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How To Clean Your System In A Day From Meth (Page 2)

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I Have To Take A Urine Test Today and Would Like Some Advice On How Can Cleanse My System Of Marijauna Ad Meth
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I used meth june 30th at 8:00 pm and smoked a joint of marijuana just 3 hours ago... I need emidiate flush cleanse detox !?!? Just checked my voicemail and my p.o. asked me to come in for a random test... ## How did your test go? For future reference, you should know that there's really no guaranteed way to clean yourself out, so you get a clean test. The only sure fire ways are time, or not doing the drugs to begin with, when you know you may need to take such tests. Learn more drug testing details here. ## That was the last we heard of Eddie. Went back to prison. ## I am going to pain mgmt Dr. Tmara and have meth and weed n system. If I get clean urine and crush Roxy up real fine can I pass test? They always send to lab. Help. ...
Updated 14 days ago.
Tue, Mar 17 '15, 8:06 AM
I need the fastest way to clean out my system from Meth while 34 weeks pregnant
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Im 34 weeks pregnant and regretfully smoked some meth. Now I'm afraid I might be going into labor soon. I don't want my baby taken away, need to clean out my system ASAP and try to avoid my baby being born positive. Please spare me the well deserved negative comments....I'm already full of regret and disgusted with the irresponsible and stupid choice i made....PLEASE HELP ## I just used meth within the last 4 hours and im due for a c cection on tuesday i dont want my baby tookn ## Hey I read ur post about being 34weeks pregnant and had smoked methamphetamine. I just want to know what happened did u or the bby cum out positive did u get to take bby home or got tooken up. I was doin methamphetamine before my pregnancy I did so good in stayin away from methamphetamine but in 34... ...
Updated 23 days ago in Heather.
Sun, Mar 08 '15, 11:22 PM
how to get methadone out of my system fast
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What can u use to get 49 mg methadone out of my system asap? I have a ua in two days. ## Dear Just a druggie , I would suggest getting a clean urine at the store and drink tons of water. Also, what's really good at flushing out your bladder and kidneys, Cranberry juice. U may not like it, but, it's a good thing 2 drink. GOOD LUCK! ...
Updated 11 months ago in Methadone.
Wed, Apr 16 '14, 5:23 AM
How Long Does Opiates Stay In Your System
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i only tried one of my friend's 5mg oxycodone pills for pain. How long will that stay in my urine? I drink lots of water. ## Oxycodone can reportedly be detected in your urine for up to 3-4 days after your last dose. Although, I have heard of some patients getting it out of there urinary system in 2 days time for a drug test, by drinking plenty of water (as oxycodone is excreted through urine). I hope this info helps! ## I'm freaking out. I have been on the methodone program and because I have been clean from everything for so long I have my once a week privledges. I worked so hard to get them I don't want to lose them. I wasn't thinking and did something so stupid. I have been having great pain in my tooth so without thinking my friend gave me one oxycodone 5 mil. I hav... ...
Updated 24 days ago in Oxycodone.
Sat, Mar 07 '15, 3:00 PM
how to quickly get valium out of your system
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My Methadone will be reduced at 10ml/mg weekly. I am on 95mg/mls at the moment, my urine sample shows I have taken, even though 3 times in one week, it's still going down at that rate. What can I do. eg:- drink, vitamins, anything to speed the process of getting theses valium out of my system? ## Took 4-5mg valium need to take a urine test in 3our days how can i clean my system as quick as possible 5ft tall 160 lbs i sweat alot at work very active at work and drink alot of fluids ## Is there any thing I can buy or do to get diazepam out of my system ## How or what aides in cleaning volume out system fast and effective ...
Updated 1 month ago in Valium.
Tue, Feb 24 '15, 3:54 PM
How Long Does It Take Meth To Get Out Of System
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My boyfriend did 2 lines of meth will he pass a drug test in 60 hours? ## Hi bee, It really depends on the type of drug test your boyfriend is taking. Methamphetamine can be detected in your urine for up to 1-4 days after your last dose Methamphetamine can be detected in your blood for up to 1-3 days after your last dose Methamphetamine can be detected in your saliva for up to 1-4 days after your last dose Methamphetamine can be detected in your hair for up to 90 days after your last dose I hope this info helps! ## what is the fastest way to cleanse meth out of your system ## So I get a callback for my 2nd interview, it's on a Monday at 1:30. And the week prior, starting on Wednesday morning I smoked meth, couldn't tell you how much... continuously up for 3 days....... my last s... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Methamphetamine.
Mon, Feb 23 '15, 8:27 AM
Is it possible to pass/ clean your system for childbirth drug screening
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My girl is going into labor any day and worried about testing positive for opiates. Is there any way to speed up the process of cleaning her system. I'm just trying to ease her mind so please any factual info helps ## My friend is due to have her baby next week and trying to clean her and baby system from crystal meth before she goes in2 labor is there anyway to help her cause she's not a heavy user and don't want her baby tooking from her cause the baby has drug in their system please tell me what she can do or use ## Piggey did u ever find out if your friend came out dirty or not. I am 34 weeks and I am not a heavy user neither. But I did slip up and did a little bit yesterday. Can u help me out with any info ...
Updated 4 months ago.
Sun, Nov 02 '14, 3:37 PM
pain management urine test after 10 days of being clean from meth
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I am in pain management and used meth the past few days... I will have 10 days before my Dr. Appt and plan on being on the straight and narrow and doing a body detox. Will meth still be in my system after 10 days of ULTRA clean living and taking all meds as prescribed? I am 45 and 165 lbs ... I know to drink a ton of water and cran... please any help with be grealy appreciated ...
Updated 10 months ago in Pain Relief.
Sun, May 11 '14, 10:46 PM
how long does methadone stay in system or urine
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If I took one 10mg tablet of methadone and never took it before would it show up in my urine in 7 days later ## No 7 days it will be out. drink alot of water. 7 full days should not come up as a positive.I been on a long time and mine was out in 3 days. when a test was done. all are bodys are different make sure its 7. and i assure you .youll be clean ...
Updated 2 months ago in Methadone.
Tue, Jan 13 '15, 6:08 AM
how long will it take to get meth out of my system
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I snorted and smoked about a half gram of meth friday and saturday night...i weigh around 135. I took a test and passed it on long will it take to get clean or what can i do to get clean? ## I smoke methamphetamine on Saturday and need to be clean Monday ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Sun, Jan 05 '14, 4:33 AM
besides time what helps clean methamphetamine out of your system quickly for urine test
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if you do methamphetamine daily intravenously what besides the 3 to 4 day non use will help to clean it out of your system? clean for urine test? ## Sir, quite certainly not. You might be out of luck. ## If I smoked Chrystal Meth 5 hours prior to urine test, will I test positive on my first urine drop from my bladder? ## So is there any way to pass a Medtox EZ cup (Icup)?drug test and it also has adulteration.. On Feb 28th Shelly took one Xanax and 3 adderall.. 12 days later on March 12, Shelly failed for benzo's and amphetamine(12 days) later she failed. Is there anything besides TIME that can speed up the process? Desperately seeking a way around these things.. Does anyone have any possibilities? All opinions are welcome.. But water does not work.. OmniRed does not work.. Can'... ...
Updated 14 days ago in Methamphetamine.
Tue, Mar 17 '15, 1:51 PM
Test Clean For Meth
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Have 4 hours till I take a test, is it possible that i will be clean for methamphetamines? ## What are remedys to flush out my system in a real big hurry? ## Baking soda 90 mins before 3 tablespoons in water, then urinate once before testing ## I used a half gram of meth.two days later I had a drug test that was sent to a lab and in waiting for results. On the day I provided urine for test I drank gallon of water and my urine came out very diluted almost like water. Will I be negitive for meth, will I pass drug test? ## does that baking soda thing work? gta test in two hours I last used yesterday. ## I used meth and heroin last night have to drug test in 3 hours. Does baking soda work ? If so how do ido it? ## Got saliva tested and failed for methamphetamine, how do I pass my blood test... ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Sun, Dec 07 '14, 8:05 PM
how can i get methadone out of my system
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i took m120 mg 2 years ago, now down to 28 mg, you have to be strong and willing to to come clean,it hurts oooh yeah, but you`ll get use to it... every week i take at least 2 mg off , sometimes more, when its too painful i help myself with , A,D,C- vitamins magnesium,liver vitamins and some bezodiazepines but not long ,just a week...then my body gets used to it and i keep taking the dose, when i feel ok again, i take less again , and until its gone but the finish is harder you need all the help you can get, vitamins, immune system protection, magnesiun ,lots of fluids and sometimes a salt solution in veins, during night but thats the end ,when your dose is less than 5 mg ...good luck and dont loose i doing as its supposed to be ???????? cause i live in eastern europe.eston ...
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Tue, Jan 07 '14, 4:17 PM
will methamphetamine be out of my system in two days
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i used meth on sat at 5:30pm and have to take a test on monday at 11:00 am will i be clean? ## I took methamphetamine last night around 11:30 to like 2:00 in the morning and i drug test on tuesday morning 5:30am by a blood test I've been clean for about a month, would it be out of my system by then? Do you think it would show up? Please help ## I have been using methamphetamine all week, if i dont use any more till monday will i pass a urine test for probation on monday? ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Fri, Dec 26 '14, 10:02 PM
how long does it take for methamphetamine to leave your system if this was first time and you only smoked 2 bowls
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Smoked 1 bowl of methamphetamine yesterday and one today, probably have a ua tomorrow, is there any way I can pass this test? It is life or death matter, not just for a job opportunity. Please help! ## How long does my urine to be clean from a month of on and off of methamphetamine use? ## Baking soda take two table spoons like three times the day before and the day of the test another two table spoons. You also have to drink at the least 4gallons that first day and day of test one more gallon my sons father had to test for probation and he'd smoke everyday and lots of it but say he had to test on Monday morning he'd stop on Saturday morning around 5am and start drinking all that water and baking soda and test mon.around 10-11am and be clean ## Is that for doing meth.. ## If u p... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Methamphetamine.
Wed, Jan 28 '15, 7:14 PM
i need to test positive for opiates methadone get from the clinic after 3 days clean don't want relapse
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Having to test positive for methadone or opiates after 3 days clean in order to get methadone at the clinic. Do I really have to relapse in order to get help? ## The clinic that I used to go to said you had to be clean for one day of not taking any opiates to get your first dose of methadone. If tested it will still be in your system for several days. Good Luck! ...
Updated 6 months ago in Methadone.
Wed, Sep 24 '14, 10:01 AM
How Long Does 30 mg morphine Stay In Your System If U Snort Them
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I snorted a ir 30 mg pill this morning and then got called in for an interview this afternoon. But the problem is i have 2 go for a drug screen in the morning . What can i do 2 pee clean? ## The half life of morphine by mouth is about two hours, so my guess is that it's slightly less than that (since the drug is absorbed at a quicker rate when snorted). Lets use 2 hours as a marker though since drug manufacturers do not list the half life of abusive methods. Lol Half-life here means that, say, 2 hours after ingesting morphine, half of the active amount will be gone. This doesn't mean that 2 hours later, though, the other half will be gone. At that point half of the remainder will be gone, then another half after the same time interval, and so on, until the drug is eliminated fro... ...
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Fri, Jul 19 '13, 11:54 AM
How Long Will It Take For Methadone To Leave Yr System Once You Have Stopped Taking
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I have been taking methadone for atleast seven years, have been clean from drugs for two years now and finsally stopped my meths 6 days ago, but seem to feel worse as the time goes, sneezing, feelsing tied, blood in urine, just general other flu like signs, how long with this last, all the drug workers said when you stop the meths that it , all done and everything will be fine but i dont feel like that, someone told me for every year on meths it takes 2 days to get out off you. ## How long does it take methadone to get out of your system? I've been taking it for 4 years...20-30 mg a day. Need to pass a drug test ## how many days does it take for subboxin to leave your system where you can pass a drug test ## Go to a smoke shop like a 420 shop and they sell unisex synthetic urine tha... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Methadone.
Thu, Oct 09 '14, 9:44 AM
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methylin remains in your system for how many days after taking the pill ## I take Methylin 10mg tab low dose 1 tab and a half of a pill as well 3 times per day. I am prescribed to this med and along with others, with curiousity of as to how long it stays in my system if I was to stop these meds immediately? How will I know when my system is clean from my methylin pills if I stopped tomorrow to start my new medication i'm prescribed to, so I know the full effect I will get from my new med? Thank you, ...
Updated 3 years ago in Methylin.
Wed, May 18 '11, 11:32 PM
How long does it take for methadone to get out of your body after taking 60mg every day for six years?
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I've been going to pain management for over six years now. The main doctor over all of his pain management centers got into trouble and decided to take everyone off of methadone and fentanyl. Well I was on 60mg a day for six years. They have been doing a medication rotation on me since then. This is the first month they took the last 30mg of methadone away from me. I am on 40mg of oxycontin three times a day and 15 mg of oxycodone three times a day for breakthrough pain. I'm sure I will have a urine done next month. Should I be clean of methadone since it has had six years to build up in my system or will I test positive for a couple months? I really need to know what to look for after this drug test and I need to know if the methadone will be out of my system... I don't wan... ...
Updated 15 days ago in Methadone.
Mon, Mar 16 '15, 10:43 PM

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