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sizodon prescribed for sleeplessness in cp babies
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my child is a cp the doctor prescribed this medicine.i want to know whether it has any side it harmful if it is used for a long time ## Sizodon contains Risperidone, this is actually an atypical antipsychotic that is also commonly used to treat insomnia or sleep issues when other treatments do not work, or are not safe to use. Some of the most common side effects include: drowsiness, nausea, muscle pain and weight gain. ## Accurate information Good Samuel Psychologist ...
Updated 3 years ago in Risperidone.
Mon, Feb 07 '11, 5:38 AM
doctor that prescribes methadone for pain indiana
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I am in serious intractable pain that can only be treated efficaciously methadone and I need a doctor who will prescribe methadone ## Hello, Campbell! How are you? Due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, if you require such a medication on a long-term ongoing basis, you'll need to see a pain management specialist. A general practice doctor won't be able to prescribe it for you. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Have you tried pain management, yet? There is no way to guarantee that any doctor will prescribe Methadone for you, but they are specially trained in treating intractable pain. Can anyone suggest a good doctor in that ... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Methadone.
Tue, Oct 28 '14, 1:24 PM
looking for dr near leesburg fl who will presc. hydos.
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I am looking for a pain clinic or Dr. Who will prescribe hydros for severe neck and back pain ## It's actually getting increasingly hard to get any doctor to prescribe such medications anywhere in Florida, due to the new laws. Learn more Vicodin details here. There is also a shortage right now, due to the mandatory manufacturing limits, so if someone does get a prescription, it's hard to get it filled. Why is your old doctor no longer prescribing them? Does anyone know a good doctor they can recommend in that area? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Oxycodone.
Tue, Nov 27 '12, 6:31 PM
can you fill a script for oxycodone from NY in Florida
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Going on to visit family and just wanted to know if I will be able to when I get there ? ## What part of Florida you going to? ## Helllo, Jonna! How are you? No, you will probably not be able to get it filled there, since they cannot easily verify the validity of the prescription. It would be best to have it filled at home, before traveling. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Good luck with that one. I am a resident of Florida and can't even get any local pharmacy to fill my legitimate script for oxycodone filled. Over the top strict here in Florida! ## i know someone who went to Apopka Fl walgreens. They had... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Oxycodone.
Wed, Sep 17 '14, 5:17 AM
Methadone Clinic that accepts medicaid for payment
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live in seminole county, Florida. I am on medicaid and want to know if there is a clinic or doctor that will accept medicaid for methadone maintenance. ## I really wish I could help, but I haven't been able to find any that are directly listed in that area, however, I will admit, I am not familiar with Florida, so there could be some places that I am missing. Have you tried asking your doctor or perhaps calling the Medicaid office to see if they have a place they can recommend? Another good place to ask would be your local hospitals, especially the social workers, they usually have listings of such places for those in need that may have trouble finding them. ## I live in Bradenton-Sarasota & I go to the PAR clinic in Bradenton. It's on US41 in a plaza where Livingston's ... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Methadone.
Tue, Dec 23 '14, 1:46 PM
for pain instead of combiflam which tablet i can take
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i have taken combiflam every day for my leg pain while walking.recently doctor has adviced not to take combiflam. which tablet is better for my pain. my right leg palm has skin grafted.and it gives me pain while walking. kindly advice. is voverane is good? ...
Updated 7 months ago.
Tue, Jun 17 '14, 8:15 AM
saphris and depression
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I was given saphris for depression. Saphris is a brand new drug but its labing is not for depression. Has anyone else took this medicine ## Hi Beth, I was prescribed Saphris recently for a severe and long-term depression. I have chosen not to take this drug since my APRN, in response to my questions, had no idea why or how it would work for a depressed patient. Given her lack of knowledge about prescribed Saphris off-label for depression, I've opted not to take it. Good luck with your decision. Grace ## I have just recently started taking saphris other than the nasty taste I thnk its working great deffenitly with sleep as well. You should give it a try. Good luck ## I just started taking it for depression, after 15 years of other meds failing to help. My psychiatrist is prescribing ... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Saphris.
Wed, Oct 29 '14, 7:20 PM
white pill lP466 on side
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this pill is oblong with IP466 marked on one side...white...good size pill...what is it ## This tablet contains 800mgs of Ibuprofen, prescription strength, generic for Motrin. This is used to treat pain and inflammation. Do you have any other questions? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Ibuprofen.
Thu, Aug 20 '09, 3:53 PM
Discontinuing Viibryd
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saw Dr. today and told of side effects, hallucinations, etc. and he said to discontinue....just STOP. No tapering off. Has anyone else done this. Have you had worsening side effects? ## How long were you taking it? If it was only for a short period of time, then you a taper usually isn't necessary, especially with such severe side effects. Learn more Viibryd details here. ## Taking about 6 months. was worried about not taking it, but slept good last night for 6 hrs. no dreams or nightmares or hallucinations. See dr. again next week. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Viibryd.
Wed, Dec 12 '12, 1:59 PM
pill oval white marked f
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My friend found a half of a white oblong pill in her sons room the only marking is a F on it from the looks of it the half she found is the left side other side of pill is smooth doesnt look like it has a line in middle or anything. How does she identify this? ## Unfortunately, it's going to be difficult, without knowing the complete imprint that was on it. Has she tried just asking her son about it? I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Does anyone else have any idea of what this might be? ## Thank you for your help i had actually forgotten i had posted here because i hadnt heard anything come to find out she found more in his room they actually were nicotine pills so bad news is he smokes good news hes attempting to quit and isnt on pills. ...
Updated 10 months ago.
Tue, Feb 25 '14, 3:39 PM
citromacalvit tablets
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i sliped n fell after tht they took my xray n give this tablets for strenght ## i dnt to tak this tablets blindy.i want to have the knowledge of this particular tablet before taking since i m 7 month born what r the good n bad effect of the tablet since i do health check up every 6month no problem in any report ## i need indication,side effects of taking citromacalvit sachet once in three months for an 70 yr old women ## Sir, Please send the details, tablet- Citro macalvit, Tab- Shelcal OD & Oientment- Evalon Oestriol (how to use & dose). Please do the needful. With regards & thanks Arup Sen ## What are all the side effects of above tablets. I am 66 years old ## past 45 days i am taking this tablet due my bone fracture. pain has come down but i get irritation on my skin ## h... ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Wed, Mar 09 '11, 10:07 PM
will it help a tooth ache?
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I have a bad toohe infection under of one of my molars should i be taking 1, 500 mg Ciprfloxacin will it help? I also take methodone 30 mg will that interfere? Thank u for a response! ## IS CIPRFLOXACIN GOOD FOR A TOOTH ACHE ## Ciprofloxacin WILL NOT relieve the pain of a toothache, however, if you have an infection, it WILL help clear it up, because this is an antibiotic. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, skin rash and diarrhea. You can read more here: ## Methadone is a narcotic pain reliever that is used to treat severe pain and drug addiction. No, the two medications will not interfere with each other. Common side effects to Methadone may include: nausea, drowsiness, constipation and dizziness. You can read more here: Do you have any other questions? ## Have taken ... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Ciprofloxacin.
Tue, Nov 29 '11, 7:31 PM
Looking for a dr in pa or nj that prescribes roxycodone
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Have bulging discs already was on 10 mg of Percocet in August was on them for 7 months already had 4 epidermals chiro ,trigger point shots and still in bad bad pain in my neck and back .. ANYONE has any good dr that prescribe higher dosage please let me know ## Hello, Ryan! How are you? Unfortunately, there's really no listing of doctors according to what medications they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to and find listings for you. Learn more Oxycodone details here. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. If you require such medications on a long-term basis for the ongoing treatment of OCD, then you'll need to see a pain management special... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Percocet.
Wed, Nov 13 '13, 3:12 PM
mosegor multi vitamins
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is this good for sleeping? is this good for continuous intake? and one thing i notice, it increases my libido.... Is this a vitamin? ...
Updated 7 months ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
Tue, Jun 24 '14, 4:52 AM
Pinkish orange Vicodin
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an oval shaped pill with v on one side and 3506 on the other side.........any i dea what it is? ## Is the marking possibly 3605 V? If so, then it contains 7.5mgs of Hydrocodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen, it's a narcotic analgesic that is a generic for Lortab or Vicodin. Learn more Vicodin details here. ## It is a generic vicodin that CVS now provides from its new distributor. It is not as good as the prior white generic as it takes a long time to work, not as strong, and makes you sick that is nauseous. I will not get this again from CVS. I was told via CVS pharmacist that the change was due to price. ...
Updated 6 months ago in Vicodin.
Sat, Jul 12 '14, 3:28 PM
Butalbital Substitute
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I was previously taking Butalbital Compund 50-325-40 twice a day for about 4 years for tension headaches. My doctor now has started me on Nortriptyline and no more Butalbital. Anyone else with tension headaches who had to make this switch and did Nortriptyline really help? Vince P ## Hello, Vince! How are you? Yes, everyone is having to make a switch. As to whether or not Nortriptyline will work, the only way to find out is to try it and see. These medications do help some people that suffer migraines and tension headaches, so you may experience good results with it. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Does anyone know why they have discontinued the Butalbital compound ( Fiorinal) tablets? I have taken this... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Butalbital.
Wed, Jul 23 '14, 2:26 PM
Nexito5mg to be stopped.
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I have been taking nexito for more than an year now. It has worked effectively for my general anxiety disorder but now I have been taking 5mg but I feel I am doing good but my doctor has shifted to a different hospital and I am not a able to reach him. Can I stop the medicine now. If not when can u stop taking these tablets'? ...
Updated 2 months ago in Anxiety.
Fri, Nov 28 '14, 6:13 AM
eth 255 round white pill
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small white round pill ETH above255 on one side blank on the other ## good job ## This tablet contains 0.125mgs of Hyoscyamine, a generic for Levsin. This is used to treat various types of gastro-intestinal problems. ## Found small round white tablet. 25 imprint one side and scored with two intersecting lines on other side. Does anyone know what this is? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Hyoscyamine.
Fri, Aug 03 '12, 4:55 PM
why i m on suboxone 1st month great now 2nd it and got almost all the bad side effects is that normal
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Hello I'm new to these meds for withdrawals and addiction so years go by and by then I'm doing more run out early and be sick and in pain and keep a phone calling anyone I can for roxys30mg and 80mg oxys so I decided to go get off of them and I went to a methadone clinic and got put on 3 8mg Subutex and it did wonders for me but I had to stop going to the clinic drive 120miles everyday and pay $18for my dose of Subutex I live in Virginia and need a doctor for longterm so I stay off the opiates anyone no a good doctor to get Subutex on a monthly basis if so anyone plz let me no thanks ...
Updated 10 months ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Mar 24 '14, 12:58 AM
dr. that prescribes methadone for chronic pain in s.w. pa.
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Methadone is the only medication that works for my chronic pain.I had back surgery,knee surgery,fibromyalgia,arthritis,degenerate disc disease, migraines. Methadone seems to reach every bit of my pain compared to morphine or oxycontin I really need a Dr. who will work with me. I'm 46 years old and feel much older, please get back to me asap. I have medicare and access insurance, Thank You. ## Hello, Dennis! How are you? Any doctor can prescribe Methadone for pain, but most are very reluctant due to the fact that it is so highly addictive. Do you currently have a PCP that you see regularly? If so, having them refer you to someone would be the quickest and easiest way to get the help you need. Does anyone know of a good doctor in that area? ## There is a pain clinic in mercy hospital ... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Methadone.
Mon, Jul 14 '14, 9:21 PM

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