Can Misoprostol Abort A 3 Weeks Pregnancy

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can misoprostol abort a 3 weeks pregnancy
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Can misoprostol abort a 2weeks pregnancy? ## Please i need ur advice on drug to take,i had unprotected sex 3days ago while ovulating ad nw i feel some how,wat do i do? ## Hello,i want to only use four doses of misoprostol,by inserting 2 in my vigina and using 2 tru my mouth,my frind says it works for her, am just 3 weeks pregnant,i don't wana complete the dose,since the pregnancy is stil early,wil it av any effect ## I took misoprostol 3 tablets a week after a pt test first showed positive but there has been very little bleeding went for a scan and was told it was an incomplete abortion but that bleeding will still occur am very tensed and don't know if I should take another misoprostol in order to make the bleeding faster. ## Hi i m 4 weeks pregnant......plz tell me the procedu... ...
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can misoprostol abort 6 weeks pregnancy
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My name is dee and was intimate my partner and found out later when I was 6 weeks pregnant. We aren't ready plus my parents are depending on me to provide for the them, so how do I use misoprostol to abort the pregnancy? ## Hi . My name is sassy . I missed my periods . Even we had taken precautions but not get periods yet .. I never missed my periods expect pregnancy . But pregnancy is impossible . We had taken precautions . I have taken gynaecosud nd cytopan 1 orally .. Should I take another cytopan. Plz help me out . Iam worried ## This is my first pregnency.I am 45 days pregnent.i am very worried whether medicine will work or not?I am confused how to take misoprostol?I had mifepristone already shall o take misoprostol all 4 tablet together?will it work for 6 week pregnent??? ## J... ...
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Sun, Jan 31 '16, 12:42 PM
can misoprostol or cytotec abort a 3 weeks pregnancy
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hey i sex with my gf 28 dec and im not sure that discharge out her peroid expact on 8th date of every month she also take 3 tb gynaecosid phill but still not expact her peroids today is 10th jan of month can she take cytotec please answer??? ## I stop mid pack of pils, but im not really sure if im pregnant. i was 5 days delayed to my period now.. can i use cytotec? ## Gf is 4 weeks pregnant. Will 4 pcs cytotec put inside vagina be effective? What's the success rate? ## Is 4 pills of cytotec in vegina after second day of unprotected sex prevent pregnency ? ## Am 3wks prgnant pls can i use misoprostol pills? And do i use it? ## Yes you can, ask the procedure to a legal abortion clinic. I'm going to start tonight, I'm 7 weeks pregnant.. ## Am five weeks pregnant I have 4pcs of ... ...
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can misoprostol abort a 3 weeks pregnancy how to use it pls
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pls i miss my proid for 3weeks now pls i need solution for dat should i user misoprostol or cytotec or prostotecpls ## I am 2to3 weeks pregnant what in store pills can I take to miscarriage ## Can I use misoprostol for 3 weeks pregnant and how to use it pls ## where can you find that medicine? i want also. ## What drugs can I use to abort 2weeks-3weeks pregnancy ## Hi,am vicky,.wat drugs can I use to get abort 2weeks-3weeks pregnancy ## am three weeks pregnant,i av taking all four tablets of 200mg dissolved in water a week ago and i noticed nothing. yesterday i took 2 tablets of misoprostol and after 45mins i took the remaining two tablets and still nothing yet. please what do i do and will taking futher medication hinder my health in any way?? ## I am three weeks pregnant. Which aborti... ...
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5 weeks pregnancy termination by misoprostol
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I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I used misoprostol 4tablets vaginally last night n two orally in morning there no trace of bleeding except in d morning what should I do? ## iam 5 weeks pregnant.i used mensovit plus still now i didnot have can u please suggest me any other pills ## use of s.t mom for 4 to 5 week pregnancy. throug toung and through vagina. please tell me the dose quantaty. ## i am 5weeks and 1 day pregnant as my ultrasound said that there is still a womb but empty becacuse before that i orally swalloed 1tab and insert 1tab then after 6 hrs i have bleed and after few hrs blood clots thats why i thought it succeded when i went to ultrasound they told me that still positive and still theres a womb but empty.. i still want to abort pls help me ## l am 25 years old lam fr... ...
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How to abort 6-7 weeks pregnancy?
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I am from Nigeria, this is my third abortion, but I am afraid. Kindly, advise me on how to use misoprostol to abort my 6-7 weeks pregnancy successfully. Thanks. ## How did you get the first one terminated? You should do the same ## Hi....iam reji iam pregnant 7 week how to use misoprostol iam worried so pls help me... ...
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5 weeks pregnancy termination through misoprostol
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i am 5 weeks pregnant. i cheked pregnancy my self through pregnancy test strip. i am confused that how to use i also need to repeat its 4 tablets cycle 3 times for terminating pregnancy,or it will enough for me to have 4 tablets once only..please help me i m in pakistan where no adoctor help me out ## If you can get to this site it will give you instructions. I will make a separate post with directions as best as i can in case they will not allow links to be posted. ## If there is a chance you will be prosecuted for having an abortion you must put 4 pills of of 200 micrograms (in total 800 mcg) Misoprostol under the tongue. DO NOT SWALLOW THE PILLS (at least until 30 minutes after ... ...
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misoprostol abortion
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I have taken about 40 misoprostol tablets in a matter of 5 days vaginally and orally...I have done vitamin c and parsley and also taken black cohosh...still no bleeding what can I do now! To get this process moving along ## Have taken misoprostol drugs and I bleed for like 48 hours.went for urine strip still showing posotive,what do I need to do ? ## you have to wait a couple of weeks before taking another pregnancy test to get an accurate result.. the pregnancy hormones remains in your body for a little while even after an abortion or miscarriage ## Yes it possible I u wnt a good result u will wait until blood stop totally then u can carry d test out. ## 7 weak a pregame BC and use 8 tablets misoprostol 4 oraly and 4 reactly vigional so guaid me how many use to start menses reply meme ...
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Mifepristone/Misoprostol affect on pregnancy
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I had an abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol on the 27th of jan and had an unprotected sex on 21st of February, and I want to skip the pregnancy. Will the previous drugs I took 3 weeks ago affect the baby? ...
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how to abort by cytotec for 5 weeks pregnancy
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I am pregnant of 5 weeks and wnt to abort at home by myself by misoprostol (cytotec) .. how can i use it (dosage) I am 24 year old female and i have 2 children coming surgically. ## First time user.want to use cytotex to terminate pregnancy of 5 weeks at home.l want amount and dosage .please ## Does anyone know where I can find cytotec? Need it ASAP ## im 4wks pregnant... take oral 3 tablets of cytotec this morning... how many tablets should i take??? and what time intervals. ## hi po meron pa po ba nito? i need to order po here in mindanao ## hi po im 2months pregnant. pwede po manghingi ng info about cytotec?...{edited for privacy} pls lang po i need help. mababaliw na ako... ?? ## pano po gamitin ang cytotec. ## 5weeks pregnant now i dont know what to do..??? ## Hi, I'm gu... ...
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how many dosage of cytotec can i use abort 3weeks pregnancy in 14 dose
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How many dosage of cytotec can I use for 3weeks pregnant?I have use 3pill but nothing cramping no bleeding.pls help tanks ## San pwede makabili ng cycotec.pls help me ## how can i use cytotech for 3 weeks pregnancy? ## im 2 weeks delayed can you help me how to use cytotec? is it safe? can you please tell me what to do please i beg you, next month im going to abroad please help me, thank you so much in advance ## I am 5 month pregnant and I want to miscarradge this pregnancy,wat pills can I take and what's the risk ## Please am 3 weeks pregnant, how many tablet of misoprostol ( cytotec) do I need to take to miscarriage it. ## Am a month pregnant,i used 1 dose of misoprostol at the 3rd week but nothing happened,though i bleeded but the pregnant is stil intact am told to use... ...
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Pills To Abort 2 Week Pregnancy
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a friend of mines period didnt come this month and last time she had sex was a month ago, she ha been 2 weeks late, she was too shy to ask herself. she is 25 can we know some medicine names for early abortion pills! I'm not sure what's availalable,, but the most commonly used medications are Mifepristone and Misoprostol, ## What pills to use to terminate a 2 weeks pregnancy? ## Hi mmm samuel ,I need u guys 2 help me out my girl is 2 to 3 week old pregnt ,what kind of pills can I take pls.2 get rid of the pregnancy. Mm not ready to strt havin kids. ## i think i am one week pregnant which medicine. should i take to abort it???? ## Helo I Think My G/F Is Pregnant Because We Had Unprotected Sex 5days After Her Menstration Have Ended But Some Frnd Of Mine Told Me To Use Pill Plan+ As... ...
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Pregnancy Abortion Drug Names
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a friend of mines period didnt come this month and last time she had sex was a month ago, she ha been 2 weeks late, her location is in egypt and she was too shy to ask herself. she is 21 can we know some medicine names for early abortion pills! ## I'm not sure what's available in Egypt, but the most commonly used medications are Mifepristone and Misoprostol, in many countries they are sold together as an MPT Kit. They are only safe to use up to the third month of pregnancy and they may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramping. Has she consulted a doctor? Has she taken a pregnancy test? ## Yes she has taken two and they both were positive she cannot got to a doctor because she is not married and culturally it is unaccepted in egypt fo... ...
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Misoprostol tablet
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I toke Misoprostol after 1 month pregnant I insert 2 and drunk 2 but after see my period for 4 days, d blood continue coming out till now is abt 1 week plus now pls what can I do to stop it. ## If you caused yourself to abort the baby, then it is normal for bleeding to occur for awhile afterwards, just as if you'd had a natural miscarriage, given birth or had a surgical abortion procedure. There is no need to worry, unless it continues for more than 2 to 3 weeks, or if it becomes very heavy…..but you should consult a doctor to be sure that everything is okay. Have you had any other symptoms, such as cramping or clots? ## i had sex with my gf Last week about 10days ago we go for pregnancy test and we got positive result .i toke 4 pill cytotec(200mg) please help me. we don't... ...
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heavy bleeding after using misoprostol to terminate a 3 week pregnancy
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I'm 3 weeks pregnant nd I want to abort it. So I took two tablets of misoprostol nd inserted two vaginally...will there be heavy bleeding? ## I am 2-3weeks pregnant, if i drink cytotech 1pill orally and 1pill vaginally , would it abort the baby? I cant have the baby . ## Used two Misoprostol orally and two vaginally to abort 2-3 weeks pregnancy,for over 15hrs,no bleeding has occured,what should i do next? ## hello..i got my LMP last April i dont have my period i am 1 month pregnant..but i ahve acesarian it safe to take cytotec? ## Hi, I insert 2 MISOPROSTOL and 2 orally after 3 hours I spotted after which no bleeding can I retake another? Please reply ## I am 7weeks pregnant i took cytotec 3 tab on mouth and 4 on vigina.i have mold cramping and lower back p... ...
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best drug used to abort pregnancy
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have taken 1 mefipristole 200mg and after 48 hourse 2 tablets of misopristole, bleeding starts within 10 minutes. should i take another 2 talets remaning in kit or not. For the best success rate, you should follow the provided instructions and use all the tablets as it says to do. Did the kit work? ## I am 5 weeks pregnant. my fiance and I have not gotten a job to take care of it so I am thinking of abortion. I am in Ibadan, Nigeria. I have gone to 3 pharmacies to get mifeprostone and misoprostol. they said they don't av mifeprostone and I can only buy misoprostol with doctors prescription so they don't sell it for me. please where can I get these pills in Ibadan or better still, can anyone suggest an hospital or a doctor that can help me out? thank u ## Pls ?? sister was raped ... ...
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Discuss Misoprostol
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How can I abort a 5 weeks pregnancy with Misoprostol ...
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is misoprotol the best drug to use for aborting a two weeks plus pregnancy
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Pls help me on the best drugs to used in other to get rid of three weeks pregnancy? I will happy to get the reply as soon as ever. ## I took misoprostol five days ago to abort a two weeks pregnancy but up till now no bleeding or cramping, please advise me on what to do thanks. ## I am 2 weeks pregnant. can I use cytotec pills for abortion? ## my girl friend is pregnant for two weeks what drug is good for her to abort? ## i am two weeks pregnant and i used 12 pills of cytotec orally and have not seen any bleed yet jst a little cramping nd today mks it 5days dat hv used it.... pls could it be dat my pregnancy is still there and wat is the next solution to it.... am three weeks nao, pls need urgent solution ...
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How To Use Misoprostol
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my wife is 6 weeks fregannacy and she took 2 tablet of Misorprostol 200g and she got little bleeding after 5 hrs but it is not continue. then she took onerther 2tablets after 12 hrs but there is no sign of bleeding. now almost 7 days gone we checked the urine it is showing positive. what shall i do ## At this point, if the medication hasn't worked, she will most likely need to see a doctor to have a medical abortion procedure. Learn more pregnancy details here. I don't know what your laws are there. The Misoprostol is also known to be more effective if it's used in combination with Mifepristone, but I don't know if that's available for you. Learn more Misoprostol details here. Learn more Mifepristone details here. Does she have a doctor that she sees regularly that m... ...
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Can A 5months Old Pregnancy Be Aborted With Pills Pls I Need Help
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i am 5months pregnancy can it be aborted with pills. pls help me with a pill name, becus i got a 10months old kid and noy ready for a another kid yet. ## No, the medications that are available for it, such as Misoprostol, are only safe to use up to third month of pregnancy and they also require a doctor's prescription. Past the third month, you will need to see a doctor and have a surgical abortion procedure. After that, I'd suggest consulting with the doctor about using a proven form of contraception. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Names*of*Abortion*pills*Can*I*use*doxytet*for*borting*A(wo*weeks*baby ## 5months pregnant and to abort with anything or to have a miscarriage plz help ## Actually my wife is pregnant I came to know after 4 months is there any pills for... ...
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