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CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO KEEP THE PATCH FROM COMING OFF AFTER SECOND DAY ? I SHOWER A COUPLE TIMES A DAY AND ON THE SECOND DAY THE PATCH WON'T STAY ON.THEN YOU USE MORE THAN WHAT IS PERSCRIBED AND YOU RUN OUT OF PATCHES AND THE INSURANCE COMPANY WON'T PAY FOR ANY MORE THAN PERSCRIBED,THEN COMES WITH DRAW ? ## The information I received with my patches indicate that the patch should not get wet. I have the same problem. In reading other post, there is a clear cover that can be obtained to protect the patch from water. I have not researched for any sourses, but will soon. I will contact you again if I find a resonable sourse, unless I see another post answers your question. This drug scares me, I have expereniced the DT's with much weaker drugs, and I would not wish that 10 d... ...
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Wed, Sep 17 '14, 3:01 AM   136  Subscribe to thread 178334
pain management doctors in alabama
I have a left leg gone and rods in my back and the doctor that dismissed me after the suit was over couldn't see me anymore because the car insurance wouldn't pay any more and he had me on all this medicine and now I need a doctor who will give me back my medicines ## Hello, Edward! How are you? Sorry about the pain that you're in. Do you currently have a PCP that you see regularly who could refer you to someone? If so, that would most likely be the easiest way to get the help you need. Does anyone know of any good doctors in that area? ...
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Mon, Nov 25 '13, 4:07 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 255722
pain management dr in memphis tn
Need pain Dr in Memphis tn or north ms to prescribe pain meds. Have r.a. and self pay. ## I located a few different pain management specialists in the Memphis, TN area that you may want to consider checking out. Posted below is their contact information: Autry Parker, MD, MPH Parker Pain & Rehabilitation Center 6005 Park Avenue Suite 802 Memphis, TN 38119 Phone: (901) 763-0037 Schnapp Moacir MD 55 Humphreys Centre Suite 200 Memphis, TN 38120 Phone: (901) 747-0040 Kit Mays, MD Mays & Schnapp Pain Clinic 55 Humphreys Ctr Memphis, TN 38120 Phone: (901) 747-0040 Fax: (901) 747-3443 Ashley L Park, MD 1400 S GERMANTOWN RD GERMANTOWN, TN 38138 Phone: (901) 759-3100 I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on finding the right care! ...
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Mon, Apr 29 '13, 8:18 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 245241
teva gluten amphetamine salts 10mg tab
I recently started taking generic Adderall (Amphetamine Salts 10 mg manufactured by Teva) since that's all my insurance company will pay for. But I have severe gluten intolerance and have been having a lot of stomach issues recently and am wondering if there's gluten in any of the fillers. The pills are blue, oval shaped tablet imprinted with a B 972 on the front and 1 0 on the back. Does anyone know if there are any gluten ingredients used? THANK YOU! ## Hello, Allison! How are you? One of the inactive ingredients in this tablet is corn starch, thus yes, if it's not pure, there is a chance it could contain gluten. Many facilities that produce corn starch are shared and easily become contaminated with gluten. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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clear plain capsule with nothing but purple powder inside
capsule is clear and the contents are purple in color with no writting on the capsule at all. ## IF there are no markings on the capsule, it will be impossible to positively identify, unless you would pay to have it lab tested. It could be any one of a large number of over the counter items, including supplements or even a foreign medication. I'm sorry, I wish I could help more. Was it found in the U.S.? ...
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Mon, Aug 30 '10, 2:33 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 207643
How to apply for free Januvia
I have a friend who takes Januvia and it is difficult for him to afford. Is there a generic for this pill or does your company provide some assistance in the way of payment for people who can not afford it? ## Hi Patricia - Merck (the manufacturer) offers a patient assistance program for this medication. More details are on their web site at - best wishes and please let me know how it goes... ## my doctor prescribed januvia for me but i couldn't afford it it cost too much for me since i have to take for life I really need help! ## the januvia is very high price ## need help with medicine ## Think Januvia is expensive try Beyetta its $480 a month ...
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Tue, Nov 12 '13, 10:49 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 200365
round blue pill no letters or numbers
small round pill no imprints at all light blue coloring ## I am sorry, but if there are no markings, it is not possibly for us to positively identify it from the description. The only other thing you could do would be to pay to have it lab tested. We can safely say that it is not a legal, U.S. prescription medication, since they are all required to have unique imprints. That said, however, it could be any one of hundreds of over the counter medications or supplements. I am very sorry, I wish I could help you more. ...
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Sat, Feb 20 '10, 1:16 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 201430
I have been taking ambien for many years now. Recently I ordered a 3 month supply from what I've now discovered is a less than reputable company, but as I have no insurance, the cost was less than what I've been paying. My question is this....when i take ambein, I wake up feeling ,medine hangover so to speak. Since I've been taking the stilnox, I feel like I've been drugged with valium or something for the entire day. I've googled these pills, and everything says they are the same thing, but the sure don't affect me the same. One other note, on the bottle I got, it said they were manufactured in 2007. Could it be that they are too old to take? ...
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Sat, May 09 '09, 12:48 PM   0 
Getting help with Librax
Where do I get help to pay for my Librax medication? Even the generic is 120 dollars. i am so scared as this is the only one that works for me. ## There are actually 2 programs that you can look into for assistance with this medication. One is through RX Outreach and you can contact them for more information at 800-769-3880. The other is through Xubek Pharmaceuticals and you can contact them at 866-699-8239. The income requirements may vary from program to program, which is why I felt it best to list both. Learn more Librax details here. Can you post back and let me know if you have any luck? ...
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Tue, Oct 16 '12, 6:38 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 237000
What 25 states allow medicaid patients methadone to be paid for? Secondly, in which states are there nursing homes that take medicaid patients on methadone and will give the treatment? ## I know in california medi-cal (which is california's version of medicaid) pays for methadone treatment... ## @Vickie, I found a page that lists the states that offer medicaid coverage for Methadone, as well as some info on their policies. Here's a link to the page: I hope this helps! ...
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Tue, Feb 19 '13, 4:39 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 233683
blue diazepam dz 10
blue one side DZ under it 10 othe side smothe ## hi i have these they are a pale colourof blue and says mp 59 and on the other side a line down the middle are these genunine ## Do these come in sealed tubs & how much would you pay for a tub?? ...
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Tue, Mar 19 '13, 8:18 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 205099
isosorb mono 120mg
Updated 5 years ago.
Thu, Jan 15 '09, 5:16 PM   0 
Why is Axiron SOOOOO Expensive?
I know Axiron works. its amazing. But still. The price? I could understand the price if it was the meds that were gonna keep my heart beating, and save my life. But a side effect is increased rish of stroke? Insurance doesnt want to pay for it, yet the price is so atronomical! Help me understand why. If it was half the price, I am sure double the users would be lining up! ## Well, if you really want to know, it's because of the millions of dollars that the manufacturer had to spend on research, development and testing to get it approved and bring it to market… once that happens, they have to spend even more to make people aware of its existence. And they only have a limited period of time in which to recoup their investment, so the price is always relatively high for name bran... ...
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Mon, Feb 24 '14, 4:50 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 260636
clotrim beta cream
can one use this cream on lips for say herpes or a cold sore? will it work? or no? ## you can use the cream at the first signs of a cold sore and it will be gone by the next day I just learned that fact yesterday ## Is there a generic for Clotrim/Beta Cre Diprop? I am paying $66.25 for 45 pills. My wife is in an Alzheimer's care facility in Lexington, SC. Many Thanks, T Mackey ## s there a generic for ZYVOX? I am paying $191.00 for 6 pills. My wife is in an Alzheimer's care facility in Lexington, SC. Many Thanks, T Mackey ...
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Sat, Oct 08 '11, 6:08 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 197134
ExpressScripts is 4-0 in my book
It has been a Godsend to me husband. who died last May. My meds for cancer and glaucoma were so costly. A fellow Navy man led us to Express Scripts. I had free coverage from the company I retired from and was paying alot above their 5% coverage for meds and doctors. I gave up that insurance to qualify for TriCare and Express Scripts and we've never been sorry. L.M. Evans ...
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Mon, Aug 17 '09, 7:27 AM   0 
Patient Assistance Programs
I take alprazolam but cannot afford to pay for it since I am disabled. Do you have a patient assistance program for this? Please email me back at Thank you. Joe Holstein ## There is a program through Pfizer for those that don't have any insurance and are low-income, it's through Pfizer Pfriends and they can be reached for more information at 866-706-2400. Are there any comments or questions? ...
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Sat, Feb 18 '12, 4:42 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 225659
My doctor just changed my prescription of Benicar 20 to Losartan 50 because my insurance won't pay for Benicar. Plus I was having irregular heartbeat. Is this a good change? Or am I going to have problems? ## @Lee, I wish I could tell you, but honestly there's no way to know ahead of time how any drug might end up affecting you since everyone reacts and responds differently. As far as potential side effects go, Losartan does still carry the same/similar risks as Benicar. But this doesn't necessarily mean you'll still be experiencing them. The switch from one medication to the other shouldn't be too far off the edge, since both medications are in the same class of medications called angiotensin II receptor antagonists. They both work by blocking the action of certain ... ...
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Thu, Mar 21 '13, 1:31 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 244544
Folbic VS Metanx
I currently take Metanx which is a perscription vitamin. Is Folbic a good replacement. Metanx is expensive and my drug plan does not pay for but will pay for Folbic ## Folbic is similar, since it contains a form of Folic Acid, Methylcobalamin and Pyridoxine, but the formulations for absorption are different. Learn more Folbic details here. Thus, I'd suggest checking with your doctor to see what your best alternative would be. Why are you taking it? ...
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Wed, Jan 16 '13, 8:07 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 241355
why will insurance plans not pay for this when dr says it is important nto take and you cant afford it ## Pradaxa (dabigatran) is used to prevent stroke and blood clots in patients with atrial fibrillation. Doctor's may say that it is an important medication to take; but this depends on whether or not you have a condition which requires this type of medication. If you do, I would suggest looking into other prescription drugs with similar indications. Insurance companies may accept one brand of this med over another. Ideally, you'd have to talk to your insurance company to find out specifically why they wouldn't cover this (as there could be many reasons), but I've seen insurance companies that only cover the cost of certain brand names and don't cover the cost of gen... ...
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Fri, Mar 28 '14, 5:36 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 223101
San Antonio Doctors
Trying to find a doctor in San Antonio, TX who I can Vicodin and soma from my pain doc the one that workers comp sent me to found pot in my urine & got cut off. Had failed back surgery in 2010 suffer from chronic pain. so any one know any docs I can go to willing to pay cash ## You will need your medical records from your previous dr. With them finding marijuana in the tox analysis, I seriously doubt if you will be able to find Pain Management Dr who will accept you as a new patient. And if you manage to find someone, them prescribing you the same meds as you were taking before is highly doubtful. Pain Management Dr are in great demand. Patients who don't go by their Pain Contracts aren't worth the risk. You also won't be able to find any other dr who will prescribe you ... ...
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