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how long does subutex stay in your urine for a drug test?
Hello. Im on house arrest and got drug tested urine for subutex on 8.12.13 last line snorted i ingested was on 8.4.13 iam wondering if this would still b in my urine 9 days later? Help please!!! ## Complete elimination of of a single dose of Buprenorphine can take as long as 6 days, the window of detection for the parent drug in urine is thought to be approximately 3 days. So it should be out of your system. ## How long will subutex stay in my system? I took 11 subutex in 5 days. How long until I will be clean for a swab drug test. The last two days I took a half of a quarter? ## It could still sow up since it has a very long half life. You need to Google, "The half life of Suboxone & Subutex... ## Unless your being tested specifically for sub ozone or subutex, it won't show... ...
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Fri, Aug 15 '14, 3:46 PM   8  Subscribe to thread 250722
HOW LONG WILL SUBOXONE STAY IN YOUR SYSTEM. I HAVE A URINE DRUG TEST COMING UP AT MY PAIN MEDICATION DOCTORS. I PLAN ON START TAKING MY PRESCRIBED PAIN MEDS 6 DAYS PRIOR TO GOING. ALO I WILL STOP THE SUBOXONE 7 DAYS PRIOR TO GOING.V ## The Buprenorphine in Suboxone is usually detectable for approximately 4 to 5 days, after taking it in a standard urine test. However, there is no way to give a precise time frame, because individuating factors are always going to come into play, such as your own metabolism, overall health, activity levels and etc. How did the test turn out? ## I failed mine 2weeks after I took tiny piece of suboxone DISMISSED from pain clinic! ! Went to another one and i was tested every time 4 X's so I know pain Drs test for it ,and I'm not worried I want to foll... ...
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Wed, Feb 08 '12, 12:21 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 226307
suboxone drug test question
I took a 8mg tab of suboxone... a one time only thing, but may have to have a urine screen in 6 days. appr 140 hours. should I be able to pass? ## Dear dmm, u should b ok. Just drink LOTS of water. And, u know what's good ? Drink cranberry juice, it flushes out your urinary tract system. U may not like it, but , it works, usually well. GOOD LUCK! ## @cats68 ty for ur info. I already drink only water but im still worried im hearing at least 7 days.. does anyone else have input on this? ## Dear dmm, forgot 2 tell u. If they don't go in the bathroom with u, you can get one of those clean Urines u get at the store. ## Unfortunately they do go in the bathroom with you. Hopefully my test won't b Monday they are random, but my luck it will b still looking for more thoughts. Ty @cat... ...
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Wed, Apr 23 '14, 3:23 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 264030
oxycodone and suboxone help!
I have been on suboxone since October of 2013...I originally had a pill addiction and moved on to heroine...subsequently I suffered a back injury at work in November and have been in terrible pain. No doctors want to prescribe me narcotics...which I understand. Yesterday I took a Percocet that someone gave me and I see sub doc tomorrow afternoon...Will the oxy still be in my system? I have heard that drinking a lot of water I can flush the oxy out faster? I just do not want to have to go into this clinic once a week...which will happen if I come up's far from my home and I can't afford it. Any ideas? Also..Will the oxy show show up in the urine cups with the instant reads on it...because it will be over 48 hours by then? They do send urines out to lab to be tested...s... ...
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Tue, Feb 04 '14, 10:52 AM   0 
need help passing court drug test of suboxone
i took suboxone LAST NIGHT and im on a color system for court ordered drug tests.. my color got called TODAY. i was thinking about just diluting my urine as much as possible + get the omni detox drink so the test can come back inconclusive and i can go back for another test on a later date when iys out of my system. thoughts on this? maybe someone else has had experience with this or has a better solution (not using someone else urine tho bc id rather have to take another test rather than take a chance at them finding out and automatically failing)... please help, this is URGENT!!!!! ...
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Thu, Nov 14 '13, 6:56 AM   0 
starting suboxone treatment
Tuesday I have an appointment scheduled with a suboxone doctor. I have became addicted to opiates in 2005 after I had surgery. I was able to sober up on my own for around a year in 2008 but I relapsed and in the past 2 years I dont think I've had even one sober day. I work, run my household, take care of my children but I just can't seem to function without something in my system. I am ready to be the person I was before I started abusing pain meds (and anything else I couls get my hands on). Im going to 3 meetings a week and a therapist to help me along the way.. but i just need someone to answer me honestly, do these really work? I don't know if I can handle living this way much longer so I really hope its "yes" ## Hi, Yes they work BUT unless you have a real bad h... ...
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Wed, Dec 18 '13, 5:23 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 257122
not taking suboxone but testing positive for it
I went to get treatment for heroin addiction today at a methadone clinic and may god strike me dead have not taken suboxone in a loooong time and they refused treatment due to my urinalysis coming up positive for soboxone. The only thing I take besides heroin is klonopin which ia prescribed. Can anyone tell me why it is showing suboxone in my system if I have not taken it so I can get treatment? ?? I cant do suboxone it makes me sick and I need to quit the heroin before its too late. ...
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Mon, Jan 20 '14, 7:54 AM   0 
beating a suboxone urinalysis
My doc will NJ it treat me with suboxone if I have benzos in my system...can I take someones clean urine and a sprinkle some suboxone at timer of office test to come up positive for just please ...
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Fri, Jul 26 '13, 11:04 AM   0 
pro hormones while on suboxone NOW WITHDRAWALING
I'm on 20 mgs of suboxone for 2 years my body seems to kick the drug out fast I always fell sick after about 6 hours after each dose I fell withdrawal symptoms. I lift weights alot I started taking a pro hormone and now I'm really sick for a couple of days no matter how much I take I keep going into like full withdrawals my question is can these hormones cause your metabolism to eat up the drug out of my system could it cause withdrawals I'm in desperate need of info. And please no comments on how dangerous taking them are or I shouldn't mix it. Thanks so much for reading and hopefully your answers ## Based on my research there aren't any drug interactions listed between Suboxone and Prohormones of Testosterone; deeming them safe to take together. This does not neces... ...
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Mon, Apr 01 '13, 9:25 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 244996
Suboxone Pricing causing Grief....
I was hoping someone has experience with the following or there is some expert that knows what he/she is talking about that can drop some advice. Thanks in advance. How long does suboxone stay in your system and how long do the effects of the drug hinder intake of other pain meds? Also, how long does suboxone show up in a drug test? This stuff is WAY TOO expensive and not covered by my insurance. My doc has me on suboxone since dbl knee replacements and low back pain. He said he would put me back on 5/500 or 10/500mg hydrocodone (what I had after surgery) once I was clean of suboxone. I have been taking suboxone for only about 2 weeks (over $215!!!!)but the script has refills for up to 3 months and I guess he doesnt want me filling both. Not that I would do that since it cost me $5 for ... ...
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Wed, Jan 18 '12, 7:10 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 226120
Suboxone, first time, very low dose.
I took an 1/8 or less of a 8/2mg suboxone. I did not take it to get off opiates but to ease through wds until i get my script filled tomorrow This is my first time ever taking suboxone. Will such a low dose prevent me from feeling my percocet in 20hrs? ## I don't have personal experience on the matter, but I'd imagine that the Suboxone wouldn't have had much time to accumulate in your system since you've only been taking it for a couple days now. According to wiki, the elimination half-life of buprenorphine lies anywhere between 20 to 73 hours (or about 37 hours on avg). If you want to play it safe you should probably give it an extra day and trust your intuition on the timing of your dose. Everyone's metabolism is different, but this way you'd at least know for ... ...
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Fri, Jan 31 '14, 10:04 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 259386
taking suboxone after methadone
PLS HELPPP! i was on methadone for 3 years...went from 80mg down to 20mg...then switched to suboxone...been on it for about 3 months maybe 4...on 16mg...but im having a lotttt of pain problems...i have severe headaches...i feel nauseated all the time... can barely sleep (which is a lot due to the pain) and my dr. has yet to find anything...the methadone is out of my system...i guess where im getting at is can this be due to withdraw symptoms from the methadone even though its not in my system? and has anyone dealt with something similar? and if so what did you do?? ( especially for the pain ) on a side not does anyone one have any recommendations for relieving severe pain while on suboxone...or even methadone?!?! ## It sounds like you actually may be on too low of a dose of the Suboxone... ...
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Sun, Jun 01 '14, 5:41 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 264571
i take suboxone from my doc and have to have a piss test while being watched - well this time I messed up & took xanax
Is there anyway to get the Xanax out of my system and still piss with the suboxone in my system I have 4 days is it possible? I have a dude that gives me piss he only takes suboxone. But I will have to piss in front of the dude please help ## I think Xanax stay in for like 3 to 4 days but if u drink a lot of water too u should be ok ## yes just drink as much water as possible to get the benzo out of your system and then keep taking the subs up until you take the test. ## Mr dr did the same, a random drug test..He was doing it to the patients only on Subutex ( assume cus u can still abuse other opiates while on it) I had xanax in my system, my father had passed away and my aunt gave me one, I told him the truth...He told me I wud need to have a prescrption, so I went to my family dr who ... ...
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Wed, Apr 23 '14, 9:23 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 257656
False Negative On Suboxone Drug Test
I have been taking suboxone for almost 4 years and lately it has NOT been showing up on my urine drug test. I take the medication EXACTLY as prescribed. This medication has saved my life and the lives of my family. However, when I take my urine test once monthly at my doctors office the test is showing NO suboxone in my system!! WHY is this happening??? My doctor thinks that I am either selling my meds or just not taking them and has told me he cannot give me the suboxone if this continues to happen. All of internet searches are asking how to not have suboxone show up on drug tests and my question is just the opposite. If I do not find an answer my doctor is going to take me off the suboxone and I am scared to death that I will go back to being dependent on Lortab and other pain meds. P... ...
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Wed, Jun 19 '13, 12:56 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 246546
Suboxone and marijuana urine screen
I have to take my monthly Suboxone urine screen but also smoke marijuana. My doc is ok with it because I use it as a sleep aid that's it. But I'm smoking more than I have told her. I don't have to pass the urine screen for weed, but I need to make it look minimal. Is there a way to do this without messing up the whole screen? I could just be honest with her but I don't want her to really tell me to stop. ## I think that if your doctor is fine with you smoking weed and it's okay to have it in your system then I don't think you should try to do anything to cover it up. Unless they send it off to do a level check..all it will say is positive for weed. Good luck! ...
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Mon, Jun 16 '14, 3:48 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 266265
is there a way to pass a urine drug test positive for suboxone but negative for heroin?
I used heroin at 6 pm Thurs n need to pass a drug test for subutex at my sub doctrr on Mon at noon..does anyone think the h will still b in my system!? I know the subs will cuz ill use em before Mon but I can't b dirty for opiates..evn using a quick herbal flush wont work cuz then the subs wont show up..n if I add sub to my urine by sprinkling some in it..the instant test will show up post for sub but if it goes to the lab I know it wont..I've learned this from experience!! Thx for any replies... ## h b out u in 2/3 days dependin on ur metabolism drink loads water but dont over do it bout 1l every 2/3 hours and h will b gone in 24 to36 hrs do not put anything in piss as test does look for drugs it looks for the by products your body makes to get rid so they would know you gave y... ...
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Sun, Apr 27 '14, 2:30 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 240804
not on any medication except for tylenol ibprofen and i came up positive for suboxone
I am not on any drugs and I only take Tylenol or Ibprofen for headaches and such. last month I was drugged screened and it came up saying that I had suboxone in my system. How or what can cause this to be a false positive, would someone that is on it that I had gotten some Tylenol from cause this? How long does it stay in the system (just curious)? ## I'm taking tramadol and other meds bur not suboxone. why am i coming up positive in a drug test but only sometimes. ...
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Baclofen How Long Before This Drug Show In Urine
Not use often non narcotic THC pillform . Would like to know how long before it before it is out of my system. Also the difference of Thc form taken by mouth COMPARED TO marajuna and can this be detected in urine sample. ## Was taken for reason of non narcotic muscles spams. How long will is this detected by urine test ## Baclofen is a mucle relaxant, it is not a narcotic, nor is it related to THC, therefore, it is not something that is included in and tested for on standard drug tests. Is there anything else I can help with? ## How long does thc remain in bloodstream , hair and urine. Thank you ## I took a drug screen last month for my pain doctor and when I went back this month he informed me that I was positive for suboxone, a drug that I have not knowingly taken. I am prescribed oxy... ...
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negative for Suboxone and dont know why
Need help first question is ive been taking suboxen for 8 months with no issues the last drug test i took came back negative for suboxne but i will still taking it. I just started tranning for a bench press comp and have been doing a keto diet and drinking about 2-3 gal of water a day would that cause you to not have it in your urin. My 2nd question is for my friend he has been also on the program but too 6 hydros a week ago i think on tue morn he has a drug test on next wen do you think that it will be out of his system Thanks for all your help ## It is possible that the increased exercise and fluid intake could be making it process out of your body much faster than it normally would. Most narcotics are usually detectable for 4 to 5 days, after taking them and it can vary, depending on... ...
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If im on suboxone will heroin stay in my urine
i have been on suboxone for a month now and i have taken it everyday as i was told to but today for the the first time in over a month i took heroin on top of it (0.2g injected) and about ten minutes later i was told i am going to be drug tested at work in the near future. how long will the heroin stay in my system? i havent missed a day on the suboxone yet and this is the first time i used heroin while on it. It was more for piece of mind to know i cant get high while on suboxone as its been niggling in my mind to get some but never in a million years did i think i would be getting drug tested. anyway i just want to know if the heroin is going to hang about even if its got no place to go(receptors or whatever opiates attach itsefl to. ## Depends on the test really. If it's a cheap ... ...
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