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How Long Does Oxycodone Take Show Up In Urine After Taking It (Page 8)

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I Took One 5mg Of Oxycodone at 8:30am. Would I pass the "Urine Test" the next Day for the job?
30yrs/Male, height -5'7, weigh 168.0 pds. I exercise 3-4 times a week at the gym. I eat right. I don't consume drugs or alcohol. I took one 5mg of Oxcodone at 8:30 am by accident. However, I need to take Urine Analysis-drug test for a work the next day. Would it show up on the urine test? ## Yes it will show up for about 3 days but if you have a prescription for them at some time in the past you will be fine just tell them you took it. ...
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Fri, Feb 22 '13, 10:48 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 243118
pain management drug testing oxycodone
I am on oxycodone 10/325 5 times daily from a pain management doctor for seven disc and spinal articulating. I recently tore my right lower groin and for the last week have taken 1 extra med in the middle of the night. I have a urine test coming up and wonder if saving four 10/325 for the day before the test will help me show positive for my meds. Any help would d be great ...
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Thu, Aug 21 '14, 1:57 PM   0 
oxycodone 30mg-dna drug test
how long does it show in your system-not sure all new to me-PLEASE HELP ME GET ANSEWERS IM VERY CONFUSED ON THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ## If it's a Urine anyalsis it will be out of your system in like 3 days. Do you know what kind of test it is? ## DNA STICK IN MOUTH FOR 3-MIN test ## PLEASE HELP ME GET A ANSEWER ON THIS!!!!!!!!! ## I found this on wikipedia, it is the only thing I can find. It says 1-3 days for oral fluid for most opiates. Hope this helps. ## For Oxycodone and its metabolites, the detection time for an oral swab can be up to 7 days, which can vary somewhat, depending on how long you have been using it and how high of a dosage you have been taking. As damouthy1 stated and linked to, most opiates are 1 to 3 days, but... ...
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Wed, Mar 14 '12, 9:11 PM   6  Subscribe to thread 214768
Percocet 7.5 and oxycodone 30
I am wondering If percocet 7.5 mg and oxycodone 30 or 15 mg would show up the same on a saliva or urine drug screen and if 4 norco 10 mg was taken on a mon. Would it show up on a saliva or urine drug screen on Thursday ...
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Thu, Sep 12 '13, 4:30 PM   0 
oxycodone and suboxone help!
I have been on suboxone since October of 2013...I originally had a pill addiction and moved on to heroine...subsequently I suffered a back injury at work in November and have been in terrible pain. No doctors want to prescribe me narcotics...which I understand. Yesterday I took a Percocet that someone gave me and I see sub doc tomorrow afternoon...Will the oxy still be in my system? I have heard that drinking a lot of water I can flush the oxy out faster? I just do not want to have to go into this clinic once a week...which will happen if I come up's far from my home and I can't afford it. Any ideas? Also..Will the oxy show show up in the urine cups with the instant reads on it...because it will be over 48 hours by then? They do send urines out to lab to be tested...s... ...
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Tue, Feb 04 '14, 10:52 AM   0 
i take ms contin and oxycodone daily! false negative!? ms contin found positive, but little or no oxycontin?
I am prescribed lots of different meds, Lamictal, ritalin, antibiotics (doxycycline), advil. I have a normal diet and drink Lots of crandberry juice to help kidneys and prevent a urine infection. My urine tests 2 times came back positive for ms contin but little or no oxycodone! i take them each 3 times a day.What is the reason it isn't showing up even if taken them? My dr thinks i am just not taking it but i am how can i show the test is wrong! ...
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Wed, Oct 01 '14, 8:51 AM   0 
morphine and oxycodone an tramadol false positive drug test
I been on morphine self er100 mg an oxycodone 10 mg an tramadol 50 mg for 12 yrs. I was taking sudafed pe for sinus. Went to pain Dr it showed that I had 6 momacelymorphine in my urine and it was know as Heroine.. 55 yrs old never taken street drugs..was dismiss from clinic...could you please tell me what could have call this... I have 2 hip surgeries an other problem... trying to fight this case... I was told by lab..I had to take some before I went to my dr. Please help... ## Ive been on dilaudid for about 4 years now. I have had back surgery that really didnt help to much with the pain. I went to a Clínic not my reg Dr. Last week because they were booked. At the Clínic i explained to them why i take what i take and showed them my prescription. The doctor there treated me li... ...
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Wed, Sep 03 '14, 7:30 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 250416
Will Percoset Show Up As Opiate in a drug test?
Will Percoset Show Up As Opiate in a urine test where the categories are cocaine, methamphetamine, thc, and opiates? ## Yes, Percocet contains Oxycodone and Acetaminophen and the Oxycodone is a narcotic opiate. Learn more Oxycodone details here. However, if you have a prescription for it, then you simply need to inform them of that, when you go to have the test done. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Recently i took someone for a doctor appointment to get their prescription of percocet. They have been on this and 2-4 other medications for awhile now. They tested positive for cocaine meth thc and a few others they swear they do not do drugs. What would give if false positive result if anything? ## What can i say i took if my doctor finds oxycodone in my urine? ## My friend took ... ...
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Tue, Nov 26 '13, 4:00 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 236651
percocet in urine
if you took 2 percocet 3 days ago, will it show up in a urine drug screen ## Research I have gathered states that the major route of oxycodone excretion is in the urine. The effects of oxycodone last up to 4 hours after use. The length of time following drug use for which a positive result may occur is dependent upon several factors including the frequency and amount of usage, metabolic rate, excretion rate, drug half-life, and the drug user’s age, weight, activity, and diet. Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## I'm 53yrs old 5'4 160lbs I've taken 15mg of percoet yesterday and have a drug test tomorrow ## I took between 2 and 3 5 miligram percocet last night between the hours of 9pm and midnight. I also ha... ...
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Sun, Nov 17 '13, 2:50 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 212456
Suboxone in Urine
I am in pain management and we get urine tests every so often. Today they said I tested positive for suboxone but I don't even know what that is. My meds include xanax, wellbutrin, effexor, lyrica, percocet, zanaflex tablet. I also take advil etc over the counter and nyquil. How is it possible to test positive for something you have never taken? ## My friend is on suboxone and sometimes tests pos for oxycodone. Her Dr said it does happen sometimes and isnt her fault. I suggest you research the two showing as each other on drug test n print anything to your benefit n take to your Dr. ## Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone, the first is an opiate narcotic and the latter is used to help prevent the abuse of others while someone is being treat with it, because it is most common... ...
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Thu, May 02 '13, 2:16 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 237502
how are opiate levels checked in urine
I have been trying to find out how opiate levels are checked in the urine? The pharmacy wont fill my prescriptions without my urine being tested for levels. I only take small amount of oxycodone a day. The thing is, it's not even enough. My pain is so high, that the oxycodone only helps for an hr or two then I suffer for 4 hrs before my next dose. So are the levels even going to be correct? I'm just worried that the levels won't show correct, the Dr won't give me the meds anymore, then I'm in even more pain. ## I hoe somebody will reply on this question, It's ludicrous for a pharmacy to do such a thing, go to another pharmacy u don't need that sh**! ...
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Wed, Nov 20 '13, 3:56 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 253450
i take oxycontin lorazepam prednisone gabapentin and have been on and off antibiotics for the past 8 months. hydrocodone showed up in 2 consecutive urine tests. i do not take it. my doctor said that there is no way the tests are wrong but i do not take hydrocodone. ive taken different otc things for a longstanding sinus/bronchial infection. can anything explain this. i do not and did not take hydrocodone ## The only explanation is you took a lortab. ...
Updated 4 months ago in Hydrocodone.
Sat, Jun 21 '14, 12:26 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 253121
10mg of oxycodone..and drug test
I took 10mg percocet on thursday at 7pm..had a random test monday at 9 in the morning..I'm 6'3 220..I don't drink sodas..drink several glasses of water a day..the total time from consuming the pill until urinating in the cup was 86 hours..its the only one I've had in about 5 weeks..think I'm ok?? ## Sorry it will show in your blood and urine... traces stay for up to 30 days depending on the mg you take ## NO, It doesn't stay in your system for 30 days! It depends on your body type. But usually it is in your urine for 70 hours give or take a few. Any Oxys!! ## I have a drug urine screen on Monday. I took two percocet 15 mg on Friday. I am having knee surgery Thursday and was in alot of pain. Will I pass the urine test on Monday. ## I'm thinkng of askng Dr abou... ...
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Tue, May 06 '14, 10:05 PM   9  Subscribe to thread 204020
Negative urine test
What is protocol by doctors when u are supposed to be taking dilaudid and a urine test is done and it comes back negative for dilaudid! ## Can a company refuse to hire you because you are on a pain pump and have dilaudid in your system, assuming a drug test is manditory? ## Billarchdale- this happened to my girlfriend. she was on a fentanyl patch and oxycodone and she was getting drug tested to make sure it was in her system (to make sure she wasnt selling them) and to make sure she wasnt doing other drugs. First the oxycodone stopped showing up in her system and then the fentanyl didnt show up and she was wearing the patch, if he lifted up her shirt he would've seen it and i know she was taking it because i was giving it to her (she has a J-tube and takes it through that straight i... ...
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Wed, Oct 03 '12, 7:40 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 199353
nyison will it help to get oxycodone out of my system
Ok I took 90mg of oxycodone fri through sat and I have a drug test on Monday I have been drinking gallons of water and cranberry juicy will I be clean by 3pm and will nyosin help ## I took 90 mg of perc in a period of oct 31 to nov 3 .stopped started drinkin water an bac on my tabs the 3rd will i be ok on the 13 th for urine test pls gve me s ans asap two were 5 mgs rest was tens pls hlp asap ## I don't understand why you are concerned about a drug test. Here it is***** if you are prescribed these medications by your physician then there would be no problem if they show up on a drug screen. If you received the medications on the street or a friend gave them to you then you have a problem explaining to them why these medications have shown on a drug screening. My advice to you is to ... ...
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Wed, Nov 13 '13, 4:40 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 252409
Will Morphine sulfate show up as heroin on a drug test
My doctor said I had a positive urine for heroin but I don't do it he gave me 60mg morphine sulfate for long term and oxycodone 15s also is the morphine sulfate causing the test as a false positive? ## Hi I am a recovering addict from crack cocain iv been clean for 10months I get tested randomly by urine test and my last test showed I'm positive for heroin but I'v never used it all Iv been taking is pain killers which I take for back and neck pain would that be way I failed the test ## Good God !!! Please tell me you are joking ? If you are on mst continus or ms contin (morphine sulphate) prescribed from a doctor he himself should know FULL WELL that morphine will make you test positive on a general opiate screen just like codeine will as well for heroin. They are ment to do... ...
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Sat, Sep 13 '14, 11:18 AM   6  Subscribe to thread 245444
urine drug screening
My doctor wants a urine sample as i am prescribed a large amount of percocets each month. I smoked some pot for the first time in a long time, but im pretty sure it will show up so my boyfriend is going to supply the pee for me. Hes on the same pain pills, just not as many as me, but hes also prescribed xanax twice a day. I'm worried about the xanax levels being too high and the oxycodone levels too low. Does anybody know how throughly a st. john lab will test a urine sample? ## Unless you are a boy too it will be useless to have your boyfriend do your drug test. You sex can be determined by different chemicals in our bodies. ## @Melody, I have to agree ZeZee on this one. Labs these days can detect this sort of thing. Especially if your boyfriend is on xanax too, then that is just a... ...
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Fri, Jul 12 '13, 12:11 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 234365
on suboxone false pos. for oxycodone
im on felony probation have violated twice due to failing drug test ihave been to rehab 4 times na alone obviously does not work for me tried methadone a few years ago it was a terrible failure for me i decided a couple of months ago to try suboxone it has been a tremendous help so far i have no desire to go back to go back to iv drugs and look forward to being off suboxone in time as well i took a urine test at my last probation appointment it showed a false positive for oxycodone so it was sent to a lab for confirmation. will the lab identify suboxone or just confirm no oxycodone? ## It really depends on what type of test they are using, most just check for the presence of narcotics, not a specific one, since they break down into very similar metabolites. Have you made sure they are a... ...
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Tue, Mar 08 '11, 5:40 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 182752
Urine Test For Opiates
I take oxycontin 80 mg and roxicodone i do not take as many a day as Iam suppose to can a urine test tell how much i take ? ## Yes, there are tests they can use that show the levels of it in your body, rather than just the presence of the medication. I have no way of knowing if that's what they use for you, but these types of tests do exist. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Do you know anything about the type of test they do? ...
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Tue, Nov 06 '12, 2:47 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 238037
Oxycotin urine Levels
I took a 40 mg oxycotin about 2 hours ago by mistake. My hubby didnt take his meds today and put it back in the wrong bottle. He put it in my bottle of flexeral muscle relaxer and boy did I know it about 30 minutes later. I didnt know what was wrong with me for a while until I talked to him and he told me he put the pill in the bottle in the front which is my meds. I take 6 15 mg oxycodone a day and 2 flexeril. Tomorrow I go in to get my meds refilled and a epidural and I am so worried it will show up in my UA. My doc here in Kansas sends off the ua and has it checked for levels to make sure folks are taking their medicine and I would never risk getting kicked from the clinic. I just got started here and knew they tested monthly.How will this show in my ua? ## The best thing you can do ... ...
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Tue, Oct 16 '12, 9:39 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 237135

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