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false positive meth amp
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My ex recently asked that I submit to a fingernail drug test. I did so, because I do not use drugs. It came back positive for methamphetamine. I went back the following week and did a toenail test. It came back negative for all drugs. I did a d and l isomer test that stated the meth in my system was street meth. I have never used meth or other hard drugs in my life. How is it possible for my fingernail test to come back positive for meth and my toenail test to come back negative. I am facing the loss of my children and am totally devestated. ## You probably touched meth at one time or another; bar, public restroom, etc... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Methamphetamine.
Sat, Oct 19 '13, 3:49 AM
Does Albuteral Cause False Positive Results In Drug Test For Meth
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Does Albuteral cause nfalse positive results in drug test for meth? ## went to my doctor and was given a u.a. that came out as a positive for meth but was just barely so. im on methadone and oxycodone but not using meth,what would couse such a positive on my u.a.? I am also on promethazine hcl. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Methadone.
Sat, Oct 19 '13, 6:42 PM
False Positive Drug Test Gabapentin
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Hi my name is rosie, and I have been on neurontin/gabapentin goin on 2mnths now for my nerve pain n my legs from my diabetes,well ne way I've takin 2 urine test and dey com up positive, I dnt take ne other meds bsides wat my doctor prescribe 4 my diabetes. I take gabapentin 300 mg 1 cap e'er 12 hrs. ## What are you getting a false positive for? Gabapentin isn't known to cause false positives. Can you please post back with more information on what else you are taking, including any over the counter products? There are some of them that are known to cause false positives and with more details, I can check them for you. ## A friend of mine failed a drug test for methadone, she swears she has never taken that but she is on neurontin. Will the neurontin cause this test to come ou... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Gabapentin.
Thu, Sep 11 '14, 9:06 AM
causes for false positives on a urine test
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could taking Claritin-D give a false positive for meth on a urine test ## According to askdocweb, the answer to your question is yes. Both of the active ingredients in Claritin-D (Loratadine + Pseudoephedrine) are known to cause false positives for Amphetamines, and I'm sure this also includes Methamphetamines, because certain drug tests cannot distinguish between drug class vs drug name, etc. I hope this helps to answer your question! ## i have doctors and nurses and pharmacist tell me that claitin d does not show up in urine test for methamphetamine.does it show up as amphtamines then?i was going to have brain sergury and they cancelled because they said my urine test was positive w/ this in it and it would have a bad reaction w/ the anastasia. ## Yes Claritin D will show IP posit... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Claritin-D.
Thu, Aug 08 '13, 9:31 PM
false positive drug screen for meth/amphetamines
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I am on probation and possibly facing 10 days in jail for a urine analysis showing faint line on methamphetamine and amphetamines. I am currently prescribed trazadone n I use benzadryx inhaler along w Vicks 12hr nasal spray. I am one month away from a do I explain this false positive to my probation officer who is trying everything to keep me on probation longer?!?! HELP SINCERELY FALSE POSITIVE IN NM ## I was tested positive for meth also. I have to say that I can honestly honezy say that I've never even seen method (besides on TV) much less have I ever touched nor tried it. After further GAnd C testing through the lab, which i requested on my own, i found out the exact cause was vicks nasal inhaler. You should ask them to run "G and C" test (gas and chrom... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Amphetamines.
Tue, Jan 20 '15, 12:45 AM
will cymbalta cause false positive tests for meth
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I'm in a hospital paralyzed from my T-6 down becuz of an abscess which was MRSA on that vertebrae in my spine! Well my Dr came in this morning and told me he's not going to give me anymore narcotic pain meds! He claims I'm testing positive for meth! My question is, cymbalta's the ONLY new drug I'm taking. Does Cymbalta cause false positives for meth? ## I'm also testing positive for methamphetamines and I take Cymbalta I never taking methamphetamines in my life ...
Updated 1 month ago in Cymbalta.
Fri, Jan 30 '15, 4:05 PM
False Positive Drug Test at My Methadone Clinic in Pittsburgh PA
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I've been going to the same methadone clinic for 6 years. I'm on a low dose of 44mg a day and am a model patient. For me, methadone was the answer. It gave me a life. I was living a terrible life before that. I had an awful childhood, started doing drugs as a teenager, eventually got hooked on opiates and worked my way up the ladder from vicoden all the way to H. Multiple rehab and jail stints cleaned me up temporarily, but I always relapsed. The last few years I lived in hotel rooms, and did what I had to do to get money. I was miserable. Finally my boyfriend and I decided we had enough and joined a methadone clinic in a last ditch effort to end the pain of our lives. After the first 3 months I never got a dirty urine again. I earned my privileges one at a time, right on time, ... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Methadone.
Mon, Feb 09 '15, 11:06 PM
False Positive For Oxycodone On Urine Test
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I am on 110 mg of methadone and have been off of street drugs for almost a yr now. i have been taking the methadone for about a yr as well. i had a drug test this morning and it showed up positive for methadone and oxy as well. can methadone show a flase positive for oxy? i need to know ...
Updated 2 years ago in Oxycodone.
Sun, Mar 03 '13, 8:45 AM
"Adderall" and false positive drug tests
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Can Adderall Give A False Positive test for meth and not for Amphetamines? ## Yes, Adderall has been known to cause a false positive for Methamphetamines on drug tests and it is actually noted in the PDR drug reference information for physicians. Since Amphetamines and Methamphetamine are distantly related, it really isn't too surprising that this could occur. Has this happened to you? ## This has happened to me twice now. I have never touched methamphetamine, but am prescribed generic adderall or d-amphetamine salt combo. I need to find references as to where I can prove that this is common in a urinalysis test. ## Yes it can. It happened to me. Which resulted in cps removing my 2 children from my home for a month while they called my Dr. and checked medical records. I throw away m... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Adderall.
Wed, Feb 18 '15, 5:08 PM
neurontin test positive for methadone?
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I'm on Zoloft, Neurtontin, Zantac, and Claritin and just tested positive on a UA for Methadone.. never did it or even seen it! Is there a possibility my meds had a false positive? ...
Updated 7 months ago in Neurontin.
Mon, Jul 28 '14, 8:51 AM
False Positive Blood Test
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Is it possible to test positive for hepatitis c antibody when doing methaneptomine? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Hepatitis.
Thu, Jan 17 '13, 10:02 AM
will methadone give a false positive for thc
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Will methadone give a false positive thc taking a drug test for dcf smoked 3 hits a week ago took a test at home it said i was positive for thc so i need to know if my methadone can do it ## No, but the THC from the marijuana may still be detectable, depending on how often you smoke it. If you're a habitual user, then it can be detectable in your urine for as long as 11 weeks. Learn more drug test details here. How regularly do you smoke it? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Methadone.
Mon, Nov 05 '12, 3:45 PM
Amphetamines False Positive Drug TestX
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hi i am 16 an 8 months pregnant the only thing i have done is smoke weed during my 28th week of pregnancy i had to go in an do some test i fail my drug test for amphetamines but thats impossible i have never touched the stuff in my life can you tell me what went wrong there or what happened and what i should do ? ## Had you taken anything else, even over the counter products? There are some other medications that can cause false positives for Amphetamines. Learn more Amphetamines details here. ## like what ? ## Does Concerta show up as the same as Meth on a drug test? ## I had the same thing happen to me. The only thing i take is zantac for my heartburn. I was treated horribly. Come to find out zantac can give you a false positive for amphetamine ## i was a victim of zantac too and had ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Amphetamine.
Tue, Jul 09 '13, 10:43 AM
levothyroxine false positive drug test
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will levothyroxine test positive for meth ## will levothyroxine test positive for meth ...
Updated 1 year ago in Levothyroxine.
Tue, Oct 01 '13, 7:39 AM
False Positive For Methamphetamine
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my mom is an ex addict and is against drugs now. she has some health issues and is currently taking different kind of prescriptions such as norcos, ambiams, zanex and i think thats it. today her dr drug tested her randomly and the test came back positive for methamphetamine. she has not done meth or is taking any methamphetamines. how can this happen? she swears she didnt do it but im having trouble believing that because i dont know how its possible. someone please give me advice. thank you so much ## There are some medications that can cause false positives, but in order to find you details on that, I'd need a complete and accurate list of everything she is currently taking, including over the counter products. Learn more Methamphetamine details here. Nothing that you listed, so f... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Methamphetamine.
Thu, Jul 03 '14, 8:09 PM
oxymorphone false positive test
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I am prescribed 5mg of Methadone twice a day, and 5mg of oxycodone twice a day for break through pain. I have been taking my medication EVERY DAY like it's prescribed. I just received a letter from my Dr. stating that he is pulling me off of my meds because my oxycodone levels were too low and my methadone did not show up AT ALL. It also stated that I had oxymorphone in my system which I have NEVER taken. I didn't even know what it was I had to look it up. Can someone please explain to me why a medicine that I take EVERY DAY is NOT showing up in my system, and why is one that I'VE NEVER TAKEN showing up. Thank you. ## OXYmorphone is showing up because Oxycodone as the parent drug will not stay in your system long. Oxymorphone is the metabolite of Oxycodone. As for your urine... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Oxymorphone.
Wed, Jan 21 '15, 6:39 AM
drug test positive for methadone but I've been off for weeks
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I was on 85 mg of methadone daily for about two years. It wasn't helping my pain so I decided to quit with the methadone and started going to pain management. The last day I took methadone was May 6th, 24 days ago. Today when I went to see my pain Dr. My urine drug test was positive for methadone. The Dr said there is no way methadone can be in your system for 24 days. I haven't taken anything but the oxycodone this Dr prescribed to me. She said that's it's possible it's a false positive and that the lab results will be back in 8 days. I'm flipping out because not only am I going to be in pain, I'm going to be in withdrawal until the test comes back and hopefully it exonerates me. Has this happened to anyone else? ...
Updated 9 months ago in Methadone.
Fri, May 30 '14, 10:01 AM
What Can Cause A False Positive For Methadone
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My son just started taking Intuniv for ADD .Up to this point his drug test have been clean,now he is coming up positive for Methadone.Could the Intuniv be causing a false positive? ## i keep failing for methadone i never did methadone i take topamax vicodine seroquel ambien neroton clonodine meclazine protonics trazadone lorazpam and weed do any of these cause a false positive ## Seroquel can and has shown a false positive for Methadone according to the California Poison Control. According to them , there are two possibilities for showing a false positive for Methadone: Methadone use or Seroquel. That's it, nothing else can show false positive for Methadone. ## That's not true. I'm on lamictal, ability & wellbutrin. I consistently test positive for PCP & methadone. T... ...
Updated 22 days ago in Methadone.
Wed, Mar 04 '15, 1:03 PM
false positive drug test benzodiazepine
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Can sulfasalazine or methocarbamol or meloxicam cause me to test positive on a urine drug screen ...
Updated 23 days ago in Sulfasalazine.
Mon, Mar 02 '15, 8:24 PM
is it possible false positive drug test trazodone
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I just went in for a monthly drug screen for probation and there was a faint line for being positive for methamphetamine. I am prescribed trazadone and hydrogen. would that make me fail for methamphetamine? they said it looks like it was leaving my system but I am 7 months and 21 days clean ...
Updated 4 months ago in Trazodone.
Fri, Nov 21 '14, 8:02 AM

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