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Amoxi Clav 875
I had the flu and was percribed Amox Clav 875Mg because I was bleeding from my ears.the bleeding stopped but the there was liquid draining from them .The draining stopped now I am left with very little hearing and a constant ringing in my ears it has been two weeks and I barely hear anything will my hearing come back in time?It has been two weeks now should I continue taking the Amox-Clav 875mg ## If it has been over 2 weeks and you are still having such problems, then you should most likely return to your doctor to have them checked again. Learn more Augmentin details here. It may be something as simple as just some left over crud from the infection that didn't drain, so your ears may just need cleaned, but there is a chance that the infection hasn't cleared up. Have you had an... ...
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Tue, May 14 '13, 8:40 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 241971
Bipolar and Cilift
Can you use Cilift if you have bipolar? Will there be any side effects? ## All medications carry the risk of side effects, even over the counter products. Cilift contains the active ingredient Citalopram, it is an SSRI antidepressant, which can also be used to treat anxiety, however, it is doubtful that it will help with the mood swings that are associated with BiPolar disorder. Did your doctor advise you to use it? Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, weight gain and dry mouth. Learn more: ...
Updated 2 years ago in Citalopram.
Thu, Jul 21 '11, 11:54 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 220229
Cyclobenzaprine 5mg Shelf Life
what is the shelf life of cyclobenzapine 5 mg? ## Hi cindirs, There's actually a lot of conflicting information around the topic of expired medication/shelf-life of a drug, but according to a Harvard Medical School family health article, except in rare cases (i.e. tetracycline), there is little chance of danger due to taking medications even up to 15 years beyond their expiration date. This conclusion was based upon a study conducted at the request of the US military due to stockpiles of expensive drugs they could otherwise need to replace every few years. The conclusion was that 90% of those drugs remained effective 10 - 15 years after the expiration date. But the question is whether or not the drug you have happens to be one of these drugs from the study... (I have not seen the li... ...
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Tue, Dec 11 '12, 5:55 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 239697
duspatalin retard& ulcerative colitis
i suffer from ulcerative colitis (rectocolite) i was taking asacol some doctors told me to stop taking it and others told me that i have to take it for my whole life.. i don't have colite crise anymore since 3 years no ulcers at all but i suffer from gases & ballonemets i am taking duspatalin retard i guess m feeling better m not sure if i can take it for life or if there's another medicine that i can take.. waiting ur reply ## Duspatalin contains the active ingredient Mebeverine, it is an antispasmodic, mainly used to treat IBS or other intestinal problems. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness and dizziness. Read more here: As to how long you can use it, it is entirely up to your and your doctor. I am not certain what country you are in, so I don't know w... ...
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sideeffects ## As with many diuretics, Furosemide can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, including loss of potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. It is especially important to prevent potassium loss. Excessive use of Furosemide will most likely lead to a metabolic alkalosis due to hypochloremia and hypokalemia. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## I just started this medication, Furosemide, 20mg, 2 days ago, I have been noticing red blotches on my neck and arms, and they are itchy. Could this be a side effect? Thanks! ## i just started 40mg lasix 2 times a day, is there something that i should be drinking or eating with this ...
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Sun, May 06 '12, 10:43 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 159431
how to remove fludac from our body
i am using fludac 20mg since one month and now i am feeling well. How can i remove fludac from my body(i mean how to stop the medicine without any side effects ) any reply is appreciated. ## don't get bored because i am explaining my miserable story. I was affected with dry cough at the age of 18, after using medicine it did not cure. the cough is very irritating and i can't able to concentrate on my studies and can't able to listen to classes. so i thought that it is better to do jogging every morning and i started running in the morning and that made me with insufficient breathing so i got pain in the back of the head this was lasted till 2003 in 2003 i was undergone with septo plasty (doctor told that the breathing problem is due to increase of muscle growth in the nose) ... ...
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Thu, Feb 25 '10, 1:39 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 201346
india white diazepam small no imprint
I received very small White diazepam - no imprints of letters or Numbers -just an indented straight across the entire diameter on one side of the pill-the other side has no mark. Got it from oneseven-pharmacy - which was also a double for smilepharmacy that promised 3-4 day fedex delivery. I didn't get it for 3 weeks. They said it was INDIA made, 10mg. - but seems fake to me. It also did not taste sweet. Friend said it should but mine tasted like chalk. I looked it up on a foreign drug list/with pictures and it looked real. Article said it could be made by HABITPHARM-SERBIA. I don't know. They were worthless. My friend said it could be TERAPI RAXBAXY - but doubts it if they are worthless. what do you think? I have not taken many so I have no tolerance issues. I think its fake. A... ...
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Fri, Jan 22 '10, 5:23 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 200475
Liquid Paregoric
have doctor prescription for this medication and cannot find it. Cleveland, OH. Only thing that works for IBS. Any pharmacy you can recommend would be extremely helpful. Nearby areas , Westlake, brooklyn, broadview heights, north olmsted, Berea. My RX is for 200 ml and a CVS has 65 ml and will transfer the RX for me if I can find a pharmacy that has the balance. Thanking you in advance. ## I was prescribed Paregoric liquid for stomach cramps and diarrhea associated with Microscopic Colitis. I am havings trouble locating a source for it. Could you please help me find where it is available. ## Call all the pharmacies in your area, because not every CVS, Walgreens, etc., carries the same drugs. I needed to find paragoric for my grandmother and wound up finding a CVS in the area that had ON... ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Tue, May 08 '12, 11:19 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 213011
Messed up and didn't take all pills in pack
I started Lo Loestrin FE for heavy bleeding. I'm on third month but I messed up and was trying not to get a period at all so I was only taking the green pills, none of the white or brown. Into the second week of pack 3 my breasts started getting really sore and now I started bleeding and have been bleeding for 6 days. Dr. says continue on pack 3 and take ALL pills and then start pack 4 and hopefully that will correct itself. Does anyone know how long the bleeding will go on? Its not break through bleeding, it is a period flow. ## It's still considered break through bleeding, it all is, when you take hormonal contraceptives, you don't get a regular/real cycle at all. It may take a week or longer, but if you finish another pack and there is no change, then you should contact y... ...
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Sat, Aug 18 '12, 2:21 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 234506
MY HUSBAND IS PRESCRIBED TO METHADOSE...EXACATLLY HOW LONG DOES IT STAY IN YOUR BLOOD STREAM? ## How long does methadose stay in your system/blodstream/body? Is methadose the same as roxicodone? ## NO they are not the same, Methadose is a time release Methadone, and Roxicodone is a regular release version of Oxycodone, they are both narcotics, but two entirely different drugs. As to how long it stays in your blood stream, that can vary depending on the dosage you are taking and how often you are taking it, so your best bet for that would be to ask your pharmacist or the prescribing doctor. ...
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oxycodone 10 mg pink 56
I'm taking 5 mg of oxycodone 2x's a day. Can I split the pink oxycodone 10 mg hcl k 56 in half and use up extra tablets that I have in hand? In other words, I don't think these are extended release tablets so it should be okay to split them. Input appreciated. thanks. ## Hello, Allan! How are you? Yes, the only time released one available are the name brand Oxycontin, so this is a regular release tablet which can be cut in half, unless your doctor or pharmacist gives you some reason not to do so. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Verwon: Thanks for the response. This confirms what I thought. I'm ... ...
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pain & spasm in back of the L leg
When trying to get out of bed in the morning and try to stretch the L leg I feel transient painful spasm involving the back of that leg.It lasts for few seconds till I stop stretching? What is Your advice? ## this site does not have any medical professionals on this site to provide you with advice or a diagnosis. There are many things that could be causing this and without a proper diagnosis and knowledge or your medical history, we could only guess. Have you tried speaking to your doctor about this? ## sounds like sciatica, can be caused, by the back, or even you hip, so if it bothers you too much you need to see a dr as someone stated before ...
Updated 4 years ago.
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Pregnant/ took aspirin
I am four months pregnant and took 325mg of aspirin before realizing.I.wasn't suppose to should I be concerned or will I be ok ## Hi, i'm in 20th week of pregnancy, past 2 days i feel pain & some discomfort in my lower abdomen. so i consult my Dr. she Rx tab. Depin 10mg, 3 daily, and Tab,Duvadilan 3 tab daily for 15 days? is this safe??? ## Diana, Aspirin can increase the risk of bleeding and pregnancy complications, past the first trimester, so you should consult your doctor and make sure they know that you took it, even though you didn't a lot. anith008, Duvadilan contains the active ingredient Isoxsuprine, it is used to increase blood flow. The Deplin tablets contain a form of Folic Acid, which is vital to a health pregnancy. Since you are pregnant, you should follow ... ...
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Xtin Forte
i used xtin forte for hair growth long ago with a solution called tu gain but i stopped the medication and now again i am loosing my hair strands. can i start the same combination again?? please state side effects of the above mentioned medicines. thanks in advance. ## XTin Forte is a nutritional supplement that contains Biotin, sometimes a deficiency in it can cause hair loss, which can be rectified by adding it back to your body. Learn more Biotin details here. And Tugain uses the drug Minoxidil, which can stop hair loss and encourage regrowth. Learn more Minoxidil details here. There shouldn't be any issue with trying them again, as long as your doctor approves. It can really depend on other medical conditions and/or medications you are taking. Are there any other questions or co... ...
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how long does it take to work
Took one tablet last night. Didn't sleep to well. Does it work after a few days or longer ## Possible side effects while using Hyoscyamine is difficulty sleeping. Other possible side effects are bloating, blurred vision, dizziness, constipation, drowsiness, dry mouth, excitability, headaches, nausea, nervousness, weakness, and enlarged pupils. I am not sure how long it can take before the drug works for you, everyone is different. For more of a specific answer I would contact your healthcare provider that prescribed you Hyoscyamine. Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## Crystal is right, it's different for everyone. My doctor told me it could take up to 4 weeks before you start seeing results. For me, unfortunately, it took 3 months... ...
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Isina 20
hai, i have pimples on face. in chennai one of the doctor suggested the tablet. can u tell me the side effects and is it usable? ## hi,,, As far as i know,my aunty used that tablet and now am using it with the prescription of doctor.She didn't get any side effects and her pimples also get cleared with the usage of 30 days and am also not facing any such side effects and i'm seeing some changes on my pimples. ## I can't find anything listed under this name. Can you please double check the name and spelling and post back? Do you know what country it is from, or what the active ingredient is? Learn more prescription drug details here. ...
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Lyrica Overuse
I've been taking 600mg of Lyrica for ten years, I have had no problems with it. It helps with the burning. ## Hi Sue, With all the diverse opinions surrounding the safety of Lyrica, it's great to hear that you're still doing well on it after 10 years. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly are you taking it for that has to do with burning? From what I've read, the maximum "recommended" dose is listed at 100mgs three times daily (or 300mgs). It doesn't say you can't take a higher dose (they just don't recommend it unless your doctor draws that conclusion based on your individual response and how well you tolerate it). Apparently though, 600mgs was studied in clinical trials and had ended up showing no significant benefits from the dosage increas... ...
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I NEED TO KNOW WHY THE DRS WON'T LET ME TAKE THE NEURONTON WITH DAVOCTE OR ANY THING ELSE, ITS JUST NOT ENOUGH ## i was on neurontin for a while, and it did no good...they won't let you take other meds so they can monitor how well it helps you..if it is for severe nerve pain, ask your md about a drug called lyrica made by pfizer ## Ijust come from my drs. office and he give me neurontin to take three times a day and ,I'm also taking lortab ever four hours for sevre back pai should i take them both at the same time. ## Did they take Neurontin of the market/IF so when?And why? ## hi, I take loratab and MS Contin and my doctor just put me on neurontin. So I don't know why you can't take Darvocet with it. Might be a doctor that just don't like pain pills. Its best to... ...
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Nitrofur Macr Causing Lung/Cough Problems
I was given Nitrofur Macr 100 Mg to take twice daily for a bladder infection. After 4 full days of treatment, told doctor the following, have had fevers, tremors, dizziness and WORST side effect of all a hacking dry cough. He said stop immediately. Still have cough. How long does this cough usually last? Also, would not recommend this to anyone. there must be better medications out there. Thanks ## I have also had the same problems with this medication. Problems breathing and a hacking cough. It also made me so drowsy that I am scared to drive my car. I also informed the doctor that I am pretty sure I also have a kidney infection from my bladder infection, and I read that this does not treat both. Should I stop taking this medication? I am only on day 2 of a 7 day treatment. ## It can t... ...
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pantoprazole tablets 40mg
i have stamac pain last two years, in 2009 i had taken endoscopy, at that doctor confirm :gr I Esophagitis, fatty liver,then 28-05-2010 i have taken once again a OGD scopy, upper GI , impression is : lax les with gr I Esophagitis , mild diffuse gastropathy, but last8-10-10, i have pain in my stamac, doctor advised follow pantoprazole 40mg for 6 weeks ( before food), ciplox-tz tablets, i do not know what problem in my stamac, please give suggestions for me, ## The Pantoprazole is a proton pump inhibitor, it is used to help reduce the amount of acid that your stomach produces. Excess acid can irritate or cause conditions such as the Esophagitis. Common side effects to it can include: nausea, drowsiness, abdominal pain and gas. Read more: The Ciplox-TZ is an antibiotic, it contains the a... ...
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