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Morphine 30mg Cr
I take this tab for pain management, I was sick with flu and only took one tablet at 6pm the night before my pain management doctors appt at 10am the next day. They are saying that my urine test did NOT show morphine in my system and are planning to drop me for violation of policy. Because this med is time released could that be the reason the med did not show up in urinalysis? thank you ## Did you tell them that you had been sick and not taking the medication as prescribed? It is generally always wise to be honest with your doctors and while they do have their policies, many of them do understand if you were ill and had trouble holding stuff down or couldn't take your medications. Now, in reality, they could have detected some in your urine, even if it is time released, but it woul... ...
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Fentanyl Urine Drug Tests
I took off my 25mcg. Fentanyl 3 days ago and have to have a urine drug screen for employment. Will it show after 72 hrs on a 6405N 5-50 GC/MS test ## It could still show up, Fentanyl is a very potent narcotic, which is over 80 times stronger than Morphine and most narcotics are detectable in urine for as long as 4 to 5 days. This time frame, however, will vary, depending on your metabolism, fluid intake, activity levels and other factors. If you have a prescription for the patches, all you have to do is inform them of this, when you go in for the test, they cannot fail you for using something that is legally prescribed. The only exceptions to this are certain jobs that are governed by some specific federal laws, where potent narcotics and other controlled substances may endanger far too... ...
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will morphine be in my system 13 days after use
I took about 10 30mg tabs of moraphine in a five day period the last used one was January 31st I have a dr appt with a drug screen on Feb 13th will the motphine show up in my urine test. I know they send the urine to a lab. Any help would be appreaciated..., ...
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morphine and oxycodone an tramadol false positive drug test
I been on morphine self er100 mg an oxycodone 10 mg an tramadol 50 mg for 12 yrs. I was taking sudafed pe for sinus. Went to pain Dr it showed that I had 6 momacelymorphine in my urine and it was know as Heroine.. 55 yrs old never taken street drugs..was dismiss from clinic...could you please tell me what could have call this... I have 2 hip surgeries an other problem... trying to fight this case... I was told by lab..I had to take some before I went to my dr. Please help... ## Ive been on dilaudid for about 4 years now. I have had back surgery that really didnt help to much with the pain. I went to a Clínic not my reg Dr. Last week because they were booked. At the Clínic i explained to them why i take what i take and showed them my prescription. The doctor there treated me li... ...
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Oxycontin Does It Have Morphine In
Will oxycontin show up as morphine on a drug screen ## Hi Sherry, Both Oxycodone (oxycontin) and Morphine can test positive for opiates; so depending on the quality of the test given, there's always a chance for a false-positive discrepancy between the two. Furthermore, many of the standardized drug tests typically used for screenings lack the sensitivity to distinguish beyond the basic structures of the drug class vs. the drug name; making the odds of a false-positive even greater. I hope this info helps to answer your question! ## I was taken 40mg Oxycontin 2x daily for my chronic daily headaches. I was called in for a urine test & immediately stopped my meds cuz they said I tested positive for Morphine when I never touched it. Then 6 mos later I was taking 20mg Oxycontin ... ...
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need morphine question help
I take half of a 30mg roxicodone once or twice a day going on almost a year now and before that percocets 5mg twice a day for almost another year. My question is I took a morphine sulfate 30mg 8 days ago. Also had morphine by IV a month ago, I have to take a urine test tomorrow will it show up in my test? ## if you took the morphine 8 days ago its gonna show up. ## No, I am not! Sorry would not help with that. Everyone else on here is say 4 to 5 days for an urine test. Why do you say it would? ...
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Amount of morphine and hydrocodone.
Do urine tests show the amount of morphine or hydrocodone taken? ...
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Tue, Dec 24 '13, 12:15 PM   0 
False positive morphine
I am an injured vet with amputation. I am prescribed norco 10 mg and oxycontin 10mg extended release. I was told my last three uas I tested positive for morphine but have not taken any morphine. They've even gone so far as to accuse me of using heroin which I would NEVER do. What the hell is going on? Why is morphine coming out? ## Who is drug testing you? Are they just using a drug screen cup? People who are not educated in this should not be testing people. If its just a cup they test with and do not send the urine to a test lab cups can and will show false positives. This happens a lot. If they send the urine to the lab or use blood screen they should talk to the lab about the results before accusing. Morphine will show up positive if you are taking any opiates. Your body natural... ...
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False Positive For Oxymorphone On Urine Test
i'am prescribed morphinesulfate 30mg ER and oxycodne 15 mg,aprazolam counselor requires 5 week urine lab work.oxymorphone shows up positive,i think the morphine-n-oxycodone are why the oxymorphone is showing positive,as well as my primary care physician,who is looking into it ,yet i need too prove this too my counselor.if this is whats going on please help ## Oxycodone breaks down or metabolizes into 3 chemicals about 1/3 stays as oxycodone but around 1/3 turns into oxymorphone naturally in the body. If u weren't testing positive for it it would be strange. Explain 2 ur dr that ur body metabolizes oxycodone partially into oxymorphone & it isn't a false positive it's simply positive due 2 how it breaks down in the human body. Ur dr really should have allready k... ...
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is 76 hours enough time for morphine sulfate 15mg to leave urine?
Ran out of my Vicodin prescription by one day which I take every 3 to 4 hours. To avoid withdrawls I took 3 15mg morphine sulfate pills untill my doctor called my prescription in the following afternoon. 76 hours later the office sprang a surprise urine test. Will the Morphine show up? ...
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Er Kadian Morphine All Info
how long does it show up in a urine test after you stopped taking it? if you are taking 100 mg tabs twice a day for 2 weeks Need to know how long i should stop the drug so it won t show on a laboratory urine test ## Narcotics are usually detectable in a urine test for up to 4 days, after you stop taking them, though this can vary a little from person to person. If you have a prescription, however, all you have to do is inform them of this, when you go in for the test. Though they may require proof. Are there any other comments or questions? ...
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urine tests for hydrocodone and false possitives
I took 2 7.5 hydrocodones about 6 weeks ago and I am on oxycodone and percocet daily, so I had my urine test at pain clinic Thursday and it came back possitive for hydro and not only that but said mega doses had been taken. They told me I had to of taken sometime in the last week to 10 days, I did not!!! I have never cheated on my meds in almost 18 years but took the hydro one Sunday at church because I forgot my own meds. I took Lortabs from 1990 to 2010 regularly until I went on morphine then Oxys. ## Hi Sharon, A lot of these standardized drug tests have a fairly high false-positive response, where it seems as though anything is likely to show up. To my knowledge, false positives are known to occur on them anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. I actually just saw a post here the other ... ...
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Does Vicodin And Norco Test The Same As Morphine In Drug Tests
trying to see if vicodin norco and morphine metabolize the same for urine tests. Also curious if Fentanyl tests the out with the same metabolites. ## No, the specific metabolites for each are different and if they do a urine test that includes the panels to test for them, then they will each be detected as exactly what they are. Vicodin Norco Morphine Fentanyl Are there any other questions or comments? ## I am prescribed Norco. I have never taken morphine in my life but they are saying I failed a mouth swab test for it. Could anyone please help me understand why this happened ## I'm prscribe norcos does the doctors drug test they have wht will valum and morphine show the same as norcos ...
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how long does fentanyl stay in system?
I WAS ON 200 MG OF FENTANYL EVERY 72 HRS FOR ONE MONTH GOT A URINE TEST 12 DAYS LATER SHOWED UP IN RESULTS DID NOT TAKE ANY EXCEPT MY MS CONTIN WHY DID THIS HAPPEN THEY WANT TO TAKE AWAY MY MEDS ## You're question is kind of confusing... You said you we're on 200mg for a month did you have a script for it or just for fun? If you had a script then they wouldn't take away your meds. They'll most likely give you a second chance but make sure you come up clean next time or they will take the morphine away. ## In reply to T: who the hell are u to question ppl In such a way? Second why in the hell would u think Sumone would use a 200 mcg fentanyl patch "FOR FUN" Are u 4Real ?? Ppl can die from that "FUN TIME" u think they can just get a hold of sumthin That jus... ...
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I Took 2 60 Mg Morphine Pills Have To Drop For Probation When Will It Be Out Of My System
i took 1 60mg morphine on tues about 8:30pm and 1 more 60mg morphine wed night about 9:00pm . i hae to drop for probation on monday at 2:00pm will it be out of my system by then or will it show up on my urine or swab test? or even if i were to take 1 more 60mg morphine friday anytime will it show up in my system by monday? i am about 130lbs and about 5'2 in height .. also i drink lots of water.. ## Morphine is usually detectable in a urine test for approximately 4 days after last dosing and for approximately 3 days in a saliva test. Learn more Morphine details here. The time frame will vary from person to person, depending on various individuating factors, such as your metabolism, overall health, fluid intake, activity levels and etc. but these are the averages for most people. Is t... ...
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Oxycodone W Apap 5 325 Tab Mck have morphine in it
IM ACCUSED OF TAKING MORIPHINE FROM A URIN SAMPLE AND THEY GAVE ME THE PRESCTIPYION FOR OXYCODONE 5 325 AND HAVE TAKEN IT A LONG LONG TIME IS THERE ENOUGH IN IT TO SHOW IN URINE SAMPLE DRUG TEST OTHER WISE I REALY DONT KNOW WHERE IT IS COMING FROM. ## It would show in a urine test but as oxycodone not morphine unless they are just checking for opiates, then that's what it would show as ## It actually depends on the type of test that they are using. If they are using a less expensive, non-certified test, then they are known to show false positives for other substances anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. And, in actuality, most semi-synthetic or synthetic narcotics are well known to cause false positives for their relatives on such tests. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Learn more ... ...
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Methadone Drug Test
if ive been taking 10mg of methadone 6 times a day is it at all possible i could give a clean urine if i havent taken any for 60 hours? ## They have to have a specific test for methadone. Most drug tests are 5 panel tests. If they are 10 panel they usually test for it. methadone takes like a week to get completely out of your system. Especially if you have been taking it for a long period of time. ## DaddioMD is correct, to be detected, they must specifically be testing for Methadone, by running a wider panel test, it will not show up on the regular opiate tests, like Morphine or Oxycodone would. While most narcotics do clear out of your system in as little as 24 to 48 hours, Methadone has a longer half-life and, as was already stated, it could take up to a week, because of the amounts ... ...
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Lortab 10/500 mg and Morphine Sul. 30 mg
Does LOrtab 10/500 mgs. and Morphine Sul. 30 mgs show to be the same in a U/a.?? Thank you ## In a standard urine panel, yes, they will both just show up as opiate narcotics, because the Lortab contains Hydrocodone. If you have a prescription, then all you have to do is inform them of this, when you go in for testing, though they may ask for proof from your doctor. Are there any comments or questions? ## i agreee. if it is a low level job or non-state non-federal than it is probably a standard 5 panel which is thcaka marijuana, 2.cocaine, 3. opiates, 4. amphetamines, 5.mdma/ ecstacy or 1.tca/tricylic antidepressants 2. methadone 3. pcp 4. barbituates 5.oxycontin--then i believe these are cheapest to more expensive or just different variations. most companies dont go over 5- panels drug ... ...
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is there morphine in percocet
Does percocet show as morphine in a urine test.??? ...
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Tramadol in urine
If I take tramadol for pain, does that show up in urine tests for opiates? ## Tramadol is a opiate agonist and a central nervous system agent. This means that it acts on the same areas of the body (the same cellular receptors) as opiates (such as morphine and codiene, which are narcotics). As a result, tramadol has some of the same affects as opiates (such as pain reduction), but apparently is not as potent, from what I've heard. I think because of this, it could show up as opiates on a drug test; especially since many of the cheaper standardized tests cannot differentiate between drug class vs drug name, etc. I do not have personal experience undergoing a test for it, so I can only speak based on what I've read or heard about this drug. But I do hope this helps! ## if my girlfr... ...
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