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names for hydromorphone
I'm a 16 year chrnic pain patient, I just want to know the er names for it or can you just get that? I hate to go to morphine but my Dr. is a low numbers guy. Good Doc though. MS Contin does not work. I'd rather be on the Roxy ir but the numbers are to high for my Doc . Icannot take the new oxy op's they make me sick severe headaches and stomach pain. If any body could give me answers I'd apprectate it. I have to switch my next visit, in about ten days If he is doing the exalgo I am going for that. there is alot of hassle around it though. Answers thanks1 ## Hydromorphone is commonly prescribed under the trade name Dilaudid. It is also the ingredient in the Exalgo. Common side effects to it may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Learn more: Are ther... ...
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Mon, May 02 '11, 12:15 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 209217
pain management florida
I take morphine and dilaudid for chronic pain associated with my 9 hip surgeries and three car accidents I would like to take methadone for pain management instead of what I'm taking I live in Clearwater Florida ## Hello, Karen! How are you? I'm sorry about what you've been through. Why do you want to switch? Are the Morphine and Dilaudid working for you? Most doctors aren't going to want to prescribe Methadone, due it's extremely addictive nature. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## NO!! I'm uninsured, live 20mi east I4. I've used each of these. Right now methadone was the only thing I could get. I am in so much pain, I want to die! My usual scripts are duragesic 75... ...
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Sat, Jul 12 '14, 2:21 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 266988
how to get delaudid 5 ## Dilaudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, a very potent narcotic pain medication. That said, Dilaudid is a controlled substance and in the U.S. can only be legally obtained with a prescription from a licensed physician. Also, it is not available in a 5mg strength tablet. This medication can cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. You can read more on it here: Are you currently under a doctor's care? ...
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pain doctors new Orleans
hey everybody. A pain management patient. And I am trying to find a new doctor right now I am trying to find a doctor hopefully in the West Bank area and who is a generous Dr. And compassionate. I have seen many doctors over the past 5 years and I take very very large amounts of narcotics because of my incredibly severe injuries to my spine a Mississippi River barge accident. I was told by the people at Tulane Hospital I was the absolute worst they have ever seen. So yeah.. I need to find a new doctor right now who can prescribe me medicine that I need to be on. Specifically looking for a doctor who not only would take my insurance, but who is also prescribed me my dilaudid IV medicine that I can take home from the pharmacy.any kind of help would be much appreciated. Thank you. ## Hello... ...
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Thu, May 29 '14, 11:43 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 265942
Pain Medication PROBLEMS
Anyone know if dilaudid works similar to oxycodone? i am going to switch to dilaudid 8's or atleast the doc offered it to. me however now ,all the pharms seem to be charging prices almost as much as the oxycodone , atleast according to friend of mine, any input is greatly appreciated i live in clearwater fl doc is 10 miles away in tampa also is there anyone on here that knows any accurate facts on what the hell is really going on here with pain med prices?? please educate me!!!!! thanks in advance!! ## Hi ryan, In regards to your question about Dilaudid and Oxycodone, I think the thread linked below has a number of patients with personal experience on both medications, who are willing to share their advice: /Discuss/Dilaudid-as-a-Oxycodone-replacement-185939.htm Another thread on a ... ...
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cannot fill prescription
I have been prescribed and been taking Dilaudid 8MG for the past two years, ever since I switched from Oxycodone because of the trouble I had filling my prescriptions. I am prescribed it monthly, by the same doctor, and fill it at the same pharmacy. Always. Now they told me, on March 11th, that I have to wait until April 1st to have it filled. What the HELL? That's three weeks away! I need the medication to be able to WORK. Now I am stuck, because every other pharmacy i went to says they cannot fill it or they haven't carried it for a year. I specifically switched to this medication because of this problem. Now I cannot fill it? I have checked five Walgreens, four CVS', three independent stores, and am in a pickle. I will lose my job if I cannot perform the functions of my p... ...
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pain medication delautin
Cancer treatment for pain ## Dilaudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, which is a narcotic analgesic. As such it may be habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Learn more Dilaudid details here. Are there any questions or comments? ...
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Mon, Mar 25 '13, 3:09 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 196668
I have an unfillable script it seems. Orlando fl dilaudid 8mg. Please help ## Sorry to hear about your situation. Not being able to fill a script for pain medication seems to be an ever growing occurrence for those living in Florida, where drug laws appear to be most enforced. If it's of any help, listed below is a pharmacy-locator site, that uses your zip code to find nearby pharmacies within a given mile range: Phone numbers and addresses are included in the list after you verify your zip code; so I would suggest visiting a number of them to see if anyone can fill your prescription (calling them about medication generally isn't recommended, as they are often trained to say no on the phone if a stranger is asking for narcotics). Have you also tried... ...
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opana 40 mg and oxycodone 30
I am on both of these meds do to severe medical issues. I take 40 Mg of opana 4 x daily and 30 Mg of oxycodone 5 x daily as well as Nortriptyline 150 Mg twice daily and neurontin 600 Mg 3 x daily. Needless to say a few different stomach medication due to chronic nausea. Oh and also phenergan pills and injectable. My question is has anyone found anything other than multiple medications to relieve severe chronic pain. ## I also have severe medical problems and nothing works. For two years was on 3Mg iv dilaudid every three hours and 120 percocet 10/325 every month. Zofran for nausea. Overdosed a couple months ago (imagine that) and been dropped four 5/325 percocet a day and now in constant pain... Not sure how to adjust. ## Have either of you ever tried the Fentanyl patch? It's a very... ...
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Wed, Feb 19 '14, 4:21 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 259580
i HAVE CALLED ABOUT 15 PHARMACYS TO FILL MY PERSCRIPTION FOR 60 DILAUDID 4 MG AND NO ONE HAS ANY , WHATS THE PROBLEM ? ## Well, the first problem is the fact that you're calling them to ask. Doing that will rarely get you a real, correct answer. When you call a pharmacy asking if they can fill a prescription for a controlled substance, they will usually just tell you that they don't have it, because they have no way of knowing whether the person on the phone is a legitimate customer with a prescription, or if they are potential thief. With the increasing amount of robberies, they have to protect themselves. Therefore, the only way to get an accurate answer is to actually go into the pharmacy, with your prescription in hand. Are there any other comments or questions? ## I do know... ...
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Wed, Feb 01 '12, 11:34 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 226794
Oxycodone 512 Side Effects
what is the long term effect on your liver and other organs? I have had C-3 C-4 fusion 1986. L-4 L-5 fusion 2011. I have had shoulder surgery in 05.I'am taken oxycodone 7.5/500mg 3xa day and dilaudid 4mg 4 x a day and gabapentin 600mg 4x a day. He tells me that on a long term that oxycodon with out the tylenol in it will effect my liver. so why did he give me something with 500mg of Tylenol in it? just don't under stand. LOST ## I am not sure I understand why he would do that, either. The Acetaminophen is far more dangerous to your liver than the Oxycodone by itself. Learn more Percocet details here. I guess the better question is what type of doctor are you seeing? Is it a pain specialist or a general practitioner? ...
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Replacement For Methadone
I am currently on 10 mg of methadone 16 times a day. I have to have something for my backpain but cannot deal with the side effects of methadone anymore. What would be a replacement drug that would be as effective? ## Hi Sara, Sorry to hear that your pain medication isn't working as well as you'd like it to. Some of these side effects can be pretty horrible, so I don't blame anyone for trying to find an alternative. A few suggestions I can give you for other prescription pain medications include: Demerol, Morphine, Vicodin (extended release), Percocet, Dilaudid, Opana, Oxycodone, and Fentanyl. Your doctor would have a better clue as to which one of these would best replace the drug you're currently on, but honestly, there's no way of telling ahead of time how you... ...
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Strongest Cleanest Opiate
I have chronic back pain and have had it for 30 years. The only alternative for living a decent quality of life is by taking an opiate. I've had several surgeries and all Dr.s I;ve conferred with has stated that is no longet an option. I now take methadone and have for 10yrs However, because I also have Hepatitis C and Chirosis of the liver my opiate must be very strong to help with the pain and not have "any" adultrants in it. To keep me from getting nausuated due to my liver. I've tried dilaudid and the also make me nausueated, both name brand and generic. Anyone know what kind of a clean, strond opiate medication the Dr. Can perscribe for me.Please send any ideals to me at [1] Sincerely and thanks, capellastar [1] Editor's note - In order to protec... ...
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Mon, Oct 08 '12, 1:29 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 221314
pain mchaedication change
My husband has been on morphine for years. Do you t hink dilaudid would help him more. ## Hello, Whozy! How are you and your husband doing? What dosage of Morphine does he take? If it's no longer working as well, the next step up for analgesia will really depend on where he's currently at with it. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ...
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Fri, Feb 28 '14, 1:55 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 248641
How long does it take to get over post operation surgery? I had revision hip replacement 5 weeks ago and have been taking dilaudid and morphine sulfate. I gradually quit taking both over the last week and am having heavy depression and hot and cold sweats. When will it go away? ...
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Sat, Dec 22 '12, 3:30 PM   0 
In pain after Spinal Fusion.
still inpain after 2 months from having a spinal fusion in my lower back. I can not take any NSAID's due to the bone graph. My surgen will now only prescibe tylenol and 2mg dilaudid twice a day. Trying to find a higher dose of dilaudid. Or anything stronger then 4mg of dilaud per day.If anyone knows where or how i can do this. becuse i dont have the quality of life that i need. i have 2 children 5 and 8. i need the energy to keep up with them. Meanwhile my wife has to maintain the house take care of the kids and put my socks and shoes on everyday. I feel like less of a man/husband/provider for my family. Some days really suck. if anyone could help me i'd greatly appreciate it,and grateful forever. sincerely paul ## i forgot to tell that i was injured at work liftig a compressor ... ...
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Oxycodone replacement drug?
Hi I suffered a complete L1/L2 Spinal Cord Injury a few years ago and due to the nerve damage I now suffer ongoing chronic pain in my lower groin and acute pain in my legs. I currently take 10mg Oxycodone five times a day with 10mg Methadone once a day for the pain and it has worked very well for me since the accident. I started on just 10mg Oxycodone four times a day with no Methadone and over nearly 5 years it has build up to what I'm now on. Me and my pain Dr always agreed to rotate my pain meds before any one does got too high, so we are now replacing the Oxycodone. I tried Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) for one day and it did very little for my pain apart from making me tired,so I have returned to the Oxycodone. My question to anyone who can help is what do you think is a good replac... ...
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Fri, Mar 13 '09, 6:06 AM   12  Subscribe to thread 185952
Boston Area Pain Dr Pain Meds
I have been on Oxycodone 15mg 6X per day for 9 yrs & MS Contin 30mg 2 X per day for maybe 4 yrs. I went for the appt as I do EVERY month & see all kinds of wrong stuff going on, mind my own Business. Ok so patients are coming out all Pissy, Angry & upset. Again I don't say anything but now it's my appt time, well it was scheduled for 9:00AM it was 11:45AM & Dr said he no longer is prescribing any more oxycodone, Percocet, Endocet & even Vicodan! I left with my MS Contin 30MG! Now I'm afraid I will go into withdrawals & suffer a seizure. He said next month he might give me Dilaudid or Fentynal Patch. I'm so confused. Can anyone on this post/page HELP ME PLEASE? ## Hi Karen, I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your doctor. Unf... ...
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Fentanyl mylan percocet mix
Hi i have been on the 50mcg patch for 2 months now and the provide much more relief than the mscontin 30mg did. I also get 180 10/325 percosets a month for breakthrough but am worried about my liver because of all th tylenol. I am going to talk to my doc about switching to a 10 or 15 roxi to give me some peace of mind im only 39 and have had 2 fusions done L4-L5 and L5-S1 if any one can give me any advice on something that might help better id appreciate it Thank You. ## The Roxicodone is an option, if your doctor agrees, because it is just the Oxycodone in a regular release formulation and doesn't have any Acetaminophen. Learn more Roxicodone details here. Another option you may want to ask them about would be Dilaudid, it contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, so it's a... ...
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Pain Med Doctors In Boston Ma
Looking for a methadone Dr. in S.W. Virginia, After being a chronic pain pt. for 20 years and haveing tried just about every medication out there i was put on methadone about 5 years ago and it has been a life & marriage saver but i was just informed my PM Dr. will be taking me off as they are no longer comfortable writing for it which to me the reasoning was BS after all these years i'm not going to die from it. i'm on 120mg daily with 32mg of dilaudid for b.t. they already started me on delayed release dilaudid. but i really want to stay on the methadone. does any one know of a Dr. in the area that prescribes methadone? Thanks ## Which area are you actually looking for a doctor in? You mentioned 2 different ones and will get more responses if you're specific. As to the... ...
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