled release morphine, so crushing or breaking the pill can be very dangerous and may cause severe reactions or overdosage. Here's our monograph link for more information if anyone needs it: MS Contin Info Click Here ## I found a pill a... ...
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Thu, Dec 07 '06, 5:45 AM
Morphine100mg Sustained Released
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Is Morphine100mg.SR dangerous ?, Can it cause an overdose if crushed or chewed by being released to fast in the bloodstream? Does it come with a warning? ## Yes, if someone isn't opiate tolerant and they crush or chew it, this dosage could cause an overdose, as it is a pretty high one. And yes, the prescription bottle will normally have a warning label instructing you not to crush, chew or cut the tablets. Learn more Morphine details here. has this been prescribed for you? Are you afraid of taking it? ## I take both a prescribed immediate and slow release Morphine Sulfate that are only 30mg each. Am I taking 60 mg at a time if I take both at the same time, or is the slow release tablet released in smaller amounts to equal 30mg over the 8 hour time frame? ## The Extended Release is r... ...
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Fri, Jul 04 '14, 10:43 PM
Morphine crushed or chewed
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Ive heard you shouldnt crush or chew a morphine tablet..why is this? ## Hello, Nancy! How are you? This is usually referring to the time released tablets, crushing, cutting or chewing them can destroy the time released nature and may result in your getting to much of the medication, at once, which could cause a dangerous overdose. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Thu, Oct 29 '15, 11:15 AM
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HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO START WORKING? ## From my own experiences with morphine it takes any where from 30 to 60 minutes for the drug to take effect.Make sure that you take the pill whole.Don't crush the pill because this will alter the time release of the drug.Drink plenty of water with the pill as so it will kick in faster. ## The regular or time released tablets take between 20 to 30 minutes to start working, however, there is also an instant release on the market that starts working very fast. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Read more: Are there any comments or questions? ...
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Thu, Dec 30 '10, 12:47 AM
How Much Morphine Is Opana 10 Mg equal to?
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My Dr prescribed opana er 10 mg for pain. I was prescribed morphine sulfate er 60 mg and at one time was prescribed as much as 130 mg before i had surgery(gastric bypass which took a lot of pressure off of my back) and allowed me to lower my dosage. But since I've changed to Opana Er its just not enough for the pain. I don't sleep and if I do doze of I wake up from the pain. I'm desperate for help and think I need to be put back on morphine sulfate. My Gastric Dr instructed me to chew, crush or break my medications but with extended release you can't do that. Many pain management is almost greeting ready to send me to another state where they can treat me more efficiently. I can't afford to be going back and fourth to another state. I want to get my gastric Dr to app... ...
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Tue, Feb 05 '13, 1:17 PM
morphine 60mg er
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will crushing the pill give me better relief? ## ER pills are not to be crushed ## Crushing them is a very dangerous practice, you could get too much of the narcotic at once and overdose yourself. These are time released for a reason. If you are having trouble with adequate pain relief, then please speak to your doctor. I was on these for several years for pain management and they are a very strong medication. I do have to say, however, there are some types of pain that they should not be used for, what condition are you taking them for? ## If you are taking an antibiotic for Azitmonuycin can you crush them & drink with juice ? ...
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Fri, Jun 10 '11, 1:35 PM
Morphine Sulfate ER non enteric coated
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Is it okay to break this tablet in half. It does not has any type of coating to delay its release into the system. It just has a bunch of fillers. I used to be a pharmacy tech. We were taught it was okay to break in half if it was scored, it should only be taken whole if in capsule form or had any type of coating (for slowing the release down.) These pills are rather large and have no coating. Sometimes it is easier for me to take them in two small pieces rather than one larger one. I never ever crush them. ## No, the ER stands for extended release, which means there is something inside the tablet that controls the rate of the release of the medication. Not all time released formulations rely on an outer coating, it is sometimes incorporated into the interior of the pill, due to the fac... ...
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Thu, Jan 26 '12, 1:40 PM
can i cut morphine pills for a smaller dose
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If a 15mg. morphine E. R. were cut & taken into half of a half would that harm a person? ## Hello, Ariel! How are you? No, you cannot cut, break or crush the time released tablets, that could cause you to get more of the medication, at once, which may result in a dangerous overdose. The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Sun, Mar 08 '15, 12:12 PM
cutting up a blue 15 abg
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I cut up a blue 15 abg into four piaces and took one by mouth is that ok ## Hello, Opps! How are you? No, this is a time released 15mg Morphine tablet, so it isn't safe to cut or crush it. Doing so could cause you too get too much of the medication at once, which may result in overdose. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can I take 2 abg at one time will over dose I take between 80 milagrams of norco a day so is it safe to take 2 abg 15 at one time ...
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Sat, Apr 11 '15, 1:52 AM
What signs do i look for in case of overdose
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I crushed on of my morphine 30mg er tablets because it didnt seem to work my last dose and now ive read i should not do that my question is should i be worried or what signs do i look for or worry about ## Hello, Kitty! How are you feeling? That is correct, it is not safe to crush, chew, cut or break a time released medication, because it could cause you to get too much of the medication, at once, which may cause overdose. As listed by the FDA, the possible overdose symptoms may include severe dizziness, severe drowsiness, stomach pain, vomiting, low blood pressure, low heart rate and shallow breathing. Did you experience any adverse effects? ...
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Fri, Nov 20 '15, 3:17 PM
roxane 54 262
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I found information online last night that the Roxane Labs 30 mg, morphine sulfate, imprint 54 262, with scored line on other side is a time released medication, with common usage of every 12 hours. A friend of mine got a prescription of this exact med and the directions are to take 1/2 to 1 pill every 4 hours. Also, there were no warning labels on the bottle regarding not breaking or chewing this med. If this med is time released is he not in danger by breaking the pill in order to only take half? ## Any time one breaks or crushes a time release medication they are altering the way the dosage is delivered. This is especially worrisome when it is a narcotic like Morphine, because it allows the dosage to be given all at once instead of over time. There are 15mg tabs that are immediate re... ...
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Thu, May 23 '13, 4:45 PM
peach oblong pill e 655 60
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I just died from running two; no, not because an opiate overdose, but because the wax blocked an artery to my heart and I suffered a self induced heart attack right there on the floor! So, all in all, there is than one way to over- do-it with these i.v. meds. ## Were you in the hospital? Was it a medically confirmed heart attack? I am not certain what you mean by wax blocking an artery. This is not an IV med, this is a tablet that contains 60mgs of Extended Release Morphine, a generic for MS Contin. This is a very potent narcotic analgesic. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more here: ## I know this is an old thread, but what they mean when they say "the wax blocked an artery to my heart", they are talking about crushing the pi... ...
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Tue, May 10 '11, 4:04 AM
is this morphine
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i found a pill that is round and green in color says 30 on one side and looks like it says E653 on other is this morphine is it injectable?? ## Yes, this is Morphine CR 30mgs, a generic for MS Contin. And NO IT IS NOT INJECTABLE! It is a tablet for a reason, am injectible would be a liquid. This is a 12 hour time released tablet. ## Yes it is injectible, you just need to know how to do it. Most people try to say no heat applied, but i have found that if you crush the pill add 2cc of water, or a little more, then bring to a boil. The gel stuff will still be there, just throw your micron filter or cotton in there and move it around to collect all of the loose liquid. After you've gotten all of it out you can, i add a little more water to solution then repeat. nice buzz ...
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Thu, Nov 13 '08, 2:09 AM
how do i inject morphine abg cr 15mg
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i have two different kinds of morphine abg cr ## It is actually not safe to inject medication that is not intended to be used in that manner, especially time released pills. Most of them contain fillers, which are not intended to be broken down by the human body, but are normally expelled in your waste. If you crush or dissolve a tablet to inject it, you are putting these substances directly into your body in a manner, in which, it cannot get rid of them. This creates the risk of blockages, which could lead to embolisms and strokes. Are there any questions or comments? ## Is this a extended relief pills ...
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Thu, Oct 15 '15, 3:08 PM
morphine sulfate neltrexone
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why would they put an opate blocker with morphine in a pill together ## I assume you are referring to the medication Embeda? This has been done to try to prevent abuse of the time released Morphine that the tablets contain. Many people crush them and then try to snort or inject it. If they try it with a tablet that contains the Naltrexone, then the opiate is neutralized and they will have wasted their time. Same if they try to chew the tablet. It does not affect the efficacy of the Morphine, if the pill is swallowed, like it is supposed to be. Do you have any other questions? ...
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Thu, Jul 29 '10, 2:56 PM
How To Inject Ms Contin
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I'm a cancer patient who is not getting the pain relief I need, I need to inject my pills, But I can't do it well and end up losing most of my meds. ## It is actually not safe to inject medications that are not intended to be used that way, especially time released tablets, such as this one, which contains the active ingredient Morphine. Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, instead they are normally just expelled in your waste. However, when you crush and dissolve a tablet to inject it, you are putting these substances in your body, in a way in which, it cannot process them out. This creates the very real risk of blockages, which could lead to embolism or stroke. You really need to discuss a different option, with your doctor... ...
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Thu, May 19 '11, 11:54 AM
HERNIATIONS of UPPER and LOWER BACK Had never offered to do any surgery only pain pills and now the VA says no more pain pills. HPT
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I have been taking 60MG Time Release Morphine for 5 years. I take as directed to take. I do not chew,crush,snort inject the morphine. I have no side effects at all. It helps me a lot with my severe pain due to my upper and lower back having herniations in both areas. Now the VA will not supply me with any more pain med's and morphine is the only one I do not have side effects from. They don't offered any back surgery. I will always have severe pain. I understand that severe pain can cause depression is that right?DWHZ ## Yes, it can cause depression. Do you have any other means of paying for the medication? Such as some other form of insurance? ## I went to a new VA doctor Oct. 17, 2011 in Billings,Mt. I asked him why did the VA quit giving me Morphine? Not quite give I have to ... ...
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Tue, Oct 18 '11, 7:47 PM
four 15mg same as 60mg
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does four 15mg morphine have the same effect as a 60mg, and how is the best way to prepare for injection ## There is really no way to prepare for an injection, other than to properly clean the injection site. Are you speaking of tablets or an injection? If you're asking about tablets, it all depends on the formulation, some are time released and some aren't, so this will be a factor on whether or not they are equivelent. ## get a large spoon, put the pills in the spoon, draw up 60 cc of water, put a flame under the spoon and keep it going in a circular motion till it boils.then crush the pills with the end of the plunger on the needle, cook more if it needs it, put a tiny ball of cotton in the stuff,and draw it up slowly........ ## Morphine Sulfate CR (Controlled Release) Your B... ...
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Thu, Dec 17 '09, 10:42 AM
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can u crush up and snort or iv use a morphine extended release 60 mg pill and if so how or will it gel up when u try.. ...
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Fri, Dec 07 '12, 9:54 AM

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