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focalin & insurance
This month my Focalin dosage was raised to 60mg and I had to pay $609. My insurance won't help at all. Is it worth changing my insurance? ## I have no idea what type of insurance plan you have, nor what others may be available to you. I suggest you do some research and see which plans you can get and what they will cover. ## I have my regular insurance from the school distrist I taught in. And I just turned 65: Medicare won't help either. I am still researching. ## see reply 2 to: Focalin And Insurance ## I have no insurance and pay out of pocket. My doctor prescribed me the generic form of Focalin; dexmethylphenidate and it cost $38.00 out of pocket at CVS. ## go figure ...
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Wed, Jun 19 '13, 9:41 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 185586
DETOXING -- Mind over Matter!
My adiction lead me to smoke 11 grams of herion a day with my soul mate. After 2 yrs We had to get help and went into a methadone program. I was up to 70mg's. But when I could no longer pay there $250.00 month payment I was forced to do a finacial detox...WHICH WAS MY DEATH!I daily dropping 5 mgs made me so sick kicking but I could'nt miss my daddys funeral. Iluvudad! The next day I got help from my sister who got me back into the methadone clinic and the dr. held me at 40 mg. holding at 40 for 3 months and once again I could not pay so they detoxed me from 40mg all in a 21 day period. Well 21 days went and left and 4 days later I'm on the streets buying 5mg methadone tablets 3 bucks a pop . Now I'm on 10mg tablets which were bought offf st's . So who ever said it wa... ...
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Mon, Jun 07 '10, 2:43 PM   8  Subscribe to thread 177682
Find Xanax
I have been taking norco, fluoxetine, and alprazolam for over a year and was told I may have to take it indefinitely, well ok,the Norcos help with pain & don't make me fell high neither do the fluoxetine but I don't like the xanax, Please help me find a doctor in Van Nuys or North hills, CA that might could held me, problem 1 no insurance, #2 no medi-cal, I have to pay cash and that is a problem, I will happily pay it if it is not of the charts and doesn't take up my whole day. Please help I want to stay on my same medication just change the 2 mg xanax to the 2 mg clonazepam generic for klonopine (cost) ## Hi alice, In my opinion, if you suffer from anxiety/depression and need a Benzodiazepine class medication (like Xanax), your best bet it usually to see a psychiatrist,... ...
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Thu, Oct 11 '12, 11:48 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 232150
Does anyone feel the suboxone strips suck???
I started using the strips of suboxone a few months back.. But I find they don't hold me over as long as the pills did. ( I take the strips because I have a free co pay from the company) Especially when you have to split one in half. So the do to put me up back to 2 and 1/2 instead of 1 and 1/2.. Just incase so my new doctors says anyways.. Since he put my dose up instead of it being 45 a month now it's 75 a month.. But I got every two weeks now, my last fill was 1/15/14 and because it's a new doctor I had to go 2/4/14 how soon can I fill this new script?? ## " So the do to put me up back to 2 and 1/2 instead of 1 and 1/2.." So confusing? "Since he put my dose up instead of it being 45 a month now it's 75 a month" Wow! Their is really no benefit to this. ... ...
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Adderall Xr 15 Mg Cap Tev
My daughter is on this medication and currently does not have insurance for the next two months. I was hoping to contact the manufacture so I can see if she can get it at no cost until her new job insurance kicks in. This months RX was $175 and we can not afford to pay this high out of pocket cost for this medication. Any advice on how we can get this RX at no cost for the next two months would be appreciated. Thank you, Mike ## I really wish I could help, but the manufacturer, Shire no longer offers an assistance program for Adderall XR. Many of the programs for controlled substances have been discontinued, due to the ever increasing risk of theft and diversion. When they send you a medication through these types of programs, they usually send it via postal mail, right to you, which is... ...
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Thu, Apr 21 '11, 11:43 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 216601
taken instead of foloc acid ## I went to my doctor complaining of pain in my left leg and hip. I was diagnoised with a compressed nerve in my spine. I'm am scheduled for an MRI in 4 days. In the meantime I've been perscribed METANX TABLET PAM for Neuropathy, and GABAPENTIN 300 MG CAPSULE APO for leg pain. My insurance company will not pay for the METANX. MY question is Is METANX just a bunch of vitimins and not considered a drug by the insurance companies? Also what is the chance of this product doing anymore for me than over the counter vitamins that I could probably better afford? ## It is best to speak with your doctor about it, there may be a specific reason they want you to take these ones. Prescription vitamins are often higher in nutrients than OTC ones. ## Thanks for rep... ...
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detoxin on liquid methadone can i take 10mg meth pills without failin a urine
im on a methadone clinic and im on 125mgs, they started to detox me 7 mgs a day cause i failed to pay them 50 dollars. i wont have the money for a few days and i was wonderin if i could take 10mg meth pills to compensate. if anyone has went thru this could u please tell me if i should take them or deal with the withdrawl for the next few days ## Yes u can take the 10mg pill I am also detoxing 5mg a day but I owe 400 my husband won't help me so I'm suppose to start a new job but am so sick so I know what your going through my does is 155mg and now I'm down to 40 so its very hard I'm very suicidal have bad withdrawels and nobody wants to help me so I'm al alone on this.this clinic has changed my life for the better but now that this is happening idk what will happen ##... ...
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Thu, Jan 09 '14, 4:52 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 197291
MY INSURANCE NO LONGER PAYS FOR AVALIDE. I NEED A REPLACEMENT THAT WON'T BOTHER MY AHSMA. ## There are many medications to help with asthma, unfortunately I am unable to tell you which ones you can take. I am not aware of your medical history, nor am I a doctor. I would check with your doctor to see what they would recommend as an alternative. You can also view a list of medications indicated for treating asthma at: Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## You can find the drugs which are used for treating hypertension at International Drug Mart. You need to consult your doctor to find out which suits the best since you have asthma ...
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Find A Doctor In My Area
Hi, I just moved from Utah to Orange County CA and every pain clinic I go to just refers me to someone else. I've been stable on morphine and roxicodone for over 15 years. Back home a pain clinic was a pain clinic, I have spinabifida and can't work or do anything without my medication. If someone can suggest a doctor I would be willing to pay or anything. Thanks ## Hi cmrut33, I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in locating pain management doctors within your general area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results: You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another: ...
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Mon, Feb 17 '14, 12:58 PM   26  Subscribe to thread 234126
I'm on Medicaid they turned me down for lunesta3mg I had to pay $180.00 $ for 30. then medicaid approved me foe 2mg lunesta. can i be reimbersed for the $180.00? ## I don't think Medicaid will reimburse for something you already paid for and that was for a different dosage, but you can call them to check or ask at your pharmacy. Lunesta contains the active ingredient Eszopiclone and is used to treat insomnia. Common side effects may include: dizziness, fatigue, funny taste and heartburn. Read more: Does anyone know anything about Medicaid reimbursement? ...
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benzac wash and keflin
Messieurs, Je suis à Kinshasa, je vous demande de m'indiquer si vous disposer le medicament Benzac wash et Keflin? Ou comment je peux trouver ce produits, apartir de Kinshasa, ces sont introuvable à Kinshsa/RDC. et quel est le prix? je suis disposer de payer ainsi que les frais d'expédition sur Kinshasa. Mais le seul problème c'est de me dire comment trouver ce medicament ici à Kinshasa. Je compte sur vous et bonne comprèhension. Sano Mamoudou Tél: 00243818104940 Kinshasa/RDC Afrique centrale. ## Messieurs, Je suis à Kinshasa, je vous demande de m'indiquer si vous disposer le medicament Benzac wash et Keflin? Ou comment je peux trouver ce produits, apartir de Kinshasa, ces sont introuvable à Kinshsa/RDC. et quel est le prix? j... ...
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stumbling (ataxia) and fazaclo dosage???
The head of psychiatry nin a hospital said susposedly: "If you get him off fazaclo, he won't be stumbling in a week". But that psychiatrist left the decision to the county paychiatrist who said:" No he can not get off fazaclo". And the hospital guy will not talk to us even when we checked in emergency for three hours. ## I am not sure what you are asking. Unless someone has been declared mentally incompetent and unable to make decisions for themselves, there is no way that anyone can force them to continue taking a problematic medication. Has this person tried seeing different doctors? ...
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Will I die?
I am on 4 subs a day n the dr p tested me for thc and wont allow me my script. I go gor pain mgmt n pay same as ppl in rehab w him. I have been on xanax 20 yrs n je changed yo klonopin n clonodine and its been horrible. I have low blood pressure yet clonodines for hi bp. Four subd to zero, risk of seizures and he said come back a wk or two and p again. Should I go to er? ## Apologies for typos, bit ive been going there since december or november and nevr had to p before n now this. Will I die should I go to hospital? ...
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mirtazapine 15 mgs painrelief
been taking mirtazapine 15 for lower back pain (degenerative condition)for 3wks yesterday was my first day for more than 1 year without painkillers - remedine forte - they did not take pain away!! had tried physio, reiki, etc etc had tried amytripaline -did not work- only downside are the weird dreams but a small price to pay for painrelief. I was not offered this med by my gp but having read about it I asked for it ## The weird dreams are too be expected, since Mirtazapine is a NaSSA, which means it does have an effect on brain chemicals. However, the good news is they will most likely taper off in frequency and severity after a few more weeks, once your body is more used to the medication. Learn more Mirtazapine details here. I'm glad that it's working for you, though. That... ...
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On methadone clinic but would like to use a private dr
Hello, I've been on methadone for 6 yrs.. Using a clinic in town. I pay close to 500$ a month but I have insurance.. I would like to find a private dr that takes bcbs and stop the clinic.. My husband is tired of paying for it and doesn't realize that stopping cold turkey isn't an option... I'd like to eventually maybe get on suboxone or something else but I'm on too high of a dose right now.. So If anyone can help me find a dr that will help me I'd be so greatful.. I'm scared to try pain mgmt because I don't want anyone thinking I'm trying to get meds from both the clinic and a dr... Please help!!!! ## I guess I should've made it clear that I live In mobile al... ## Hello, Chas! How are you doing? I'm sorry, but under the current laws, this ca... ...
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incivek and insurance
i currently have no insurance because im full time student but once i do get insurance how difficult is it to get the medication and has anyone received it for free like the company claims to do if u qualify? ## Getting insurance to pay isn't that hard, if you have a good Dr., they will go to bat for you with insurance company.Obviously it's quite expensive and even after insurance pays their part, there's still a pretty big co-pay, mine was over $600 per month per Rx. You can get co-pay financial aid from the medicine companys, I'll include a link to each: Patient Authorization and Notice of Release of Information form They each paid the full co-pay for me, but you can't be on Medicare or Medicade. Good ... ...
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Methadone Clinics or medicaid doctors
My son and daughter inlaw are on methadone and they both are on medicaid. Is there a Medicaid Dr in birmingham where they can receive a prescription for methadone without having to pay the high cost of the dose wheter it is from pain or from addiction???? Please help me I am on SS and try to help them but I can only do so much. They have tried Suboxone but it made them sick. I would rather see them on methadone than on pills or whatever addiction. ## NWATC is a methadone treatment center in Bessemer Alabama. NWATC is a medicaid provider. If you are interested in finding out more about our treatment facility please call 205-425-1200 or e-mail me at the address above. ## Methadone is one of the cheapest pills to be on, if you have a prescription. I get 270 10 mg. pills for $27.22. That is... ...
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Tue, Feb 18 '14, 10:49 AM   14  Subscribe to thread 217825
Hi all, my husband has been on Talwin nx for many years. In the past two years the cost has gone up and down like crazy. He started taking the generic but that too is so expensive (over $400 for 3 months). Wow I thought generics were suposed to be cheap. We had insurance up to last month and I have no idea how we are going to pay for his pills. He has an inhaler for asthma that is $900 for three months. I know some drug companies help if you can't afford the medication. Does anyone know anything about this? ## When they took Darvocet off the market my doctor put me on Talwin NX which works but it is so expensive. Does anyone know of something that works like these do and are cheaper or maybe a cheaper place to buy the Talwin NX, or the generic Pentazocine/Naloxone? Thanks! ## I have... ...
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Prozac Nation? Are we addicted to Antidepressants?
We live in a nation where drugs are created for every conceivable human feeling. Do you ever wonder if these feelings are normal and not meant to be drugged away? What if your depression and anxiety were you body's natural way of telling you something is going on with you, that you need to pay attention to something inside of you? Seriously, how else would our mind and body alert us if something is wrong, if not through our depression and anxiety? Are we then actually harming ourselves by medicating away our body's natural reaction to stress? I like to hear your thoughts on why we should or shouldn't stop taking drugs. ## You are so correct with this statement. Our bodies are telling us it isnt working right, but most doctors are too quick with the ink pen to try to find the... ...
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Methadone 10mg Asc 116
WHAT COMPANY MAKES THESE ASC 116 AND WHEN DID THEY COME OUT ON THE MARKET? ## January, 2012 ## That date is correct and the manufacturer is Ascend Laboratories, LLC. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Yeah, what is the difference between this pill and the 10mg methadone white round pill labled 54/142 and scored on the other side, is it just the manufacturer? I usually get the 54/ 142 and pay about $22 for 150 I had to go to a different pharmacy this month and they gave me the ascertain 116 ones and charged me $90 for the same 150!! I mean I don't have insurance but this seems outrageous. Could it maybe just have been the pharmacy I went to? Also, I want to make sure there wont be a difference in my pain management on these pills. Thanks ## hey these are made by ascend lab... ...
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