Capsule K 14

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red capsule IP 141
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red capsule IP 141 ## Reason for use dosage ## The pill in description is Acetaminophen (325 mg) + Dichloral (100 mg) + Isometheptene (65 mg); which is used to treat headaches. To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
Updated 6 years ago in Acetaminophen.
Mon, Dec 21 '09, 5:33 PM
apo 14 pill capsule
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Small light green and white capsule with markings APO 14. I can't find any information on it ## Hello, Maryjane! How are you? I believe the marking you're looking at is APO T4 and the capsule contains 4mgs of Tizanidine, which is a muscle relaxant that's used to alleviate the pain associated with sprains, strains and spasms. Its side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Tizanidine.
Tue, Oct 28 '14, 12:09 PM
blue capsule n 140 200
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blue capsule n140 space 200 ...
Updated 5 years ago.
Tue, Jul 20 '10, 5:31 AM
mylan 143 green capsule
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How often should take the pill yr gfor gout ## The green capsule with MYLAN 143 on each half contains 25mgs of Indomethacin, it is a pretty strong nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that's used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach irritation. This medication shouldn't be taken by someone that has had ulcers or other gastrointestinal issues, due to it being very harsh on the stomach. Learn more Indomethacin details here. And you should only take it as prescribed by your physician. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Can u over dose on endomethacin ...
Updated 2 years ago in Indomethacin.
Fri, Oct 18 '13, 6:15 AM
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for high blood ## i used to get the generic name of lifesar ## This is not available in the US and I cannot find any information on it. ## I have a patient, female 47 years old taking lifesar 50mg od and neobloc 50mg bd. She is suffering from unstable blood pressure and brachycardia as per my record monitoring her pressure and Pulse rate started last dec.11,09 BP-131/59mmhg, PR-50 beats/min. taken at 11:20am, dec.12,09 BP-117/62mmhg, PR-49b/min. taken @6:10am, dec.13,09 BP-148/77mmhg taken @6am, PR-50, and today Bp-144/83mmhg, PR-55b/min. ## I have patient, female 50y.o suffering from HTN and had a history of transient Ischemic attack twice maintaining a drug called Telmisartan Hydrochlorothiazide (Pritor Plus) 40mg/12.5 OD started year 2007 up to the present. Patient complaint of diffi... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Telmisartan.
Sat, Nov 12 '11, 3:49 AM
nervijen p capsule
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Sir im feeling nervs pain in my left leg so im taking nervijen p capsule one at the evening time , im dibetic patent also, so let me know is it useful ? ## I am a Deibatic patients since 14 years i am 43 years old female , both my foot are tender n numb it hurts when walking .... Feels like walking with cotton.... Hv taken nervijen since two months .... Wud it help ? ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Tue, Apr 26 '16, 3:49 AM
dark green and light green capsule 141 klx
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Dark green and light green capsule with the number 141 and the letters klx ## This is a 500mg Keflex capsule, it contains the active ingredient Cephalexin, this is an antibiotic. Common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, skin rash and diarrhea. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## WHAT IS 141 KLX USED FOR YOUR MOUTH OR SOMETHING I NEED ANSWERS NOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE AND THABK YOU ## I was wondering the same thing. If 141 KLX is the best antibiotic for swollen Wisdom teeth. Long story short, my friend has a dog who was given 141 KLX over a paw injury. He told me that the dogs antibiotics are safe for me to take. My affects are, that my neck and chin has been swollen for sometime, my body feels weak like im sick. It all began when the pain fro... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Keflex.
Mon, Jun 09 '14, 7:07 PM
markings drug name mylan 147 green capsule
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green capsule marked Mylan 147 for gout ## This is Indomethacin 50mgs, a generic for Indocin. This is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. ...
Updated 7 years ago in Indomethacin.
Mon, Jun 23 '08, 11:26 AM
dan 5440 blue capsule
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How many dan 5440 pills should I take to treat a pelvic inflammatory infection? ## Hello, Kayla! How are you? Sorry about the PID. The capsules with this marking contain 100mgs of Doxycycline, which is an antibiotic that can be used to treat various types of infections. It may also cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Learn more Doxycycline details here. And you should follow your doctor's prescribing instructions on how much to take and how often, usually it's 100mgs every 12 hours for 14 days. What has your doctor advised? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Doxycycline.
Wed, Sep 25 '13, 3:00 PM
susten 200mg capsules
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I am 26 years married for 1 year.I have polycystic ovaries.Now I am pregnant for 6 weeks.Suddenly spotting is there,then I have appointment with the Dr.I have Early scan,everything was right,then Dr prescribed me Susten 200mg twice a day for 14 days and then tell to have another scan after 2 weeks.after taking 4 tablets of susten 200mg till i have spotting sometimes is it dangerous to by baby ,i am very much worried.plz advise me. ## Susten contains Progesterone, it is a hormone replacement medication. It is often used in such cases to make sure the mother has enough in her body to support a health pregnancy and attempt to avert miscarriage. Side effects could include: nausea, headache and menstrual spotting. That said, this site is not medical professionals to advise you on what to do,... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Progesterone.
Mon, Nov 24 '14, 1:29 AM
propon with iron capsule
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Ako Si Glenn 24yrs Old 5 8 In Height At 120pounds Lng Umiinom Ng Propan With Iron Capsule Bago Matulog Ilang Araw Kong Iinumin Ang Para Makuha Ko Timbang Na 140lbs ...
Updated 5 years ago.
Fri, Feb 18 '11, 12:06 AM
Capsule Pink And White with red band in middle, marked 1462
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What is the pink and white capsule with a red band in the middle and the number 1462 ## The marking is actually L 462 and this capsule contains 25mgs of Diphenyhydramine, it is a generic or store brand of Benadryl, which is used to treat allergies. Learn more Diphenhydramine details here. I've actually got a box of these sitting right here, it is a great antihistamine. Where did you find it? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Benadryl.
Sun, Jul 22 '12, 9:54 AM
adderall er 15mg blue capsule
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Hello All, I am not glad that you are having issues, but if am so glad that you post, because I am having the same issue with my 14 year old son. He was taking the blue and white 15 mg Amphetamine salts ER for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. This is his very first time on the medication, IT WORKED! Well after the first 30 day prescription, good old CVS decided to take it upon themselves and change it to the orange pill, same miller grams, but the name on the bottle is Dextroamp-amphetamine ER. This dose not work at all. My son is constantly falling asleep, and the Cataplexy has complete control over him, causing him to fall at least four to five times a day. Can anyone please tell me what is the difference between the two medications, and any suggestions on how I can fix it. ## Your son shou... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Adderall.
Sat, Feb 27 '16, 5:53 PM
isometh/apap/dichlor capsules
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Red capsules with IP 141 written on them ## Found a match it's Acetaminophen 325 mg, Dichloralantipyrine 100 mg, and Isometheptene Mucate 65 mg which is used to treat headaches. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## I have been using Midrin (Isometh/apap/dichlor Capsules), the red and white ones with the inscription "EPI 101" for many years to control my migraines. Now my pharmacist tells me it will no longer be available in the US. Is there an acceptable substitute? I am allergic to aspirin. Is midren available in Canada? ## I have discovered the same problem. Nothing else works for me. I know that my migraines are all related to food reactions, but when I get one, this is the only thing... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Acetaminophen.
Sat, Oct 08 '11, 9:49 AM
Clindamycin Rx692 Blue Green Capsule
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Was sick with sinus infection and a doc gave me a script for 3 (150) mg clindmycin caps 3 X a day. I am feeling better now and looking at the amount of pills I have left, it seems an extreme amount of pills. ## Even if you are feeling better, you should finish the antibiotic, as prescribed, to make sure that the infection is completely cleared up. Normally, they are given at the 3 a day dosage for between 10 to 14 days, depending on the dosage and just because you may be feeling better, there could still be remnants of the infection lingering in your body. Not finishing the prescribed amount could result in your developing antibiotic resistant bacteria and the infection returning and being more difficult to treat. Are there any other comments or questions? ...
Updated 4 years ago in Clindamycin.
Wed, Sep 14 '11, 10:13 AM
KLX 141
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2 tone green capsule with the letters KLX 141 on it. ## its an mom works for a vet clinic and she gives me the same ones whenever i'm sick i think that they are a generic of amoxicillin but i'm not sure ## There an antibiotic called Cephalexin ## That is indeed Cephalexin, 500 mg i believe, not sure if they are generic form of the antibiotic, but it is Cephalexin. ## For reassurance the pill in description is Cephalexin (500 mg); an antibiotic used to treat various types of infections. To my knowledge Cephalexin is not a generic form. To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
Updated 6 years ago in Amoxicillin.
Mon, Jan 25 '10, 5:58 PM
White oblong capsule with APO on one side
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Small, white oblong capsule with APO on one side. There used to be markings on the other side of the pill but they have been scraped off. Looks like 3 numbers, from what I can make out, it may be 112, 110, or 140, 142. Sorry, I know that's vague. Can you help? ## Based on the possible markings which you provided, I did find a white capsule with APO 112 - That is Gabapentin 100 mg manufactured by Apotex. Does that ring a bell at all? For more details about this drug please see: Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ...
Updated 7 years ago in Gabapentin.
Tue, May 19 '09, 6:15 PM
Dark Blue capsule shaped pill with gray band imprint L A
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Its a dark blue capsule shaped pill with a gray band that has 15 with dots arranged in a rectangle shape. the imprint is L A with the L on one side of the gray band and the A on the opposite side. ## I have really bad menstrual cramps an want to know if this medicine will help relieve pain. ## @Jennifer, Have you every used essential oils for your menstrual cramps? Clary Sage works wonders for all sorts of menstrual issues. I have personally used this oil for years and It really helps. It also has many other health benefits, which is definitely a plus! You can purchase Clary Sage from most health stores and multiple online vendors. I recommend the brands Young living and Doterra. Click this link for more info about this natural remedy: ... ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Sat, Dec 29 '12, 3:14 AM
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white capsule ...
Updated 10 years ago.
Sat, Aug 06 '05, 1:03 PM
progesterone soft gelatin capsules after iui
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I have got done iui on 11.11.14 and 13.11.14 , my dctr prescribed to ytake progestrone soft gelatin capsule ,01 capsule daily at bed time... i would like to know, this mdcne will help me to get pregnent. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Progesterone.
Sun, Nov 16 '14, 10:09 PM

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