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Hydrocodone side effects
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I am recovering from surgery and I have found that the little solid white hydrocodone 5/325's make my skin itch and burn horribly and also make me feel wired like I had 5 pots of coffee. The brands with the little red or blue specks, as well as the ones with the peach color (Norco I believe) do not have any of these side effects for me. The pharmacist doesn't believe me because she says it's all the same drug but there is a DRASTIC difference for me. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what is the cause? ## Hello, Jill! How are you? There can be slight fluctuations in the amount of the active ingredients from one generic to another. They are allowed to differ from the name brand by as much as plus or minus 20% of the active ingredients. For most people, since these d... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Hydrocodone.
Thu, Apr 16 '15, 4:57 AM
facial rashes and what to do
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I use a new marry Kay night serum now one side. of my face is all red and wellped up. it stings like it's on fire and is itchy and sensitive to touch. benadryl and hydrocortisone cream aren't. working if you have any suggestions I would realty appreciate it. ## Hi Brenda, Is the marry kay night serum what caused the skin irritation to begin with, or is it something you've just been trying to treat for a while now? If the marry kay serum is what caused it, then it only makes sense to consider switching to another brand with either less ingredients or with different more natural ingredients all-together. As far as treating the skin irritations, I'd suggest lavender essential oil. It works really well for that burning sensation you mentioned, as well as for any inflammation... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Benadryl.
Thu, Aug 30 '12, 12:51 AM
does subutex have sulfa in it
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I have been on suboxone for around 2 months in the beginning it made me very sick for a week and now all of a sudden I am getting flushed on my neck and chest my skin itches and feels like it's on fire and my cheeks and hands swell it subsides slightly by the next morning but comes back in full effect after I take it again, my Dr says it's probably not a reaction to suboxone but I can't see it being anything else. I'm allergic to sulfa as well. Can anyone help ## Yes, Suboxone can make you very sick. Doctors don't know what they are taking about half the time. I was started on Suboxone and was on it for.several months. I was always nauseated and I could not digest any solid food. I lived on jarred baby food and nutrition drinks for nine months. All the time I kept as... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Subutex.
Wed, Oct 29 '14, 12:56 AM
is it ok to use clobetasol on dogs
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My dogs have had bad itchy red spots with hair loss. They have been going crazy. After all I tried I put some clobetasol on my dogs and everything has gone away after all. Is it safe for them if used properly. ## Hi Junebug, Glad to hear that your dogs are doing better. From what I've researched online, veterinarians do commonly prescribe clobetasol to dogs. So my opinion is that they should be fine. However I'd probably be a little reluctant to administer it myself until receiving specific dosing instructions directly from a vet, who can ideally make the most informed decision when it comes to various treatment options that are available (some perhaps safer than others in terms of possible side effects). Hope this helps! ...
Updated 1 year ago in Clobetasol.
Tue, Feb 10 '15, 1:37 PM
Welchol powder made my throat close could not breath Made my throat really itchy and then could not breath What a scary dat that was Still not
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Re action Welchol powder. Throat came itchy and closed. Could not breath, what a scary day that was. What a awaking. I don't know what made me breath again. ## Did you seek medical attention? Did you make sure to mix it according to the instructions? Learn more WelChol details here. If you took it properly, then that could have been an allergic reaction and your doctor should be informed. ## I mixed it with a lot of water and lemonade(16oz), because it was so sweet the 1st 3 times I tried. Should have known then something was wrong. My throat was so itchy and kept coughing most of the day. Thought it was from the VOG in Hawaii. I had trouble taking the pills also, wanted to vomit and started to lose feeling in my right foot. Just didn't connect. ## I also had a bad reaction the ... ...
Updated 6 months ago in WelChol.
Wed, Oct 28 '15, 1:33 PM
Skipping a dose of Viibyrd! Don't do it!
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Don't skip or miss a dose. I ran low and skipped a day and then cut a 40 mg tablet in 1/2. Did this with Prozac from time to time or missed a dose, never any issues. Additionally, I had a bad cold and added cold medicine, another big no no. I experienced night dreams, night paralysis, feeling of not being able to breath at night upon waking, terribly itch skin all over, coma feeling upon waking, confusion, loss of direction and extreme agitation. I took one 40 mg pill last night, all of the aforementioned symptoms subsided. I had to make several apologies at work today for my agitation just yesterday. My temperament returned to before, which was much improved on Viibyrd over Prozac. Good med, bad med, I am not sure. But with such improvement just getting my dosage back to where my d... ...
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Fri, Feb 07 '14, 2:37 PM
Effective substitute for hydrocodone
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I had my knee surgery yesterday and am on hydrocodone 10/325. It manages pain pretty well but it seems to make me itch. I plan to call the Dr, but would like to know an equivalent pain medicine that I may tolerate better for this? Not taking it or not taking it as often results in significant increase in pain. ## Hello, Kalisnick! How are you? Percocet might be an alternative that you can try. It contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Do you have hives with the itching or are you just feeling itchy? If there are no hives, then it may be just a side effect that will eventually go away, as your... ...
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Mon, May 25 '15, 12:34 PM
is tribedoce injection safe for children
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Hi I have a 13 year old brother and wanted to know if its safe to give him tribedoce injection and how much can he use? ## Hello, Carl! How are you? The FDA classifies Tribedoce as a nutritional supplement, it contains vitamins B1, B6 and B12. Its typical side effects are usually limited to administration site reactions, such as soreness, redness and itching. However, you shouldn't administer it to your brother, unless a doctor says it's necessary. While these are nutrients that are very important to the human body, too much of B12 can be just as dangerous as being deficient in it, so if he doesn't need it, it could make him ill. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you so much! I will talk to his doctor about it...:) ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Tue, May 12 '15, 2:51 PM
how do ilvitrim helps me when hiv possitive
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becuse i tested HIV+ last year December and since then i am taking the Ilvitrim tablets but i am always having an itchy rush on my vagina ia is the ilvirtrim or what as i also suffer from lower abdominal pains i did consult did some scans and they told me there is nothing wrong. How dangerous is low bood pressure as i am anemi when HIV+ because i also take multivitamins,B-tabs,pherous amd the folic acids along with the ilvitrim ## Ilvitrim contains the active ingredients Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim, it's commonly prescribed in many countries under the name Bactrim, it is an antibiotic, used to treat or prevent infection. Being HIV positive can make you much more prone to getting infections. As to the vaginal rash and itching, it may be due to a yeast infection, which could be ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Folic Acids.
Fri, Dec 12 '14, 6:11 PM
does vari hydrocortisone treat skin rashes?
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i have recently developed a type of rash on my face its not as visible yet has an itchy sensation from time to time. I used vari hydrocortisone for two days now yet no change.. what can i do to get rid of this rash ## If there is no rash, then it is not a rash. And there are many things that may make your skin itch, you should consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis. Trying to treat it yourself by guessing at what medication may help could just make things much worse. Do you have a doctor that you see regularly? ...
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Mon, Aug 12 '13, 11:52 AM
Subutex Doctor - East Coast - Help Me Find One Please!!!!
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I have been on Subutex for a year. My Doctor has retired, abruptly. I cannot find another physician willing to prescribe me Subutex (24 mg. daily) instead of Suboxone. I travel a lot w/ work. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me ANY Doctor anywhere on the East Coast that prescribes Subutex. Suboxone breaks me out in horrible itchy rashes and welts, makes breathing a little difficult and gives me blinding headaches- within ten to fifteen minutes of taking it. I am serious about recovery. Can someone help?! If you wish to email me you may ## If you need a doctor in south jersey to help you get off oxy's and put you on subutex/suboxine - I prefer subutex because I got deathly ill on suboxine. The name of the place is addiction medicine. If you can't find the number post your... ...
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Tue, May 10 '16, 2:03 PM
Red Pinpoint Dots on calves and top of feet and sides under skin
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Hi so glad I found this forum. I am a 64 yr old female who had a st judes mechanical heart valve put in 3 yrs ago. My blood is check every 3 weekx by my csrdiologist. My range was perfect from 1.5 tp 2.5 whenever tested. Then about 1 month ago my inr was 4.8 so my doctor changed my doage of coumadin. The problem i have devloped a red pinpoint rash on my leg calves and the top ov my feet and sides of feet. Thr rash is below the skin snd not itchy or painfful. my skin is dry and peeling also. My doctof said to go to s dermatologist after he looked at it. I had been working stsnding on my feet for 4 hours st a time when it first started. I did not want to put any cream on it brcause I do not want it to get worse. Shower wster makes it redder. Has any one had the same reaction on warfsrin. ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Warfarin.
Mon, Feb 23 '15, 7:42 PM
Why Did They Change My Yellow Norco To White Norcos Dont Work The Same
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the new white norcos 10-325T do not work.what did they change in them and why.the yellow ones wrked fine and now they aren't making them anymore.are they testing to see if our pain is real? ## From what I could gather, you're certainly not alone in this matter. There's actually a fairly large discussion thread here (linked below) talking about this very problem with the "weaker" white version replacing the "stronger" yellow tablets. Perhaps some of the responses there can at least offer a bit more insight as to why this is happening and how others might be coping with it: Discuss/White-Watson-10mg-325-853-245408.htm I hope this helps! ## I agree. The new white Norcs do not work nearly as good as the yellows. They make me dizzy, itchy, and do not help with the... ...
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Sat, Sep 12 '15, 10:03 AM
Morphine 15mg-How long does the side effects last after 1st and only dose? It's making me sick
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I will try to make this as short as possible. I have been suffering with Chronic Pain to my right shoulder since 2005. I fell on black ice, dislocated the shoulder, broke the humerus head and cracked the bone in the socket. 3 surgeries later I'm still suffering with the pain. Since the injury I've been on Lortab 10/500. Started out with 4 per day, I'm at 7 per day and cannot go higher due to the Tylenol. My pain management doctor's PA switched me to 5 Lortab per day with 2-15mg Morphine Sulfate ER. I took the Morphine at 6:10pm, by 7pm, I broke out in a rash, have a migraine, can't stop sweating, my throat and ears itch, I've become short tempered. My surgeon wanted my pm doctor to switch me to Percocet and cut out the Lortab all together. I am 40, single mom, fu... ...
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Thu, Jan 10 '13, 2:22 PM
My bactrim experience
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Hello there sick ones...I started taking bactrim yesterday afternoon b/c i contracted a case of cellulitis on my ear. Ew. So anyway, I was just wondering...does this medicine make you feel like s*** before it helps you get better or what? I ask b/c the pain that im feeling is more or less just a really really uncomfortable healing feeling i guess. Maybe it's just workin hard at killin the bacteria so thats why it makes you sore. I haven't had any of those other side effects like the rashes people have posted about. I get a slight itching on my skin but i just see that as the medicine working. This pill is powerful thats probly why it makes us feel like s***, but at least you can get a sense that after taking it, you're original problem hopefully goes away. I'm gonna go t... ...
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Wed, May 23 '12, 1:22 PM
Hydroxychlor 200mg Tab
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does it hurt to be in hot sun while taking this pill ## the hot sun makes my arms red and itchy like on fire ## Hydroxychlor, also called Hydroxychloroquine, does have strong photosensitive effects when you are in the sun. Because "sensitivity to light" is reported to be a severe side effect of this medication, it is strongly advised that you contact your doctor immediately. Other severe side effects can include the following: reading or seeing difficulties (words, letters, or parts of objects missing) sensitivity to light blurred distance vision seeing light flashes or streaks difficulty hearing ringing in ears muscle weakness bleeding or bruising of the skin bleaching or loss of hair mood or mental changes irregular heartbeat drowsiness convulsions For more information about t... ...
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Sun, Oct 26 '14, 2:12 PM
My Question hELP
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are you aloud to be in heat while taking this cause i went tanning and im itching all over but i dont know if its that or an allergic reaction ## PLEASE HELP BECAUSE ILL BE ITCHING FOR A WHILE THEN IT WILL STOP ## Most medications can make you more sensitive to the effects of the sun, or tanning apparatus, so it is possible that you've had a photoallergic reaction. Do you have any rash, or redness of the skin where it gets itchy? Have you tried anything to relieve the itching? Your doctor should be able to take a look and tell you if that's what it is, or if it's due to something else. ## oh, ...
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Sun, Mar 24 '13, 11:32 AM
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I am taking ambral tabs after I miscarried my two weeks pregnancy is it wise to take this medicine or I should go for womb scrub? ## Only your doctor can advise you. ## i want to know the use of Ambral. My girlfriend is taking ambral tablets and i want to know exactlly what they are for and what diseases/infections ambral treats ## I am 10 weeks pregnant had a miss in Nov 09 and docter had gevin me amoxcel & ambral to drink it makes me feel dizzy and burn my stomach is it safe to drink or can i just quite after i have started ## For what is ambral as I have heard it is for infection what kind of infection because I jus went to the doctor because I had a few heavy pains no burn in my urine no itch in my virgin a ## i was given ambral tablets and doxycycline and an injection the docto... ...
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Thu, Mar 24 '11, 1:32 PM
can i take bactrim ds 800 160 tabs for acne?
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is bactrim ds 800-160 ok to take for my acne? or is my dermotologist phsycotic? i have been taking this medicine for awhile and it makes me itch. ## Hi Conner, This medication contains Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim, it is an antibiotic that's used to treat many types of infections. Based on my research, Bactrim is also used to treat Acne. I didn't see "itching" listed as a side effect, so you could be having an allergic reaction. I would definitely speak with your doctor about lowering your dose or trying something different. Learn More: Bactrim Details I hope this helps! ...
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Fri, Feb 01 '13, 12:17 AM
benadryl gel
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when using benadryl gel can you use benadryl capsules also. I am also using hydroxyzine 10mg. this is for a problem with itching ## Yes, you will not absorb enough from the gel to make a significant difference and cause an overdose, with the topical meds like that, you absorb a very, very small percentage of the ingredients, so you will be fine using the oral med as well. Many docs advise you to do so if the problem continues, and many of them provide stuff with a much higher dosage than what is available in these products, or advise people to double up! ...
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Fri, Aug 11 '06, 12:00 PM

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