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Clopilet Side Effects

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Clopilet Side Effects
Will Clopilet cause GI tracrt bleeding on long term use? ## Clopilet contains the active ingredient Clopidogrel, it is used to help inhibit blood clotting. It can increase the risk of bleeding, but there is no way to say that it will or will not cause any particular type of bleeding in any particular person. Medications can affect everyone differently. Learn more: Have you spoken to your doctor about your concerns? ## how long clopilet75 can be used?are there any side effects of it if used a long time? ...
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Side Effects Of Clopilet 75
what are the side effects of clopilet75? ## Clopilet contains the active ingredient Clopidogrel, which is used to help inhibit blood clotting. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and increased risk of bleeding. Learn more Clopilet details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Clopilet 75 Mg Side Effects
I would like to know clopilet 75mg is equvalent to storvas or is it necessary to use both ## No, they are different medications with different medical uses. Clopilet contains the active ingredient Clopidogrel, it is used to help prevent blood clotting. Learn more Clopilet details here. Storvas contains the active ingredient Atorvastatin, which is used to help lower cholesterol. Learn more Storvas details here. Has your doctor directed you to take both? ...
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side effects of clopilet a 150
I am useding copitab a 150 now useing capilet a 150 what is defference or it is same ...
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clopilet tablet side effects
Does clopilet tablets cause gastric irritation if used for years ? ## If you've been taking a medication for years and it has never caused such a problem before, then it is unlikely to be causing it now. Have you made any recent changes to your diet? Are you on any other medications? What type of gastric problem are you having? ...
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clopilet uses and side effects
I had angioplasty in 2011 ( I never had a heart attack and I wanted to check my heart condition as my father died of Heart attack ) as I underwent TMT there was some problem Doctor told me to take angiogram and he told me there is blocks and it is better to do Angioplasty as at anytime I can have a heart attack. There was blocks 100% in one and 75% in another and 45% in the third. He put stents in the first two and left other as it can be cured through medication. Now I am taking Atocor-20mg,Clopilet 75mg, Repace 25mg and Seloken XL 25mg and Ecosprin 150mg. I would like to know the purpose of taking these medicine and whether I can quit this medicine and can take diet control and exerise only. As these medication has wide side effect I need your advice. ## Hello, Surender! How are you d... ...
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side effects of Tab clopilet A 150 mg
please send me detailed as possible. ## Side effect ...
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clopilet and ecospirin 75 mg side effects
I had asd device closure and iam taking ecospirin and clopilet 75mg each daily once can you please tell me the side effects of long term usage ...
Updated 2 months ago.
Thu, Aug 21 '14, 2:22 AM   0 
side effects by using clopilet 75 ,crestor5 and seloken XL 25
from kerala,aged 57, Dr I had recently done CABG, Now Iam using clopilet 75 mg ,seloken XL 25, crestor 5 mg, Dynapress 0.4 and Finast 5 mg. Is there any side effects or major complications by using these much medicines continuously? iam using these medicines since last 9 months. Can i stop any medicines partially ? Iam also suffering prostate problem. ## I am a heart patient. I have done A.P. in the month of November, 2013. As per doctor's advice,I am taking the following medicines. I want to know that is there any side effect for taking the said medicine in long time. i) Monotrat SR 30 mg ii) clopilet 75mg iii) USP 50 mg iv) Stamlo - 5 v) Alzolam 0.25 vi) Reblet D ...
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ecosprin 75 side effects
I was taking Ecosprin 75 from 2006 after my angioplasty. Now after almost 6 years of usage I find that my stomach acidity is too difficult to handle and hence sought from doctor an alternative. Can anyone suggest me suitable alternative. Is clopilet 75 an alternative and how to handle side effects of clopilet 75 ? Kindly guide. ...
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Sun, Aug 18 '13, 3:12 AM   0 
tab. Clopilet A
detailed description of clopilet a ## Clopilet-A contains the active ingredients Clopidogrel and Aspirin, it is used for its blood thinning properties. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and increased risk of bleeding. More details: Are there any other questions? ...
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side effects of prolomet xl 25
I have been prescribed Prolomet XL25 once a day.Ihave started feeling giddy and dizzy and occasional nausea after I started taking Prolomet is it a side effect of this drug? ## Prolomet XL contains the active ingredient Metoprolol, which is a beta blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. And yes, those can be side effects of it as your body adjusts to the medication. Have you checked your blood pressure levels? Those could also be signs of it dropping too low. Learn more Prolomet XL details here. ## I am taking following medicines for my BP/cholestrol and partial blocksin heart arteries: clopilet A75, Rosuvas 20mg KTN sorbitrate Korandil5 Prolomet xl20mg olwemax 20 mg metagard& Pan D Globulin 3.8 MG/DL, ,SGOT- 42 , GAMA GT- 1... ...
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clopilet A 150mg
detailed description, uses, side effects of clopilet drug ## Clopilet contains the active ingredient Clopidogrel, this is an antiplatelet agent used to help prevent clotting of the blood. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, bleeding and anemia. Read more: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## On May 31 2011 I had my angioplasty . I am prescribed the following drugs..Clopilet A 150; Aztor20 and Prolomet XL25. I have no BP and my Cholestrol is under control . Can stop taking Aztor and Prolomet and just continue with ClopiletA150?.I do 90 minutes brisk walking and 20 minutes energiasation exrecise everyday .Thank you. ## I HAD A MILD STROKE IN BRAIN ON OR ABOUT 1ST SEPT'14 I WAS GIVEN BY CLOPILET 150 .& ECOSPRIN + DEPAKOT 500 AND I AM TAKING IT FOR LAST 4 ... ...
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Clopilet Tab 75 Mg
hi wanted to weather clopilet effects kidney ## Clopilet contains the active ingredient Clopidogrel, it is used to help prevent clotting. Learn more Clopilet details here. And there are always possible risks to any medication. However, what you should do is discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor to see if it's best for you to take it or not. Are there any other comments or questions? ...
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Ecosprin 150 Mg /clopilet 75
Hi last month my mother had undergone angioplasty doctor prescribed him tab ecosprin 150 mg 2dose,clopilet 75 2dose storvas 80 1 dose i want to know that is there any side effect after taking these it ok to take every day ## All medications carry the risk of side effects, however, with a heart condition, the risks are far greater if someone doesn't take the proper medications to improve heart function and circulation. Most heart patients take medications like this, daily, to keep their condition under control and reduce their future risk. Ecosprin contains the active ingredient Aspirin and, in such cases, it is used for its blood thinning properties. Its side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, stomach irritation and increased risk of bleeding. Learn more: Clopilet con... ...
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Clopilet A-150 & Acitrom 10mg.
Is it fine to take this 2 tablets for long time. I was suffered from pulmonary thromoembloism and get treatment for it. Doctor prescribed to take Acitrom 10mg + clopilet A 150 + Dytor Plus10 + Deriphyllin Retard 150. My PT (INR) is 3.15. Is there any side effects or any risk involve to continue the medicines. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Fri, Feb 24 '12, 3:00 AM   0 
Ecosprin AV 150 & Clopilet Led to Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Hello, My father, a diabetic from last 10 years, suffered from a heart attack 2 months back and had an angioplasty done with 2 stents implanted. He has been prescribed medicines such as Aspirin (Ecosprin-AV 150 ) and Clopidogrel (clopilet 75) among others. After taking these medicines for 2 months, he suffered from extreme gastrointestinal bleeding and had to be hospitalized under ICU care and was also administered 6 bottles of blood. Now he is fine, but it is known that the main undesirable side effects of aspirin are gastrointestinal bleeding, stomach bleeding, etc especially in higher doses. My doctor tells me that it is necessary to continue with the aspirin for the sake of stents implanted. I am afraid that continuing with this medicine may cause another bout of stomach/gasto-intes... ...
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About effects of the medicines I have to take for Diabetes blood Pressure and heart related medicines
I take following Medicines : Glycinorm- M80- 1 BD Vozuka (0.3mg) activ 1 OD X-tor 10 1 OD Tetan AM 40 1OD Amtas 5 1OD Clopilet 75 1OD With the above medicines my Sugar level is around normal and BP is normal. The Problem : My arms & leg (both upper & lower) have become very thin and lackluster. I always feel sleepy & weak. (My Doctor advised for Tsh but the test result is normal.) ...
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Thu, Sep 25 '14, 9:47 AM   0 
Dytor 5
i and m taking Amlong MT 50, Clopilet A 75, dytor 5 , Atorin 10 daily. Please tell me side effects . ## I am also taking since last 2 year.there is no as such side effect. This is safest pill avaliable in the market. So be assuerd ## what is the side effect of dytor-5 to the person suffer from pleural effusion ## WHAT IS THE SPECIFIC WEIGHT DID THE PERSON SUFFER FROM PLEURAL EFFUSION THAT EXIST TO HIM FOR LONG TIME UNTIL HE KNOW.EXAMPLE A YEAR ## WHAT IS THE SPECIFIC WEIGHT DID THE PERSON SUFFER FROM PLEURAL EFFUSION LOST THAT EXIST TO HIM FOR LONG TIME UNTIL HE KNOW.EXAMPLE A YEAR ## I have problem of water retain on legs and ankles. My kidneys seems to be little more of concern. Whether adding Dyror-5 is safe? My doc prescribed me Dytor-5, and am already on Clopilet 75mg,& Olmezes... ...
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swelling legs
My mother has been used ecosprin - 150 mg, clopilet - 75 mg, Biovaas - 10 mg, Amit - 25mg and Sibelium - 10mg for almost 2 months. since 20 days, her legs are swelling. would it be the side effects any of these of tablets? or else what is the cause for this? ...
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Wed, Jan 02 '13, 7:30 AM   0 

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