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How Long Does It Take To Get Off Suboxone

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how long does it take to feel suboxone
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Just got put on suboxone today took my first 8mg at 1 im supposed to take 8 more this afternoon then 8 tonight when will my withhdraws start to ease up.I have severe cramps in my legs i also have klonopin and colonodine will these help. I read it only takes 15min to start working should i take my other 8mil or is it to soon last dose was at 1pm its 4:30now any help would be great thanks. ## Wow no one out there in 2014 all posts i c r from like 2 or 3 yrs ago crazy to me guess I'll try somewhere else thanks anyway. ## When I started my Suboxone, my dr. gave me 1 8mg in office and I was instructed to take another 8mg 2 hours later. Hope this helps. ## Thanks for the reply did it help u with the 2 8 mill strips? ## Sorry, I just saw your reply back. Yes, it literally took about 15 - 2... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Suboxone.
Wed, Jan 07 '15, 3:24 PM
How to get off Suboxone
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Im Marina Im 24 years old and a mother of 2 beautiul little boys. From the years 2006-2007 i was heavily addicted to Oxy 80 and eventually started doing herion. I got help in sep.2007 at a methadone clinic, it worked for as long as i was on the methadone i had NO relapse's. In June 2009 i was completly off of the methadone that first day that i was on 0Mgs I went through extreme withdrawls i went through things that i would never wish upon my worst enemy! i stayed that way for a day and a half and decided to go to a suboxone doctor. He put me on 32 mgs a day which i thought was pretty high of a dose but he explained to me that methadone withdrawls was worst then any other withdrawls. so i trusted him. Now when i go to see him every month i pretty much beg for him to start the weinin... ...
Updated 3 days ago in Suboxone.
Tue, Mar 24 '15, 12:38 AM
how long does it take suboxone to get out of the bloodstream
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My friend is currently pregnant and has been on suboxone for almost a year now..illegally. . She is winging herself off and wants to know how long it will be in her bloodstream or the babys bloodstream ## Hi, Neina! How is she doing? Your friend should really not be trying to get off of this medication without medical help. It is far too risky for both her and the baby. Doing it too fast could cause severe withdrawal symptoms that could put both of their lives in danger. And if she stays on it, there is a risk of the baby being born addicted. She really needs to tell her doctor and get help. ## Hi. I work for an ob/gyn & I agree w Verwon 100%. If she starts "weening off" too fast it could cause her & the fetus serious problems. In fact, we recommend to our pts to NOT ... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Suboxone.
Fri, Jul 11 '14, 3:09 PM
Suboxone how long should wait to take
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hi i have been on methadone treatment for couple months i was at 80 mg a day but brought myself down to 60 for a week and couldnt make it to clinic because of money and car problems the last day i went to clinic was sunday wed i was feeling little sick and got coulple subs from friend figured 72 hrs was long enough to wait to take it well lets say i was wrong and sent me into pre w/ds it was horrible welll thur i took 45 mg of roxy to take edge off now it is fri do u think it is safe to take the sub yet for the w/d without geting sent into pre w/ds ty for any responses ## To properly take Suboxone and avoid having it throw you into withdrawals, you already have to be in them, when you take it. Learn more Suboxone details here. Along with the Buprenorphine, it also contains Naloxone, whi... ...
Updated 13 days ago in Suboxone.
Sat, Mar 14 '15, 7:03 AM
On Fentanyl How Long To Wait Take Suboxone
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i am on 100 mcg fentanyl patch every 48 and given the certain amount of waste each month with one or more galling off and whatnot i keep a couple suboxone from an old script on hand. how long should i wait to take a half an eight mg sub.??? thank you in advance ## To prevent them falling off, you might want to try using some waterproof medical tape to help keep them on, they also sell a clear sticky patch that can be used over them and it is fine to do so, unless your doctor has given you specific instructions not to. Learn more Fentanyl details here. Learn more Suboxone details here. As to the Suboxone, along with the narcotic Buprenorphine, it also contains Naloxone, which is used to help prevent the abuse of other opiates, while someone is under treatment with it, thus you have to be... ...
Updated 6 days ago in Fentanyl.
Fri, Mar 20 '15, 10:12 PM
Suboxone, how long?
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I have been on suboxone for 8 years now. B 4 that, I was on methadone for almost 5 years. I had a lot of surgeries and have a lot of medical problems. I was on pain management (opiates) for 10 years and became an addict. I'm afraid if I get off the suboxone I'll b back on opiates. Due 2 the pain I suffer. How long can I stay on suboxone. Has anybody else been on it 4 a long time? I just don't want 2 b back 2 where I was or go through what I did ever again. ## Hi Cats, Thanks for sharing your story, and sorry to hear about your situation. While there is no single right answer for how long you should be on Suboxone for, this is usually determined on an individual basis in consultation with a knowledgeable doctor. From what I've been reading online, Suboxone tends to work b... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Sep 22 '14, 4:48 PM
How long on suboxone?
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I was on heavy duty pain meds. 4 almost 11 years, then became addicted. So, I went on methadone 4 almost 5 years. I was on (110) and then tapered 2 (24) at that point, I was so sick from w/d. I went 2 my Drs. In tears begging 4 help. He told me I could stay on the meth and increase the dose or go on subs. I had far down with the meth, I choose the subs. I suffer from severe pain due 2 many of surgeries and medical problems. I've been on the subs. 4 about 7-8 years now. I don't want 2 get off it, cause, I know I would b right back on pain pills. My ? Is, has any of u stayed on the subs. 4 a long time and has it helped u with pain? ## Im not sure. But you get addicted to subs as well. You go through the same opiate withdrawals. ## @Cats Brit is right about suboxone having ... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Suboxone.
Thu, Aug 14 '14, 6:05 PM
how long does suboxone block opiates
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I was on 180 mgs of methadone and Xeroxed at home for a week n the withdrawal set in the very first day of being without methadone and for a week straight I had to let my daughter stay w her daddy n played in my bed with the a.c full blast n sweat Ontario n as hoodie on sweating ,shaking,chills,diahrea, no apetite and hurt all over as if I'd been barred with a baseball bat but after seven days I went to a program when they put me on eight mgs of suboxone twice a day n was on it for nearly three weeks but know I can't afford the doctor visit n have no insurance so I'm on day the n starting to feel done withdrawal kicking in so I just took four tabs n hoping they will take the sick away. not looking to feel high but to simply take the edge off. So far I don't feel the opia... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Suboxone.
Sat, Oct 18 '14, 6:03 AM
off suboxone
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No energy at all.think its all in my head.any advise. ## Hi Number 3! No, it's not in your head. That's one of the side effects of being off suboxone. It can last awhile, every one is different. How long were you on the suboxone for? Other than lack of energy, how are you feeling? ## New here. I have been on Subutex for 7 years. I am trying to get off. It has been 5 days since I had any and weaned before that. I STILL feel like my body is made of lead. I'm so close but can't handle this lack of energy and my legs hurt..... I'm so tempted to call the doctor for an appointment to get back on. Any suggestions? Thanks, ## im 45 days off subs. i jumped at taking 8 to 12 mgs a day & was on them for 5 yrs. my energy level is still pretty low but not as bad as it was. yo... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Aug 25 '14, 10:46 PM
getting off suboxone
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Hi. I have been addicted to H/oxycontin for two years. I got clean for 4 months once and never got back to using everyday. I use at the most 3 days a week but most of the time I use just friday night and saturday. When im off opiates i always take 2mg of suboxone daily. Like i said this has been going on for about two years. This is the biggest problem i have when trying to get clean, I know its going to be a struggle but i preparing myself mentally to just grin and bare it but i end up going through this cycle everytime i try to go cold turkey off subs or opiates. The first day i wake up feeling s***ty but go about my day. I go to work and feel super weak and out of it, my nose usually starts running like crazy and its hard to move and I have zero motivation. As the day progresses my n... ...
Updated 9 months ago in Suboxone.
Thu, May 29 '14, 2:37 PM
does suboxone get you off methadone
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I have suffered from opiate addiction for about 15 years. After about 4 years of different narcotic & benzos pills, my family finally intervened & a long-term rehab (about 1 year) helped me. I stayed sober almost 6 years. But since I relapsed 7 years ago (long story), I have had a lot of trouble & been on (& for brief times off) a downward spiral. I have now lost almost everything & my family now wants nothing to do with me. I have so little hope & even thought of suicide. I have been getting methadone pills (off the street) for over a year now. Every time I try to stop I find by the 3rd, 4th day I am in too much agony & pick up again. These on & off attempts have been going on for 4 months. After a few days without, I go back on, taking between 2-3 10mg ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Tue, Mar 25 '14, 11:20 AM
how long after taking a lortab should I wait to take my suboxone
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Help! I've been on suboxone for 3 years and havent really had any relapses, especially in the last year. I have the flu of death currently and couldn't resist my mom offering me two of her lortab 10 mgs. That was about 12 hours ago. I can't tell if I'm having wds or not, honestly the pills didn't even help that much, and I'd like to take my sub asap. BUT since its my last one until the insurance prior authorization goes through, tomorrow or the next day, I'm only going to be able to take half my dose of suboxone. How long do I have to wait for wds to usually start? Like I said it didn't even feel like the lortab did anything ## Thought this made more sense :( it meant to say that I can't tell if what I'm having Is wds because I have had the worst ... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Lortab.
Fri, Dec 05 '14, 4:31 PM
I'm getting off suboxone
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Well yesterday was my last day of subs for me. I tapered myself all the way down to .5mg a day. I'm ok today but my back is starting to mess with me, but I'm fine. The highest dose I've ever taken was 8mg but didn't like the way it made me feel. I've been on subs for almost 5yrs now and it's just time to stop. I'M SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED!! It all started with a real bad car accident in which I rolled my car 4 times on I95 in Virginia almost 11yrs ago. Was put on pain pills and the next thing you know I was using oxy's and H main streaming it. Got clean then went right back to it. Went to methadone clinic, and then switch to subs and here I am almost 5yrs later. The hardest part for me right now is that I have a full time job that I like, an... ...
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Tue, Feb 04 '14, 9:52 PM
suboxone detoxing off of it
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ive taken 132mgs of suboxone over the last 2 weeks how can i guit ## Hello, Nolabob! How are you doing? A slow taper would be best and safest, your doctor should be able to help you set up a proper tapering schedule that will prevent most of the withdrawal effects. Have you discussed it with them, yet? This is an opiate, so withdrawal effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, fever and chills. It also carries the risk of being habit forming. ## Hey Vermon, My Dr has me on 12mg of suboxone 1 time daily I told him I wanted to get off of them asap I was sick and tired of being sick an tired Im 62 yrs old an had an addiction problem all my life or rather since I was 8or 9 yrs old . My wife an I are taking a crusie for our 40 th wedding anniversary 2 of our best friends are a... ...
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Thu, Mar 26 '15, 6:25 PM
how long after suboxone can i take oxycontin
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Been on suboxane for over 4 yrs to get off 30mgs of oxcodone! Subs have helped but I want off them but scared of the withdrawals! Need surgery and said I have to stop the subs to get surgery! Is there a easy way beside tapering slowly? ## No ...
Updated 21 days ago in Suboxone.
Fri, Mar 06 '15, 4:10 PM
How Long Off Suboxone For Needed Opiates
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Just been diagnosed with pancreatic, liver and lung cancer. 55 y.o. The suboxone no longer works, and my oncologist wants me on traditional pain meds. How long does suboxone @ 16mgs for 4 months take to wear off? I am in severe pain, not taking suboxone, taking norco...doc wants me on morphine. I need to know as chemo starts next week ## Did you get an answer yet, or did your doctor figure it out for you? It's really the Naloxone in the Suboxone that's problem, since it neutralizes other opiates. Learn more Suboxone details here. Learn more Morphine details here. ## You have no idea what youre talking about i have been taking suboxone for 6 years now. Naloxone is only to discourage iv use of suboxone has nothing to do with neutralizing other opioids. Thats why you are supposed t... ...
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Wed, Jun 11 '14, 3:17 PM
how long after you take suboxone can a pain pill and feel it
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Ihave been on suboxon 8/2 for 4 months stayed off 11 days did not feel pain pill at all how long do I stay off ## If you took even a sliver of a strip during that 11 days to help with wds. then your gonna have to start your count from that day. Its roughly about 12 days but everyone is different. How much subs were you taking when you jumped off? Did you go thru much wd.? ## Was on methadone for ten years drs orders and switched to suboxone to get off method. It made me sick at first but stuck with it in hopes of getting off methadone. Was on 2/8mg stripes aday for three months and am now on my 12th day clean. Methadone was more intense but suboxone is almost a, cold hot burning skin restless arms and barely any sleep. Eating well and staying hydrated. I just don't think I ca. Bare ... ...
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Sat, Mar 14 '15, 6:18 AM
detox methods to get off suboxone
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I ,due to a severe injury,was on methadone for 8 yrs and got off that crap and on suboxone at the advice of a friend. I now am at 2 mgs of suboxone daily. My pain issues are mild to none and I want off subs .I went to my doctor who claims he has Much experience with this and has proven that to me...but his method is scaring me and from what I read online I am very hesitant. He prescribed me 2mg dilaudid and valium which I hate and plans to wean me off the subs. Is this right??? I can handle a mild w/d but not a heavy one due to my work. I am not looking for people tellin me to suck it up or give advice other than if the detox method described is reasonable or crazy?? Everytime I try to go below 2mg of subs I feel like hell will a dilaudid taper make it easier or start a new addiction an... ...
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Sat, Oct 11 '14, 12:47 PM
wants to get off suboxone quickly
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I was using pain pills for a few years! I have been on suboxone 4 mg for 2 yrs. I have terrible anxiety & depression & am on Cellexa & klonopin for that. That helps! I tried detoxing myself off the Suboxone 2wks ago & went thru hell, after a wk I was better. But still no sleep, achey, nauseous,headache & overall felt like bad flu. Well I relapsed & now am back on it! I want to wean myself off-But am getting my Dr to get me in an outpatient rehab-I have a 2 & 10 yr old & live with my parents. They know it all & My Mom helped me go thru the withdrawls before & had to hold me from shaking. I want off of it fast!! What can I do beside a month of weaning down that will flush it out quicker so withdrawls are easier?? Thanks ## From what I have read/hear... ...
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Fri, May 16 '14, 10:07 PM
How long can I stay on suboxone?
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Dr. Verwon, how are you? I have been on suboxone for almost 8 years now. I was addicted to Oxy for almost 10 years. I went on pain management because I have a lot of medical problems that caused me severe pain. I still suffer from pain. The suboxone helps take the edge off the pain, sometimes. But, I'm also afraid if I get off the suboxone I'll be back to using pain pills. Can I stay on continue to stay on suboxone as people do with methadone maintenance? My Dr. has not said anything about tapering or taking me off. He knows my situation. What do you think? Thank You! ## Hello Cats! How are you doing? I am fabulous, just keeping busy, thanks for asking. Yes, it can actually be used for pain, too. There are many people that take it for pain, rather than addiction treatment, or fo... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Suboxone.
Wed, Jul 23 '14, 3:28 AM

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