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IM ON 8MG OF SUBOXONE AND JUST GOT PRESCRIBED CITALOPRAM 2 DAYS AGO. WHATS PEOPLES COMMENTS ON TAKING THESE 2 DRUGS TOGETHER. I FEEL OK SO FAR ACTUALLY I FEEL ALOT BETTER, BUT I STILL WANNA KNOW WHAT OTHER PEOPLE GOT TO SAY ABOUT THEM. THANKS ## im on the same meds and was wondering how these 2 worked for you together.. ## I am also on Suboxone 8mg/2mg and i'm prescribed Celexa 20mg. I have been taking the Celexa for about 4 months now and I feel alot better. The Celexa gives me energy. I am a PCA and I work 60 hours a week. ## These two drugs are fine to take together. I have been on celexa for over 5 years and suboxone for 1 week. My doctor said they are fine together and i personally dont feel anyhting from the combo. ## Cool thsnks sll ...
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Sat, Aug 17 '13, 2:27 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 195530
can u take suboxone and codine
hi iam taking suboxone i would like to know if i take codine with it would i feel the codine also is it possible to go through withdrawls from codine if on suboxone ## more info please! 1) what dose are you on, how long have you been taking suboxone? 2) How much codeine we talking about? Are you meaning a dose to make you feel high? Or do you have a headache?! 3) what is your usage history? If you have been on Suboxone over a few days then dont take codeine as it will have no effect. It wont hurt you but wont do anything either as the suboxone will boot it out your receptors. You say 'would I feel it' which suggests to me you are looking to get high off the codeine. So the answer is 'No' unless you are on a very low dose and take a high codeine dose. I honestly wouldn... ...
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Tue, Mar 18 '14, 3:44 PM   9  Subscribe to thread 188317
subutex/ohio - can't take suboxone
Hey everyone. I hope that someone can give me some direction. Ive been an addict for about 17 years. Long story short, I started purchasing Suboxone until I could get in treatment. I discovered that my body cant tolerate naloxone. Bad things happen! LOL. Rashes, headaches, and my breathing became very labored. That scared me. I came across the Subutex-which has no naloxone. I took those, and I was fine. I just cannot find anyone to prescribe me the Subutex since i've moved from my old location. I live in Eastern Ohio. My job puts me all over the state. So, i'd be content with a reasonably priced provider/doctor/psychiatrist/md/clinic ANYWHERE in the state of Ohio. If any of you can help me I would be deeply grateful. I hate to say this, but I feel hopeless & almost like my r... ...
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Wed, Feb 06 '13, 12:02 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 242296
suboxone jump
Went to my sub. dr. yesterday and he lowered my dose of 12mg per day to 8mg. or one film strip. I told him I want to get off sub. completely so he,s gonna taper me down to very low dose. I asked him about WDS. and he assured me that there would be next to none. I doubt this. He told me he would prescribe Tramadol when I got off the Suboxone and then wean me off it. Has any one tried or heard of this method? ## I've not heard of tramadol being used for WDS, but I tried it for pain once. It made me feel creepy, gabe me wierd dreams, and didn't help with my pain ( kind of like me subox expierence). Everyone is different though, and it migh work for you. We are all different. ## I also tried it for pain a long time ago and it did not work. Are you off suboxone, were the wds bad as t... ...
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Sat, Jan 25 '14, 12:40 AM   8  Subscribe to thread 229536
can i take a suboxone after vicodin
Ive been recreationally taking subs here and there for a few months. I wasn't on any for about 36 hours so I took some vicodin, completely wasted the pills. It's only been a few hours but I want to take a sub. My only concern is I have heard you can go into withdrawals after taking both. Will I still feel the suboxone? ## I'm not one to speak from personal experience, so I'll leave the more concrete details to those who know from trial and error. However from what I've heard in several discussion threads, using the two together within such a short time frame may cause withdrawals from the vicodin (since suboxone would be taking it off the receptors)... and to my understanding you may not end up feeling the suboxone either, making this a lose-lose situation. With that... ...
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Mon, Mar 17 '14, 2:42 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 261702
hi everyone im 21 and am currently going through a terrible opiate withdraw. i have one sub strip of 2 mg but i am on kolopin .5 mg. if i take them its up to 2mgs a day, after reading things on the internet about suboxone it says that you can od if you take any type of benzo. im at the point of not knowing what to do im so sick that i feel like im dying. i keep reading that itll make you od and also that you can take it while on subs. ive never tried a suboxone a day in my life. does anyone have any type of answer to my question, is it okay to take benzos while take a sub strip? help pleaseeeeeeee. ## ANY opiate PLUS ANY benzo is not a good mix. Yes you can mix the two,but def not at high doses, DEF NOT. At lower doses like one 2mg sub a day and two .5 kpin, Im sure itll be no problem. ... ...
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Tue, Oct 22 '13, 7:58 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 254343
how much suboxone to reach ceiling effect
Want to know how many 8mg suboxone strips it takes to reach the 'ceiling effect' which docs say is equivalent to 30mg of methadone? ## Sub dr. told me 32mg or 4 of the 8/2 strips. In my opinion thats way too much sub for anyone to be on anyways. ## I never felt suboxone, whether I took 1 or 4, subutex ceiling affect for me was 4 or 32 mg... ## Hey christian777, Your not suppose to feel suboxone. It doesn't make you high. You might feel something very slightly at first but that goes away quickly and you just feel normal. Ceiling effect just means that after so many mgs the drug just can,t do anymore for you. Thats why when someone needs more than lets say 30mgs of methadone to "feel right " suboxone may not be the best choice for them. Methadone has no ceiling effect ... ...
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Sun, Nov 24 '13, 3:19 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 256029
relapse while on suboxone want to get back the suboxin how long should i wait
Iv been on soboxine for a couple days. i smoked H couple hours after i took my sub. now to get back on the sub do i have to wait 24 hours? ## Dear Jigga H, u need 2 b in w/d b4 u can take the suboxone, again. Or, it will defeat the purpose and might make u feel sick. So , I would wait until u feel withdrawals b 4 u take the subs. ## Hi, You should wait 16-18 hours. You don,t want to take the chance of going into precipitated wds. ...
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Thu, Apr 10 '14, 3:25 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 263307
can you take oxycotin while on suboxone
If your taken suboxone can you take a oxy for pain? Will it make you sick or no ## Dear mjp it is not a good thing 2 take Oxy with subs. You could get very sick or it could be worse. Besides, suboxone blocks out the effects of Oxy. So, u wouldn't feel the Oxy. Mixing them is a no no. U must also b in withdrawals b 4 u can take the subs. ...
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Fri, Apr 11 '14, 9:50 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 263426
1st time - Suboxone
I am starting my suboxone treatment tomorrow after I'm into the ever dreaded WD's. My 1st prescription is for 8 mg. 1/2 a pill every hour until the symptoms have subsided. I have been taking 14-17 10 mg. hydrocodones a day for about 1 1/2 yrs. I'm very scared of how I am going to feel for the next few days. I am also dealing with a lot of anxiety. Does anyone know if I can take a 1/2 or whole xanax while taking Suboxone to help with anxiety? I'm reading conflicting reports on this. I've got a call into my dr., but have not heard back yet. I am very concerned about how I will be able to function for the next few days or weeks. Yesterday was my first dr. visit and prescription. I really want to kick this awful habit. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You... ...
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Sun, Dec 30 '12, 10:23 PM   22  Subscribe to thread 191923
Suboxone morning
I have been on suboxone for about a year now and I'm wondering if I or my Dr is doing something wrong? I feel normal all day, but when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I got hit by a bus. I wake up and take my sub immidatly trying to advoid the pain but it normally takes me a hour-hour & a half to feel good enought to get dressed for work..etc. I don't know how to describe it other then it feels like my stomach is being twisted up. Any help or suggestions would be helpful. I only ask cause my Dr seems to blow it off and send me on my way. ## All medications only last a certain period of time, so it is normal for there to be a time period where it will wear off and you may have to wait for your next dose to kick in. Learn more Suboxone details here. The biggest problem I... ...
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Fri, Aug 17 '12, 1:46 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 234441
indiana suboxone
Please help! I'm a mother of three children that is trying to stay of pain medications. I am in struggle of finding a suboxone doctor here in Indianapolis. I have been on pain medications for over 12 years and I've not been able to stay clean longer than 5 days due to the withdrawals and make you feel like death. I have taken suboxone before and it helped me tremendously. But I'm not able to find a doctor prescribe me I'm on six waiting list and then told by a dozen clinics there are no longer taking patients that are on Hoosier Healthwise. can anyone out there please help me please ## Hi, Don,t know anybody in your state but you could try goggle Suboxone doctors in Indianapolis and see what pops up. You might want to try a private sub dr. opposed to a clinic. A lot of t... ...
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Tue, Mar 25 '14, 5:14 AM   6  Subscribe to thread 256086
subutex suboxone
Surely I'm not the only person reading in shock and disbelief,How is it that so many people are unaware of the basic facts and information regarding bup,I am reading in horror that woman are trying to detox during pregnancy ,that is the worst option it is risking both lives,i also read a question regarding the effectiveness of mixing bup with methadone,anyone using these meds should know it causes withdrawals,that's the point of bup,i feel lucky to have drug treatment services that are free but able to stand along what is provided to private patients .Its horrible to think of pregnant woman on bup having to come onhere to ask for info and not telling their dr in fear of judgement or welfare,what is up with a woman thinking its an option to detox at five mnths preg,how doesn'... ...
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Mon, Apr 14 '14, 11:53 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 255979
Suboxone/no excuse
People who moan and go on about how expensive suboxone and dr visits are well it's pretty simple and I say this because I to take suboxone ,I have for 2yrs 2 months it's not cheap but neither was your addiction I'm not stupid 20yrs of addiction has taken everything away from me now it's slowly coming back at $1.00 a mg or more in some cases like oxy-codon or Percocet 30 s I've payed $40.00 dollars a piece and that barley scratched the surface in getting me feeling better was taking 3to 4 a day everyday and I afforded that so the suboxone is very affordable compared to getting opioids off the street so do your best to make it work people and god bless ## Dear Jimmy24z, I totally agree with u. I'm lucky enough 2 have health insurence, so, I only pay $40 a month 4 a... ...
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Fri, Apr 11 '14, 3:25 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 263392
Ran out of suboxone
I have stupidly run out of my suboxone. i have been on 3 strips a day for over a year and somehow this month i have run out. I really think my brother stole them, but that is another story. I cannot get a refill for 8 days and have only taken 1 a day for the last three days. i am down to a half of a strip and already i feel shaky, no appetite, no mental focus, tired (like a truck ran over me), and ache bad all over. I have fibromyalgia real bad and TMJ and some other things. My pain is kicking in and I don't know what to do. I don't think I can last 8 more days. I have to work and have a 2 year old, 3 year old and 4 year old to chase and take care of. What can I do to get through the withdrawal for the next 8 days? ## hi, i have been on suboxone and methadone and withdrawals arn... ...
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Mon, Jun 17 '13, 11:27 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 247637
Starting Suboxone
Next week I have a appt. with a DR who prescribes Suboxone. I have been on Fentanyl patches for 8 years now.I am prescribed 150 mcg every 48 hrs. but still feel I am in partal withdrawal most of the time.Does anyone have a similar situation and how bad should the withdrawals be with Suboxone and Xanax if he will still allow them? Also will the suboxone still help with pain? I am scared about the withdrawls since I ran out for 1 day only and it was hell!! Any reply would be appreciated ## Randy,w/d's seemed to be very controllable with suboxone for me,but Im a pain patient once the weather hit below zero 4-6 weeks after sarting suboxone the pain kicked in.Iit was unbearable (worst time in my life) AND they made me stop my xanax. I also was able to just stop taking the suboxone after ... ...
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Sat, Jul 27 '13, 1:49 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 248838
Suboxone and drugs
Talking about suboxone last tuesday I took 1 (8)mg Suboxone April 6, 2010 , on the next day April 7, 2010 , I had 13 teeth removed from the front all the way to the back right top and bottom they was rotten from all the past drug use I have done, when I got to the oral surgern the gave me Valium , Versed, and Drmerol . I did not get high but was knocked out and did not feel anything till the Versed worn off, I did not advise the surgeon of my Suboxone use till that night he was not at all worried about it and sent me home with a RX of demerol 50 mg was told to take 1-2 every 4-6 hours as needed for pain with the Suboxone still in my system I did not get the effect of the high ( buzz) of it but it did take the pain away the next day Thursday he gave me another rx of 20 Demerol 50 mg with... ...
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Wed, Apr 14 '10, 3:54 PM   0 
Will My Dr Take Me Off Suboxone And Put On Opana
in 2005 when i was 22 i hurt my shoulder and needed surgery, i was prescribed 2 oxycontin 20 mg pills and 8 10 mg hydrocodone pills a day. in 2006 i had shoulder surgery, it was called a capsular shift. i had the tendons and ligaments shortened and re attached because the shoulder would dislocate about 10 to 15 times a day. after the surgery i was prescribed 2 opana 20 mg and 4 percocet 7.5 mg a day. for about 6 months everything was fine and i was doing good but i started to feel pain in my neck, upon my next trip to the dr they did an mri of my neck and found that i had a hearniated disc. they bumped the percocet up to 10 mg 6 times a day and left the opana at the same dose, 2, 20 mg a day. i started to feel withdrawal after a short time and if i didnt have the meds i would not only b... ...
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Wed, Oct 17 '12, 12:00 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 237189
Suboxone Withdrawl
Can anyone relate to the withdrawl symptoms of subxne? Ive been sucessfully taking it for 3yrs and stopped taking it a month ago because im sick of having to take something everyday. It feels like im still addicted to a substance because I am! So its been over 30 days and I am still not feeling myself... My doctor perscribed Tramadol to help curb the withdrwl symptms. That helped but now thats gone and I am still feeling the sting! can anyone tell me when I will feel normal again? ## I was reading about you being on suboxones for 3 years and are finally off them? and still feeling ukk??? oh man, i also have been on for about 3 years almost and i am so ready to get off these darn things myself, however having read your comment about not feeling well STILL? that scares me as i have a 2 ye... ...
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Sun, Aug 14 '11, 11:54 AM   9  Subscribe to thread 196211
suboxone and benzos
ok--I really want some documentation regarding these deaths caused by the use of Suboxone and benzodiazepenes ie; Ativan, Klonopin, etc., concirrently. I want to know because I have been taking Suboxone with Librium for months, and now am taking Suboxone with Klonopin. I only take 2mg of Suboxone, mind you the high end 'range' is 32mg a day! Does anyone really know 1) documentation and proof of these deaths that so called have ocurred, and 2) why am I still alive after taking these two drugs concurrently for over a year? WHoever can help me on this one is a GOD-feel free to email me at xxxxxxxxxx with any and all info you can muster up, it is ticking me off when i read people talk about this specific issue but I see no PROOF????????? ...
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