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antidepressant, one a day ## I was prescribed Cipralex 25mg once a day, I took the first one on the saturday and couldn't get out of bed or eat/drink for four days, when I finally got to speak to my doctor he said he would leave me a prescription for 5mg dose, needless to say I have not picked these up, it was scary to say the least I wasn't feeling suicidal before taking but was on taking them, bad very bad, not an experience I want to have again, so I have gone back on to mirtazapine 4 at night at 15mg each one, feeling much better now. ...
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Mon, Dec 14 '09, 4:21 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 199124
ZIFI200mg Tablet for treatment of Typhoid
Dosage for adult, How many days for treatment, side effects,precaution etc. ## My family doctor has prescribed ZIFI 200mg Tablet for a week [daily two tablets for seven days]. After four days my body temp. became normal. Hence I thought that how long should I take this treatment. I am now completely well. Thank you for your co-operation in taking intrest in my illness. ## My son 7 years old had a fever 102--103 for 6 days post that on the 7 th day did a test for typhoid and malaria which came negative after a week he suddenly had a low grade fever and looked very washed out so at the start of week 3 did a typhoid test which came positve the dr has prescribed him zifi 200 mg for 10 days wanted to know how come the typhoid test when the fever was on came negative also the dr has not state... ...
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Amoxi Clav 875
I had the flu and was percribed Amox Clav 875Mg because I was bleeding from my ears.the bleeding stopped but the there was liquid draining from them .The draining stopped now I am left with very little hearing and a constant ringing in my ears it has been two weeks and I barely hear anything will my hearing come back in time?It has been two weeks now should I continue taking the Amox-Clav 875mg ## If it has been over 2 weeks and you are still having such problems, then you should most likely return to your doctor to have them checked again. Learn more Augmentin details here. It may be something as simple as just some left over crud from the infection that didn't drain, so your ears may just need cleaned, but there is a chance that the infection hasn't cleared up. Have you had an... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Augmentin.
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Ramistarvise abt the ongoing medication.
My husband was having BP which he ignored for 2-3 years. Last yr he was admitted for 8days with severe head ache & resistant BP. Now he is using the following medicines daily for BP : Ramistar H 5mg, Metzok 50, Inapure 5mg, Minipress XL 5mg, Nicardia Ret. 20mg., Rantac 150mg. Please advise now it is almost 1year & 4 months he is daily taking these tabl. We hv gone to 3 cardiologist & none have reduced the medicines. How long should this be continued ?? His BP is in normal levels. Frequent he has Body pain, feet swelling, weakness... is it because of these medicines.. ...
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Tue, Nov 01 '11, 11:41 PM   0 
Semi Glynase
Semi Glynase Tablet what is the tablet for and the side effects ## I used to take regularly the semiglynase 2.5mg tablet. and the sugar is controled. am I suposed to take in combination with metaformin? which the doctor says as better in view of adverse effecvt to kidney etc.please clarify the merrit and demerit of only semiglynase tabs. ## I am a diabetic ptient. I was taking Glynase 5, three tmes a day (1-1/2-1/2) before food along with 1 Ecospirin 75 and Envas 5 in afternoon and night respectively after food. Recently, the medicines were changed as Semi Glynase 2.5 one tablet each before lunch and before dinner, Envas 5 in the morning & night, Ecospirin 75 in the afternoon along with Metformin Hydrochloride (500mg) one each after lunch and dinner. Once the medicines are changed a... ...
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bipolor med ## Pls help with info onthis med--I have suffered and wreaked havoc in my life for more than 40 yrs. Four suicide attempts and am growing weary with myself--Lithium and various meds have been tried since 9/1988 but the highs and lows cont--Lithium aseems to be toxic or no showing up in blood tests--Please help me, please. 916-205-2355 with this request. I am only taking Symbrax times 2 weeks and no other meds at present. Thank you very much.... ## IM BIPOLAR AND IHAVE BEEN PERCRIPED SYMBRAX AND XANAX XR IVE BEEN ON IT FOR SOME TIME I HAVE LOST MY JOB AND IN REAL BAD FINACIAL SHAPE ALSO LOST MY WIFE AND DARN NEAR EVERYTHING. THE DOCTOR VISIT IS ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS THE XANAX IS 90.00 THE SYMBRAX IS 289.00. I HAVE BEEN OUT FOR WEEKS. IM STARTING A NEW JOB . THEIR IS NO SALARY O... ...
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I Have Been Asked By The Doctor To Take Ecosprin 75 Life Long A Family History Of Cag Is It Safe Ecosprin75 Regularly What Are Pros
As i have a family history of Coronory Artery diease, my doctor has advised me to take ecosprin-75 mg life long. I have hyper tension diagonised for the last 12 years. My BP is in the range of 140-150/90-95, consistently for the last 3 -4 years. I am not taking any medicine for BP till now. Is it safe to take ecosprin-75 regularly ? Please educate on its pros & cons . ...
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Stop Periods due to sandoz
Hi i took sandoz regestrone tablet 5mg for delay me periods due to diwali occassion. I started to take 31 Sept to 3 Oct (1 tablet daily) but still dont have periods. Pls tell me what should i do or consult me doctor. Reply fast. I am worried abt it. Thanks ## Hello, Pooja! How are you doing? Did you get your period, yet? Regestrone contains a hormone, so by taking it you disrupted your own natural hormone levels, which likely threw everything off. So yes, you do need to consult a doctor to be safe, but most likely it's just going to take awhile for things to balance back out. ...
Updated 8 months ago.
Sat, Nov 30 '13, 12:03 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 255549
white round pill with L468
big white pill with L468 on one side ## This is an over the counter product that contains 750mgs of Calcium Carbonate, also known as Tums, this is just the generic or store brand. Learn more Tums details here. It's used to treat heartburn and GERD, but it may be contraindicated with some medications and medical conditions, so please double check, before taking it. Are there any questions or comments? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Calcium Carbonate.
Mon, Apr 15 '13, 6:55 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 175703
availability of expired humira samples
are humira samples available whose shelf life has expire? ## do you think they are safe to take after they have expired? The first direction is check and make sure the medication hasn't expired just kinda scares me. ## What is the life expectancy of the drug Humira if kept under proper conditions? How many years is it good for? ## i have been taking expired humira. please tell me if this is safe? it has always been refrigerated and med is clear. ...
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Tue, Apr 10 '12, 6:26 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 182031
dense breast tissue
I just had a mamma gram and was told everything was just fine but they were letting me know that I have dense breast tissue. So what does that mean? ## Hello, Pam! How are you? It's nothing to worry about, dense breast tissue just means that it may be a little harder for you or a doctor to detect any possible lumps in the future, or for a mammogram to see all of the tissue. You may need to be a little more diligent about doing self-exams and, when you have to have a mammogram, it may take a little longer and be a bit more involved in order for all of the tissue to be plainly seen. Dense breast tissue happens in some women naturally and in others, it can happen if they are taking hormones, either contraceptives, or HRT. I was told the same thing this year, after having mine done. :-)... ...
Updated 10 months ago.
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glycomat sr 500mg
diabetic medicine type 2 ## The active ingredient in this is sustained release Metformin, used to help treat Type II Diabetes. Common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, low blood sugar and flatulence. Read more on the medication here: Do you have any questions? ## MY BLOOD SUGAR FASTING 124 POST LUNCH 200. I AM HAVING THOIRIDE PROBLEM [HI PO BELLOW 6 . I AM TAKING ELTROXCIN ONE TABLET PER DAY. GLUCOMAT 250 ONE TABLET PER DAY ADTER LUNCH. PLEASE ADVISE HIGHER POWER IS REQUIRED. THANK YOU ...
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M on one side 751 on the other
orange round pill with 751 on it ## wanted to know what is a small orange pill with M on one side and 751 on the other. thank you ## What is M on one side 751 on the other yellow/orange small pill ## what is the pill with m 751 on it ## wanted to know what it is ## It is Cyclobenzapr. That is generic for Flexeril which is a muscle relaxer. I am currently taking those for my back. ## I am sorry I cut off the last part of the name of the pill. It is Cyclobenzaprine. ## Steven is correct, this is Cyclobenzaprine 10mgs, generic for the muscle relaxant Flexeril. ...
Updated 6 years ago in Flexeril.
Sat, Feb 23 '08, 12:42 PM   7  Subscribe to thread 161947
omee d capsule use for
how to use omee d capsule & which deasieses ## Hi Alpesh, Are you referring to the medication Omez D perhaps? If so, my research states that Omez D contains the active ingredient (Omeprazole); which is indicated to treat dyspepsia, peptic ulcer disease, indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux disease, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, and more. The dosage for Omez D is on a case by case basis, which means that you'll need to see a doctor to have him assess the right amount for you based on your medical history and current medications. This medication can be taken in the morning and swallowed whole with a half glass of liquid. The capsules should not be chewed nor crushed. Adverse reactions: Some of the most frequent side effects of Omeprazole (experienced by over 1% of those taking the d... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Omeprazole.
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side effects after a month
I drink purbac for 5 days 2 tablets twice a day in may after that i have experience chills on my mouth,lips has gone redish and also so pains on my bones and joints, this has gone on for a month now. I took an hiv test and it came back negative. what could be the course ## Hello, Mothapo! How are you? It isn't likely due to the antibiotic that long after taking it. Are you on any other medications? Has anything in your diet changed recently? Have you had this checked out by your doctor? ...
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deltacortril ent 5mg tabs
small red tablets six tablets to be taken per day for seven days ## Deltacortil contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, this is a type of steroid, it is used to treat allergic reactions, swelling and immune disorders. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, weight gain and acne. Read more: Are there any comments or questions? ## I have nausea taking these tablets should I stop taking them ## On for the last 4 days very first time have upper resp infection but sounds to me like asthma feeling much better but still very wheezy and still get bouts of coughing had temp and was in bed feeling awful for 4days,should I be getting better iam 62 years old ...
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Does anyone feel okay on this drug?
I am almost twenty years old. I just had a d&c and was prescribed this for a vaginal bacteria infection. I have had severe stomach and back pain that feels like I'm being stabbed. I figured that it was due to the fact that I had my operation three days ago and had an IUD put in. Is it from the drug? I have a panic disorder and am terrified of taking pills. So far I have toughed it out and taken twelve pills out of my twenty-eight pill prescription. I have four days left on it: they are making me take two pills, twice daily (so 4 a day). I am scared of having seizures so I looked up forrums for reassurance: only to find all of these negative comments. Mine says APO brand- not flagyl on it; does this make a difference? ## Have you consulted your doctor? This medication contains th... ...
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dytor plus 10 Side effects
Does Dytorplus10 cause cramps in various muscles? ## Hello, Vikram! How are you? This medication is a diuretic that helps to remove excess fluid from the body to help treat conditions such as edema, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Thus, if you're experiencing muscle cramps from it, it is usually due to dehydration, because you're not taking in enough fluid to make up for the fluid it is removing. Have you consulted your doctor? How much water do you drink each day? ...
Updated 7 months ago in Diuretic.
Sat, Dec 28 '13, 2:58 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 256458
Fruta Bio Side Effects
I'm curious if these diet pills have any side effects. ## Fruta Bio is an over the counter products that claims to be all natural and to aid in weight loss. These types of products aren't tested for possible side effects, as is done with actual prescription medications, or are they actually proven to work. Is anyone familiar with this product? ## ive been takin them for 1month 1/2 now and have lost 2 sizes n about 15lbs.. the only side effect ive felt is dry mouth and thirstyness but other than that they really work! ## I have also been taking them and i also feel the same ..dry mouth, controls my appetite, anxiety at times when drinking cofee too. But it does work for losing weight ## I have been taking fruta bio for about a week now, i use to take fruta planta but it stopped w... ...
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HELP Pain Management Dr Doctor SouthEast MI Vicidon Norco Morphine Soma Percocet Oxy Specialist Southgate Taylor Southfield Wanye County Michigan
I just move here from phoenix where I was on Percocet 10mg, MS Contin(morphine sulfate 100mg), or synthetic opaite will work too bupanorphine, Tiban i think is on. and Soma. I don't have inscurance and I am looking for a Dr. or PM clinic that will write opiod medications. Anywhere in the Detroit Metro area would be nice. And since no Insurance I need it to be a cheap as possible. Also, I need to know ahead of time that the Dr will prescribe Percocet Oxycodone MS Dilaudid. I have been taking over 300 10mg Norco's a month for the pain and I know it is affecting my liver. Please if anyone can help me. And sorry about the spelling errors. ## Hi George, Listed below are a couple websites specific to locating pain management doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your ci... ...
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