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subutex dr
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I have been off the opiates for just over a year and lately due to stress I find myself wanting to deal with my issues by self medicating and used subutex to get clean. Suboxen gives me headaches so I need a dr in the oak ridge area who will prescribe subutex before I go down that addiction path again. I have so much going in my favor and don't want to lose all that I've worked to achieve. Please tell me where and who can help. ## Hi im going for a vacation for 3 months to thailand, right now im on subutex treatment and need prescription on subutex to take with me, i contacted some docter in thailand and they only got methadone , so could you help me with prescription for 3 months, my doctor will not write any recept for some reason i dont know ! my vacation will be broken if no... ...
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Fri, Nov 07 '14, 4:39 PM
doctors that just prescribe subutex in iredell county
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I need a Dr that prescribes subutex not soboxone and once a month due to work near statesville or hickory any suggestions???? ...
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Thu, Apr 03 '14, 7:40 PM
Need Dr. to Prescribe Subutex-Naloxone Allergy
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I am seeking help. I am from the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina. I am an addict of 18 years. It is time to quit. I have friends who have left the addiction circle. They have successfully taken buprenorphine. Here is my problem. I am severely allergic to the blocker in suboxone - naloxone. It is not an option for me. I have a dear friend who gave me her remaining subutex tablets. She tapered off and is clean and doing well now. I have been clean for 1 week which is a PHENOMENAL accomplishment for me! I am afraid of what will happen if I cannot find a doctor who will prescribe the subutex. Please, will someone out there lead me in the direction of a Physician/MD/Doctor that will write me Subutex? I have called so many places. I have tried, and other directorie... ...
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Mon, Mar 16 '15, 2:08 PM
subutex dr in wv
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I need to find a dr to prescribe subutex to me in wv or pa. i just want to keep it simple...see dr. get prescription. ...
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Tue, Mar 24 '15, 1:58 PM
need an obgyn that takes amerigroup that can prescribe subutext in nashville tn
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I'm currently on suboxone but my doctor and I had some problems and found out I'm pregnant. I need help finding a doctor that can switch me over to subutext that takes amerigroup in Nashville. Tn. Thank you ## Hello, Christina! How are you? Congratulations in the baby!!! :-) I'm sorry, but there's no listing of doctor's according to what they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to for you. Have you checked with Amerigroup? They may have a listing of doctor's in your area that accept it. Then you could set up an appointment with one of them and they can refer you to the appropriate doctor, if they can't treat with Subutex. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dr... ...
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Wed, Jan 07 '15, 5:48 PM
will my doctor prescribe suboxone or subutext that take medical in ventura county
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Help I need to find a doctor who takes medical to prescibe me suboxone or subutex in Ventura County ## There is a search engine you can use at click here to search for doctors in your area. Their contact information is included, so you can check to see if they accept your insurance. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Fri, May 23 '14, 1:55 PM
Find a Subutex DR.
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My husband was taking methadone for over 5yrs for pain he lost a part of his finger.Well suddenly his dr decided he was nolonger going to prescribe narcotics to any of his paitients we live in IN. and are looking for a Dr. that is willing to prescribe subutex instead of suboxone we don't like the side effects of the suboxone. If anyone can help it will be appreciated it he is so miserable. ## Hi, Sorry I don't live in IN. But this is my suggestion just find any MD. Tell him what has happened and that he can't take suboxone maybe it gives him terrible head aches? It did me!! Some will write subutex here in Alabama and they are suboxone drs. I told a suboxone Dr. That I couldn't afford suboxone and if I didn't have something that it would just be cheaper for me to get ... ...
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Fri, Apr 05 '13, 2:02 PM
i would like to find a dr that prescribe subutex and live greeneville tn anybody know any drs close johns city
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Need a Dr that wtDN Will prescribe subutexsubutex isubutexsubutisubutexsubut I live in Greeneville, TN Close by like Johnson City, Tn ## Hello, Tammy! How are you? Technically, any doctor that can prescribe medications could prescribe it. However, what type of doctor you need depends on why you need to take it. Are you looking for addiction treatment, or pain management? For addiction, most doctors will prefer to prescribe Suboxone, to prevent the abuse of other opiates, while someone is being treated with it. Doctors that treat with it can be found using the search feature on the website click here. If it is for pain management, then you'll need to see a pain management specialist. Do you currently have a PCP that might be able to refer you to someone? This is a narcot... ...
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Wed, Nov 05 '14, 3:29 PM
find a doctor that prescribes methadone in nc
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Looking for a doctor who will prescribe methadone in the Charlotte, nc area. I have real pain due to a car accident back in 2000 when I broke my pelvis. I moved from Jersey to Nc and got the pain meds off of someone else and when I became pregnant I was told to go to a methadone clinic. I had no idea what I was doing or that I could easily have gone to pain management. I'm willing to drive almost anywhere within reason for a doctor who can give me methadone. I've tried subutex and suboxone but neither work. Please help ## Unfortunately, if you have gone to a Methadone clinic in the past, then that is in your medical records and a regular doctor will not be able to prescribe it for you. Whether you need it for pain or not, your prior addiction treatment is what will restrict them... ...
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Mon, Apr 28 '14, 4:35 PM
I am pregnate and need a obgyn that will prescribe subutex. Anyone know of one? I live in Southwest Virginia in Wise Co.
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looking for dr to prescribe subutex to me while I am pregnate. I live in Wise Co. Virginia the doctor needs to accept va Medicaid. ## Hello, Yossi! How are you? It is unlikely that you will get an OB Gyn to prescribe it. You should just get yourself set up with one and then they will most likely refer you to someone else for the Subutex treatment. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Fri, Mar 28 '14, 12:57 PM
subutex doctors that take insurance in TN.
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Please help me find a subutex Dr. That accepts tenncare medicare for office payment. ## im lookinmg for a subutex dr in nashville who doesnt have to have insurance ## In Nashville, look up Dr. Arnett. He has many Suboxone/subtex clinics in the area. Call one of the hospitals, like Vandy or St. Thomas; they can usually point you in the right direction. Also, there's a buprenorphine patch available. (Same drug that's in Subutex). If you had problems with Suboxone, it could be the narcan mixed in with it to keep it from being abused. ## Dr. Cruz and Turning Point Recovery prescribes Subutex. My gf is on it. both places in Memphis and very close to Memphis. ...
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Wed, Nov 12 '14, 7:08 AM
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Why would someone take suboxone and subutex at the same time. Are they not basically treating the same condition? ## Yes, the only difference is that the Suboxone contains Naloxone, to neutralize other narcotics that someone may try to take at the same time. However, the narcotic in both is Buprenorphine, which is used to treat drug addiction and severe cases of pain that is resistant to other medications. Have they both been prescribed to someone? ...
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Thu, Sep 16 '10, 10:55 AM
Overly drowsy while on subutex
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I was addicted to oxy for 6 years. I've been taking subutex 8mg tabs for about 3 years now. I am currently prescribed 3-4 tablets per day (up to 32 mg/day). I have done countless hours of research online about subutex and drowsiness (really bad drowsiness), and have found nothing. I'm wondering if anyone who is prescribed as much as myself has some sort of routine or advice to stay feeling good but without all the drowsiness. I usually take 1/2 pill six different times throughout the day (as needed)...I'm scared as to how my body might react/overdose if I take 2,3,4 pills all at once, so I spread them out. Another question I currently taking too much? Because sometimes I feel as though I could manage the whole day with only taking 1/2 pill and stockpiling the rest FO... ...
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Tue, Feb 24 '15, 5:51 PM
need a pain specialist not an addiction who can prescribe subutex bupenorphine for my chronic boulder county co
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I've changed healthcare plans (I receive disability because of chronic degenerative disc disease and spinal arthritis, both of which cause chronic pain). I need to find a PAIN SPECIALIST, not an addiction clinic, who will continue my 12mg/day buprenorphine prescription as well as give me botox IV's in my neck for muscle spasms (caused by 5 fusions that have forced my cervical spine straight). When I search the web for physicians in Boulder County, CO, who can prescribe buprenorphine, all of the listings are for addiction specialists and clinics! What is this mindset among physicians that all patients who need buprenorphine prescriptions are drug addicts? Is there a directory on the manufacturer's site that provides the names of ALL physicians who can prescribe buprenorphine?... ...
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Wed, Oct 29 '14, 1:33 AM
Dilaudid and Subutex
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I had a knee surgery yesterday. I have been using subutex to help me taper narcotics. I stopped the subutex 2 weeks before surgery. My doctor prescribed both percocet and oxycontin. I am getting no pain relief. The iv Dilaudid worked in the hospital. Has anyone used Dilaudid by pill at home ## I have suffered with chronic neck and back pain for years due to disk and nerve problems. My Dr. switched me from oxycontin to diulaudid (4-8 mg) and it worked for the first 9 mos. or so, then I got no relief. Many people get sick on it or very itchy. I am now on a higher dosage of Percoset. ## Are you familiar with subutex? ## No, I'm not. ## It is a new drug that has some pain killing ability. It is a controlled substance. When you take it other narcotics don't work. So it is good for so... ...
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Thu, Dec 04 '14, 12:23 PM
How can I find a pain dr in Atlanta who prescribes Methadone
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Need a doctor in Atlanta GA for Methadone for Pain. Its the only thing that has helped relieve back pain and without it, theres no point. Ive been on a low dose. Because of people overdosing and dying, we are now treated as criminals - and due to liability issues, doctor after doctor no longer prescribes. No doctor will help me so Im now panicking because I dont want to be in debilitating pain. Plus in our healthcare system, doctors get paid by insurance for procedures and so theyw ant to to that cuz they make more than a drug script ## Hi MAT, Here is a list of doctors who can prescribe methadone, suboxone, and subutex in the Atlanta, GA area. Also, have you ever considered trying acupuncture or essential oils? I'... ...
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Sun, Feb 15 '15, 12:54 AM
Subutex needed in Tampa
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I've been taking 2mg sub a day for the past year. I've had a few bumps in the road over the past year and my sub Dr has been very patient. I'm going to run out before my next refill. I'm scared and I'm sorry if this against the board rules. ## This is why they have contracts. You should tell the doctor if your pain is still not being managed. Taking more than what is prescribed is not good, and is why the rest of us end up paying. "Sorry"? Your doctor is NOT going to give you any extra, because his license to practice, is on the line. They have heard every story..."they fell out of my purse", "I dropped some in the sink". No sympathy at all. It's up to you to report, that you are still in pain. Deciding to medicate yourself more, without g... ...
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Tue, Mar 17 '15, 9:52 PM
subutex dr in johnson city or kingsport tn
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Hey I am looking for a doctor that will prescribe me subutex in tennessee johnson city or kingsport I was going out of town to even have my doctor they have me prescribed to 32 mg. A DAY well they would not let me reschedule my appointment and now told me I need a new doctor this is devastating to me because I have been doing so good if anyone cab help me please let me know ## Where were you going to. I might nknow a doctor in johnson city that prescribes subutex ## I need a doctor to prescribe subutex because of the reactions I have from Naloxone. Do you know any doctors in the Tri cities area that prescribe it and if so do you have a phone number ## Where is that dr ## Wow he prolly lost his job, not being mean but they have limited the drs down to 2 to 2&1/2 is the most u will ge... ...
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Sun, Mar 22 '15, 11:49 AM
subutex instead of suboxone
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Need a lou,ky doctor that will prescribe subutex instead of suboxone. I have no insurance and cant afford the strips please help ## I was on oxi,prkoset,plane,dillada,methadone..anything I could get my hands on.when I got pregnant I went into a pain clinic inohio and simply told them I hav chronic pain and I'm knocked up. initially they said the wait was 2 months jus to get in. untill I brought up pregnancy.they saw me next day.and prescribed subutex instead of worked great, no withdrawl, no that I've had the baby my Dr.switched it to rev.suboxone strips.I hav no idea why they would do this when the other was working I think about oc.all the time I feel sick and hav no energy. I guess I was just wondering if anyone knows why they'd switch me t... ...
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Thu, Jun 12 '14, 6:30 AM
subutex doctors in raleigh nc
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Need a doctor closer to me,I love in Raleigh area,been onsubutex going on5 years ## Durahm Pain & Spine ( BrierCreek Pain & Spine ) prescribes Subutex. I live in WF and drive to Durham just for Subtex ...
Updated 6 months ago in Subutex.
Thu, Sep 11 '14, 9:26 AM

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