Does Oxycodone Show Up The Same As Percocet On A Urine Drug Test

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does oxycodone show up the same as percocet on a urine drug test
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I am prescribed roxicodone 30mg, 4 a day. I have been suffering from chronic neck and back pain for the past 12 yrs. The pain medication works really well, but I guess my body has got immune to it and they dont seem to last as long. He doesnt want to increase the amount but they do not last the whole month. I have been obtaining a few percocets to get me through. My question is, when they drug test me to make sure I'm taking my meds, will the percocet show up the same as the roxy or should I quit taking it? I cant afford to lose my script but I also need to get out of bed and get things done. Any help would be appreciated, thanx ## Percocet is the same thing as a roxicodone ... Roxicodone is just stranger than a Percocet but they are the exact same medication. ## Only take the medic... ...
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Mon, Oct 17 '16, 9:05 PM
does oxycodone show up on a urine test the same as percocet
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I take oxycodone and took one percocet today and have a drug test tomorrow at my pain doctor. Will the test show the difference? ## Percocets are oxycodone! Says so right on my bottle!! ## You'll b fine oxicodone is the same as percoset...... ## How come some people have trouble with this? Failing? ## when it goes to the lab for testing, the lab can tell the chemical difference between the oxycodone and the percocet. ## Well that's my problem... I took 3 Perk's 3 day's b4 getting popped for a UT at my PM 2 week's ago and I'm only supposed to take oxycodone 10 mg every 4 hours plus my fentynal patch 25 mg... I've never done this b4 do it figures this would happen and I only did it bc I wasn't home and didn't have mine on me so my sister in-law gave the... ...
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Sun, Sep 25 '16, 9:57 AM
does oxycodone and percocet show up the same in a urine test
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Hello, I've been on Oxycodone 30mg IR for 3 years now cause I ruptured 3 discs in my neck. I am running very low and was gonna take a couple Percocet 10/325 until I see my Dr in 3 days for a refill. Will the two pills show up differently or the same in my UA? ## Oxy)codone10-325 and10mgocycodone will itshow up thesame on a durg test ## That will be out of your system in two to three days just dont take no more ## The active ingredient in roxycodone is oxicodone the same a s yes u can take percs to cover u till u get to the dr. I do it all the time!!!! Been on blues for 8 yrs and whenever I run short I take percs....I have never given a bad urine in 8 yrs..... ## I have a drug test that will be given very soon for a potential employer. I have a oxycodone rx but had to tak... ...
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Sat, Oct 22 '16, 11:53 AM
does percocet show up as oxycodone in a urine test
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My husband took 30 mg of oxycodone. Is that the same as a oxycodone 5-325mg or will it come out different in a urine test? Will that be a problem for his pain management? ...
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Wed, Mar 16 '16, 2:36 PM
do percocet an oxycodone show up as the same in a urine test
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I am perscribed oxycodone 30mg an have a severed foot an a very bad back so I have been taking oxycodone 20mg will they show up as the same I have a urine test on friday? ## Yes they are the same one is just stronger than the other. ...
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Thu, Jul 24 '14, 3:22 PM
does roxicodone show up the same as percocet on a urine drug test
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yes im prescribed Percocet 10-325 but I have taken Roxicodone 30mg and I have a urine test I really need to know if they will show up as the same thing.. thank you ## I just took a oxycodone 15 but I'm prescribed 10/325 if test is sent to lab will the 15 mg show up? ## I was given a swab drug test, could this test determine how much medication is in my system. ## I just got prescribed roxicodne as a taper med until next month and my question is, does roxicodne and oxycodone show up as the same thing on a pain management UI? thank you and I really need to hear from someone experienced. I can't lose my Dr. ...
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Wed, Aug 24 '16, 2:47 PM
does morphine and oxycodone show up the same in a drug test
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Would oxycontin & roxycodone show up the same in a probation urine test? ## No they show up separate. ## Yes, They will test you positive for opiates. No differentiation between different varieties of opiates. Unless it's a super intense UA for something really bad, like the kind nurses and docs have to do when they're busted diverting narcotics. ## On simple panle drug tests no they canot tell the difference now if they send off to lab and spacificly ask them 2 see what opioid is being used then they can due to the different matabolites produced from different opioids ## Do a 5mg and 10mg percoset show up the same on a. Ua. ## My husband takes tramadol 50mg tablet and he took 1/2 of a tablet of percocet ONLY 24 hours before he had to do a urine test. (they called him random... ...
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drug tests percocet and oxycodone hcl
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I have a script for percocet 5/325.. But was given a oxycodone 15 HCl.. Will it show up the same on a urine test? ...
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Mon, Mar 07 '16, 3:15 PM
Will Ms Contin And Percocet 5-325 Show Up The Same On A Lab Urine Drug Test
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Hello, I am in pain management due to severe neck pain and shoulder pain on the same side of my body. I have been prescribed MS Contin 30 mg. 2 x day. Ran out a few days early and I am fairly confident of a urine test Friday at my doctor appointment. Found oxycod/apap 5-325 to get me through to my appointment and (hopefully) a refill. Will the urine test be ok or will there be a problem? ## No, they don't contain the same narcotics, so they will not show up the same on a drug test. Ms Contin contains a time released formulation of Morphine, as the active ingredient. But, as you've noted, the other medication contains Oxycodone with Acetaminophen, it is a generic for Percocet. Are there any other comments or questions? ## I am on a number of drugs each month including percocet, X... ...
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Mon, Aug 15 '16, 8:24 AM
What Does Percocet Show Up As On A 12 Panel Drug Test
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does percocet and codeine show up as the same thing on a probation ua ## On the basic test, they should both just show up as opiates, however, a 12 panel can be more in depth and may show the individual metabolites of each, so they will know which ones you have taken. However, if you have a prescription, you just have to let them know that, when you go in for the test. Are there any other comments or questions? ## Will hydrocodone show up in a urine drug test? I have been taking oxycodone and it doesn't show up, will hydrocodone? ## i have taken some of my wifes percacets, but have a scripe for hydrocoshtheydone will,ow up the same on a pre-hire drug screen. ## If i am perscribed to percocet and then do heroin, will they show up as the same thing on a drug test? ## I have a script f... ...
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Tue, Sep 27 '16, 7:50 PM
Will Percocet and opana show up as the same in an urine test
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I am prescribed Percocet 10/325 and just tried an opana 60 which I don't usually do for my chronic back pain what I want to know is will it show up as Percocet in my urine when I take my drug test at my Dr app. ## Yes it will show up as oxycodone! I take Opana and ran short and took some oxycones I had left over from a previous prescription and it DID show up! ## opanas dont come in 60 mg only up to 40 ## Dave's right I didn't catch it when I first read it, opana only comes as high as 40mg there rust colored.. ...
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Thu, Jun 30 '16, 2:15 PM
does percocet and opana show up the same on a 12 panel test?
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i am prescribed 10 mg percocet i ran out and my friend gave me some of his 15mg opanas i have to take a drug test tomorrow its a 12 panel test that specifically tests for oxy and opiates will these two drugs show up as the same or different thanks for any help ## I ran out of my roxycodone its three days til my urinalysis I have a few percocet am I going to pass my test ## [PDF] Interpretation of Urine Drug Test (UDT) based on Opioid Prescribed Jun 3, 2008 - Opiates " Negative by Immunoassay. Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, or 6-acetyl morphine (Heroin metabolite). Here is a table of opioid metabolites. I hope this helps. ## Well, Obama is oxymorphone and I believe the percs register as something di... ...
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Wed, Oct 07 '15, 3:26 PM
does morphine show up like percocet in urine drug test
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I'm on percocet 10mg daily. I ran out and took morphine 15mg. I was tested in October 2014. I'm worried I'll be tested at my appt. tomorrow. Will I be kicked out of the pain clinic? ## Does morphine show up as opiates ## Hey I need to know what 30 mg morphine pill show up as on a swab drug test the same as if you took oxycodone. ...
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Mon, Feb 22 '16, 10:38 AM
Cocaine vs oxycodone in a urine test
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Does cocaine and oxycodone show up the same in a urinalysis? ## Two completely different chemical make up for these two drugs if you are not being tested for cocaine it will not show up as an opiated based drug such as oxycodone However there are so many different opiated drug bases and synthetic opiates certain opiate base drugs can cause a false positive for others in that same class ## Why should cocaine matter. You are prescribed oxycodone right? ## Well can it show up as cocaine? ## Not even close. Completely different drugs and each drug will test positive in its own category. ## What narcotic drug will show up positive for cocaine such as morphine, Tylenol3, and percocet? ## No opiod drug will show up positive for coke. They are two separate drug classes. OPIODS & AMPHETAMINE... ...
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Sun, Aug 21 '16, 1:04 AM
Percocet & demerol are they the same in drug tests
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If prescribed percocet & I've took a demerol would my urine test show up as the same thing? ## Absolutely not. They have neither similar conformation nor any of the chemical factors that the drug tests work on. Demerol is a totally synthetic, man-made opioid painkiller while Percocet contains oxycodone, a semisynthetic opiate made from a product of a poppy. For any drug test they show absolutely no similarities. ## It would actually depend on the type of test that is done. There are some basic, inexpensive tests that just show whether or not any narcotic/opiates are present. However, there are other tests that do look for the specific metabolites and yes, those would distinguish between the two. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Not so. Drug tests depend upon either ... ...
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Sun, Mar 20 '16, 9:08 AM
are oxycodone and oxymorphone drug testing results the same
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I am prescribed 4 oxycodone 15mg a day i ran out and had taken a oxymorphone 10mg 2 days before my doc appt i did also take 2 oxycodone 10mg the day before and day of my appt and got a drug test. So i have read some comments about the oxycodone metabolizes into oxymorphone so should my levels seem pretty close or will they be able to tell the difference????? ## Can pain management tell the difference between Percocet and Roxicodone in a urine test? ## Yes they can by the way it metabolizes. Once filtered by the liver it shows a much higher result for the roxi. This can be a red flag and your doctor may question you about this at your next appointment. But I wouldn't be too concerned just yet. Test are not always trustworthy. ## I took 10 7.5 oxymorphones 9 days before my pain manage... ...
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Sat, Sep 03 '16, 1:31 PM
how long does oxycodone stay in ur system for me to pass a urine test?
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I need to know how many days a perc or roxi or oxy stay in ur system for a uraine test? ## Most narcotics will clear out of your system within 24 hours, however, it can vary some, depending on how much you have been taking and for how long of a time period. If you have a prescription for the medication, then just make certain that you inform them of that, when you go in for testing. All 3 of the medications you mention contain the same narcotic, Oxycodone, which will show up as an opiate on drug tests. Learn more: Are there any comments or questions? ## I would give it 72 hours to be on the safe side. Everybody metabolizes things at a different pace. ## I have been on percocet for a few yrs for a neck problem and my dr has switched me to the 10mg OP's i have to do a urine test and a... ...
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Thu, Oct 20 '16, 8:32 AM
oxycodone hcl vs. oxycodone urine test
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Is oxycodone hcl 5mg the same as oxycodone 5mg in a urine test? I was prescribed the oxycodone 5mg immediate release and was given oxycodone 5mg hcl during my hospital stay. Will they show up the same in my urine test, or different? ## I'm prescribed roxi 20 mg and have Percocet 7.5. Will that be same in 15 panel urine drug test? Or will it show perocet and oxycodone on test which I take in 4 days? Thanks ## Howd it turn out? When was the test? I am in the same position as you. ...
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Thu, Jul 21 '16, 10:08 AM
Percocet and Lortab probation drug test
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I have to take a drug test for my probation and I took a Lortab and a Percocet. Will it show up as the same thing in a panel probation urine test? ## No, they will not show up as the same thing. ## Lortab is hydrocodone and that is how it would show up. Percocet is oxycodone and that is how that would show up. If you only took 1 of each it most likely will be out of the system before you have to take a urine test. ...
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Mon, Apr 11 '16, 6:03 AM
Are Oxycodon apap 5/ 325 HCL APAP the same as Oxycodone 5mg?
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Will oxycodon hcl-apap 10/325 show up the same on a urine or any drug test the same as oxycodone 5mg? If different, what would be shown? Is there a differenence between them? ## No, the narcotic is the same in both of them and will show up as an opiate and if they test for specific ones, it will show Oxycodone. The only difference between the two is that the APAP in the first one is Acetaminophen, this does not show up on drug tests. ## hello I am new to this forum and I have been reading the above posts . I too had some questions about the ua's and oxycodone and percocet . If you took a percocet 7.5 mg and your on oxycodone 5mg would there be any other ingredient that would show differently in the UA? ## Oxycodone is the generic name for percocet. It is the same thing. ...
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Mon, Dec 17 '12, 9:18 PM

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