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Grind Pills
is it ok to grind pills that have to be given to pets so that they can be mixed with their food? ## Yes, you can do that as long as they aren't time released pills and as long as your veterinarian or the pill labeling hasn't warned you not to do so. There are some pills that would carry such a warning, because they may do damage to the stomach or esophagus if they are crushed and the protective outer coating removed. Learn more prescription drug details here. Check the labeling and if you see something such as ER, XR, SR or something similar then it is time released and not safe to crush or grind up. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Veterinary Medicine.
Wed, Nov 14 '12, 10:18 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 238386
Recently I Went To Dr Get Refill On My Valium Take 1 10mg A Night For Grinding Teeth They Said Had Drug Screen And Testted Posit
is this covered under the new drug law i would understand if i didnt have valium in my system but i did so that means i wasnt selling them now im back to grinding my teeth and my jaws hurt ...
Updated 1 year ago in Valium.
Tue, Jan 15 '13, 1:43 PM   0 
Absessed crown
I have a crown which has a root canal done in it. I grind my teeth really bad and was told that I fractured the root canal. I keep getting an absess pocket which I can express myself. I do not have any real pain probably because I can release the pressure. I have taken left over antibiotics (yes, I know I shouldnt!)(IC Sulfamethoxazole and Pen VK at different times). I do not have health or dental insurance and am at a loss of what to do. ## The cheapest solution for you, since you don't have insurance, would most likely be to just have the tooth pulled. And the best suggestion I can make for that is to check around you area and see if there are any low income dental clinics, or if there are any dental schools. They usually have sliding fee scales, so you can have it extracted much ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Sulfamethoxazole.
Sun, Feb 17 '13, 6:28 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 242859
First Time Opana Abuser
How do I get high off of the new opana 20 er pills ? I know they gel up when u try to eat it .people say u can iv it and u can snort it but what is the fastest and easiest way to get high off these pills??? ## Although I'm not one to support this type of behavior, there are actually a lot of threads here in the forums that explain how to abuse this medication in pretty much every way you can think of (injections, snorting, microwaving, rectal/anally, etc). All joking aside, the only thing I haven't heard of yet was grinding down a pill and scrambling it up with your eggs for breakfast; but I'm sure it's been done already. LOL! The thread below may be a good start for general information on the topic of abusing opana: /Discuss/How-To-Snort-the-New-Formula-Opana-ER-230400.... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Opana.
Tue, Jul 24 '12, 11:32 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 233439
How to get the best out of your exalgo
I have been on every narc out there from the lowest to 100 mg morphine four times a day, in combination with all your OxyContin and oxycodone, norco, Percocet , and the 2mg Xanax four times a day with it. I got put on exalgo 32 twice a day with norco, lyrica, and some other drugs and it was not taking care of the pain good enough. To make this short, I would put my exalgo under my tounge to soften it up and split the pill with a pill splitter, you'll see grey and white. The white part is the med, but then I would chew it up or grind it in a pill grinder and swallow it. Works 100 times better and faster. ## Thanks for the advice. I know it's not recommended to take it that way, but you were right. I got relief for the first time. ## Since I started taking Exalgo (and yes, like th... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Exalgo.
Thu, May 01 '14, 3:43 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 261364
tablet to stop bleeding on injection!
im 17 and im on the injection, ive been bleeding now for around 3-4 months, i had a 2 week gap where it stopped when the depo got put back in but apart from that its been constant, its not heavy, but its...there. i went to the doctors and got a box of tablets called mefensmic acid, she gave me 56! ive been taking them for around 13 days and there hasnt been much difference.. Is there any other tablets or maybe a pill i could take as it really is beginning to grind my gears, im off on holiday in a couple of week and i want it to be stopped before then! HELP:( ? ## Hello, Mia! How are you doing? I am very sorry about the problem that you're having. Has the bleeding stopped, yet? The Depo shot just might not be the right contraceptive for you to use and you may have to try something, s... ...
Updated 8 days ago in Birth Control / Contraceptive.
Thu, Jul 24 '14, 5:55 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 268074
Methylene Blue Urolene TauRx Rember
Urolene Blue pills may no longer be made. If you can get the I.V. form of methylene Blue, it should distill out using a simple water purifying distiller (along with a touch of salt crystals in the MB, perhaps). Dump the pale blue water that comes out, and scrape the residue inside the distiller --- that's the MB. In this solid form it is weird looking stuff. Kind of a golden green shiny material ... has a Formica quality to it. If powder is required, grind it up with a mortar and pestle. If you do all this in a room (like a kitchen) that you've sprayed with the correct disinfectant (say alcohol and Lysol) and first sterilize all the items that you use, then it should still be pharmaceutical-ish grade. No worse, I suspect, than baking cookies. This is expensive, since the yield f... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Urolene Blue.
Wed, Apr 16 '14, 9:10 PM   0 
cymgen side effects not worth it
I was on cymgen 120 mg for 6 months. Treatment for fibromaylgia. It made me mentally unstable. I had night mares twitching grinding teeth and felt no emotion. I was so desperate to be switched off. I considered suicide. I was admitted to hospital where they just added to my meds. This led to jerking and shaking. I decided to cut the meds down myself. And started to feel better. I went down to 60 mg of cymgen but the jerking and confusion didn't stop. This week I decided to stop it. Its been awful. But today for the first time im not twitching. And the jerking and fast heart rate has stopped. I still don't feel happiness But I'm on my way there. Cymgen was supposed to help with my physical pain but instead it drove me to madness. I was on cipralex for 8 years and I never felt... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
Sat, Apr 19 '14, 9:15 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 251599
How Long Does Oxy Neo Stay In Your System
IF I TAKE 6-7 80MG OXY NEO BLENDED IN A COFFEE GRINDER (TILL POWDER FORM) 3 TIMES A DAY FOR 10 DAYS .HOW LONG WILL IT BE BEFORE I PASS A DRUG TEST.THANKS FOR YOUR HELP... ## OxyNEO contains the active ingredient Oxycodone. In regards to drug testing: -Oxycodone can be detected in your urine for up to 3-4 days after your last dose. -Oxycodone can be detected in your blood for up to 24 hours after your last dose. -Oxycodone can be detected in your saliva for up to 1-4 days after your last dose. -Oxycodone can be detected in your hair for up to 90 days after your last dose. Keep in mind that because everyone is different, these are only intended to be rough estimates and should be treated as such. I hope this info helps! ## just curious, why would the oxycodone stay in your urine longer th... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Oxycodone.
Sun, May 11 '14, 4:16 AM   8  Subscribe to thread 232658
How To Shoot Op 80s
All you need is a PedEgg, or I used the top half to a pill grinder a 1cc rig, a spoon, water and I prefer cigarette filters but use prefered cotton. Step 1.) {edited for safety reasons} ## Do I need to add any water to the spoon before cooking? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Sun, Jun 10 '12, 5:18 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 230464
Torrent Pharmacy
Wife diagnosed with Parkinsons disease on Jan 16, 2006. She takes Sinmet, Namenda, Citalopram HBR (your manufacture), Exelon, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, and Ibuprophen. About 20+ pills a day. She has a terrible time taking your pills (1 and 1/2 20 mg tablets at breakfast). For some reason the Citalopram sticks to her tongue and she simply doesn't seem to be able to get them down. The other pills are not very difficult. I've tried apple sauce, yogurt, honey, juice, water, grinding them up into a powder (pills do not pulverize and many granules remain in the glass). She eats a normal amount of food; slowly but normal quantity. How can I help her swallow the Citalopram pills from you? Loran K. {edited for privacy} ## This website is not the manufacturer of any prescription medication, n... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Namenda.
Mon, Jan 21 '13, 5:02 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 241612
How To Cook An Op 80 Mg
stretch out a hose clamp and grind the pill along the rough edge or there are other creative ways to get it into powder form but it has to be pretty fine but like i said . just be creative. theres always some way to get them into powder. then put it onto a pyrex or glass plate/baking dish spread the powder out thinly then put it on a pizazz im sure everyones heard of a pizazz pizza cooker. and cook it for 6 to 7 mins. or until it starts turning light brown then put it in the freezer for about 10 mins. scrape it up with a razor blade and enjoy. it tastes great and kind of stings the first few times but you get huge tasty drips i realy should try makin money with my method cuz it works try it. ## IT's very dangerous to use any medication in a manner for which it was not intended. Sinc... ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Fri, Dec 30 '11, 7:29 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 225988
My local pharmacy filled my prescription for Adderall ER 30mg. with the ACTAVIS EL instead of the TEVA USA brand, and I noticed that things were drastically different. First, I noticed mild radiating warmth in the left side of my chest… but, we all know that’s fairly common. Second, I had to constantly remind myself to stop grinding my dam teeth, “I’m a musician and always think of music as if I were playing drum parts with my teeth… f***ing annoying”. Third, was the need to crack every joint in my body such as ankles, toes, wrists, fingers, neck… you get my drift. Forth, I got far “DIZZY-UUUURR…….RR” than with other Adderall ER generics such as Teva USA or Shire. Fifth, I finally checked the label and noticed that it was... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Adderall.
Fri, Mar 28 '14, 4:15 PM   0 
snort op 20
how to ## The new Oxycontin OP has been specially formulated to help prevent abuse. If you try to crush it, it basically turns into a gooey substance that is supposed to be only dissolved by stomach acid and retains its time released properties. Snorting such medications is also very dangerous. Are there any questions? ## Sasha Says: Thursday, 9/16/2010 9:06:18 PM All you have to do is microwave the pill for 5 minutes (Make sure the plate is microwave safe) even a paper plate is fine but careful, it gets very hot. Ok let's just list it nice and neat: Step 1: Microwave whole pill for 5 mins Step 2: put in freezer for 1 min 30 sec Step 3: Grind pill into FINE powder with tool such as dremel or file(I found a like a small device I use when I cook and grind lemon peel. Like a mini chees... ...
Updated 3 years ago in OxyContin.
Wed, Jun 08 '11, 2:25 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 208837
side effects cymgen for fms
My side effects... jerking, grinding teeth, brainpain , blurred vision, tingling in my lips, hands and feet, personality change. ## Hi Katy, Sorry to hear about the side effects you've been having recently. Based on my research, It certainly sounds like Cymgen is the cause behind all of your pain... The following symptoms are listed as side effects of Cymgen (duloxetine): blurred vision headache confusion changes in intimate desire or ability uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body swelling of the face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs Ref: Have you already talked with your doctor about getting off this medication or switching over to something else? ## I suffer from anxiety and panic ... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Duloxetine.
Sun, Jun 22 '14, 1:03 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 251492
what medication is recommended for tmj
I grind my teeth, day and night. I use a guard at night and suffer from major migraine headaches where I need injection against the pain and vomiting. I have found that Botox can help TMJ and I know that its the principal cause of my migraine... Can you recommend any other treatment apart from Botox injection or muscle relaxer. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Botox.
Tue, Jul 30 '13, 3:47 PM   0 
new oxycotin
Has anyone found out how to break these things (the new oxy's) down where you can snort them yet? if so please post it. ## No, the new Oxycontin OP has been specially formulated to prevent such type of use. If you try to break it down, it turns into a gummy substance that retains its time released properties and, supposedly, can only be broken down by stomach acid. Side effects are supposed to be the same: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## I found out how. To break down the oxycontin op so that they can be snorted. Step 1: grind the pill down xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx. Step 2: Put the powder into a small glass xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. Step 3: Place the glass xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Step 4: The pill will now be xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx... ...
Updated 3 years ago in OxyContin.
Fri, Jun 03 '11, 6:43 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 210765
oc no op !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
new op's do not compare to oc's.even with a ped-egg scraper u can get coating off & grind to a fine dust it still clogs some no matter how hard u snort it wors but still miss old oc's and fill like i'm getting skated on somme of the pill.try the as seen on tv ped-egg at rite aid's it fast &it works imitation ped-eggs dont work as well if at all!!atei ## Such methods of misusing the medication is the entire reason that Purdue has released the new formulation. These practices are very dangerous and it is illegal to use a prescription medication in a manner for which it wasn't intended. Many people, however, are complaining the the new Oxycontin isn't as effect and causes odd side effects. If you have a problem using it as prescribed, then you should rep... ...
Updated 3 years ago in OxyContin.
Fri, Oct 29 '10, 12:38 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 210140
How to inject Oxy OP 40s
I have found that if you remove every bit of coating off of the new OP oxycontin first then place them on an oven safe material. Place them in the oven on BROIL for about 5 minutes and then take them out of the oven. Let them cool and cut them into as small of pieces as you can. Place them back into the oven for about 4 more minutes and allow to cool again. Grind them into as fine a powder as you can, place in spoon, add purified water and draw into your rig through some type of filter and bang away. It is kind of a brown nasty looking s*** in the rig but it will sure f*** you up. I dont suggest anyone do this but it worked for me just fine. Just inject it slowly or you can clog your veins. I usually only inject half a pill at a time and i use the 40s with the 40 on one side and the OP ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in OxyContin.
Wed, Dec 14 '11, 11:15 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 225124
can u snort op 80
op 80 ## No! The new Oxycontin OP has been specially formulated to help prevent abuse. If you try to crush the tablets, it basically just turns into a goo and will only release the medication, time released, in stomach acid. Are there any other questions? ## I have heard of a technique that if you put it in the microwave for 2 and half minutes than flip and cook for another 2 and half. then put it in the freezer until it hardens then cook it in the microwave until golden brown then grind it in a grater it can be snorted. ...
Updated 3 years ago in OxyContin.
Tue, Oct 12 '10, 7:05 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 208316

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