How Long After You Take Suboxone Can A Pain Pill And Feel It

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how long after you take suboxone can a pain pill and feel it
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Ihave been on suboxon 8/2 for 4 months stayed off 11 days did not feel pain pill at all how long do I stay off ## If you took even a sliver of a strip during that 11 days to help with wds. then your gonna have to start your count from that day. Its roughly about 12 days but everyone is different. How much subs were you taking when you jumped off? Did you go thru much wd.? ## Was on methadone for ten years drs orders and switched to suboxone to get off method. It made me sick at first but stuck with it in hopes of getting off methadone. Was on 2/8mg stripes aday for three months and am now on my 12th day clean. Methadone was more intense but suboxone is almost a, cold hot burning skin restless arms and barely any sleep. Eating well and staying hydrated. I just don't think I ca. Bare ... ...
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Tue, Oct 06 '15, 9:56 PM
how long do i wait after taking pills to take suboxone
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I've been on percocets for 2 years. 5mg. 4 times a day. I know not much. now I'm down to 3. my last dose was 1230am. is now 1030. I have an 8 milligram suboxone. how long should I wait. and how much should I take. I just took a 5 milligram klonopin. on my nervousness. my legs are starting to feel a little crampy. got a little stomach pain. so please can someone tell me. how to start this. I know its not much that I did. but they say it doesn't matter. you still get the withdrawal pains. Help . ## Hi, You need to be in wds before taking subs, about 16-18 hrs. The amount of percs you were taking is not that high. Thats actually a prescribed dose. 1, 4x/day. Anyways, one sub isn,t gonna last long. If I were you I,d just go thru the perc wds, 4-5 days and be done with it. If you... ...
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Fri, Aug 21 '15, 6:46 AM
how long after taking a suboxone can you use opiate
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I have been on 8 mg/2mg Suboxone strips for 1 year. I am having a tooth (back molar) extraction in the morning. I used my Suboxone strip this morning & the tooth extraction is at 9:30 am tomorrow. If I don't use another Suboxone strip before the extraction, would I be able to use Hydrocodone after my surgery? I don't want to get sick, but I am terrified of going through this surgery with no pain meds. Please help. ## should be 48 hrs to alow to leave your system ## So if I took a 10 mg Hydrocodone after not taking a Suboxone for 24-28 hours, will it throw me into withdrawals? That would do me in after surgery to end up in wd's. ## Sorry to say but 8 mg of Suboxone is way stronger then any hydrocodone. It would take a year for you to even feel the effects. Tolerance takes... ...
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Sat, Nov 21 '15, 11:35 AM
Took a 1/4th of 8mg/2mg suboxone. how long till i can take a pain killer
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I took a 1/4th of 8/2mg suboxone this morning, then in the afternoon, then at 5. I get my hydrocodone 10mg tomorrow. will they do me any good. It was my first time taking suboxone and i have a really fast metabolism. I am wondering will I be able to feel my pain killers tomorrow? ## @stageman, Because everyone is different this is only intended to be an estimate...but according to other related threads on here, I've drawn the opinion that you may want to wait a good 48 hours before taking other narcotics such as hydrocodone. However there are a variety of factors/questions that come into play which could also determine how long you should wait, including but not limited to: How long you've been on suboxone? What dose you've been taking regularly? Was this a one time thing? D... ...
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Mon, Dec 15 '14, 3:07 PM
can you take oxycotin while on suboxone
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If your taken suboxone can you take a oxy for pain? Will it make you sick or no ## Dear mjp it is not a good thing 2 take Oxy with subs. You could get very sick or it could be worse. Besides, suboxone blocks out the effects of Oxy. So, u wouldn't feel the Oxy. Mixing them is a no no. U must also b in withdrawals b 4 u can take the subs. ## No No!!! Why would you? Your on Suboxone for a reason. Suboxone blocks the effects. You could go into bad withdrawals or end up dead. ## You don't get sick. And you still feel the effects. I go back and forth all the time. Subs are my plan B. They keep me from being sick when I run out of oxy. Just saying... ...
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Thu, Jul 30 '15, 10:23 PM
On suboxone and still in pain
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I had lots of surgeries and many health problems. Used opiates 4 ten years and became addicted. I was on methadone 4 almost 5 years. Now I've been on suboxone 4 ten years. But, I still suffer with pain. Don't want 2 go back on pain pills, but, don't know what 2 do? ## I feel the same as u. STUCK! I had many of surgeries and have a lot of medical problems. I was on heavy duty pain meds 4 ten years. Then I went on methadone, that helped with pain. But, I decided 2 taper off after 5 years. I was on 120mgs and got down to 24mgs. At that point the withdrawals were so bad, I walked into my Drs. Office in tears begging him 2 help me. He said I had 2 choices. Either stay on methadone and increase the dose or go on suboxone. I went right on suboxone that day. I suffer all the time wi... ...
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Tue, Jul 15 '14, 1:34 PM
restarting pain meds after suboxone
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To make a long story short I was being prescribed opiate pain meds by the VA and when I got a new doctor they just cut me off with no explanation. I went into with drawls and needed some help feeling better and was told about the subxone program by a social worker. I was desperate for help so I went there and well I felt better. I was able to get a referral back to my spine doctor and they want me back on pain meds and to treat me as an entire patient not just a partial. I have no idea how long I have to wait between my last dose of suboxone and my new opiate pain meds. If it helps I was on 2mg for 4 complete weeks. ## Hi cassi, Sorry to hear about what had happened. From what I've seen posted in other related threads here, the average general guidelines for waiting in-between takin... ...
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Tue, Jul 28 '15, 8:09 PM
pain medication after suboxone treatment
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What pain medication will I be able to use after suboxone treatment is complete ## "What pain medication will I be able to use after suboxone treatment is complete..." Depends, really. Are you actually looking for legitimate pain relief for a real issue, or looking to get high again? I've been on Suboxone for 5 years and 6 months ago some screws used to fix a broken ankle got very infected and infected the bone around it. Osteomylitus with the infection being the MRSA infection. Painful doesn't even begin to describe the feelings I had. Now I was different than you in the sense that I was currently on Suboxone treatment, making my tolerance to pain medication extremely high. I actually carry a card around with me, given to me by my doctor, that explains what physicians, ... ...
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Suboxone and drugs
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Talking about suboxone last tuesday I took 1 (8)mg Suboxone April 6, 2010 , on the next day April 7, 2010 , I had 13 teeth removed from the front all the way to the back right top and bottom they was rotten from all the past drug use I have done, when I got to the oral surgern the gave me Valium , Versed, and Drmerol . I did not get high but was knocked out and did not feel anything till the Versed worn off, I did not advise the surgeon of my Suboxone use till that night he was not at all worried about it and sent me home with a RX of demerol 50 mg was told to take 1-2 every 4-6 hours as needed for pain with the Suboxone still in my system I did not get the effect of the high ( buzz) of it but it did take the pain away the next day Thursday he gave me another rx of 20 Demerol 50 mg with... ...
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suboxone/pain managment
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I have been on suboxone for 4 years now for alcohol and methadone abuse and during that time I found out I have three buldging disc in my neck and osteoarthritis however my doctor still is weaning me off. I Dont want to be back where I started. Any advice?? ## Hi gin! If u feel u need 2 remain on suboxone 4 a longer period of time, u will need 2 find another Doctor who will continue 2 prescribe it 4 u. I've been on it 4 almost 8 years now, and, I don't plan on getting off it anytime soon. I suffer with a lot of back and medical problems, also. I do understand how u feel. I have a GREAT Doctor, so, I'm very fortunate. ## Thank you for your reply. I hope I can find a doctor as good as you say yours is. I just want to stay on it to avoid being put on lortab ect... ## Hi Gin, Ha... ...
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Wed, Jul 02 '14, 6:12 AM
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has anyone had good results on soboxone ## I have. I was addicted to pain meds for years stemming from a knee injury in college. When I finally told my doctor about all the extra pills I would take, i.e. buying them on the street, he advised me to try suboxone. I did, and I started at a higher dose, and it's fairly easy to taper the dose down in the beginning, just make sure you do it with your doc's help and let him/her know how you are feeling, physically. It is a little harder when you start going down from 2 mgs a day to 1, then 1/2 then a 1/4, and so forth. I've had more sucess taking half my dose in the morning and half in the evening, that could easily be psychological though. Anyhow, it is possible for this treatment to work, just don't try to wean yourself off t... ...
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How long before I can take percocet
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OK, I've taken 1/4 of a 2/8mg suboxone for about 7 days, but I only would take that dose once a day. Now today is my first day not taking suboxone. It's been a full 24 hours. Can I take my pain meds (percocet 10mg) and feel it and not get sick? ## @lady luv, Based on the vast majority of feedback I've seen in other related threads here, the usual wait time is 2-5 days in-between taking Suboxone then opiates (like the Oxycodone; in Percocet). However, because everyone's case is different, these figures are only intended to be a rough estimate. And if I were in your shoes, I'd probably only feel the need to wait another day or two just to be sure that your receptors are clear. Others may suggest less time from their experience, since you've only been taking a small... ...
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does suboxone help with body pains?
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My friend has been clean for like 9 days now and her doctor prescribed her suboxone after she said her body hurt? Is that the reason? Cause I would love to know... ## Suboxone is prescribed for pain in other countries but here in the states as far as I know it,s only prescribed to treat opiate addiction. The pain your friend is feeling could be from withdrawal. Maybe your friend has other pain issues and also has a pain pill problem and the patient and doctor decided to start suboxone treatment. I,m taking sub for addiction but also have pain issues. the subs help for both problems. Some folks say that subs don,t help there pain at all. I can only say what works for me. ## Dear Kayla, as Jolter said," the pain could b due 2 withdrawals". I'm on suboxone and I suffer from man... ...
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pain meds while on suboxone
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I am a sufferer of chronic pain I have 2 artificial hips and have been on just about every narcotic opiate around I recently tried using suboxone films I get relief from withdrawls but no pain relief how do I tackle this problem my tolerance is very high but can get by on 15 mg oxycodone actually the tens will work I tried subs because I no longer want to be a slave to the meds but I have no pain relief from it I absolutely will never try methadone again -I fear the withdrawl my question is how do I get pain relief without the affliction of dependence on opiates please help me ## Hello, I feel for you and the pain and suffering you're experiencing, i too suffer from severe chronic pain and have CRPS + chronic Osteo-Arthritis + tendonitis. For over 13 years i have suffered from sever... ...
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Thu, Jun 18 '15, 6:40 AM
taking suboxone after methadone
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PLS HELPPP! i was on methadone for 3 years...went from 80mg down to 20mg...then switched to suboxone...been on it for about 3 months maybe 4...on 16mg...but im having a lotttt of pain problems...i have severe headaches...i feel nauseated all the time... can barely sleep (which is a lot due to the pain) and my dr. has yet to find anything...the methadone is out of my system...i guess where im getting at is can this be due to withdraw symptoms from the methadone even though its not in my system? and has anyone dealt with something similar? and if so what did you do?? ( especially for the pain ) on a side not does anyone one have any recommendations for relieving severe pain while on suboxone...or even methadone?!?! ## It sounds like you actually may be on too low of a dose of the Suboxone... ...
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Will My Dr Take Me Off Suboxone And Put On Opana
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in 2005 when i was 22 i hurt my shoulder and needed surgery, i was prescribed 2 oxycontin 20 mg pills and 8 10 mg hydrocodone pills a day. in 2006 i had shoulder surgery, it was called a capsular shift. i had the tendons and ligaments shortened and re attached because the shoulder would dislocate about 10 to 15 times a day. after the surgery i was prescribed 2 opana 20 mg and 4 percocet 7.5 mg a day. for about 6 months everything was fine and i was doing good but i started to feel pain in my neck, upon my next trip to the dr they did an mri of my neck and found that i had a hearniated disc. they bumped the percocet up to 10 mg 6 times a day and left the opana at the same dose, 2, 20 mg a day. i started to feel withdrawal after a short time and if i didnt have the meds i would not only b... ...
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saboxin (its suboxone)
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It's an orange pill that dissolves under the tongue that has a cross on one side. Goes from 2mg to 8mg. I have been on this for 2 years to help in my addiction to opiates. ## I have been on percocets for 2 years and I would really like to go off, does saboxin help Pain that you truely have? or does it just take the edge off? ## Yes Suboxone has an actual pain killer i it that can not only help with existing pain but stop the pain pill withdrawal symptoms in their track when you cannot take the vicodin, percocets, hydrocodone, or whatever opiate you are on any longer. ## i am swiching from methadone to saboxin in 5 days is the start hard? ## Is it normal to feel 4C4 high when given 1st. dose of saboxin ? ## I live in Dayton Ohio and I am fighting my addiction to opiates.I have taken ... ...
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I have ten subs. I have been taking oxycontin for pain but want to try at home to w/d. I can't discuss this with my doctor as it will affect my insurance. This is a my case... Can someone on here tell me how to use my subs? I would appreciate any answers and no lectures. How many do I need to withdraw..Thanks so much ## you have to be off the oxycontin long enough to start feeling the withdrawals, THEN, and only then, you take the suboxone. I was on a boatload of hydro, and just 2mg calmed me down. make what you have last. start with 2mg,if that doesn't help, do another 2mg. just a little goes a long way ## Suboxone contains a powerful opiate Buprenoprhine, with the agonist Naloxone. So, it can also put opiate users into withdrawals if it is not used carefully. It shoul... ...
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suboxone quitting
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How do I best stop using this crap. Been trying to do less and less. I had shoulder surgery got onto perks and vikes. Long term stuff but weened myself off. This one isnt so easy. Thinking I should have done this tge hard way rather than try other folks advice. Any suggestions? ## Hi Mark, It really depends on how much your taking per day. Subs have the long half life so that makes things so much different then the usual pain pill wd. I can tell you this, when you get down to 3 or 4mgs you should not drop more than a half mg at a time. You need to wait until your body feels comfortable on that dose. I,m talking a week at the least. It,s because of the half life. It takes a long time but well worth it. If you do this the jump will be fairly easy. ...
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quitting suboxone
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day one quit suboxone any idea on anything other then vitamins or specific type of vitamins to help with aches and pains ??? ## Dear Patrick, I heard that clonodine and Tramadol help with the withdrawals. But, u have 2 get them from a doctor. ## ok thank u but thats not happin no doctor i have Quetiapine (Ceriqual) not sure if thats correct spelling but its for sleep. No Natural stuff ?? ## Check out addiction and their tapering off and post taper section for ideas. ## Hi Jolter, how r u doing? I finally got my kitten. It has helped me so much with the loss of my Hannah. No more cravings and feeling down and out. I took your advise on spreading out the times I take my suboxone. It's working out pretty good. Catch ya later . ...
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Tue, May 20 '14, 5:39 AM

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