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How Long Do Lortab Stay In Your System For A Urine Test

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how long does lortab stay in your system for a urine test
I took 15 mg of lortab Tuesday and have a urine test on Thursday, I haven't taken any in over a year. Will I pass? ## I took hydrocodone 7.5 mg's for a week,but am prescribed 5mg tablets. Will the sifference show up in my urine screen that'd due within 7 days? ## no it will not ## did you have the test? what happened? Like I said IT should NOT have showed up ANY difference. There are only a few tests out there now that can break down the chemical disposition like that and they are VERY expensive. Not even probation officers use tho (yet) and I doubt they ever will unless the cost comes way down. ## Milligrams do not matter as long as its still hydrocodone like norco or vicodin but percocet does its a separate test and can cause you to fail ## After 7 days, nope. ...
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How Long Do Lortab Stay In Your System?
I took a quarter of a ten mg yesterday will i be okay by monday for A drug test. ## Hi drob, I don't know what type of drug test you're going to be taking, but Lortab (Hydrocodone) can usually take up to 3-4 days to be out of your system for a urine test. In my opinion though, based on the amount taken, you should be fine within that 48 hours. I have also heard of other patients getting this drug out of their system in only 2 days time and they reportedly took more than you did. So I think the odds are certainly in your favor to pass. I hope this advice helps and wish you good luck on your test! ## By drinking lots water, Gatorade, pedilyte... How long to flush lotabs out of system ...
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How Long Do Lortab Stay In Your System
I took 1 10mg lortab last night and may have to take a drug test tomorrow. how long will it take to get out of my system? ## Like most other narcotics, the Hydrocodone in Lortab is detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 to 5 days, after use. There is, however, no precise time frame that can be given, because it will vary from person to person depending on many individuating factors, such as your own metabolism, overall health, activity levels and etc. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I took two loricet tens 5pm..and I have a piss test wed. At 9am...should they be out of my system by then? ...
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how long does lortab stay in your system for a saliva test?
I took a tab 10 on sat. night but im on suboxone may need to take saliva test on tues. will i be ok ## How long does lortab stsu in urine ## Had a saliva test for a job last friday an was wounding if my subs will show up on the test I have a prescription but didnt tell them about it does anyone have a good answer ...
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How Long Does Lortab 10 Stay In Your System
How long does lortab 10mg stay in your system if you've been taking 8 a day ## Lortab contains Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone, it is a narcotic pain reliever. Like most other narcotics, the Hydrocodone can be detectable in a urine test for approximately 4 days, after taking it. There is no precise time frame, however, because it can vary depending on your own individual metabolism, overall health, activity levels and many other factors. If you have a prescription for it, however, these is no need to worry, just inform them of that when you go in for testing. Is there anything else I can help with? ## does lortab,percocet and oxycodone all 10 test the same and about how long stay in your system? In a person that weights about 240 LB and is 5ft tall a standard uri, test? ## how long wi... ...
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How Long Do Lortab 10/500 Stay In Your System?
I took all together 1 lortab 10/500 on Sunday. The lst half of the 1 by 3p.m. How long does it take to be out of my system, knowing I got popped with a urine drug test today? ## I took a 500mg Lortab last Friday our Saturday. . I have a drug test monday do i get it out my system. ...
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How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your System For A Urine Test
i took only one 7.5 loratab and was drug tested will it show up in my urine for how long ## It really depends a lot on what time you took the 7.5 Lortab and afterwards, the length of time you had before your drug test. Lortab has a half-life of roughly 3.8 hours. This means that 3.8 hours after the dose you took, half of the original dose is still present and active in the body. After another 3.8 hours (or 7.6 hours total), half of what was left after the first 3.8 hours is present and active (one-quarter of the original dose). Most pharmacists consider that after three to five "half-lives," close to 90% of the drug has been eliminated and is no longer affecting the body. The maximum wait to achieve five half-lives for Lortab would be: 5 x 3.8 = "19 hours". But it would ... ...
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How Long Does 1 Lortab Stay In System
took 1 lortab 5 2 days ago had a head ahch forgot urine test thursday night ## Like most other narcotics, the Hydrocodone in Lortab is detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. There is no way, however, to give a precise time frame, as it is always going to vary from person to person, depending on your individual metabolism, overall health, activity levels, fluid intake and etc. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your System For A Blood Test
how long does hydrocodone stay in your system if you are taking a drug test. They are doing a blood test. ## How long do lortabs stay in ur blood? Also what about valuims? ## FOR A F****** ETERNITY!!!! NOW QUIT USING DRUGS THAT AREN'T PRESCRIBED TO YOU!!!! ## If a person like I was given somthing brown called bath salt mixed with possibly poison. How long will it stay in my system if I used today and have urine screen two days from now? ...
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How Long Does Narco Stay In Your System
how long does narcos stay in your system what do u test as ## The detection time can vary from person to person, depending on how long you've been using it, how much you've been using, your activity levels, other health problems and etc. However, most narcotics are detectable on a standard urine test for 4 to 5 days. Norco contains Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone and since the Hydrocodone is a narcotic, it will show up as such on a test. If you have a prescription, though, all you have to do is inform them of this, when you go in for the test. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## if i'm taking norco and then take a lortab ..will it show up on a pee test ## Kim, both Norco and Lortab contain the same active ingredients, Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone and wou... ...
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ZANAX how long does it stay in your system
How long does it stay in your system? ## How long will 5 mgs of xanax stay will test posotive? ## I want to motley get off of soboxen .how long will it take. Kennyshields I'm been clean for a year and I think I'm ready no I know I'm readyr ## i took a 2mg zanax bar and 5 10mg lortab friday and have a urine test monday so what to do ## how long does xanax one milagrams 4 a day dtay in your system ## drink tons of water and I mean as much as you can drink. that is the only sure way to get the levels in your urine under the threshold of what the drug can be detected at. it is usually in nanograms so you need to drink tons of water and even cranberry juice. start asap before you know your going to test. I work in a lab and I know what I am talking about ## PLEASE someone that kn... ...
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lortabs in your system
how long do lortabs stay in your system??? ## Bill, it depends on what sort of testing is performed. For example, Lortab would most likely disappear from a urine test within 4-5 days max, but might show up in a hair test up to 90 days later. Don't take these numbers to be 100% accurate, but the good news is that most standard drug tests don't look for Hydrocodone - rather they would most likely test for Codeine, Heroin, or Morphine usage. There are expanded tests to look for additional drugs such as Hydrocodone or Xanax etc. Hope this info helps. ## Lortab leaves the system after a couple of days. But liquid Lortab usually has traces of liquid Codeine and that can show up in tests. Usually that leaves the urine a couple of days as well. ## I had a medical procedure on 1/7/2014, ... ...
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How Long Does hydrocodone stay in system for blood test?
I took a Vicodin for knee pain, I don't have a scrip for it. I need to take a blood test very soon. When will it out of my system? ## SATURDAY NIGHT I Took 3 7.5 LORTABS I HAVE A DRUG TEST ON WEDS I HAVEN'T TAKEN PAINPILLS IN 5 MONTHS IM CURRENTLY ON SUBOXEN HOW LONG WILL IT STAY IN MY SYSTEM IT'S A URINE TEST DOES ANY OF YOU HELPFUL PEOPLE HAVE ANY ANSWERS FOR ME I'M A LITTLE WORRIED. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU ## IT'S GONNA BE IN YOUR SYSTEM THE REST OF YOUR NATURAL F******* LIFE!!!! KNEE'S PAIN MY-BUTT!!!! I HAVE SPINAL CANCER AND IBUPROFEN WORK'S FOR ME!!!! YOU JUST LIKE GETTING - HIGH BUT DON'T WANNA PAY THE PIPER!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! ## Don't listen to the a**hole that replied. Judgmental prick! If your not taking them day after day then 4 to 5 days will... ...
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How Long Does 3 Hydrocodone 10i Stay In Your System
I go to a pain clinic, but ran out of my percacet,took 3 lortab 10s over a 4 day period have drig test in 8 days will it be in my system ## The half life of hydrocodone is approx 6 hrs so it is detectable in the urine for approx 30 hours after taking the last tablet. So to answer your question, no. PharmD ## The time it takes for it to process out of the body for it's effects and side effects isn't necessarily the same as the time that the metabolites can be detected in a drug test. In standard urine tests, most narcotics can be detected for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. There is no way, however, to give an actual precise time frame, because it is also going to vary depending on certain individuating factors, such as your metabolism, overall health, activity leve... ...
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How Long Does Hydrocodone 10 650 Stay In Your System
I need to know how long this pill can stay in your system ## Are you referring to the detection time for a drug test? If so, what type of test, blood, urine, or saliva? For example, Hydrocodone is detectable in urine for approximately 6 days, after last dosing. The time frame will vary from person to person, depending on your individual metabolism, overall health, fluid intake, activity levels and etc. but 6 days is the average for most people. Learn more Vicodin details here. ## I took 5mg of lortab on Sunday. Will I be ok for drug urine drug test? I was taking about 10 mgs a day then I quit for bout 5 days n my pain was bad so I took one. I have a script but its from months ago I've been taking them sparingly when I absolutly have to. Will I b ok? ## i took a hydro 10mg on monday ... ...
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Length of time Lortab stays in your system
I took about 85 mg of lortab throughout a day about 18 days ago. I haven't taken any since then. Will those still show up on a urine test? Thanks. ...
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how long does hydrocodone stay in system
someone has taken loratab 10s for several years,how long will it take to be out of system ## It really depends on what capacity you are asking about. If you are talking about drug testing, it can be 4 to 4 days for a urine test, much longer for blood or tissue. For withdrawals, it will actually be in their body system a lot longer and can take over a month or more, before all the symptoms alleviate. What specific information are you looking for? ## how long will 1 10mg hydrocordone stay in my urine ## can i dissolve a 10-325 hydrocodone in a urine sample to get a postive reading without test showing that it was not in my system ? ## Why would u put a lortab in your urine......stupid....anyways.....hydrocodone stays in your system for 1 to 3 days.....depending on how much u use and if u ... ...
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How Can I Pass Drug Test Took Lortab 7 5 Mg
took lortab 7.5mg need to pass drug test. took sun. test tues. is there anything i can take to pass test? ## Hi jane, Depending on the type of drug test taken, the combination of acetaminophen + hydrocodone can be detected in your urine for up to 3-4 days after your last dose, up to 24hrs for a blood test, 1-4 hours for a saliva test, and as long as 90 days for a hair test. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables while staying hydrated throughout the day will significantly help your body detox quicker. Besides getting plenty of rest each night I'd also recommend getting at least an hour each day of exercise in to help sweat out any toxins and get your lymphatic system flowing (which will significantly aid in detoxification as well). You may also want to do some research on "activ... ...
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i took a phentermine diet pill one hour before a urine drug test will it show up that fast
If taken an phentermine an hour before a urine drug test will it show up? That was the only one taken since last year. I have a script but just curious If it will show up ## Yes it will come up positive for amphetamines.... ## I took one phentermine 4 hours before urine test will it show up? Also I'm taking an anti-biotic dicolfenac, will that show up as something else? ## How long does it stay in your system? I've injected about 15 tabs 37.5 mg in 4 days? I'm thinking of quitting it because I don't get the high I want. ## I been taking phentermine and morphine lortab and valium and on probation took a drug test and tested positive for meth ## Will a half of 37.5mg phentermine taken on Monday show up on my pain management urine drug test on Thursday morning? I had taken ... ...
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drug test
Can Lortab make you test positive for cocaine on a urine test? ## Cocaine: you dont have to worry about a false positive so much. But opiates you will most deffinetly show up if you have taken lortab in the past few days. ## He is correct about opiates and they stay in your system about 72 hours ## If you have been taking them long term, then they will stay even longer than 72 hours. ## It depends on the test and who's testing you. A simple 5 panel drug test for pre-employment wouldn't show hydromorphone on the Opiates section of the test. For most employers at least. A pain clinic checking to see what you have in your system would test for the synthetic opiates like oc, lortab, etc. ...
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