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how long for Valium to leave my system
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I took 20 mg of Valium last night and was wondering how long I am looking at this medication staying in my system? I have no clue.Please help!! ## The half life of Diazepam (active ingredient in Valium) is between 20-100 hours, depending on the number of doses taken and the amount of the dose. This means that it could take between 2-8 days for it to fully leave your system. Are you getting tested or something? Hope this helps! ## i took a 10mg valium i swear to god and 10 days later i failed a drug test now thats a vop ## I took a 10mg diazepam tonight and have a doctor given pain management test in 10 days. I am 107 lbs and have a fairly high metabolism. If I drink cranberry juice and water till the test will I be able to pass my test? I am terrified. I am running the chance of losing ... ...
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Sun, Oct 07 '12, 8:52 PM
how long does 25mil of lamotrigine to leave your system ?
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Ive bin on lamotrigene 25mil for 8 days..the side affects have been hurrendus..dizzyness teeth clenching ..blocked nose massive anxeity all over constant body i developed a rash and was told to stop lamotrigine..what affects will i have now ? And how long will they last thanks ...
Updated 5 months ago in Lamotrigine.
Thu, Oct 02 '14, 12:24 PM
im 5 3 160 lbs how long will it take to leave my system
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I take 6 and a half of xanax a day how long woull it last in my system ...
Updated 1 year ago in Xanax.
Tue, Jul 30 '13, 1:33 PM
how does hydrocodone leave your system
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I take two hydrocodone apap 10-325 a day took pee test after one month of taking them and came back can this be? I did take alot of alive to help me more and alot of benadryl because of all the cinnamon i was around that month and this month and i drink at least 20 16oz.cups of coffee a day..i take my first pill at 5am and my second one at 8pm daily my dr. Appointment was at 330pm. Could any of this mess up my pee test somehow? ...
Updated 5 months ago in Hydrocodone.
Tue, Sep 23 '14, 3:02 PM
how long does it take for methamphetamine to leave your system if this was first time and you only smoked 2 bowls
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Smoked 1 bowl of methamphetamine yesterday and one today, probably have a ua tomorrow, is there any way I can pass this test? It is life or death matter, not just for a job opportunity. Please help! ## How long does my urine to be clean from a month of on and off of methamphetamine use? ## Baking soda take two table spoons like three times the day before and the day of the test another two table spoons. You also have to drink at the least 4gallons that first day and day of test one more gallon my sons father had to test for probation and he'd smoke everyday and lots of it but say he had to test on Monday morning he'd stop on Saturday morning around 5am and start drinking all that water and baking soda and test mon.around 10-11am and be clean ## Is that for doing meth.. ## If u p... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Methamphetamine.
Wed, Jan 28 '15, 7:14 PM
how long till tramadol leaves your system.
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I had tramadol yesterday for the first time and within the hour i was throwing up dizzy and really light headed and today still dizzy and nauseated almost like a really bad hangover.. Was thinking it maybe an allergic reaction from taking it. As. I am also allergic to codiene. Just wondering how kong it will take for it to leave my system. ## Those are possible side effects to taking it, but not characteristic of an allergic reaction. However, I do understand, since I experienced the same thing when I tried it and it was quite miserable. If you only took one dose, then it shouldn't last too long, about 24 hours or so. Thus, if you're still feeling the symptoms, you should consult your doctor, since something else may be causing them. How are you feeling today? Learn more Tramado... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Tramadol.
Sat, Apr 13 '13, 3:30 AM
how long does lyrica stay in your system
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how long does it take for lyrica to leave your system? ## If you are referring to worrying about a drug test, then there is no need, Lyrica is NOT an opiate narcotic and is not tested for on these types of tests. If you are asking due to side effects or some type of reaction, it can vary depending on how long you have been taking it and how much, but usually the drug will be clear from your body in 48 to 72 hours. Lyrica, which contains the active ingredient Pregabaline, is an anticonvulstant that has also been proven effective at treating certain types of nerve pain. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## i am going for routine blood work and a urinalysis(chemical) tests as part of my physical...will Lyrica show up in any of these tests?Thanks ## okay first of all what you are ... ...
Updated 16 days ago in Lyrica.
Tue, Mar 10 '15, 1:25 PM
How Long Does Nuvigil Stay In Your System
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took one nuvigil, 150, and nothing else. how long before it leaves my system. have tox screen in 3 days. what can i do to aid the excretion? ## It really depends on how much, how long and how often you were taking it, but most medications are cleared out of your body for a drug test within about 5 half-lifes. Nuvigil (armodafinil) is a relatively long-acting drug with a half-life of 15 hours. Since you only took one I would think that you should be fine in 3 days time. But it's always good to take extra precautions. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables while staying hydrated throughout the day will significantly help your body detox quicker. Besides getting plenty of rest each night I'd also recommend getting at least an hour each day of exercise in to help sweat out any toxin... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Nuvigil.
Sun, Nov 27 '11, 1:15 PM
Time For Opiates To Leave Your System
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I took 3 30mg oxycodones this evening at approx 9pm. I have a court ordered drug test, at court, on Friday morning at 9am. Will the opiates be out of my system by then? Also, what is the best way to help the detox process along? Thank you so much for your honesty and help. It's much appreciated :) ...
Updated 1 year ago in Oxycodone.
Mon, Apr 08 '13, 7:07 PM
How Long Does TYLOX Stay In Your System For A Urine Test
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i took two tylox on friday will they be out of my urine test for home confinement wensday ## Hi allen, From what I could gather, Tylox (acetaminophen + oxycodone) can be detected in your urine for up to 3-4 days after your last dose. Although I have heard of people getting it out of their system in only 2 days time. So based on these figures you should be clean by Wednesday, as that would've been 5 days since your last dose. Learn More: Acetaminophen + Oxycodone Details I hope this info helps! ## hi there,alan here i have takin 8 tylex 30/parocetemol today over a 12 hour period how long for it to leave my styem i have a urine test in two days time please reply a.s.a.p ...
Updated 1 year ago in Tylox.
Mon, May 27 '13, 7:41 AM
how long does 3 mg xanax stay in your system
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I took 3 mg of xanax last night. When will my system be clean of it? I haven't taken any before that. I weigh 11 lbs and I am a female. ## How long will.a 1mg of xanax stay in your system I took it Friday and had to take a test at docs monday.Will I pass? ## @OG, if in fact you only weigh 11 pounds Xanax will stay in your system for years. For Betty Xanax is not designed to leave your system over a weekend, thus a good reason to never take any medicine that isn't prescribed for you! ...
Updated 3 months ago in Xanax.
Tue, Nov 25 '14, 11:59 AM
how long does morphine stay in your system
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I took 45mg for 5 days in a row. I am a smoker, inactive and slightly overwieght but not fat. Will 4 days be enough for it to leave m system? I am taking no other medications. ## If that is all you took for 5 days, then yes, it should be out of your system by the time 4 days are up. Most medications do not linger too long and cannot be detected unless someone does a blood, hair or tissue test. Morphine is, however, a very potent narcotic and should not be used without a doctor's supervision. It can cause side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## I took morphine prescribed to me for two days. They were 30 mg time release. I am slightly over wieght, 23 years old, and am currently quitting cigarettes. I don't... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Morphine.
Wed, Feb 11 '15, 6:24 PM
how long does 1 vicodin stay in your system
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Updated 1 year ago in Vicodin.
Mon, Sep 16 '13, 2:55 AM
How Long Does Potassium Stay In Your System
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I have been told to go on a low potassium diet after my blood test came back. I have no kidney issues. After researching high potassium foods I realized that I do have a diet high in potassium. My Dr. wants to retest in 5 days and I am to be on a low potassium diet . I would like to know how long potassium stays in the body. Is it like a water soluble vitamin which leaves daily? ## Potassium is just constantly processed, so your levels can raise or lower very fast. Learn more Potassium details here. There are a lot more details under the medical/biological section of the Wikipedia link that I posted that should explain it better. But basically, if you lower your intake, since it is constantly being processed, such as in your urine, your levels will lower pretty fast, since you aren'... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Quinapril.
Wed, Jul 30 '14, 8:24 PM
How Long Will It Take For Methadone To Leave Yr System Once You Have Stopped Taking
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I have been taking methadone for atleast seven years, have been clean from drugs for two years now and finsally stopped my meths 6 days ago, but seem to feel worse as the time goes, sneezing, feelsing tied, blood in urine, just general other flu like signs, how long with this last, all the drug workers said when you stop the meths that it , all done and everything will be fine but i dont feel like that, someone told me for every year on meths it takes 2 days to get out off you. ## How long does it take methadone to get out of your system? I've been taking it for 4 years...20-30 mg a day. Need to pass a drug test ## how many days does it take for subboxin to leave your system where you can pass a drug test ## Go to a smoke shop like a 420 shop and they sell unisex synthetic urine tha... ...
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Thu, Oct 09 '14, 9:44 AM
how long does it take 2 mg of xanax to leave your body after taking only one time
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my husband took 2 of my 0.5 mg xanax on thursday and 2 of them on friday, he had to take a drug test today for a job and they sent it to a lab. what are the chances of it showing up. He is 180 lb 6 ft 2 and has extremely high metabolism ## It depends on how long since he took the last tablet and his interview day because if he took them on a Friday and his interview was on a Monday chances are it will show because they can stay in your system 4-6 weeks I'm afraid so sorry about that. ## I would give your husband a zero chance of passing the drug screen ...
Updated 9 days ago in Xanax.
Tue, Mar 17 '15, 11:27 AM
Nitrofur Mac and the time it takes to leave your system
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I am taking nitrofur mac 100mg 2x a day for a bladder infection. I have had mild nausea. How does it take to leave my system entirely after I have taken my last pill ## Nitrofurantoin's Half-life is about 20 minutes. However this time is increased in those with renal impairment. The time it takes to completely leave your system is varied for each individual, however most Antibiotics can stay in your system for a few days after you stop taking them. I would estimate anywhere from 2-4 days depending on how long you were taking them. I hope this helps! ...
Updated 3 years ago in Nitrofurantoin.
Fri, Mar 09 '12, 12:10 PM
How long does lamotrigine stay in your system
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If I take a drug test, will they be able to pick up that I take 50 mg per day of Lamotrigine. If I stop taking it, how long will it stay in my system? ## I took 25 mg. of lamotigine for nine days--felt it was not agreeing with me. How long would it take to leave my system? I stopped two days ago. ## I developed the rash after only a few days, though my dosage was higher. Almost a month later I'm still itchy and seeing a dermatologist, who said it can take 6 weeks to fully get out of the system. ## How long does lamotrigine stay in your system uv been taking for14 years ...
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Mon, Nov 10 '14, 10:39 AM
how long does 25 xanax stay in your urine system
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I took a .25 orange zanax. The next day about 15 hours after taking the xanax I had a urine drug test. This was the first time I took a xanax. Will it show up on the test? ## Very possibly Nicky as the Orange Xanax are generally .5 mg, which is twice what you thought you took? ## Can any body be prescribed Ritalin ? ## If you can convince a psychiatrist. ## I'd say if your not a chronic user, the half life formula says it'll take about 3 days for .5 to leave your system undetectable. .25 will take 2 days. You may be ok though. Every body is different ## If you have a Dr prescribe for ADD ADHD etc. ## Took 3 .05 xanax on Friday night have a drug test Tuesday morning will this be out of my system it is a urine test. ## I took .50 mg of xanax for ten days. Will it b out of my syste... ...
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Sun, Feb 08 '15, 11:16 AM
How long does morphine pills stay in your system?
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My brother has a drug test coming up in a couple of days from his doctor and he takes endocet, but because he lost his pills for today he took half a morphine pill (30 mg) to deal with his usual pain while he works and he's worried that even when he finds his pills and goes back on them the morphine will show. I told him that since he took only half a pill once it should out of his system in few days even if he's overweight. Did I give him accurate information? ## Yes, body fat Isnt a big factor, as some Would have you believe. Maybe with thc, but not opiates. Morphine is out of your system faster if u drink water steadily, not over doing it, just steadily for 1-3 days. Opiates are water soluable and leave the body with water in piss ,,sweat, ect. One 15mg dose Should be out in ... ...
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Wed, Jul 09 '14, 9:18 PM

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