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side effects,neupogen
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stimulates white blood cells ...
Updated 8 years ago in Neupogen.
Wed, Mar 22 '06, 7:47 PM
dinintel side effects
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what are the side effects in men ## Dinintel contains the active ingredient Clobenzorex, this is a stimulant used as an appetite suppressant. There are only a few medications that have different side effects for men and women. Common side effects for this include: nausea, headache, insomnia and anorexia. Read more: Have you any other questions? ...
Updated 4 years ago in Dinintel.
Sun, Aug 29 '10, 4:51 PM
micropil side effects
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I have a friend whose been using micropil for almost 5 years already. They decided (as a couple) to stop taking it (Just this month) and still waiting for her period to come. Is there a possibility that her period will get delay, like for how long? ## Hi ahm ako po si anna 17 yrs old gusto ko lng po malaman na pde po ba akong magtake ng micropil gusto ko lng po mag gloom ung skin ko at ma curved ung katawan ko hindi po ako nagtake para hindi ako mabuntis virgin pa po ako gusto ko lng po gumanda skin ko ask ko lng pde po ba? ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Wed, Jan 21 '15, 8:17 AM
Side effects Nevramin
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As a CFS patient I started using Nevramin to beat anemia. I am familiar with giving myself injections and I used injectable Nevramin. I injected only twice in my upperlegs, but it got swollen and was too painful. After 3 weeks the upper leg muscles are still sore and stiff as if it has shortened the muscles. Unlike B12 (more energy the day after) I had no benefits from Nevramin. ## Nevramin is a vitamin B complex and there is the possibility that a bolus formed in the muscle, which caused the problem. Did you massage the area, after givings yourself the shots? This can help make sure that it is all absorbed and not left to sit, which can create such soreness and yes, it can linger for quite awhile. You also may be sensitive to some ingredient in it. Have you talked to your doctor about ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Anemia.
Tue, Jun 19 '12, 8:27 AM
How long to take effect?
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I have a Doberman rescue that is in severe pain due to a bone lesion from a injury from abuse, although it could possible be cancer, but the specialist thinks otherwise. We put a 100 mec/hour patch on yesterday at 2:00 pm. This is his first patch, and he is still in pain 30 hrs later. It has made no difference. He will have to be put to sleep if this is not working, as this was our last hope. He weighs 72.3 lbs and we placed the patch on the shaven neck area. We put superglue around borders because they do not stick well to animals. How long does it take for a dog to feel the effects? We want to give it a chance, but do not want him to suffer . Also can he continue prednisone while on this drug? ## Have you consulted his veterinarian? I have to apologize, because we specialize in inform... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Fentanyl.
Fri, Mar 23 '12, 3:34 PM
depo trust side effect
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please tell me what is side effect, im using depo trust but im experensing a spotting now and we having a intercorse with my husband during my spotting.. what is become cause for me.. need advice. im afraid for getting pregnant now. ## You won't get pregnant, just because you're spotting. You are still protect against pregnancy, as long as you haven't missed any doses. The spotting is most likely just due to your body getting used to the Depo Trust, it is a hormonal based contraceptive and it may take a few months for your body to get used to it. Have you consulted your doctor? You should discuss it with them, just to be sure. ## hi natural lang b sa isang injectable ang d magkaron, im afraid kc 1mos plang aq nag palit ng contraceptive before oral pills ang gamt ko nag decid... ...
Updated 24 days ago in Birth Control / Contraceptive.
Tue, Feb 03 '15, 8:16 AM
carb levo side effects
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My husband has been taking carb/levo 25/250 and his doctor has increased his pills to 6 a day. His burry vision has increased and blood pressure drops, is this too much medicine? ## Hello, Sharon! How are you? According to the NIH and FDA, it is normal for side effects to recur or worsen, when someone's medication dosage is raised. He may also experience nausea, confusion, hallucinations and painful urination. And this medication can be used in amounts up to 8 tablets a day, so he is still under the maximum daily dosage. Has there been any improvement, yet? Has his doctor been consulted about the issue? ## Does apo levocarb cause you to pass gas a lot? ## It could, most medications can cause that. However, it could also be due to something the person is eating. Thus, it is advisable... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Blood Pressure.
Mon, Jan 19 '15, 3:57 PM
is expired 6/2011 hydrocodone/APAP still effective
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I injured myself in 2011 and was given hydrocodone/apap 5mg/500mg. I reaggrivated the injury and was given a new script for them but I have no insurance to cover the cost. I am wondering if I take them if they will still be effective. ## Hello, Dove! How are you? Medications tend to lose effectiveness over time, which is why they have an expiration date, that is the maximum time the company can guarantee full efficacy under the average storage conditions. As they are exposed to heat, light and moisture, they start to degrade, so no, being several years past the expiration date, it would really be best to just dispose of them. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipa... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Hydrocodone.
Mon, Jun 23 '14, 4:42 PM
effect of prolonged use of prothiaden 75 ?
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using prothiaden 75 for the past 5 yrs. still could not come out of trouble. suffering from TiNiTus. could you help pl. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Sun, Jun 16 '13, 10:19 AM
side effects of amaigrissement capsule
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D sliming capsule is melting, is it still good 4 comsulption? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Tue, Jul 30 '13, 7:44 AM
side effects of prolonged use thyronorm
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I have been operated for papilliary carcinoma my thyroid gland is totally removed in 2003. Pituitary gland is still intact. Since then I am on thyronorm. For last few yrs I am on 112`5mg for 5 days & 100mg for 2 days. Now for last few yrs my chlostrol levels are around 267. Want to know whether it is because of thyroid medicine ...
Updated 3 days ago in Thyroid.
Tue, Feb 24 '15, 2:29 AM
Effectiveness Of Encorate Chrono 500mg
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A close relative has been prescribed to use this drug. can I know how soon it can take to stop his absence seizures that he experiences on a daily basis?. He has previously used tegretol and lamictal but the seizures still occur. ## I'm sorry, but there's really no way for anyone to say. If it works for him, it may take several weeks to see the full effect and for it to completely control the seizures. But there is also a chance that it may not work, just like the others. It is sometimes hard to find the right medication to help someone. How long has he been taking it? You can learn more Encorate Chrono details here. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Tegretol.
Thu, Feb 21 '13, 6:51 PM
Side Effects Of Dinintel IF HYPERTENSIVE
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i'm hypertensive how would taking dinintel adversly affect my medication and my health ## Dinintel contains the active ingredient Clobenzorex, it is a stimulant that is used to aid in weight loss. As a general rule, stimulants should not be taken by patients with cardiac conditions, or those who have hypertension. Stimulants can cause elevated heart rate and elevated blood pressure. The severe risk of these occurring is why this isn't available on the market and why so many similar medications have been pulled of the market by the FDA. Learn more: Have you consulted your doctor on ways to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner? What blood pressure medications do you take? Some of them can cause weight gain and make it difficult to lose weight. ## What can be used in place of d... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Dinintel.
Sun, Sep 04 '11, 9:48 AM
side effects of atorvastatin Atocor 80mg
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I m taking Atocor 80 mg for ladt 8 month now. Feeling joint pain specially my legs and thigh joints. Actully last year my total cholestrol was 8.5 then I started ad my dictor prescribed to take for 1 year or more. Now my cholestrol has come down to shud I continue to take as my Triglsride still high... ## Hello, Softy! How are you? Yes, Atorvastatin can cause joint and muscle pain as a side effect. Learn more Atorvastatin details here. However, these types of side effects tend to stick around and usually force people to stop taking it. Have you contacted your doctor? They should be able to suggest an alternative medication that you can try. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Atorvastatin.
Mon, Oct 21 '13, 5:46 PM
hives, rash & fever side effects of veramyst
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Our 7 YO daughter has had unexplained hives and rash for over 9 months, treating with hydroxyzine, Zantac, Singulair, and Xyzal. It had mostly cleared up and then she caught a cold so we gave her the recommended dosage of Veramyst. Within 24 hours her hives and rash were back, with fever, swollen feet and hands, and one bloody nose. The last dose was over 3 weeks ago and symptoms are diminishing, but still present (100.1 fever this morning). Has anyone else experienced reactions like this? ## my almost 6yo daughter was placed on antibiotics and veramyst for a sinus infection. She had about 3-4 doses of veramyst during a week's time. I had missed a couple of days of it and gave it to her before bedtime. She awoke a few hours later with intense itching and a rash all over her body. Th... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Veramyst.
Tue, Sep 21 '10, 11:57 AM
Side Effects Of Prolia & Zometa Are Similar
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I'm a 59 year old female, diagnosed with Behcet's Disease and I use Prednisone for treatment for my weekly flares. The Prednisone is hard on my bones and has caused me to get osteoporosis in my hips. I had my first infusion of Zometa six days ago. I thought I was going to die from the side effects. I had 103 degree fever for five days, deep bone pain everywhere, muscle pain, flu like symptoms, migraine headache, burning eyes, pale skin, restlessness, and no appetite. Today six days later I'm still fatigued, pale, mild bone pain, mild muscle pain and no appetite. I reported these side effects to my doctor. His nurse suggested I maybe try Prolia injection in six months instead. I found this web site and was reading everything about Prolia and the side effects, they sound exact... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Prolia.
Thu, Jun 26 '14, 3:42 PM
Side Effect Of Feliz-s 5 and sizadone 1-0-1mg
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sir, i am taking sizodone from last 4yeares .elearyer it was 10 mg, now it is reduce to 1mg morning&img night with anti depression medicine felize-s 5 day. i m getting weight& feel very lazy to woke up in morning.what could be the reason. what is the side effect of these medicine thanks ## Feliz-S contains the active ingredient Escitalopram, which is an SSRI antidepresant and Sizodon contains the active ingredient Risperidone, which is a very potent antipsychotic. Thus, the likely culprit might be the Sizodon, this class of medication is well-know to cause these types of side effects. Have you consulted your doctor? You may still be on too high of a dosage of it. ## we want to give sizodon to person aged 43 years without knowing to him.he has no medical history. but we are worri... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Escitalopram.
Wed, Mar 13 '13, 10:13 AM
lorsartan side effects
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been on lorsartan 100mg for a long time for high BP also 10mg of amlodipine, my GP said my BP still to high so increased lorsartan to 125mg, this was about 2 months ago, for about 5 weeks been experiencing hot and colds sweats and nausea, any suggestions. ...
Updated 5 months ago in Amlodipine.
Thu, Sep 04 '14, 12:33 AM
Tramadol not effective
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I have taken Tramadol, manufactured by Apotex, for the past nine months. Together, my neurostimlator and 200 mg. of Tramadol per day helped me to be virtually pain free! I renewed my Tramadol prescription last week and the new prescription says Tramadol, but this time the manufacturer is TEVA. This time, I continue to have pain and it is now the second week, and I am feeling intense pain. It is as if I was not taking any pain medication at all (my stimulator continues to work, but no one is ever promised that a neurostimulator will rid anyone of all pain. I have a friend who was switched to Tramadol from Apotex Manufacturing (the exact one I had for nine months) and is now taking Tramadol manufactured by TEVA. She is finding the same problem; it will not rid her of the pain she suffers.... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Tramadol.
Tue, Jan 18 '11, 4:40 AM
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What is Astin drug used for ## I am taking prescription Astin 20 mg at night for last 6 months. I do not know still what it is used for. Please inform me of its uses and side effects ## Astin contains the active ingredient Pravastatin, it is used to help lower cholesterol, to treat or try to prevent the cardiac problems associated with blocked arteries. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and joint/muscle aches. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Pravastatin.
Thu, Apr 14 '11, 10:18 AM

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