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suboxone drs in indiana who accept medicaid
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My daughter has been on suboxone for 4 years her Dr got arrested need her to find a dr ## Have her sign up at NAABT.ORG, it's a dr match site for this. Yeah, Dr Ley and DORN associates were good, but the DEA shouldn't have dismantled their operation w/o providing a list of doctors. Now the DEA has our records, so many can't find anyone to even take them. He and the DEA are to blame for this. Not us, who go to counseling, take our drug panels, work, doing everything right and then BAM! Nothing for us. ## yep, same here! I was a patient at Leys clinic for a little over a year & really, I'm not surprised they shut him down. But before that I was a patient at Wagner Medical Center for 7 yrs then they were shut down. And I was hooked up with them thru Fairbanks! I have be... ...
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Sun, Oct 19 '14, 6:15 AM
Suboxone for other drugs
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I have been on (Suboxone) for about 2 months now,I take 8mgs or break the tablet in half.I have noticed that taking this i do not have the need for anti-depressants like i did or nerve pills and even my ADD medicine.I have not stopped it all together but have went 2 weeks with out it and felt great.I just wanted to know if other people have noticed this who are taking other medications. ## While it contains the narcotic Buprenorphine, which is technically a depressant, it does have the opposite effect on some people. That fact, coupled with the high it can cause some people, is a major contributing to fact to why there are so many that end up abusing narcotics and becoming addicts. Are there any other comments or questions? ...
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Mon, Nov 28 '11, 6:13 PM
medicaid la suboxone rx limits
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I heard from a friend that Louisiana Medicaid is putting a limit on the amount of time it will pay/cover Suboxone prescriptions. I would like to know if this is true. ## Hello, Crystal! How are you? I don't know all the specifics, but many states are putting limits on it, such as only paying for it for one year. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ' Is there anything else I can help with? ## Max daily dosage of up to 24 mg a day for 90 consecutive days. After the 90 days a max of 16 mg a day dosage. Louisisna Medicaid has extended the allowed time to refill non controlled substances to 12 month. But, this does not apply to Suboxone. ## Im on LA med... ...
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Sat, Jul 05 '14, 8:08 PM
generic suboxone tablet 54 375
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I was on the generic suboxone pill the round orange AN 415 tablet when I went to pick up my remaining partial perscription I saw that the pharmacist handed me a completely different pill it was the new pink/peach 54/375 tablet I immediately questioned this pill wondering if in fact it would be as good! Well I took the first one tonight and I feel they work much better for me I agree with many others on this forum it's all mainly the way the body metabolizes it in my opinion it's like different strokes for different folks! ## Glad to hear that this newer tablet is working well for you. I know it can often times be a gamble when you go to the pharmacy frequently and expect to get the same thing every single time, only to be given what's left in the shuffle. Thankfully getting ... ...
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Mon, Feb 23 '15, 4:17 PM
Stomach Discomfort On Suboxone
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I've been taking many Oxy 80's daily for the past 2 years. I am on 8mg sub film 2x daily. I still experienced precipitated withdrawls and I waited 54 hours before I started with the subs. It's now 2 days later and I feel very bloated. In addition it feels like I have butterflies in my stomach. It's very uncomfortable. Has anyone experienced this and if so what did you do and how long does it last. Thanks for the advice and best of luck to all. ## Based on my research, stomach pain (upset stomach); constipation; euphoria; feelings of depersonalization; & feeling light-headed; are the closest Suboxone-related side effects I'm finding to the symptoms mentioned in your description. Do any of these sound like what you may be going through? I also went ahead and posted... ...
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Fri, May 10 '13, 4:42 AM
Suboxone Too Strong...need advice
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I have been prescribed Vicodin for the last 7 years by the same Dr for a back injury that occurred when I was struck by a car. I recently (three weeks ago) decided that I wanted to stop taking the Vicodin because I saw myself taking too many to get the pain to go away. So at that time I began to taper off the pills and made an appointment with a psychiatrist that could prescribe Suboxone if that was the final decision because I was very afraid of withdrawals. (Back up a little in the story) about four months ago I was taking approx 8-10 Vicodin a day and when I tapered off I was down to two a day and had been for about 2-3 weeks. So when I talked to the psychiatrist he prescribed 4mg (or a half of a tablet) twice a day. I waited until I began feeling some withdrawals and I took the Subo... ...
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Thu, Jul 03 '14, 2:34 PM
Length of time on suboxone?
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Hello everyone! I've was a pain pill addict for almost 11 years. I had many of surgeries and have a lot of medical problems. I was put on the pain pills due to my severe pain. And, became addicted. Went on methadone to get clean. I was so sick of being an addict. I was on 110mg and weaned down to 24mg. At that point, I was withdrawing so bad. I went to my Dr. Whom is also an addiction specialist, in tears. I was begging him to help me. He said I could stay on the methadone and increase or go on suboxone. I had come so far down off the meth. That I didn't want to stay on it. Anyway , I went on subs. That day. I take 24 mg a day. I'm also on. 3mg a day of klonopin due to PTSD and anxiety. So happy where my life is today. I've been on subs for almost 8 years now . I know if... ...
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Fri, Oct 03 '14, 1:35 PM
suboxone/hydrocodone equivocal
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Hi,Ive recently began suboxone treatment @ (8mg/2mg) twice daily,today is my 3rd day. My question is straightforward,how many mgs of suboxone is "considered" closely equal to only 80 mg of hydrocodone? Am simply trying very hard to get my dose correct,seems doctor overmedicated me during induction. I would greatly appreciate any feedback,thanks & best wishes to everyone. ## Hello, Staci! How are you? There really is no direct conversion, but the rough one that's usually used is 1.2mgs of the Buprenorphine to each 30mgs of Hydrocodone, but the person's overall tolerance to narcotics must be factored in, along with the fact that the Suboxone is dosed once a day, where the other was taken several times a day. So, that's probably why you were given the 8/2 dosage. Ha... ...
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Sat, Mar 29 '14, 1:24 PM
dr who prescribes suboxone
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need dr ## I'm sorry, but without knowing where you are, no one is going to be able to help you. There are many doctors and Suboxone clinics all over the U.S. Can you post back with more information? ## I am located in Hurlock MD my current suboxone doc is leaving the practice and I cant find a new one to save my life. Every doc i call says they no longer are a part of the suboxone program. Does anyone know someone I can call? ...
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Mon, Jul 16 '12, 2:02 PM
how long will suboxone keep their potentsy if they are expired
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I have sublingual strips that have been expired for about a month now are they still good? ## They should be fine, especially if they are still sealed in the package. ## @Adrian, Midiman is right... they should be fine since the expiration date wasn't too long ago. Harvard Medical School did a study stating that many medications like this can actually retain their potency for up to 10 to 15 years beyond their expiration date. The shelf life of Suboxone may be listed as 3 years, but I think it's been proven to retain its potency much longer under proper storage conditions. I hope this helps! ...
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Thu, Feb 27 '14, 10:44 AM
Generic Suboxone Sl 8 Mg Price
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what is the price on the new generic suboxone sl 8 mg /2 mg per tablet? As I don't have insurance & have to buy them separate or a few at a time. ## This website does not manufacture, prescribe nor sell any medications, it is an information only website. That said, the price will vary from area to area, from pharmacy to pharmacy and according to how many you are buying. In most cases it is cheaper to buy a month's worth, as the individual price goes up if you buy lower amounts. Learn more Suboxone details here. Have you asked your local pharmacies for price quotes? ## In regards to people asking about generic Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone). It seems that the tablets cost more than the name brand strips. Even the generics, appear to cost slightly more than the name brand s... ...
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Sat, Jun 15 '13, 9:57 PM
Suboxone Dr. Huntsville, Al Needed Asap
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I need a Suboxone Dr. in the Huntsville/Madison, AL area asap. I am already on suboxone, but it looks like my doctor may be leaving the area and I really don't want to go to a random Dr. just to find out he's awful. I've already done that once with a doctor scamming me and my insurance and I really don't want to do it again. If anyone knows of a good doctor in the area, preferably one with availabilities (but I will put myself on as many waiting lists as needed, so go ahead with any good ones that are full that you may know of), I would really appreciate the help! Thanks! ## Hello, Carrie! How are you? Actually, there is a search engine on the website that you can use to check for doctors in your area by zip code. You can find it at click here. This is a nar... ...
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Wed, Sep 24 '14, 11:37 AM
generic suboxone 8mg expensive
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Ok I was on subutex an now supposedly a state law n Tn that they can only prescribe tex to pregnant or nursing women. I now am prescribed suboxone tabs and many pharmacies turned me down even though they were on my list from the dr. So I went to Wal-Mart where I had been going and they had to order the tabs. When I got them they r called buna and r the half moon 155 white round pills, but they r like 8 something a piece! I tried using the goodrx coupon but the pharmacist said they will only take coupons from the manufacturer and I don't even know who or what to look for. Can someone please help! I love feeling normal but its costing so much money! HELP! ## I have gotten the same spiel from my doctor about Subutex yet no law exists to support this claim. I have been on Subs for over ... ...
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Wed, Feb 25 '15, 5:02 PM
Is suboxone as hard to get off as methadone?
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Hi everyone! I was wondering if suboxone is as hard 2 get off as methadone? I was on 110 of methadone 4 almost 5 years, after many years of Oxy abuse. Got down 2 (24) and the withdrawals were so bad, and, the cravings came back. Dr put me on suboxone, which works great. I've been on 3 (8 mg) a day 4 almost 8 years now. I'm scared 2 death 2 get off. I suffer with a lot of pain, too. The suboxone helps some. What with it. I'm also afraid of the bad withdrawals, and returning back 2 pain pills. Any advise will b helpful. ## Hi Cats, You definately can get off subs it just takes time. Why not cut down just a couple of mgs and see how it goes. Instead of 8 three times a day you could try 8 than 6 than 8. If you feel allright after a week or so try dropping another 2. Theres no se... ...
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Sun, Jun 08 '14, 9:38 PM
restricted pupils on 2mg suboxone
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Hi it would be of great help to me if any suboxone users could help me out by answering my question. Would 2mg of suboxone restrict your pupils. My partner has been using 2mg of suboxone for some time now and his pupils are always very restricted which puzzles the life out of me and in turn causing massive problems in our relationship. I'm convinced he must be using "other stuff" to make his pupils this small. Would 2mg of suboxone cause this. With many thx to any1 who would be kind enough to reply. Thank u. ## Hi, Ann! How are you? Yes, Suboxone actually contains 2 active ingredients, Buprenorphine and Naloxone. The Buprenorphine is a very potent narcotic opiate, so it can cause that in some people that take it, just as other opiates can. Learn more Suboxone details here. A... ...
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Sat, Oct 12 '13, 11:45 AM
Longterm 2 mg Suboxone film issues?
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I've been getting sick( ie starting to experience various symptoms) most days every day for some time. I have a doctor that has me on a diet pill, fluid pill, birth control, liothyronin, and Suboxone about 2 yrs ago. I dose once a day. Before I go forward, I eliminated one potential problem now. Through diet and exercise I have lost quite a few inches and probably lbs. I haven't weighed myself but others tell me I look like I've lost weights and I now fit in smaller sizes. I'm 23 year old female, 5 4" generally get lots of sleep (only with ambien and melatonin though) These symptoms have begun effecting my life and I have had to drop many classes costing 10's of thousands of dollars and lots of self esteem and basically the esteem of those around me. The best way... ...
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Fri, Sep 19 '14, 4:57 PM
what exactly does suboxone do? is it addicitive?
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i have a friend who desperately wants to get off of methadone and pain pills. will suboxone work? is it addicitive too? if someone can please help me that would be great! also is it very expensive, that's what i've heard. ## Well, first off, yes, it can be addictive as well, however, it has distince advantages over narcotic meds, Benzos, and even Methadone. Suboxone works on many of the same receptors, since it is a narcotic agent, however, it does not give the same high effect and euphoria that most addicts enjoyed, which is what made them get addicted in the first place. It also contains an opiate neutralizer, so it neutralizes anything in your system from the other drugs you were using, and of course prevents someone from continuing to use while they are on it. Most people wh... ...
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Mon, Oct 13 '14, 2:09 PM
psychiatrist to treat and precribe my suboxone and xanax
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I have had many serious injurys and am going through breast cancer now. In tampa the doctors just wanted to give me more opiates until I couldn't take it.I checked in to detox and met a doctor there who put me on suboxone for long term pain treatment and it works great for me.I also take Xanax for my severe anxiety attacks. I have had to move to Minn near Minneapolis to care for my mom{altzeimers} and I cant find a psychiatrist who takes full medicare and Medicaid. The one i had retired suddenly to care for his wife with same disease as my mom.All I can find now are self pays and I don't have that kind of money ## Hello, Chris! How are you? Due to the regulations that were put in place last year, you'll actually need to see specialists for both medications. Do you have a PCP... ...
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Sat, Jun 28 '14, 4:32 PM
I Am On Methodone Maint Now Want To Maintain Suboxan Can And How
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i am taking 70 mg. methodone daily. i have been clean many years. going to meth. clinic interferes with my job. is there a place that dispenses suboxon. ## You can check to see if there is a doctor in your area that provides Suboxone treatment. The way it works though, might cause you some problems. You do have to be in full withdrawal, before you can start Suboxone, because it contains both Buprenorphine and Naloxone, so the Naloxone can throw you into severe withdrawals, if you take it too soon. From what I understand, some of them do give take-home prescriptions, but it depends on the doctor's policies and the laws in your state. You can learn more about the medication here: Are there any other comments or questions? ...
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Sun, Oct 23 '11, 11:10 AM
subutex doctors that take insurance in TN.
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Please help me find a subutex Dr. That accepts tenncare medicare for office payment. ## im lookinmg for a subutex dr in nashville who doesnt have to have insurance ## In Nashville, look up Dr. Arnett. He has many Suboxone/subtex clinics in the area. Call one of the hospitals, like Vandy or St. Thomas; they can usually point you in the right direction. Also, there's a buprenorphine patch available. (Same drug that's in Subutex). If you had problems with Suboxone, it could be the narcan mixed in with it to keep it from being abused. ## Dr. Cruz and Turning Point Recovery prescribes Subutex. My gf is on it. both places in Memphis and very close to Memphis. ...
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Wed, Nov 12 '14, 7:08 AM

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