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dosage for 5mg of prednisone for a 34 yr old woman
My dermatologist prescribed me 12 tabs of prednisone at 5mg for the first 5 days, then 8 tabs at 5mg for 5days, then 4 tabs at 5mg for 5 days, then 2 tabs at 5mg for 5 days, then 1 tab at 5mg for 5 days, then 0.5mg for 5 days, then stop. Should I be worried about the high dosage in the beginning of my dosage? Please Help? ## Hello, Yvonne! How are you? For some conditions that is how it's done, a high dose for awhile, which is then slowly tapered, so yes, this is normal. It is the tapering that is important, if you're on it for more than 5 days. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you :) ...
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age for adult dosage for taking propan with iron
my son is 13 years old,it is ok for taking propan with iron capsule? ## Most children over 12 are given an adult dose of medications and vitamins, except for some very specific ones or if the child is very small, undersized and underweight. This is a multivitamin with iron. Has his doctor prescribed it for him? It is used to treat several conditions that can cause someone to be deficient in the vital nutrients it contains and to ensure that someone gets enough of them on a daily basis. It contains: Buclizine HCl 25 mg, Fe sulfate 80 mg, nicotinamide 10 mg, vit B1 10 mg, vit B12 5 mcg, vit B2 1 mg, vit B6 5 mg. ## When to take the propan multivitamins? Morning after breakfast or evening before ho to sleep? Please answer I just bought it but I dont know how to use it properly, thanks you.... ...
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Mon, Oct 14 '13, 3:36 AM   6  Subscribe to thread 209545
Amoxicillin Dosage for 1 year old ear infection
son is 13 months old and 22 lbs he is to take 400 mg /5ml susp 100ml of amox. 1 teaspoon 2xs a day for ear infection is this the correct dosage? ## Hi Jennifer, From what I can find, the usual dose for a child greater than 3 months old (with a mild/moderate ear infection) is (25 mg/kg) per day in divided doses every 12 hours- or (20 mg/kg) per day in divided doses every 8 hours. Is 1 teaspoon twice a day of 400 mg Amoxicillin suspension what your doctor prescribed? If so, I don't see why it wouldn't be correct. Note: All thoughts and opinions expressed are based on my research and should not be mistaken for medical advice. I am not a doctor nor a pharmacist. all medical questions should be answered by a licensed pharmacist or doctor. You can learn more about this drug on the pag... ...
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Buclizine Syrup-Dosage
My 4yrs daughter not eating properly,now her body wt is 12.5kg only.Can I give this Buclizine syrup? now she is studing U.K.G class.can you reply at what time I can give Buclizine syrup?,how much ml? either 1 0r 2 hr before food. or not please reply immediately. ...
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overdosage of azor 0.5mg
My wife has been prescribed this medication by her docter - to take 1 when she is feeling down and too depresed , to come her down. Today something whas bugging her , and she took 12 of these tablets in one go . She's in a very deep sleep from this afternoon , I managed to force her to take a shower in the evening and eat something - she was so drowzy , she couldn't even stand , she's also talking mixed up- will she be ok , or this serious , should I tell her doctor about this. Also what are the side effects that would happend to her becuase of the over dosage. ## Hi, Joe! How is your wife doing? I really can't stress it enough on here that if you are afraid that someone's life may be in danger, please seek emergency medical attention for them immediately, instead of... ...
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Dosages Of Chlorthalid
I JUST STARTED THE DRUG CHLORTHALID 25 MG. TODAY. I HAVE NOT NOTICED ANY INCREASE IN MY URINE OUTPUT. IS IT BECAUSE OF THE LOW DOSAGE? WOULD AN INCREASE IN THE DOSAGE HELP? ## No, you shouldn't arbitrarily increase the dosage of any medication on your own, it isn't safe to do so. And though this is a diuretic and will have a small immediate effect, like any medication, it will take awhile to reach its full effect in your body, so one day isn't really enough to judge its efficacy on. Learn more Chlorthalidone details here. If it's working for you, you'll know in a few days and, if not, then please let the prescribing doctor know. What are you taking it to treat? ## WELL, FIRST OF ALL, I SAID IT WAS 25 MG, AND I ONLY TAKE 1/2 OF A PILL, SO I'M TAKING 12 1/2 MG. ONC... ...
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Trimeth Sulfa Ds 160 800mg What Is standard dosage for adult
What is the usual dosage for this med? Dr. gave a sample for the earache, but failed to tell the amount. ## Based on my research, dosage requirements for this medication can depend largely on what you are taking it for. However the "average" oral dose of Sulfamethoxazole (800 mg) + Trimethoprim (160 mg) DS (double strength) for an adult would be to take a pill every 12 hours for 10 to 14 days. Even if this is the average dosage for most conditions, it would probably still be best to confirm what your doctor recommends for YOU. This oral medication should be taken by mouth with a full glass of water or as directed by your doctor. You can view a detailed description of the drug by clicking on the link below... Please post back if you have any other questions or concerns about this... ...
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hydrochlorothiazide 20 mg/12 5mg dosage
It says to take two tablets a day. Is that two tablets at once or one in the morning and one at night? ## Hello, Brian! How are you? In most cases that would mean morning and evening, but you should double check with your doctor to be sure. This medication may cause side effects such as nausea, dizziness, headache, hypotension and dehydration. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 23 days ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
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amoxicillin dosage for a 5 year old weighing 62 lbs
child is 5 years old weighs 62 lbs is given 13.7ml of amoxicillin 400/5ml every 12 hours is this a possible overdose? ## Hello, Cristina! How are you? No, that's about the average dose, 400 to 500mgs. If you're concerned, please check with your pediatrician, you should never be afraid to ask questions, but this isn't considered an overdose for a child this age and size. Learn more Amoxicillin details here. This antibiotic may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Nuvigil - increasing dosage
I have been on 150mg Nuvigil per day for several years. Previous to that, I was on Provigil , but the insurance co. made the dr. switch me over to Nuvigil because it was supposedly less expensive. I am chronically ill and disabled with many health issues and have been this way for 10 yrs. I am also on 12-14 other meds. daily, many which make me drowsy - thus the need for Nuvigil. Recently , one of my other prescriptions(that has drowsy side effects) was increased, I don't know if it's a result of that or it's because I have been on it for so long, but it's not working as well as it used to. It may be a combination of both. I plan on calling my dr. first thing tomorrow, because I cannot keep my eyes open starting around approx 8 hrs. after taking my dose. I cannot stand b... ...
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Synthroid Dosage Was Changed After Taking The Same Dose For 14 Years
I have been on the same dose of synthroid for the last 14 years 200mcg. I previously had Graves many years ago, had radiation to stop the goiter hence the high dose of the medication. I am levels are checked routinely and the last 2 tests show my thyroids is alittle overactive so my dose was lowered. I had a total hysterectomy 2 years ago. What could have caused the change? ## It might just be due to the changes that have occurred in your body as time has passed. Our bodies do change regularly and sometimes a medication has to be changed, or the dosage adjusted. It's perfectly normal and actually quite amazing that you were doing so well with the same dose for that many years. Learn more Synthroid details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I was on 125 mcg since I was ... ...
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Levothyroxine Dosage, M.E.- Adrenals
Hi there- I have suffered from M.E. for 11 years- which, I know, has very similar symptoms to hypothyroid- Anyway, I had to have blood tests done for a private clinic in 2010- My GP did these tests, but I was never called in to discuss the results... Luckily, my nutritionist picked up on the low level of serum ferritin(7) and started me on a gentle Iron preparation- But my TSH levels were 5.13 and T4 14- My M.E. seemed to be worsening, especially 'brainfog'- and I have been through the Menopause now- so I asked for more tests and my thyroid levels are now TSH 5.30 and T4 12- I have had no help from my Doctors in 11 years so it was no surprise when, instead of calling in(I'mhousebound) A GP who I have never seen, rang me- Said it was 'my call' if I wanted to start med... ...
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i have amoxicillin 500mg dosage can i give it to my 12year old girl
For a tooth pain for a 12yr old girl would like to know if she could drink one until we see the dentist on Friday ## Hello, Iris! How are you? Sorry about your daughters toothache. However, Amoxicillin is not a pain medication, it is an antibiotic that's used to treat or prevent bacterial infections, so it will not relieve the pain. The only way it will help is if her pain is caused by an infection and even then, it will take several days to help. Learn more Amoxicillin details here. And if it isn't an infection, giving it to her creates the risk of her developing antibiotic resistant bacteria, which could be very dangerous. Thus, it is best to take her to a doctor or dentist, as soon as possible, for proper diagnosis and treatment, rather than trying to treat her yourself. Is t... ...
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What Dosage Of Flupen Can Children Take
Can a 7 year old take Flupen for an upper respiratory infection, ## Hi Juliette, Yes, a 7yr old can take this medication for an upper respiratory infection. Posted below are the correct dosing protocols for children and adults: Children 2-10 years: 250 mg initially, then 125 mg 8-hourly. Children under 2 years: Half the recommended dose for children 2-10 years Adults (including elderly patients): 500 mg initially and then either 500 mg or 250 mg 8-hourly depending on severity of infection. Doses should be administered 1 hour before meals. These details are referenced from the manufacturer guidelines. I hope this helps! ...
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Is 875-125mg augmentin Safe For A 13 Yr Old
BEFORE STARTING ONE OF MY KIDS WHO IS 13 YRS OLD ON AMOXICLAV K 875-125MG AUGMENTIN TWICE DAILY, MY CONCERN IS BECAUSE IT IS THE SAME DOSAGE THE DOCTOR GIVES MY 19 YR OLD AND WITH MY 13 YR OLD IT HAS USUALLY BEEN 500MG AUGMENTIN ONCE DAILY!! NOW THE DOCTOR WANTS MY 13 YR OLD ON THE SAME DOSAGE AS MY 19 YR OLD USUALLY TAKES WHEN SICK!! DOES DOSAGE CHANGE WITH AGE AND IS THIS A SAFE DOSE FOR MY 13 YR OLD TO BE TAKING??!! ## Augmentin is an antibiotic used to treat various types of infections and the dosage for this class of medications isn't figured by age or body mass, it is actually figured by the type and severity of the infection being treated. As long as it is used as directed by the doctor, he should be fine, but a higher dose may cause him to experience more side effects, such ... ...
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7.5 dosage only lasting 6-7 hours, then pain returns
I have chronic Osteoporosis pain. the 7.5 I take at 7 am wares off by the afternoon. Should I double the dosage: 7.5 am and 7.5 after 6pm? Also, is it safe to take clonazepam .5mg with Meloxicam. Thanks much for any suggestions. ## The normal starting dose is 7.5mgs, once daily, but it can be increased to 15mgs, in two even doses, so that would mean a second 7.5mg tablet 12 hours later. Learn more Meloxicam details here. However, it is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that requires a prescription, so you'll have to have any dosage change approved by your doctor. Have you contacted them, yet? And I didn't find any interactions, or problems listed between the two medications, but you should check with your pharmacist to be certain. ## Thank you kindly for the quick reply. I will f... ...
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Viagra for Heart
My husband had a Mitral valve replacement and bypass pluss he has heartfailure. He is taking Lasix 40mg,Plenish k,Carloc 12,5mg,Prexum 4mg,Warfarin 5mg,Spiractin 25mg,Lexamil 10mg. As he is impotent the doctor gave him Viagra. He used it once but start feeling funny, his face was red, he got very warm and felt sick but other wise nothing happend. What do you suggest was the dosage to strong, and can he use something with the medication that he is taking aspessialy with the warfarin. ## Viagra contains the active ingredient Sildenafil and it actually works by helping to regulate blood flow, so the side effects he experienced can be normal and have been known to occur in some people that take it. Learn more Viagra details here. And with such a complicated medical history and his being on ... ...
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Metformin Sr 500
i started taking metformin SR in may 12, replacing the IR tablets, having suffered for years with side affects for years. in june when i had my next blood test my platelet count was down to 1300, haveing been normal previously, it seems strange that on taking the slow release tabs i have platelet reduction, can the slow release tablets be having an effect on my platelets. any one able to help please. ## Yes, it may be due to the Metformin, though it likely would have happened regardless of which formulation you were taking, since it has been known to cause it in some people that take it. Learn more Metformin details here. It could even just be that the current dosage is too hight for you, because that can also be an overdose symptom. What have you been advised? Will you just be keeping ... ...
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Can I Take Amoxk Clav875125tabsandoz For Tooth Infection
it has gg o n the left side an n7 on the right side. it,s a white pill.amox/k clav875 125tabsandoz for tooth infection ## To answer your question, yes, you can take these pills for a tooth infection. Amoxicillin is included in the list of popularly prescribed antibiotics for tooth infections. Its effectiveness however, depends on how far the tooth infection has spread; and if required, combination therapy is followed. The effectiveness of amoxicillin for addressing tooth infection also largely depends upon taking it in correct dosage, which is decided by the concerned doctor. A common dosing method for a tooth infection is taking one pill 3 times a day, (i.e., after every 8 hours) for 10 days. I would recommend checking with your doctor to verify what might be best for you though. I hop... ...
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Can i give my 7Year Old gas X 125 mg for Gas Pains
My 7 yr old daughter is comaining I really bad stomach pains and has occasional gas and belches. Can I give her adult Gas X that is 125 mg of Simethicome? ## What did you end up doing? 125mgs is high for a child of only 7, the usual dosage for them is only 40mgs. Learn more Simethicone details here. Have you consulted her doctor to see what's causing the problem? Has her diet changed? Has she been drinking a lot of sodas or other carbonated beverages? ## Can my 6 year old take adult Gas X its 125mg?? ## Nooooo ...
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